Round Up The Usual Suspects

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This story was inspired by, and therefore lovingly dedicated to, My Dream

* * *

It was late afternoon as Rick entered the Interstate. The rolling farmlands soon gave way to occasional villages and then suburbia as the miles ticked past. The sun burned orange in the sky in a final, desperate attempt to deny the inevitable and he wondered if she, too, was watching the sunset. He knew that Ilsa hated the color orange and wondered if the beauty of the sun dying in the sky would elude her as it bathed their world in an orange glow. He glanced at his watch and quickly calculated the time and distance that separated them as his foot slightly increased the pressure on the pedal.

He replayed their many conversations in his mind as he sped south. He looked at the roses, boxed and on the seat beside him. Laughing aloud he realized that one dozen would’ve been sufficient but, what the hell, three dozen made such a nice bouquet.

The city skyline came into view and he again looked at his watch. Twinkling lights from the tall buildings pierced the orange sky. The city was just beginning to come alive as he drove high above on the overpasses. The change from Mecca of commerce to center of hedonism was underway as the commuters headed home to their lawns that needed mowing, PTA meetings and bowling leagues, while others headed in to drink heartily of the city in all its nocturnal splendor. Two worlds living beside one another and not interacting; different perspectives and priorities. The exit was upon him before he realized and he quickly cut across the three lanes and sharply entered the ramp causing hurried braking and gesturing from those in his way. Ah, gotta love the city, he thought, laughing.

The hotel was two blocks west and he pulled into the parking garage. Entering the lobby, small bag in one hand and boxed roses in the other, he caught sight of himself in the mirrored lobby. Perhaps he should’ve changed, he thought, as he surveyed himself in the mirror. Black suit jacket, tuxedo shirt, Levis and Birkenstocks, trench coat and hat in hand.. Dressed to kill, he laughed. He had made good time and Ilsa wouldn’t be here for another thirty minutes. He checked in and headed to the room.

The suite was all that he had hoped, elegant, yet understated. The fireplace was already ablaze and that the champagne was chilling beside the overstuffed chairs. He threw his bag upon the bed and retrieved his toiletry bag. The bathroom was heavily laden with gold, tapestry wallpaper of burgundy provided a deep contrast and a regal charm to an otherwise purely functional room. Candles surrounded the large Jacuzzi tub. Cigars and coffee had been his companions on the trip south and he knew that he had to brush his teeth yet again. He quickly groomed himself and headed to the bar.

The Lounge was dark. An antique, carved bar filled the right wall, stools half occupied with traveling businessman. Dark stained oaken walls encircled the room with small candle lit tables and leather armchairs filling the floor. He placed the box on the table and walked to the bar.

“Dewars, rocks, please,” he said to the young, pretty barmaid. She was the typical upscale barmaid, probably a local graduate student. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a black bow, wide cheekbones set off by bright green eyes. When she smiled large white teeth lit up her face . Her shirt, a match of his own, was stretched tight against her ample breasts. As she turned to retrieve the bottle his eyes fell to her small, tight, rounded butt. She was bright and friendly but he found himself looking at his watch as she spoke. “I am expecting someone,” he told her, “so send the tab to the dining room if you would.” He returned to his table and sat facing the door, sipping his drink.

He saw Ilsa as she headed toward the Lounge. She was exquisite in a long black dress, coat thrown casually over her right arm, a black clutch in her hand. She held a wide brimmed hat in her left hand. She was a presence, pearls around her neck, the slit on the side of her dress exposing her shapely legs with every step. She strode elegantly, as he knew she would. She moved assuredly, head held high, deep brown eyes straight ahead. Her dress clung to her, accentuating her body as she glided into the Lounge. Stepping into the room her eyes adjusted to the dim light and she glanced around. He noticed the men at the bar had turned to watch her, they had no choice. Her eyes were searching the room and when their eyes locked the flicker of recognition was supplanted by one of happiness, desire and excitement. He watched her cross the room; his heart beating faster and harder with every step she took until he was sure that it was audible. The carefully thought out plans were cast aside and he rose as she approached.

As she came closer, he stepped toward her. “Hello, my darling…”was all he could get out before she was before him. He stepped again and closed the gap, his arms encircled her and they were together. They bursa escort looked into each other’s eyes as their lips met. Her warm lips soft against his. In that instant they both became whole. The feel of their bodies against one another, her upturned face, their arms holding each other tight. The kiss was tender, the tongues gently probing. They stayed in that embrace, each relishing the moment of which they had dreamed. They broke the seal of their lips and held one another close, gazing into each other’s eyes. A couple of times each began to speak and then thought better of it. They did not need words at this point, they had exchanged so many words prior to this and now they just needed to be together. Wanting instead to take her into his arms and carry her to the waiting room above, he pulled out her chair. They sat and gazed at one another again, broad smiles lighting up the room. After so many words, they were here together and both were content to just be near, to see the face of their dreams; the sparkle in the eyes. He reached for the box of roses and handed them to her, “These are for you, my darling,” he murmured. He watched as she unwrapped the bow and looked into the box, her hand finding the small box with the card attached. She looked up at him, brown eyes deep and inviting, the fullness of her lips spreading across white teeth and breaking into a smile. He motioned to the barmaid as she retrieved the box and card. Again she looked at him and he was overcome with happiness and desire. As she opened the card and box he ordered her a glass of white wine and another Dewars for himself. Her eyes narrowed as she read the card and she glanced up at him. “I love you.,” she said, looking at him intently. Her fingers quickly unwrapped the box and she retrieved the necklace. The crucifix, encrusted with diamonds, sparkled in her hand catching the flicker from the tabletop candle. She reached up and attached the necklace, her eyes never leaving his. It lay unobtrusively above the strand of pearls and he was glad that he had chosen the smaller one. He leaned in to meet her as she leaned across the small table and they kissed again. She held the bouquet to her face and inhaled deeply of the dark, deep roses. Their eyes locked and again they did not speak.

II As they left the Lounge and headed toward the dining room he asked the barmaid to see that the flowers were placed in their room and her handed her a folded twenty dollar bill. They walked across the lobby, hand in hand and into the dining room. The dinner was an intrusion upon their time together neither did much other than pick at the plates, biding their time. The conversation was general, with long periods of silence as they gazed longingly at one another. The check could not come quickly enough and he signed the receipt with a scrawl. As if moving in lockstep, they were out of the dining room and at their room in an instant, hands never unclasped. Before the door closed behind them they were once again locked in an embrace. Kissing deeply, tongues flicking at one another, hands holding each other close. His right hand tangled itself in her hair as they kissed deeply, he felt her breasts pressing against him and his quickly hardening cock pressing at her leg. His left hand moved to her breast as they kissed on, again and again. Slowly, she parted from his lips and began to remove her clothes. He tore at his shirt and pants, kicking off his sandals. In a moment they were both naked and she took him by the hand as they walked toward the bed. She flung back the covers and pulled him down onto the bed next to her and they kissed again, hands caressing each others naked bodies. His mouth left hers and kissed and nibbled at her neck. “Oh my god, my darling Ilsa…..,” he said over and over, again words unnecessary. Her breasts, nipples hard and erect, were welcoming to his hungry hands. His cock, fully erect and swollen, rubbed at her legs. He sighed deeply as her hand encircled his shaft. The pent up desire, so long smoldering, was erupting inside of him as her hand pressed against his chest and he rolled onto his back. Her kisses were soft, light and electrifying on skin as her warm, welcoming mouth made its way to his swollen, bobbing cock. As her tongue brushed against his cock, swollen, purple and glistening with pre-cum, it twitched again. Her tongue circled the head of his swollen member. Softly, gently she ran her tongue along his shaft, her hand cupping his balls. Playfully nibbling, licking and kissing, him he moaned softly. Her hand gripped his shaft and slowly began to slide along the length of it as her mouth returned to the sensitive head. As she took him into her mouth, his hands fell to your head and shoulders. Gently playing with her hair and caressing her shoulders, he relaxed totally. A sense of contentment never known to him before overtook him as he enjoyed her talents. This was not as he had envisioned it, but it was wonderful and fortunate he realized as the pressure began to build in his bursa escort bayan balls. After such a long time, filled with the dreams and the fantasies, this was indeed fortunate as he knew that he would cum very quickly and the last thing he wanted to do was to cum almost instantly when they made love for the first time. Her nibbling, sucking and tickling tongue brought him to the verge very quickly. Instinctively she knew this and began taking him in faster and harder until, overcome with the ecstacy of the moment he began to cum. Violently, feverishly he came. His hands tightened on her mane of hair in his hand and on her shoulder. When his cock twitched and expelled its final drops she drew back and looked up at him. He wanted nothing more than to return the ecstacy to her. He gently pulled her up and kissed her deeply and passionately. He could taste his cum as their tongues intertwined. “My darling….I love you.,” he muttered as his mouth fell to her breast. He sucked at her nipple while his free hand rolled the other in between his fingers. Positioned between her spread legs he continued to caress and make love to her breasts. His free hand fell to her pussy and he softly traced her lips and brushed against her hot, wet opening. Her soft moans were the only sounds as he sucked at one erect nipple, fingers grazed against her spread lips. The wet warmth could be felt against his hand and he fought the urge to enter her then. Gently sliding a finger into her, wet and ready, he heard a soft gasp. His finger grazed against her little nub and she shuddered. His mouth left her breast and kissed her gently on her full lips before his mouth fell to the hot, waiting pussy. Probing gently, his tongue entered and he could taste her, wet, warm and waiting.

Ilsa raised her hips and her legs spread a little more to allow full access. His free hand gently glided along her inner thighs as the tongue sought out the swollen bulb of her womanhood. Her pussy was very wet, clit swollen with desire, as he flicked his tongue against it and rubbed her gently. The soft moaning was more frequent and with each sound he pressed harder. With his mouth pressed hard against the open, waiting pussy his hand returned to her breast and the little rock nipple. As her legs trembled slightly he knew that she, too, had been suppressing the desire for too long. Her hands fell to his head, pressing in and on as she began to grind against the probing tongue. Her breath became shallow and fast, the pressure on the back of his head ever stronger. Bucking now, her fingers fell to his shoulders and he felt the sting of her nails as they tore into his flesh. Gasps and groans and moans were interspersed as she raised off the bed and against his face. The trembling legs moved more quickly as she raised from the bed and her nails dug deeper into his shoulder. She was breathing very shallow and fast as she exploded in orgasm. Erupting, cum flooded her and he drank heartily. Her legs gave way and she collapsed upon the bed as he sucked the sweet nectar from her. He returned to the top of the bed and they kissed again. They held each other, not speaking, just content and fulfilled in each other’s presence knowing that they had finally brought pleasure to each other. The minutes ticked away. Two, five, ten, fifteen…..

They kissed again and she turned on her side to meet him. Gazing into her deep, sparkling eyes Rick knew that he had truly found the love that was meant for him. As he gazed into her deep brown eyes his testicles tightened and his cock stirred. They kissed and pressed slightly against each other. With her hands upon his shoulders, she fell back and he again positioned himself between her spread legs. They kissed lightly, gently and playfully. Bouncing gently with desire his cock, aching now and straining toward her, reached out in desire. Her legs spread further and he slid into her. Slowly, gently he entered. As the shaft reached full immersion, they rested for a second, content in the closeness before they began to move against one another in unison. It was a gentle, passionate session of lovemaking at first until the intensity of the relationship overtook them and they were soon bucking violently against one another. The headboard, a white porcelain gilded antique, began to tap gently against the wall and progressively became a faster and louder testament to their passion. The sweat beads on her chest were pooling with his as they would come together momentarily and her breasts glistened with another manifestation of their union. He felt he pressure once again build and slammed against her. Her hands again were on his back, the nails scraping his flesh. Together they breathed a deep, halting breath before they again erupted in orgasm. As they came in unison, their eyes locked intently, intensely. She could feel his cum pulsing inside her, mixing with her own flood of juices. They kissed softly and he collapsed onto her, spent. The beads of perspiration stood out on her upper lip and escort bursa he kissed them away. Rolling off of her, they both lay there breathing heavily, their hands clasped tightly.

“Would you like some champagne?” he asked, breaking the tranquility of their shared silence and turning to meet her upturned face.

“Yes, that would be great….built up quite a thirst.” she replied, laughing throatily. Rick stood and walked to the chilled bucket. “This is quite a nice room,” she said, finally taking a look at something other than her lover’s eyes. “Yeah, it is,” he replied, watching her eyes scan the room. He poured two glasses and returned to the bed. Bending, he kissed her and handed her the glass. They sipped the champagne sitting cross legged on the bed, facing each other, the silence conveying the contents of their hearts. They drained their glasses and she lay back down on the bed. “Excuse me a sec,” Rick said as he left their love bed and headed for the bathroom.

III As he returned from the bathroom, Rick saw Ilsa lying on the bed on her stomach, her round ass beckoning. He walked to the foot of the bed and stooped. The bottoms of her feet were before him and he planted kisses upon them. She purred softly.

Encouraged, his hands glided up her calves as he planted kisses upon her, slowly working upward. Across the bottoms of her feet, past the ankles and onto her calves. Slowly, softly his hands glided upon her legs. The tickling of his fingers and the light kisses caused her to stir slightly. The kisses trailed upward ….lower thighs, the inner thighs, the curves at the bottom of her cheeks and onto her ass. His exploring tongue ran around the curves of her cheeks, fingers gently caressing her thighs. She stirred again and raised her ass slightly to meet him as the hot, wet tongue probed the separation of her ass cheeks. His grip tightened and spread her cheeks, tongue probing deeper. Again she raised her ass to him and he knew that she, too, wanted more. Her little pink hole was teased by his tongue, gently running across and around it. She moaned softly, dreamily.

Sharply his tongue pushed against the opening and she stirred once again. His tongue entered her ass and she gasped. Using his tongue, he gently fucked her last hole. She rose to her knees, pressing her ass against his face as he tongue fucked her asshole. The rounds of her cheeks sandwiched his face as he worked his tongue fast and hard. Her moaning and squirming, much more animated now, was getting him so very excited, once again. He felt as if he was 20 years old again, alive with energy and passion. He withdrew from her ass and looked lovingly at the round ass before him. Quickly his hand stiffened and released her cheek. Striking swiftly at the ass before him, he saw the cheeks pink slightly. Again, he slapped at her ass, but much harder. This time he heard her breath catch in her throat. The shade of pink spreading across her ass was darkening to a deeper red and he slapped again & again, harder and harder.

She cried out in pain and ecstacy and his cock jumped to life. The scarlet of her asscheeks was getting him so very hot. He heard a whimper and his cock began to twitch again. As he watched the blood filled her bared ass and the color began to match that of his swelling cockhead. His cock pressed against her thighs and he gripped the ass tightly, spreading the cheeks. He stepped in to raise his cock to her tight little hole. Pressing against her, the cock found the opening it had sought. He heard her whimpering and had to have her once again. With a hard thrust, he popped the head into her asshole. She tightened and he slapped her ass again, harder than before. She cried out in pain and ecstacy and he drove his cock deep into her ass. The spittle of his tongue was the only lubricant and the feeling of his cock as it began to slide in and out of her asshole was rough, raw and excited them both . She squirmed with delight and her sphincter muscle tightened around his cock. He trembled with desire and animal lust as he began to fuck her savagely. Her whimpering was mixed with grunts as he slammed against her, his balls slapping at her thighs. She balanced on one arm and her free hand found her dripping pussy. She began to massage her clit as he kept savagely fucking her ass.

For the third time that evening, Rick felt the orgasm building. Ilsa began to moan audibly and the headboard again began it’s assault upon the wall. Harder and faster he assaulted her little asshole. Harder and faster she rubbed herself to the building orgasm. Sharply, she cried out and he knew she was there. With a last, hard thrust he began to shoot cum into her ass. Again, he slapped at her ass and the crimson returned as he drained himself into her, collapsing onto her as her hand returned to support them both. He was breathing very hard and she could feel the hot, deep breaths on her back. He kissed her back as he withdrew his aching, well used cock. He glanced down and watched as his cock withdrew into his abdomen and scrotum, a weary warrior in need of rest. Ilsa’s legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed onto the bed. Rick fell beside her and they lay there for five minutes, again without speaking.

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