Sapphic Serenity Ch. 01

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Disclaimer and Author’s Note: All characters portrayed in sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older. This story was a request from a reader and dedicated to them. They know who they are and I hope you all enjoy it. Feedback is welcome, flames will be laughed at, I promise.


Chapter 1- The Hell’s Going On With Me?

I was lying in one of the deck chairs in our back yard, next to the pool. The sun was warm and it was another beautiful day for getting a tan. We have a high wall around our backyard so I felt free to get away with being naked, because I hate tan lines.

I thought turning eighteen would make me feel different- don’t know why I thought that, exactly, but it didn’t. True, the party my mother had thrown me was wonderful, but I realized that my body wouldn’t know the difference of whatever day it my birthday it happened to be.

So, now that I was eighteen and three days, I decided to continue with my merry existence. I’d graduated with excellent grades and my mother agreed to let me just have a year off before picking a university. I’d had offers of scholarships from several, but they would wait. I just wanted to relax and enjoy myself.

I’d always had first-class grades and remained out of trouble throughout my teen years. Not that I was a priss or a good girl, mind you; I freely admit that I love to fuck and occasionally had a drink or indulged in some herb, but none of those things ever took precedence over my desire to graduate with honours and make my parents proud.

Well, let me explain that a little- my dad died about nine years ago, but I like to think he is still watching over me, smiling with approval whenever I get my good grades. So it’s been my mom and I for nearly ten years and she is my best friend. After my dad passed she received a sizable life insurance pay out and invested a good chunk in the stock market. It paid off and we’re doing quite well for ourselves, so much so that mom doesn’t need to work and we’re going to take a trip to Europe as a reward for my grades.

Mom and dad had me when they were sixteen. I had always known I was an ‘unexpected blessing’ and thankfully both families were very understanding, especially once they announced they were getting married. No one has ever grown up in a more supportive and loving environment than yours truly.

So here I was, lying on my deck chair in the middle of July, soaking up the sun and thinking about what mom and I might do on our European vacation. The back door opened and out came my mom, wiggling by me with a drink in her hand as she went to sit in the whirlpool attached to the big pool.

“Going el fresco today, are we, baby?” she asked cheerfully as she padded by. I nodded lazily, unwilling to make the effort to talk. Mom never minded when I was nude and I didn’t care if she was. We were more than used to seeing one another in the buff, walking around the house, coming out of the shower or sunbathing and skinny-dipping in the back.

Mom set down her drink beside the jacuzzi and undid the ties of her bikini, shedding her top. I opened my eyes just a little, watching her. She was only thirty-four and since she was retired young, she had all the time in the world to keep herself in amazing shape, with a body all my friends were insanely jealous of and kept the boys staring. Her boobs were incredible, full and firm, her body trim and athletic. Her belly was flat, with a hint of solid abs, Her long, wavy brown hair was up in a sloppy ponytail today. She looked lovely.

I knew she was beautiful and had told her countless times over the years. But something today was different- not with her, but in the way I perceived her. I can’t explain it, but she was… pleasing to look at. I let my eyes linger over her form as she shimmied down her skimpy thong. Her tan skin looked very inviting somehow and I bit my lip as her pussy came into view. It was shaved, except for a thin strip just above that she kept trimmed short.

She climbed into the water and I closed my eyes again, drifting off back to Europe. Visions of night parties in Paris and strolls through the Tuscan countryside, usually in the company of some handsome young man kept me enthralled for a while until I heard a sigh. I opened my eyes and watched my mom climb out of the jacuzzi, her peach-perfect behind presented to me. She didn’t know I was staring and frankly I didn’t know why I was. I’d seen her butt countless times, today I was just enjoying it on some other level I had never been aware of before.

Still naked but drying herself off with a towel, she walked on over to me and set her drink on the tiny glass table between us before adjusting the large parasol behind the chairs.

“That’s probably enough sun, darling,” she said, smiling down at me. “Don’t want you to burn.”

“Mmmm, thanks mom,” I murmured as I felt the shade envelop me. She sank down into the chair on the other side of the table and sighed contentedly. ankara escort “Have a good soak?” I asked.

“Yeah, thanks,” she said agreeably. “It really helped after that last little workout session.”

“Oh, please, you make it sound like you’re nine-hundred years old,” I giggled, sitting up somewhat to look at her. “We’ve been over this, you’re not even thirty-five, you look amazing and you’re in incredible shape. Sometimes I think you say those things just to make me feel like I am young and energetic.”

‘Well, I couldn’t have had a more gorgeous daughter,” she said softly, turning on her side to look at me. “Your dad and I make pretty babies.”

“Thanks,” I said, smiling warmly, knowing she meant it. “Wish I’d got a little brother or sister out of the deal, but that just wasn’t meant to be.”

“I know, babydoll,” she murmured, reaching over and caressing my arm gently. “I wish we could have too.”

“Y’know, you’re still more than young enough,” I suggested, following her example and turning on my side to face me. “If you found a guy you really liked, I wouldn’t object at all if you-”

She blushed and smiled, giving my arm a squeeze. “That’s very kind, baby, but not really on my docket right now. I’m just enjoying casual dating.”

“I know you’ve been naughty on occasion, mom,” I said slyly, grinning at her. “Your bedroom’s right next to mine, after all. I’ve heard you fucking in there.”

“Bron, language!” she giggled, winking at me. “Not like you’re that innocent either. Remember that night we both brought a boy home and tried to sneak it by each other?”

“Yeah,” I replied, joining her in laughing. “And I thought I was loud in bed, now I know where I get it from.”

Mom blushed again, turning onto her stomach. “Can you rub some lotion on me, darling? I don’t want to risk a burn.”

I nodded and left my chair, sauntering over to kneel beside my mom. I trailed my gaze up and down her lovely body, perhaps not even consciously aware of myself doing it. I squeezed some of the viscous bronze goop into my hand and them began smearing it all over her back and shoulders. She hummed softly as I worked the lotion in to her supple skin.

I put more on my hands and worked down the sides of her hips and thighs, heading for her legs when she stopped me.

“Don’t forget my butt,” she mumbled. “Don’t want to look like I got a spanking when I didn’t…”

I nodded and began working the sunscreen into the firm cheeks, massaging in circles. She hummed and settled lower into the chair, relaxing. The circular motions I used pulled the cheeks apart ever so slightly and I became aware of the secret space between, something I’d never contemplated about my mother or any other woman before.

Was my mouth a little dry?

I took a sip of her drink to relieve my dry mouth from the heat of the day. Yes.

I then proceeded down her legs to the bottom of her feet, finally finishing. She murmured a thank you and turned herself over as I resumed my place in my own chair.

“You should probably do yourself, Bron,” she pointed out. “Might be time for a refresh of whatever you had on earlier.”

I nodded and reached into my little bag beside my chair, retrieving my own bottle of sunscreen. I poured a puddle into my palm and then began applying it to my body generously. My mother was doing likewise, having taken over where I left off and smearing her front. We lay in silence, rubbing oil into ourselves side by side.

It was unusual that my nipples were hardening, but perhaps I was just a little horny. I hadn’t been laid in over two weeks, since school ended, so maybe I was just sensitive. I noticed them standing out, feeling the tingle as my hands passed over them, leaving them glistening with sunscreen. I rubbed them again, enjoying the sensation.

My hands trailed down my body, making sure I covered my whole front. I bent my knees and spread them slightly, using my slippery hands to get sunscreen on my pliant netherlips. It felt good, very good, and I might have lingered longer than was necessary to protect myself from the sun.

“Remember, darling,” my mother giggled, looking over at me and winking. “Two rubs is coverage. Three or more and you’re on vacation.”

I smirked back at her and stuck out my tongue, noticing that she was doing the exact same thing. My hands finally left my crotch and I covered my legs next. Once I was done, I settled into my chair and sighed. My mom did the same, looking over at me and blowing a kiss in my direction. We lay silent for some time, until the sun was far in the west and the sky was darkening.

Mom sat up first, looking at herself and nodding at the tan. “Nice,” she said to no one in particular, cupping her breasts and making sure the tan was even. “How about you, babe?”

I sat up and checked myself. “Looks good,” I said cheerfully. “A quick dip and we call it a night?”

She nodded and we stood together, heading escort ankara for the whirlpool, walking hand in hand. She helped me in to the swirling water and then followed me, smiling as she settled in. She spread her arms out to the sides, causing her magnificent breasts to jut forward, above the water.

“Jeez, careful, mom,” I laughed. “You’re gonna put someone’s eyes out with those things.”

“Good thing you’re all the way over there, then,” she retorted, smirking. “Pretty sure you’re gonna do some damage with those knockers of yours, too.”

“Y’think?” I asked, pleased with her statement. I sat up a little straighter and cupped them together, as if presenting them to her. They were as big as hers, or nearly as big, which meant they were impressive. Mom was easily a D-cup and her back was so well-toned that they stood up proudly without support. Push-up bras were totally unnecessary for the two of us.

“I know for a fact,” she said almost proudly. You’ve got your dad’s blond hair and his blue eyes, but you got my figure, especially my tits. You’ve got an amazing rack and you just turned eighteen.”

“This isn’t gonna be one of those dumb encouragement stories where you tell me that you didn’t look like this until you were in your twenties and late bloomer, is it?” I asked, laughing. “Because I’ve seen pictures of you in high school and you had those jugs by the time you were with dad.”

“Suffice it to say that I passed my gift along,” she almost purred. It was getting dark overhead and the little solar night lights kicked on around the backyard. Two soft lamps started up near the jacuzzi, illuminating for safety without being harshly intrusive. “You’ve got the same big boobs, the little pink nipples…”

“Really?” I queried, looking down at mine for a moment.

“Sure, come see…” she said, beckoning me over with a hand.

I went willingly, on a level of eager I didn’t rightly understand. Mom didn’t seem to notice one way or the other. Not like it was the first time we’d seen each other’s tits, after all. I settled down next to her and looked attentively as she cupped her breasts above the waterline, turning to face me.

“See?” she said somewhat matter-of-factly, making sure I got a good look. “Same shape, same aureoles, same tiny buds on top… like mother, like daughter.”

“I guess you’re right,” I agreed, cupping my mine for the sake of comparison. “They really do look alike, don’t they?”

“Two perfect sets of tits in one family,” she said, grinning. “Women and husbands everywhere should be jealous.”

“What I like is that I know mine are gonna last and look amazing down the road,” I mused, holding them closer to hers and jiggling them a little. “When I’m thirty-four years young, I’m still gonna have the best fun-bags of any girl I know.”

She giggled and leaned in slightly, touching her nipples to mine and rubbing them back and forth for a moment. It sent a thrill through me, one I didn’t dare show, but wow, did I ever feel it. Hopefully my nipples hardening could just be attributed to the cool water.

“You’re growing into such a beautiful young woman,” she sighed, releasing her breasts and ending my exquisite torment. “I swear, it seems like yesterday when you were in my lap and I was breast feeding you.”

“Oh, mom,” I said softly, letting go of my own breasts and putting my hands on her shoulders, smiling lovingly. “You’re still so young. I’m being completely honest when I say that all the girls at school are envious of your figure and you make all the boys nuts.”

“Hm,” she reflected. “I make the girls jealous?”

“Well, except the lesbians,” I added. “You make them wet.”

She snickered. “Makes me feel better to know I have a fan club that wants to do me. But it still means you’re growing up and not my little girl anymore.”

“Well, maybe not, but we can go and do all sorts of things now that we couldn’t do when I was a kid,” I pointed out. “And I’m looking forward to each and every one of them, mom. You’re my best friend, after all.”

Her eyes went soft and she pulled me to her, hugging me close. Our thighs pressed and our breasts squashed together. Her face was next to my ear as she caressed my hair so tenderly.

“Thank you, baby,” she whispered. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, mom,” I replied softly, moving my face to look in her eyes. We were locked in one another’s gaze when I did something I didn’t expect- I kissed her lips. It’s true, I’d given her little pecks before, like when I met her or was leaving, and even though this kiss was suitably brief, it was different from any other time we’d kissed. I don’t know how, but for me it was somehow more charged. It was almost like I wasn’t kissing my mom.

It was over before we both knew it and if my mother was aware of anything in the kiss, she didn’t show it. She smiled at me after we broke the kiss and then just settled back and let me rest my head on her shoulder as we ankara escort bayan stared into the twilight, the night warm and comforting.

It was a day worth remembering.


Nothing else happened that night and to be honest I mostly put it out of my head and went to sleep. My dreams, however, were another thing. I dreamed about mom’s boobs, pressed to me, or her nipples brushing against mine. Visions of rubbing oil into her luscious skin and her parting her legs so I could see between them danced across my mind. Even just sitting next to her in the whirlpool, body to body, my head on her shoulder, it was a vivid and fanciful recall of what had transpired.

When my alarm woke me, I realized that my heart was pattering in a certain way I associated with excitement or arousal. I stared at the ceiling and began to stir, aware of a tingling on my chest below my thin sheets.

Were my nipples hard?

I shifted around before pausing suddenly, a confused frown on my face. One of my hands slowly reached down between my legs…

Morning dew?

I was horny. But why?

I put my forearm across my eyes as I stretched out in bed, trying to banish sleep from my body. I slowly because to recall my dreams, remembering that they were about my mother.

What the hell? Sure, mom was super-hot, but I didn’t like girls. Oh, sure, I’d practiced kissing with some girls when I was younger, spanked a girlfriend’s bare butt at her birthday party and even squeezed another girl’s boobs once, but I wasn’t at all interested in lezzing out. I had gay friends and I had no problem whatsoever with other people’s lifestyle choices; in fact, I celebrated them. But I’d always known myself to love dick. I loved how it felt in my hand, I love how it felt between my boobs, in my mouth and I especially loved how it felt stuffed deep inside my pussy or my ass. I was unapologetically, terminally hetero.

Until last night, seemingly.

I shook my head. This was my mom. Clearly I was just hornier than I thought. This problem was easily remedied, since there was no shortage of boys who wanted to fuck me. I’d just get some cock and all would be well.

I giggled at the motion of being wet for my mom. Silly. I mean, yeah, she was insanely hot and deserved to be lusted after, but I was her straight daughter. Last night was just a fluke night- a little too much sun, cool water, a gentle breeze and maybe too much sun oil getting rubbed in. Completely understandable.

I sighed as I thought of how wonderful she was to me. She was, without question, my best friend, that had not just been a platitude I had thrown her last night. I was comfortable discussing anything with her, even my sexuality and the guys I was fucking. As long as I was being careful, she was perfectly happy. She’d been the one to show me how to masturbate when that became my thing, and it wasn’t awkward, because I knew my mom loved me and wanted what was best for me.

I sat up, smiling at the thought of the woman I adored more than anyone in the world. It was Saturday and I decided to start her day off right. I’d make breakfast in bed for her. I giggled at the thought and got out of bed. I slept naked, so I threw on some panties and then a flimsy short nightie before skipping downstairs. It was early enough that I knew mom wouldn’t be up yet, since Saturdays was the one day she let herself sleep in.

I didn’t go crazy with the amount of food I made, but there was some variety- pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, croissants, English muffins, a small bowl of muesli, juice, milk and strong coffee. It suddenly occurred to me that I had made too much to fit on a tray. What was I going to do? Finally I decided on sneaking upstairs with one tray full of the cold foods and then scampered down to get the tray with the hot stuff. Once I was ready, I took a deep breath, pleased with myself and prepared to knock on her door…

I noticed it was slightly ajar, so I peeked in.

Mom, like myself, obviously slept naked. Unlike myself, though, she was splayed out on top of her sheets, completely exposed. The rays of the sun peeked in through her diaphanous curtains, kissing her body.

I was entranced. She was so erotic, lying there like that. Her chest slowly rose and fell, her breasts soft and inviting. Her legs were spread out, knees bent to the sides. Her pussy mound pushed up just past her lower stomach, clear for me to see.

I pulled my face back out of sight and rubbed my hands over it, trying to grasp what was going on. Why was I noticing all this? Okay, sure, she was naked on her bed, so I was going to see things, but why was I looking so intently?

And why was my heart fluttering again?

I looked back in carefully. She had not moved, still sound asleep. I sucked on my tongue as I gazed at her beautiful face and her incredible body. I felt a tingle and without realizing it, my hand moved to my breast, caressing it through my see-through nightie. I shivered as I realized what I was doing. More than that, I found I was also getting wet. I stopped and got control of myself. Her breakfast would get cold if I didn’t straighten myself out. I’d work out what was happening later.

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