Sati Ch. 05

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Ashley Adams

Sati went back to her girl room after we had both showered and eaten some delicious satay shrimp at one of the local stands. We both had to study the following day, Sunday, to prep for the upcoming week. We agreed to bump into each other at either the computer lab or the cafeteria early in the week.

I still couldn’t believe my luck. I had found one of the most beautiful girls in a city of beautiful girls but also one who was so happy to be exploring her new found sexuality and enjoying the explosive stimulations she was having.

Personally, I was having a great time.

Tuesday lunch time I was grabbing a quick burger when Sati walked into the cafeteria with three other women. She was dazzling, her beauty never ceased to amaze me, the other women weren’t slouches but nothing compared to Sati. She saw me and waved then came over and kissed me on the lips. She introduced me to her roomies, two Chinese and one Indonesian, but I only had eyes for her so the names were lost. Don’t get me wrong they were all very pretty and very attractive but Sati had my undivided attention. They got something to eat and drink and then came back to join me.

“So, what is it that you’ve got that makes her smile and glow all the time?” One of the Chinese girls asked with a big grin. The others now looked at me for an answer.

“I’m guessing a good sense of humor and a street market full of good food?”

“Smart ass!” said the second Chinese woman “We see her come home totally exhausted but showing almost all of her teeth, we know she is getting her brains fucked out.”

“This isn’t the time or place for any of this” Sati interrupted, “sorry Ian, this was just meant to be an intro not an inquisition.” She said glaring at her friend. “How about Shore’s at 6, just you and I?”

“That sounds great,” I said as I stood leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips, “See you then.”

“Nice meeting you ladies” I said as I headed for the exit. I could feel four pairs of eyes checking out my tight butt so as I left the cafeteria I gave it a quick shake.

We met at Shore’s and had a great evening together and the following weekend Sati stayed over on Friday night and we spent the day at the beach but had to study on Sunday.

On Wednesday Sati found me in the cafeteria, grabbed a fruit salad and joined me.

“I need to get laid” she said “I am so hot for you I can’t follow classes, so what about this afternoon?”

“My last lab bursa escort finishes at 4, is that gonna work for you?”

“I can be at your place by 4:30 is that okay?”

“That will be great” I said.

We talked for a while about our classes, teachers, labs, and then we both had to dash.

My lab professor really got into what I was doing and continued working with me and my project for another hour. I kept checking the clock on the laptop to see where I really wanted to be but didn’t have much control. Once we had finished I saved all my work, closed down and ran for the exit and a taxi.

I got to the apartment and ran up the stairs. I fumbled with the key and the lock until suddenly the door flew open and Sati grabbed me and pulled me into the apartment.

“You’re late” she said as she pushed me against the door and thrust her mouth hard against mine. When we came up for air she said “I nearly started without you I am so horny.”

“That would be nice to see.”

“What?” Sati asked looking up at me.

“I would love to watch you starting without me.” “It could be a huge turn on for both of us.”

“Let’s grab a quick shower, each, and then we can get comfortable.” She said heading to the bedroom.

I went to the kitchen and made two vodka, tonic and orange juice cocktails and took them into the bedroom. Sati had already dropped her clothes and gone into the bathroom. In a little while Sati emerged from the bathroom with a towel around her and her hair tousled. “Uhmm, that drink looks good.” She said as she reached for her glass.

When I had taken a quick shower I went back into the bedroom and found Sati sitting up against the headboard of the bed with her legs wide open and the fingers of one hand running up and down her thigh while the other hand held the glass to her lips. I just stood there, the most gorgeous woman anywhere was smiling at me as she started to run her fingers closer and closer to her pussy lips. I grabbed my glass, took a quick swig and sat back against the foot board at the end of the bed.

“Show time” Sati whispered. She took another long sip on her drink then put it down.

She pulled the towel from her and began running her hands up and over her breasts, over her chest and neck and onto her face. When her fingers reached her mouth she took the thumb and forefinger of each hand into her mouth and licked and sucked them. Then she slowly moved her hands back down to her breasts. bursa escort bayan Her wet thumbs and forefingers began to slowly manipulate her nipples while the rest of her hands cupped her beautiful breasts.

My penis was totally erect and I started to stroke it while watching her every move. Her eyes were now glued to my erection and my movements. Her right hand slid lower over her stomach while her left hand continued to manipulate her nipple. She kept shifting her gaze from my hand stroking myself to my eyes which were watching her hands on herself. Her right hand gradually found its way to her outer lips where her fingers began squeezing them together and pulling them outwards. This was new to me, I’d never seen a woman pleasure herself before and I was getting really turned on.

“Oh sweetie” I gasped “I would really like to do that for you.”

“Trust me “she giggled “Your turn will come.”

She continued to work on the outer lips for quite a while before she spread them open and started stroking their insides. Lesson learned. Her left hand left a very erect nipple and descended to join her other hand. I sat there mesmerized; I had never seen a woman masturbate before and used it as an educational and excitation moment. Sati was stroking her labia with fingers inside and outside, pulling them farther apart without really entering the split between. Even though I was really turned on I stopped stroking as I was so focused on what Sati was showing me. She kept her lips apart but moved the forefinger of each hand between her wide open lips, slowly moving them up and down. Then after minutes of this she pushed both forefingers deep into her vulva. It was such an intimate, sharing, moment I almost lost it but held on. She continued moving her fingers in and out and then her thumbs moved up to her clitoris hood and began massaging there.

“It isn’t as good as when your mouth is here but I’ve enjoyed this for a long time without you.” She said.

Sati only lasted another couple of minutes before I saw her stomach muscles and thighs quiver and contract. “Give me a couple of minutes and then I want you inside me, Okay?” she asked.

I lay down beside her and cuddled her close. We stayed like that for quite a while, softly kissing, stroking each other’s backs. My hard-on pressed against her stomach.

“Okay, I’m ready.” She sighed “I really want you all the way inside me.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I’m up escort bursa for this” I teased.

Sati rolled me onto my back, pushed her hips back, positioned my fully erect penis against her pussy and just slid down its complete length. Heaven, I had just had a taste of heaven.

“You feel so good inside me.”

“You feel so good around me too.”

Our mouths met and lingered as Sati very slowly raised herself up my shaft until only the head remained in her. She hovered, head just inside her pussy, and then very quickly slammed down to take the full length inside her again. Gradually she increased the rhythm, all the time getting the deepest penetration that she could get. I could feel my own climax building so I grasped her breasts and pushed her into a sitting position above me, now I was even deeper into her. Her motions became more agitated as she thrust down onto me and then as I started to swell inside of her she started climaxing. Her pussy convulsed around my already expanding penis and wave after wave of pleasure and excitement fulfilled me. Sati collapsed on top of me, we were still connected and could feel the pulsing of each other’s parts.

We actually went to sleep like this with me still inside her. When I woke she was still asleep on top of me and my flaccid penis was just inside her warm pussy and I could feel a lot of liquids running down my balls and thighs. Sometime later she started stirring and then reached her lips up to kiss me. She rolled off of me and looked down at my shriveled penis.

“Wow, that was intense and very exciting” she said “is it okay if I stay over tonight, I just don’t feel like going back to the girls?” “And maybe I’ll get lucky again later?” Her grin was so captivating.

“Sure you can stay but I will still want to do my run and swim in the morning, is that okay?” I asked.

“If you have any strength left you mean?” She said with a wink. “You can do your thing and I will get up and shower and make some breakfast for when you get back, okay?”

“That sounds great, so how about we go down to the street and get something to eat, I’m famished.”

“Works for me.” She said.

It was just after eleven but in Singapore that is early so there were plenty of places open. I had a fancy for something spicy so we agreed on kung pao chicken which was delicious. We went back to my apartment where I made us both a drink and we sat on the balcony chatting until we finished our drinks and decided to turn in.

We made long slow, nothing fancy, love. Face to face the whole time, one or the other on top. Kissing and stroking each other until we both reached an orgasm at the same time, it was a delight to us both.

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