Sam and Simon’s Mum Pt. 04

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This is another story in the Sam and Simon series. I’ve changed sections to Incest from Nonconsent, but in truth it could have gone in at least three sections. I welcome voting and comments and will answer any emails. Any feed back is useful, and your ideas will help me. Do you like the direction this is going in?


Sam is 68 years old and lives next door to 45 year old Mary and her son Simon who is 19. Mary is friends with Sam’s wife Katey and they are both nurses up town in one of the big London teaching hospitals. It is late September and Sam’s wife is away up country visiting her sister. Last night she phoned to say she and her sister have to self isolate due to covid, and in fact she may have to stay longer as her sister is quite poorly. Sam said that was fine and the hospital had been informed.

Mary had a week’s leave coming up so being Sunday Sam offered to cook a Sunday roast lunch and being generally short of funds Mary readily agreed.

Sam liked Mary and Simon’s company as otherwise he’d be on his own and of course there was always a chance of another sexual encounter with the pair. At his age he took any chance he could get as things had completely dried up on the home front.

‘Come on you two, eat it while it’s hot,’ and Sam carved the roast as they passed out the potatoes and other vegetables. ‘There’s my special gravy too in the jug.’

They all tucked in and Sam poured out the red wine, taking care to give Mary a generous serving. She didn’t notice so he topped her up again as a nice colour rose in her cheeks. The all chatted amiably about silly normal things, the covid news, programs on the telly and of course the unseasonably warm weather, twice during the later part of the meal Sam put his hand on her thigh under the table, she took it away the first time but left it the second. Sam felt the bare thigh above her hold ups and the mound her panties made over her vulva. She effected not to notice so he promptly topped up her drink again.

Feeling emboldened Mary blurted out ‘So, you guys have had sex, yes?’ To which Sam nodded. Turning to Simon she said ‘Doesn’t it hurt?’ as her son’s face reddened.

‘Not really Mum, at first a little, but then you sort of expand and get use to it, then it actually feels very nice.’ Simon was really explaining about his prostrate but wisely thought his mother didn’t have to know that, she just nodded and carried on drinking.

‘I’ve never tried it, well once after a party when I was a student, but it didn’t bursa escort really work as he wasn’t hard enough.’ Sam and Simon nodded at this information, both of them imaging a young Mary bent over about to take a cock up the bum. Simon especially found the image trilling and he flushed and his hand found her other leg and her crotch which he rubbed gently, he thought he could detect a little dampness in her panties but wasn’t sure. Sam got up and fetched the deserts and a port bottle and glasses. Man and boy had a good measure but Mary had port and lemon.

‘I need the loo,’ and they all rose to let her past, and Sam and Simon could hear her in the down stairs toilet tinkling away.

‘Just play it by ear Simon, and follow my lead,’ and Simon nodded, ‘One more drink might do it.’

Mary came in and settled in between them, Sam had refreshed the drinks and hers was quite large but she didn’t really care now. As they chatted Simon again sought his mother’s thigh and was delighted to find the panties absent, and she opened her legs wider and Simon found her vulva. Sam felt her knee push his and also felt under the table, Simon gave up his place to the old man and Sam made a slow deliberate stoking motion with his fore finger into and up her, at the top of every stroke he touched her clitoris and she gave a little shudder.

They all sat there now not speaking as Mary’s breath grew ragged, her legs were now over both of theirs and her head rested on her son’s shoulders. Sam’s stoking got more urgent and she puffed and grunted. ‘Can we, can we, you know, I mean just go upstairs,’ was all she managed to say, and her little tongue poked out of her lips.

‘Yes, good idea,’ Sam said emphatically and he led the way holding her unsteady hand up and into her bedroom. There she climbed up on the bed and flopped down on her tummy. Quickly the boy and man stripped off their clothes and Sam climbed up behind her, he rolled up her skirt and gazed at her lovely bottom framed by the hold ups, he eased her legs apart then pushed a pillow under her hips.

‘I suppose we should try that new way, it won’t hurt will it? She mumbled into the duvet.

‘Not really no, the slimmest shall go first.’ but Sam didn’t give up his place, instead he firmly gripped her buttocks and eased them apart, and there it was the perfect little slightly brown balloon knot, it was unmarked and lovely and Sam began long licks over it, he found it slightly musty but intensely arousing.

‘Oh that’s lovely, don’t stop…just don’t bursa escort bayan stop.’ But Sam had too as his back ached and he rose and sat on the bed and ushered Simon to him, he bent down and took the boys genitals into his mouth. Turning her head Mary had the unearthly sight of the old man next door fellating her son. Simon clutched the old man’s head and Sam gripped the youngsters ball bag. He knew to stop soon and pushed the boy over his mother. Simon also went down and licked his mother’s anus, he was beyond thought now and it was Sam who directed him.

He pulled the boy up and dribbled a good dollop of KY jelly into her back passage and she started at the coldness. Sam guided the small and thin penis into her as Simon lowered him self onto her.

‘Go slow now, just a little at a time,’ as his cock spread her anal ring. He wanted to plunge in but did as Sam said.

‘Ow! That hurts, Take it out! Stop!’ But Sam just nodded at the boy to continue.

‘Shush, just rest there, it’ll feel better soon,’ and he stroked her hair and wiped some spittle from her mouth, as Simon again pushed in.

‘Ow! You’re hurting me!’ but she felt her self relax and managed to reach under herself and found her clitoris. ‘Oh god! You bad boy! You’re buggering me!’

‘He’s all in now, go slow boy, go slow,’ and he did so when his mind wanted to pound into his mother. Simon had never imagined that anything could feel as wonderful as this and picked up the pace.

‘I’m sorry Mummy! I’m sorry! It’s in your bottom!’

‘You dirty little boy! You dirty fuck!’ which aroused the boy even more and he crashed into his mother and they both bounced on the bed.

And with a final shout of ‘Mummmmy!’ he spurted a considerable load of semen up into her rectum. Panting he collapsed over her sweating back and burst in tears.

‘I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!’ but his mother twisted round to him and kissed him. They lay there in close embrace and their breathing returned to near normal.

Simon had slid from within his mother and Sam knew he must act fast as she was dilated now and he needed that, climbing up behind her he smoothed more KY onto his member, not quite so hard as he wanted but he settled onto her and introduced his cock to her hole. At 5″ in length but much greater girth he knew she was in for a shock, but his need was intense as he pushed half the length abruptly in.

Pain speared through her and her legs curled up, ‘Ow! Dear god! Stop! You’re ripping me open!’ But Sam couldn’t stop escort bursa and putting his arms and weight onto her shoulder blades he trust hard as the rest of him went in.

‘Pull it out! You Fuck! You’ve split me! You’re killing me! You dirty fucker!’ But Sam trust on, she was tight, much tighter than her pussy and he was loving the grip of her silky smooth anal canal, as he trust she clenched involuntary at the bottom of each stroke. So he trust harder still and the bed bounced again and Simon crouched by her head and pushed his little penis into her mouth. Then all she could do was groan and grunt as the old man trust into her ravaged up turned arse.

Finally Sam could wait no more and with a great bellow of ‘Mary!’ he ejaculated his load to join her son’s within her and then collapsed down onto her back. They lay there chests heaving and their sweat mingling and gradually Sam softened and popped from her and he rolled over. Mary stayed limp and as Simon withdrew she just panted.

‘You fuckers! You dirty fuckers!’ and she began to cry softly so Sam turned her and held her close and he stroked her hair. Simon on the other side held his mothers waist and they stayed like that for 30 minutes. Mary stopped crying and buried her head in Sams chest. ‘Not again, do you hear, not again. I don’t mind the normal way, but not that again.’ Both the old man and boy nodded.

‘I don’t think my heart will stand it anyway, I’m too old for this lark!’ To which they all laughed, Mary got up and made her way gingerly to the bathroom, she sat down and made a great long wet fart as some of the muck dripped out of her. She wiped herself and was relived to find no blood, ‘Damn near split me in two,’ she thought with a wry smile. Then she made her way downstairs and joined the men for a glass of sherry.

Later while watching TV she allowed both men to touch her vulva again, she wanted some resolution of normal sex again so drew up and opened her legs and allowed them to mount her. As before Simon went first and only lasted about 10 strokes before blowing his young load and sank back before Sam put her ankles up on his shoulders and pushed inside. He stayed trusting for much longer, more like 20 minutes, and as her hips started to ache she reached round and fingered his anus, this brought the required conclusion and he too fired inside her.

After that, Sam had Simon play with his Mother’s clitoris till she too climaxed. Then they just stayed there on the sofa with the TV on and Mary felt a warmth deep within her pelvis, she felt content and even allowed Simon to suck on a teat. Today was done and the new week beckoned but she didn’t care, she had her two favorite men with her and she felt protected and cared for, and that for now would be enough…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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