Saffron and Sam Ch. 14

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Ch 14 Sam’s confusing future

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older unless otherwise denoted. All characters are fictitious and this is a fictitious story, any resemblance to any characters, living or dead, in this story is purely coincidental. I appreciate the comments and want to apologize that I’m upset some of my readers. However, I have a definite vision as to Sam’s growth in his life. Some people have a conscience and believe in good loving relationships. Sam is one of those people. He is not a jerk who is prone to just using women and thinking only with his dick. Sam is a 19-year-old who shows maturity and likes to treat women decently. I don’t apologize for writing him like that and that doesn’t make him a sissy.

This is a continuous story and you should read the first 13 chapters so you understand the dynamics of the story. Enjoy the story. JDC

“I had a nightmare that I was still with Barb; thank God it’s you.”

“Oh Sammy, you silly boy; don’t you realize it was always supposed to be me. It was supposed to be me your first time; it was supposed to be me you fell in love with; it was never supposed to be Barb. Then I had to wait for you to go through all those bimbos you did. Why do you think I was so angry with Saffron on your 18th birthday when she gave you to DJ? It was always supposed to be me. I’ve waited for you for four years now.”

“What do you mean for four years now? Are you crazy?”

“Yes for four years and no I’m not crazy. It has been virtually impossible for me to keep this a secret for all of the years, but I’ve had a crush on you since you were 15. So I guess I was a little crazy. Not many 18-year-olds develop a crush on a 15-year-old guy, but I did for you. I saw the potential and maturity in you that I’d never seen in other guys I’ve dated. I knew I would have to wait for you to get mature enough for me to say something to you. I couldn’t act on it because my family and friends would’ve had me locked up, in more ways than one. Talk about robbing the cradle. So I had to wait through all this growing up of yours and almost didn’t make it.”

“Do you know how hard it is not even to be able to say anything to your best friend? I mean Saffron would’ve thought I was crazy if I told her. I guess I should have, considering that stunt she pulled on your 18th birthday with DJ.”

“Then things really got out of control when you fell for Barb so hard. And then she fell for you and you started a relationship with her. I really felt down then.”

“Why do you think I got drunk that night at the party Sam? When Saffron told me you asked Barb to marry you, I was devastated. I was drowning my sorrows when you danced with me and I was so angry with you. I thought I had lost you for good. I mean, how was I to know Barb would screw up an opportunity like that and not marry you?”

“After the night of your birthday, I was going to make a move for you and you would be mine. But then you and Barb happened and I knew you were still smarting after she hurt you so bad.”

“I fell totally in love with you after you fought for my virtue that night. I finally realized I had someone who would fight for me if I ever needed it. Barb could’ve had that too, if she’d only been wise enough to realize it.”

“But why did you smack me so hard that night, if that was the way you felt?”

“You just got hard when I was physically touching you and it didn’t seem like you were putting any emotion into it; it was nothing but lust.”

“Cassandra, you are badly mistaken there; I’ve had a crush on you since you were 12 years old and it’s never wavered except for the little time I was with Barb. I understand now that she was never the one for me. Hopefully it’s you.”

“If we’re going to do this Sammy, there are going to be rules.”

“Do what CC, aren’t you going to be leaving for medical school soon?”

“Then we’ll do the long distance thing, but I want this with you badly Sammy.”

“Okay, what are the rules?”

“All right, first no more one night stands with the Janus sisters. And I can’t believe you were sleeping with Barb’s old roommate.”

“Why not? She’s a very nice girl and a good friend and it only happened a couple of times. She’s a good friend and will continue to be so; you’ll just have to trust me on that.”

“I heard the singer from your band left for Nashville so that’s no longer an issue.”

“Charlie was never an issue when I was with Barb, so why should it be with you? She always respected my monogamy when I was with somebody. She’s really a good friend as well. But as you said, she’s no longer an issue. Continue with your rules, so far it’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“The last one is a little touchier, but I’m just going to say it out loud. You need to stop this foolishness with Saffron, she’s your sister. “

“What foolishness?”

“Come on Sammy, I’m not stupid; I know you two are having sex.”

“Jesus CC, how could you think that?”

“Sam, pendik escort she’s my best friend and I know she’s having sex with you. She’s a highly sexually charged young woman. She likes sex and needs to be satisfied often. She’s always been that way since our junior year in high school. The fact that she is not been dating and not acting sexually frustrated, plus the fact of the way she looks when she talks about you, tells me all I need to know. It has to stop.”

“You must think I’m someone very terrible and I don’t understand why you have any feelings for me at all. You must really think I’m disgusting.”

She looked at me very seriously directly into my eyes and said, “Sammy, at first I thought it was disgusting, but then realized how much you love her and I thought it was touching. But I can’t compete with Saffron’s love for you, I’d lose that one. So it needs to stop.”

“I’ve been telling her that for a while and it really makes me feel bad. It’s like I’m taking advantage of her. But I don’t have willpower when I’m not with somebody in a relationship.”

“I think she’ll back off, now that we’re together. I think she realizes I won’t hurt you like Barb did.”

“So are we together, CC? It would be like a dream come true for me, but I don’t think I can do it. You’re so directed and confident about what you want and let’s face it, I’ve got some growing up to do. I can’t go through anymore hurt like I did with Barb. I don’t think she gave me enough credit for being able to handle adult decisions. I can’t go through that with something like that again.”

“Sam, you won’t have to go through that with me. Saffron told me about Barb’s pregnancy and what she did and I can tell you that I would never do that to you. First of all I’m Catholic, so the abortion would never be an issue. Secondly, I would never destroy anything that was developing out of love from you and I. Sam, trust me to be someone that will love you unconditionally. I will never hurt you; I may kill you, but I’d never hurt you,” she said with a beaming smile crossed her face.

I looked at her with wonder in my eyes and thought that I really could trust her. I could tell it in her eyes just as sure as I could tell you it was light outside. I kissed her passionately as we increased our hugging. She then surprised me by looking at me deeply into my eyes and began saying, “Sam make love to me again, please.”

Just the touch of her had me hard and she then surprised me by grabbing hold of my stiffened cock and sliding down, enveloping me in her mouth. She did something that several others had tried, including Kelly Jo, but had not accomplished. She slipped me deeply into her throat. She worked her throat muscles and tonguing on me with expertise. I warned her I was about the pop, but she just kept working her throat muscles until I came a huge wad down her throat.

“My God Cassie, that was fantastic. I’ve never had anybody deep throat me before.”

“I don’t mean to be crass Sammy, but how do you think I maintained my virginity all these years. You won’t hold that against me will you baby?”

“No more than you would hold Brandi and Mandy Janus against me. What you did in the past is no concern of mine. I’m concerned with the Cassandra of the present. This is my dream come true.”

“Sammy, what about Barb?”

“I’ll explain to you the way I explained it to her. She was obviously not the right person for me, but was a beautiful battleship that crossed my wake at a time in my life that I needed an education. I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for her, but could never be in love with her again. She killed our love when she killed our baby.”

“I needed to ask that Sammy, because I’m in a vulnerable spot now too. I laid my whole soul bare for you right now. I don’t think you would take advantage of it, but I’m really taking a chance here. Almost more than you are. Although I’m fully aware of the emotional chance you’re taking as well.”

As she was talking she was also stroking my cock in a pleasant semi hard grip, causing it to harden to full strength. She rolled over onto her back and said, “Make love to me Sammy like you did last night. I want to feel loved like that again.”

I rolled over onto my side and move forward with my mouth to capture her left nipple securely into my mouth. I began nibbling, gumming and licking her large, hard nipple as I entered her slippery wet pussy with my first two fingers. I made my “come here” motion with my fingers and found her G spot while was thumbing her clit and she squirted all over my bed, while stifling her scream.

I knew I was ready for her and I rolled over between her legs and lined up my steel hard cock with her waiting entrance. As I slowly started entering her constricting, hot channel, she grabbed me by my ass hard with her hands pulling me in. I began putting my soul into my rocking motion of love as I gave her what she asked for. I was giving her every ounce of love that I could possibly muster escort pendik into my physical actions. She was giving me back just as much raising her taut little ass to meet my thrusts. She began kissing my ear and moaning my name as I continued in our potent lovemaking.

We labored along for 15 min. in our soft timely rhythm, while I kissed her as passionately as I could. I felt as if she was enveloping me as she slid her legs up around my ass and was giving me this growing passionate coupling, slapping her heels on my ass. I was enjoying this sex at this particular moment more than any that I had experienced before. I really felt that I was in love with this girl. It didn’t have to do with the passion as much as what I felt she was giving me all of herself during this time. She seemed to be giving me her soul through her lovemaking and I was trying to give mine back.

We finally both had an orgasm together. She asked me to accompany her to the shower and I did. I finally got to look at her fantastic body displayed for me in the shower. She was gorgeous and always seemed cute enough to kiss. I did just that while washing her hair. I really did love her hair and enjoyed giving her pleasure while washing it. She mewled and moaned throughout my ministrations and finally hugged me to her. We stood and rinsed off together, while the shower started to run cold.

We got out and dried off, going into my bedroom to get our clothes. I picked out a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and she put on her blouse and pants from the night before. We went upstairs to get some breakfast and she held my hand as we ascended. When we walked into the kitchen, Saffron and the parents were sitting there eating.

My mother looked up first and said, “Well it’s about time Sammy, I thought we were going to have to send Saffron down there with a bucket of cold water or something.”

CC blushed so red I thought her head was going to explode, while Saffron said, “Mother, you’re embarrassing her, don’t do that. It’s about time you two found each other.”

My father said, “At least my son goes for the nice, pretty ones. I’m proud of you boy,” this getting my dad smacked on the shoulder from my mom.

“This is good for you CC and don’t worry about Sammy, if he gives you trouble I’ll kick his ass.”

“I don’t think you’ll need to worry about that Saffron, she’s already proved she can handle that on her own.”

Mom just looked at her and said, “Cassie I’ve always loved you like a daughter. You’re not going to hurt my son too, are you?”

“No Mrs. Sanderson, I promise I’ll never hurt him; I’ll treat him as good as he deserves. I’ll always be there to support him.”

Saffron looked very seriously at both of us and said, “This sounds very serious, you two.”

“We found out how serious last night and learned a lot about each other,” was all I said as I hugged my sister and kissed her on the cheek.

Saffron started sobbing and said, “I think this is fantastic; couldn’t have happened to two nicer people. I love you both so much.”

CC came over and hugged Saffron as she kissed her on the cheek and told her she loved her.

I just decided to walk CC home and we walked hand-in-hand down the block. When we got to her house her mother met us at the door and looked me coldly in the eyes, while saying, “Did you have your way with my daughter last night young man?”

As I was stammering trying to find something to say, CC saved me by saying, “All went as planned mother, everything went well.”

“Welcome to the family young man,” as she crushed me in her arms in a ferocious hug. I looked quizzically at CC as she shrugged.

“I have no secrets my mother Sammy. I told her I might be spending the night with you, so she wouldn’t worry. “

“I wish you’d tell me these things so that I don’t get ambushed. That scared the shit out of me.”

“My mother is nothing to be afraid of, but I am. Just remember that.”

“There’s not a doubt in my mind Cassandra. I’m willing to take the chance to find out.”

“That’s the correct answer baby, “as she hugged me tightly and kissed me to tell me goodbye. Her mother gave me a kiss and hug and they walked back in holding hands and talking excitedly.


As I walked back down to my home, I was contemplating what had happened in the last 12 hours and how it was going to change my life forever. Here I was with a girl my dreams and it felt like it was right. I truly believed her when she said she would never hurt me.

I always had a feeling of apprehension in my relationship with Barb. I really felt I deserved this and would do nothing in the world to screw it up. When I got home the first thing I did was to stop in the kitchen and call my friend Gerald. He knew something was up with the excitement in my voice. When I told him what happened last evening he was very happy for me.

“CC Connors, Sammy? Man, you have all the luck in the world. First Barb Frankel and now the cutest girl next door pendik escort bayan in the world; what are you doing right?”

“I feel like the King of the world today buddy. I’m still floating 3 feet off the ground.”

When he finished conversing with me in congratulations, I hung up and went downstairs. I didn’t realize what I was going to face when I got down there. There was Saffron, sobbing away sitting on the couch. I did the only thing I knew to do; I sat down beside her and put my arm around her. She began crying even harder then, soaking my chest with her tears.

“Oh Sammy, I knew this was going to happen; but it still doesn’t make it any easier. In one way I’m so glad for you to have someone as great as CC; but then I’m also jealous that she gets you. She’s my best friend and I am so glad for her, as well as you. But I’m going to miss our nights together. If she only knew how much I was hurting.”

“Saffron, I hate to tell you this, but she does know. She knows all about us.”

Saffron looked at me with alarm and said, “Oh my God Sammy, how does she know about us? What are we going to do? How humiliating; she must think I’m a total freak.”

I just held her tighter and said, “Don’t worry about it Saffron, she just told me we needed to stop our nights together and remain faithful to her. I told her there would be no problem. She said she actually thought that it was nice the way we love each other.”

“I’m still going to have to talk to her about it sometime; so she knows exactly how I feel and why I did what I did.”


And so began the relationship that I’d always hoped to have in my life; one like my parents always had. I truly have faith in the relationship because of CC’s and I’s upbringing in a loving two parent household. I started spending a lot of time at CC’s house and her at mine. My parents had always loved CC and thought it exceptional that we had a relationship. Her parents treated me very well and seemed actually pleased that we were together. Her father and I had some really interesting conversations when she would leave the room or help her mother with something. I never felt subconscious about being left alone with him or Mrs. Connors.

CC and I spent most of our free time together and went on a lot of dates. We both liked to watch movies and spent a lot of time at the Cineplex. I learned one thing quickly during our relationship. Now that CC had experienced sex, she couldn’t get enough of it. She found she really enjoyed it, especially with me. Every time we would try to watch a television program on the couch downstairs we ended up in my bedroom and she spent the night often. I don’t think her parents really liked that, but they never said anything to her about it. After she would leave from spending the night, I always felt like I needed to apologize to my parents.

When it came time her college graduation, both families attended together. I noticed Roxy’s mother there for her commencement and Barb there for Lisa’s as well. Although I didn’t expect to see them there, Lisa’s parents were absent. What a load, parents not attending their own daughter’s graduation from college. They were certainly narcissistic. It was then I started getting concerned about where CC was going to get into school. I knew I could do the long-distance thing, but I didn’t want to risk losing her while she was gone. After the numerous pictures with me, Saffron and with CC and her family, she came over to me, noticing the concerned look on my face.

“Why the long face baby? You worried about something?”

“I’m just worried about you leaving me to go to school somewhere else. I love what we have and don’t want to lose you to someone else.”

She made me feel better by saying, “I can stand it Sammy and I know you will. You should know by now, you’re never getting rid of me.”

I finally did something I realized I should always have done. I started going to church with CC. I found out that with my feelings about things, I would fit well in the Catholic religion. I even began taking the classes to become a Catholic. Being the analytical person I was, I was ripe with questions during the religious classes. I really enjoyed the fact that the priest and the rest of the class, never held it against me because I would question some of the Catholic doctrine. I was doing a lot of praying about CC’s school.

I finally made a decision about my living arrangements and decided to get an apartment closer to school. I found a place that was within my budget and big enough to have guests over, only a block from school. My parents knew it had been coming, but Saffron was surprised and deeply upset. She decided she would help me pack when the time came, crying the whole time.

CC told me she was also not as pleased because she now had to drive to get to my apartment. She could just conveniently walk down the street to my parent’s house. I told her I really needed this for my growth and she finally understood. I was still quite worried about where she was going to get accepted into medical school. I decided to take summer classes at the University to get a head start on my degree. Friends and family thought I was crazy, but I knew better.

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