Rudely Interrupted

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Time-keeping has never been my strong point. There again, I would never have described it as one of my principal weaknesses before, either. And let’s face it, there’s a pretty long list of candidates in the ‘weaknesses’ category — so what happened last Friday afternoon was a shock in more ways than one. Okay, so I wasn’t exactly ‘keeping myself to myself’ or ‘busy minding my own business’, but nor was I doing anything flamboyant or acting the show-off. It was an accident, nothing more, nothing less. There was no pre-planning, no deliberate risk-taking, no weighing the odds and no educated guesses. Come to that, there wasn’t much in the way of smart thinking, either.

I could try blaming ‘MariaV’, I suppose, but that would hardly be fair. When I started to chat to that particular lady, I had an inkling about where our discussions could lead, but I took the chance and that makes what followed all my fault. Let me explain.

It was two-thirty on that Friday afternoon when ‘MariaV’ appeared on the list of chatters present in the ‘household’ room of the adult website, and I sent my normal ‘welcome’ message to the apparent newcomer. By two-forty, we were deep in conversation, having already managed to find out that we are both thirty-five, both have husbands who work away a lot, both have nineteen year-old sons about to leave home for university, both have open, enquiring minds — and on that particular day, both had a real heavy case of horniness. Fifteen minutes into our chat and I was checking my watch to make sure that there was plenty of time before my son, Ben, was due home — the chat was becoming increasingly naughty and increasingly pleasurable, and I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be in danger of being interrupted for an hour or so. Happy that there was at least an hour and a half before Marcus was scheduled to make an appearance, I settled down and cranked up my ‘fantasy fun’ settings.

I’m not trying to make excuses for myself, my behaviour, but I promise you that my new friend was so tuned in to the way I was thinking — and me, her, I guess — that it was like exploring my own mind as I chatted. Or maybe, my own libido and my own fantasies… She had a turn of phrase that resonated deep within me, a way of phrasing her thoughts that sent messages straight from my eyes down to my groin. Putting it simply, MariaV made me wetter than any other woman has ever done before.

Our chat became more and more heated, and yet we managed to maintain some degree of restraint. It was like the ultimate tease, sending each other higher and higher towards the peak of release… before easing back just enough to leave every nerve tingling with anticipation and excitement and our bodies hanging precariously over the precipice of our increasingly necessary climaxes. We were diving deeper and deeper into each other’s minds, gently but inexorably guiding each other up and along a spiral of ever-increasing arousal, our ever comment sending pulses of pure excitement along our singing, tingling, vibrating nerves.

I was giddy with excitement, bursa escort allowing myself to surrender to the emotions in a way that I had never before even been tempted to do. At some point I slipped off both my t-shirt and the constricting bra beneath, the cool air adding even more to the wild sensations that were flowing across the plains of my fevered mind. I hitched up the short, pleated skirt that I was wearing, the fingers of my left hand slipping under the waistband of the lightweight cotton panties that barely covered the hot, moist centre of me. My right hand continued to type away, thrusting and parrying MariaV’s comments as my left thrust and toyed at my feverishly aroused womanhood.

We teased each other, MariaV and I. We explored the naughtiest thoughts that we shared. We opened our hearts and minds to each other. We cast off the shackles and restraints that normal society seems to confine us to. And we had so much in common. So many naughty, wonderful, hot and desperately exhilarating thoughts and feelings.

We let ourselves go — and yet managed to keep from falling under the spell of that final orgasmic step, managed to hold back the ever-increasing pressure of the climax that was so desperately trying to swamp us. We teetered on the very brink, nerves shouting their excitement, every touch of my fingers against the super-sensitive flesh of my womanhood threatening to bring forth an explosion of earth-shattering proportions. And still we resisted, helping each other defy our needs now, as much as helping to make them all the more necessary.

We chatted about so many subjects, but now, as struggling against the inevitable became ever-closer to impossible, we began to focus more and more on the wildest thoughts and sensations that we both shared. We didn’t just open up to each other, but to ourselves, as well — to thoughts and fantasies and feelings that we had never even admitted to before, even in the privacy of our own minds. And as those comments gravitated ever more into the taboo zones, the mounting pressures rose and rose to heights I would never have conceived of as possible.

I lost track of how we were arriving at each new revelation. I lost track of how each tiny revelation led to each new surge of arousal. Reader… I lost track of time.

Reality had lost all meaning. My mind was fully engaged in the fantasies and emotions that MariaV and I were sharing. Even the noise of Ben’s key in the front door, and the clatter of his shoes on the wooden boards of our hallway, failed — at first — to bring reality back into focus.

Then it came flooding back.

With a gasp, I realised exactly where I was and what I was doing. Topless, skirt around my waist, two fingers buried inside me, my thumb vibrating across the tip of my clitoris… and with just seconds before my son appeared in the doorway of the little office room where I was so deep into my game. And that realisation triggered another.

With another gasp I felt my arousal levels slip another tiny notch higher — and with bursa escort bayan that came the realisation that one more notch higher was all it was going to take to finally breach the dam that was holding back my orgasm. My right hand, despite everything, had managed to type something that looked like ‘omg bens home’. As my panic began to rush to the surface, my eyes glanced at the screen in front of me and took in MariaV’s reply: ‘good girl — let it go!’.

With a whimper I felt the first orgasmic shudder course through my stomach muscles. Ben’s voice came from just a few feet away from the door, ‘Mom?’ — and another shudder twitched and jerked through my belly. My fevered, panicked mind told me what I least wanted to hear — that I had started to climax and nothing and no one was going to stop it now, even me — and a third, even more intense shudder had me gasping.

My eyes flicked from the screen to my breasts, bared, exposed, my nipples rigid and singing their excitement. I let out a strangled cry as my hips bucked. I tried — really tried — to withdraw my hand, but my fingers just pressed harder. I tried to bring my other hand to my top, tried to cover my naked breasts, but instead my fingers caressed them.

I tried not to look, in panic, at the doorway where Ben was going to appear any second. And then I watched as he came into view. Stared as his eyes opened wide, his jaw dropping. Focused on the dawning look of pure excitement that blossomed in his bright blue eyes.

And the dam burst wide open.

I threw back my head, knowing that it was all too late, knowing that my own sweet son could see every part of this act. And knowing that the fact that he was there, that he was witnessing this… knowing that all of that just added yet another level to my excitement. I gave in to it. I had no real choice, but still a part of me chose to give in to it.

I took my hand from my breasts, ensuring that they were as bared as possible. I used that hand to push at my panties, ensuring that Ben — my son — could see exactly what mom was doing, ensuring that he could see as much of mom as possible. I managed to look his way, trying to show him that I was sorry and glad beyond words, that I was unwilling to let him see this but wanted nothing more.

Something clicked deep inside me. Now that it was all too late for anything by way of covering up or hiding anything… now that Ben was there and witness, I gave in to every tiny little thought and emotion that MariaV and me had shared. I acknowledged that I wanted this now. I gave in to that knowledge. The power of the orgasm rose until my ears started to ring. My hips were bucking without my control, my muscles went into spasms that were completely involuntary, even my voice was a long way past the point of control, and a series of grunts and whimpers accompanied every burst of climax.

And on and on it went, my hair flipped from side to side as I spasmed through the climax of all climaxes.

Somehow, some way I made it clear to Ben that what had happened escort bursa had happened and that I welcomed his role as spectator now that the accident had already occurred. The same unspoken command method kept him a few feet from me, anything closer being acknowledged as too much — but in return I showed his as much as I was able, and, reader, I loved every single second of it.

Ben only said three words — repeated and in various combinations — as he watched me climax: ‘mom’, ‘wow’ and ‘oh’. And every syllable he uttered sent another wave of climax through me. I have no idea how long it all lasted, nor all that I said as it occurred. No idea when Ben started to rub himself through his shorts, nor when he let the dark stain show through them. No idea of anything except the depth and breadth of the sensations that flowed through every inch of every nerve in my body.

It was like coming to after a powerful anaesthetic. My mind was hazy, my body scarcely under my control, my ears still ringing. I was panting like a marathon runner after a sprint finish. Ben and I stared at each other with looks of pure, unalloyed shock on our faces — mixed, it has to be said, with a sliver of acknowledgement of our good fortunes.

After an short eternity, I managed to struggle into a proper sitting position and grabbed a towel from the radiator, pulling it around my nakedness. ‘Ben,’ I managed, “I’m not going to bother with the ‘even mothers have needs’ speech, and although an apology of sorts is called for, let’s just pretend I said sorry and mean it. All I really ask is that you never, ever, ever, ever mention so much as a word of this incident to anyone that either of us know any time in the next hundred years, okay?”

Ben had to swallow three times before his voice worked, “Um, sure. I mean yeah. I just can’t believe… I mean, I always knew you were… but… look… can I just say one thing?”

“I told you-“

“No! Not to anyone else, I meant to you.”

I tried to ignore a pulse, an echo of the earlier orgasmic throes, “Make it quick.”

“Look, mom, I know I wasn’t meant to see any of that, but… well… I am just sooooo glad I did. That was like the hottest-“

“Enough! I get it. Thanks and all that, but it really was an accident, and let’s just leave it at that, okay?” My heart was pattering far too fast all of a sudden, and the resurgence of a bulge at the periphery of my vision wasn’t helping. “Go on, now. Go get changed and let me recover in peace. Oh, and…”

“Sure but what were you going to say?”

I shook my head. I was going to tell Ben to put his clothes in the washing machine given the mess he’d made of them, but the thought of what caused that mess — and how that made me feel — was all too much. I shooed him from the room instead, before another wave of climax shuddered through me.

MariaV and me chatted again later that day and again this week, and I told her all that had happened. I’m not sure she really believed me. There again, she doesn’t have to look into Ben’s eyes since that afternoon, and see the hints of a lustful smile that now resides there. But I do. MariaV doesn’t have to dissuade herself from displaying and performing another lascivious act when she knows her son will catch her. But I do.

Or do I?

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