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When I get to your house, I am both ready to pounce and apprehensive about the day. We have talked at length about what we are going to do, and while it all sounds hot, there is a little voice in the back of my head saying that I’m going to panic once I know I can’t move. The idea is a total turn on, and I’ve probably wanted it for a very long time, and if there is anyone I would trust to do it, it would be you, but… The door opens reveling you to be naked, save for a towel, and dripping wet. Immediately I forget what I was worrying about when I knocked. After a quick kiss, I quickly make my way to the bedroom and take my coat off. I’ve been promised to be ruined for my trip and I’m ready to get this started.

You tell me to take it all off as if there was any other choice. I’m watching you dry off while I do. For the first time that I can remember, you are complementing me on my underwear. Lacy, steel grey and they happen to be my favorite, so I’m happy to hear you like them, but off they go. Once naked, I lie back on the bed and watch you a little longer. I haven’t seen you at all, not even a pic, in more than a week and I’m off for a week myself tomorrow. I want to take you in as much as possible while I have you to myself. You deny me of this though as I have been told to lay face down in the middle of the bed. I do as asked when I hear you leave the room, and patiently wait.

I can hear you enter the room finally and drop something on the floor. We’ve talked about tying me up several times and although this is sort of how I first imagined it, you talked more about tying my hands behind my back and fucking me, so I really have no idea what to expect from you today. You climb on the bed to straddle me, and your warmth blazes through me. I can feel your balls rest on my back, and I’m already aching for you to be inside of me. You aren’t saying anything, which isn’t like you, and builds the anticipation more. As what I can now see is your tie, slips over my eyes, I am not only plunged into darkness but my mind is racing. This wasn’t talked about. I had no idea that I would be blindfolded as well today. You once asked me to write about a fantasy, and this is what I wrote about, but I have never actually been blindfolded before. There is nothing to say though; no reason to fight. I know that I want it. Once blindfolded, you begin to caress my body with your hands as you drop yourself down to rest on my legs. It’s at this moment that I realize that this is not something you ever do. This is not a complaint, only an observation. When we are together you are almost solely focus on my pussy or my ass. Your touch there ignites my whole body, so I have never noticed that I am rarely touched anywhere else. I am loving the feel of your hands exploring my back, and then you are gone again.

I can no longer see, but I turn in the direction of your sounds while I wait patiently. You take my left arm out to the side and I can feel you tie my wrist. The binding at my wrist is blissfully tight, but the restraint is not. I have room to move if needed. I appreciate the play, as I can feel the trepidation building. You are back to caressing my backside, and it is so relaxing that I have no choice but to quiet my mind to better feel your touch. You are gone again and after a short while, you take my other hand out and tie it up as well. Again, there is plenty of play even though the binding is tight. I am now fully bound and you are sitting just balçova escort bayan below my ass, and after a couple more caresses, you lower yourself down closer to me and begin to rub your cock against my ass while you whisper in my ear. This is the Jay I know, always talking, pulling me further into your world. I have been ready to go since I first laid down and your constant rubbing of my ass with your cock is driving me crazy. I want you in me now, and when I try to separate my legs to help, I find I have been pinned there by your legs. I have no choice but to lay there nicely and listen to what you plan to do to me. You ask me to pay attention so I can write this down and read it when I’m on my trip. You are whispering about fucking all of my holes and ruining me so that when I am fucked by my husband on that trip, I will have no choice but to think about you. You are still rubbing hard against me, and I feel like I’m going to explode. I am driven by a desire to force you into me myself and struggle against the restraints for the first time. If I could just touch you back. This is torturous.

I can feel you have hardened though as you adjust yourself against my back. I feel your fullness and I want it even more. I will do anything you ask me if you would just fuck me. I am dripping wet, and you are still whispering in my ear about fucking my holes and I release an audible yes, please! You begin to move farther down, and I feel like I’m finally going to get my wish. You begin to play with my ass a little, but you haven’t touched my pussy at all. You have no idea just how wet and needy I am. My mind is swirling with desire when I feel your mouth on my ass, and then your tongue is inside of me. This puts me over the top, and I pull hard on my restraints. Finally you can feel how wet I am though and bust right in. Your cock feels amazing in me right now. My pussy drinks you in thrust after thrust. You are not being forceful though, fucking me slowly and fully. I want to buck up and take you in farther, but my legs are still pinned by yours and I am resigned to your will. You place your full weight on me and begin to fuck me harder. I can’t see anything or touch anything other than the silk of your ties. I pull hard against them, and you are once again whispering in my ear. Your words darken as you are telling me that you are going to rape all of my holes while you fuck me harder and harder, and I have no choice but to love this. You move on to talking about videoing me. We’ve talked several times over the last few months about taking pictures or videoing, so maybe one day this will actually happen. While I’m not sure how I feel about the video, I know that the thought of you watching any video of us is fucking hot right now. You could pretty much say anything to me at this point. I am yours to do with as you please. You reward me with a “Good Fucking,” but trail off before you get to girl. I have never heard you say this in person, and it is thrilling. You pull up from me and I can hear you release the word fuck several times and I am worried you might just cum.

Then all of sudden you pull out, spread my ass and thrust fully in and keep pressing, waiting to break through, commanding me to take it. I lift my head to cry out as this hurts like hell and there is no sign of you stopping. My body reacts on instinct and seizes up, but I can still hear your commands to take it all. I start to cry a little and am escort balçova thankful the tie is soaking up my tears. I’m not sure how much more I can take and with all of the sensory deprivation, I feel like I cannot breathe. You ease up a little and are talking to me quietly. I know that I am replying but I have no idea what you are saying or what I am saying back. I’m on autopilot. I am hoping that you can’t hear how much that hurt in my voice as I don’t want this to end. You pulled out completely now and are working yourself a little bit, and I can feel your thumb working my ass, stretching me further. I know you will try again and that it will hurt from the damage done by the first unrelenting thrust. I am both afraid and excited by the thought. You push into me again and I cry out in pain a little, no tears this time. A swift swat to my bottom, and I can hear you tell me to relax. Believe me I am trying. I know once I do, it will feel amazing. It does take a couple of times, but you are in and are working me hard. It feels great and I can hear just how much you love it in your voice as well.

You withdrawal suddenly and with no warning taking me by complete surprise. Before I get a chance to feel empty, you pull me up onto my knees and are fucking my pussy again. I could do this all day. It feels amazing. You start to ask me questions about having both of my holes fucked, about when I was younger and a much wilder girl. I feel very safe with you, but never felt anything close to safe when I was younger. Even though I have told you no, you can’t believe there wasn’t a time that I got drunk and let it happen so you keep pressing the issue. I promise there was never a time that I even thought about having both of my holes fucked at the same time. Two guys at the same time is an overwhelming thought to me even today. Before my thoughts can go to that dark place, you pull it back to just you and me. You are working my ass with your thumb and my pussy with your cock at the same time, and begin talking about how good it feels and I am right there with you. I can see how two cocks at the same time could feel good, suddenly wishing you had two or that there were two of you. I push against the bed to get closer to your pounding as your rhythm picks up. You are giving me more homework now. Something you can play with while you are fucking my ass. Something I like, but you want it big like you. Once I agree, you pull forcefully out again and work yourself a little while you get ready to fuck my ass again.

You spit right on my ass and work it around a little with your cock and then you thrust hard again and again and I can feel myself let go; feeling the need to explode building. Closer and closer with every bittersweet thrust. I can no longer hear what you are saying or what I am thinking or the control of the restraints. I can’t remember anything but feeling like I was as high as possible. If I came, it was like nothing I ever felt before. I felt no convulsion, just a release. All of sudden I went from feeling toe curlingly high and outside of myself to nothing but peace. My body drops and I can feel you are still pounding away. It feels heavenly, but I am wholly done. As I come back to very limp self, I have lost my blindfold and I can hear you asking if I am ready for your cum. I am, but I am not even ready to speak yet. I just need to rest, and as I lay there, I can feel your bed is soaked from my own release. balçova escort I hear you ask me again and I relent.

As you go to untie my hand, I all of a sudden feel the need to be very free. You are not working fast enough or you are having problems getting the knot untied now that I have pulled them so much tighter, and I am starting to panic. I am trying to move my legs, since I still can’t move my arms, but that isn’t quelling whatever anxiety is building. Finally you have one arm free, and I find myself relaxing again. You untie my other arm and go clean up while I roll back over to my back and watch you. Drinking you in once more. We have already discussed that I wanted you to cum on my pussy so I can watch. I should be getting in position, but I prefer you to tell me what to do so I continue to rest from my high and enjoy the show. Once you are done, you come back to the bed and command me to spread my legs. You tell me that you aren’t done with me yet and pull me the fuck down the bed. I love when you do this. When you are putting me in my place so that you can fuck me. Getting me ready, getting yourself ready to thrust, and pound my clit with your fucking hard cock. And fuck, you are in immediately. Fucking me hard. Pull out again, work yourself again, shoot me a smile, pound against my clit, and then in again. Forcefully and fully. I can see you and your determination and I reach out for you to pull you even closer. Fuck me, this is perfection. This is bliss. I have worked my way up the bed again and you pull me forcefully down again and fuck the shit out of me. You pull out and command me to my knees again. You want me to taste my pussy on your cock.

I drop off the bed on to my knees in an instant. You have a hold of my head and have forced your cock in my mouth. Deeper than I have taken you before. You are thrusting in as well and talking about me sucking your cock when I get back to town. You are definitely fucking my mouth (versus me sucking your dick) and I am a little afraid you might lose control. Before that happens though, you let go and ask for me to suck your balls and I happily comply. I can do this all day. I love the feel of your balls in my mouth, your hand moving back and forth from my face while you are stroking yourself. This has become my happy place. I hear you tell me how close you are to cumming, but that this feels too good to stop. I pull your ass closer with my hands so I can get a better grip. You ask me to lick your asshole, and since I know how this feels to me, I greedily do this for you. I can hear your breathing hitch and you let out a fuck for me, so I know I have you right where I want you. Fuck cumming on my pussy, fuck watching you cum, THIS is what I want. I want you to cum now and I can feel the tremor building in you. I can hear you plead with me to stop so you can cum on my pussy and I think about taking control myself. I can feel the animal in me start to take over, knowing I can make you cum while my tongue is in your ass and I am cupping your balls. I wonder for a moment how you would feel if I denied you for a change and took over, but then I remember how much I wanted to watch you last time and I don’t want to miss it again. I get up quickly as I am afraid I’ve pushed you too far and I’ll miss it. I spread my legs just in time to see you lower and I know you are so fucking close. A groan and you’re cumming. Its warmth spreading as it hits my well fucked pussy and I run my hand through it while I watch the satisfaction spread across your face. I sit up and take your still warm dripping cock in my mouth to suck the last of it off. I look up at you and catch you say good morning. I smile and think, yes, it is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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