Rosie’s Lonely Night

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Big Tits

Life hadn’t been kind to me lately. My girlfriend, Becky, had just broken up with me and the university I was supposed to be going to had rescinded my acceptance because of low application numbers for the course I was doing. My sister, Rosie, was newly single at the time too. She had been going through a rough time since her own recent break-up. She had moved home, out of her shared apartment and she spent a lot of time in her bedroom now, with the door closed and loud music playing. I assumed that she spent that time crying. I had gotten out of bed to go to the toilet when I noticed her door was slightly ajar. I peered inside, making sure she was okay and what I saw was breathtakingly amazing.

She lay on her bed in front of her large vanity mirror; fully naked and softly moaning as she played with her shaved pussy. I stood back and watched for a few minutes as the gorgeous blonde with ocean blue eyes finger fucked herself, while teasing her perky B cup breasts. Just watching and listening, I could feel my shaft getting harder and harder, until it was rock hard and pushing at the briefs I was wearing.

Eventually my stiff cock led me into her bedroom. Rosie barely noticed me as she continued to rub herself, her moaning continuing. When she did finally notice me, she looked shocked and worried at my presence before relaxing and smiling brightly at me. Then she glanced at my rock-hard cock trying to escape my underwear.

“How long have you been standing there?” She asked, slightly out of breath as her pussy teasing slowed.

“A… A few minutes.” I stammered out, her body fully exposed in front of me.

“Want to help me out?” She asked, smiling even brighter.

“Uhh, sure… What do you need?” I was so nervous that night, I kept stumbling on my words.

“Just take off your clothes and kneel down just here.” She patted a spot on the floor between the mirror and her bed and then watched as I stripped for her.

I took my shirt off, showing off my slowly developing 6-pack before pulling down my briefs and exposing my 7-inch shaft to her. I got on my knees in the spot she specified and much to my surprise; she moved herself in front of me and spread her legs wide, exposing her gorgeous vulva.

“Are you ready to help me, hunny?” She smiled warmly, comforting me. I had barely nodded my agreement when I felt her hands moving through my hair to a position at the back of my head.

Rosie pulled my head in nice and slowly, towards her glistening vulva. It was already dripping wet, when my lips first met it. I felt her body shudder as my lips glanced off of her clit.

“Do your thing baby, do your thing.” bursa escort Was all she managed to get out through her shaky breaths. With her hands still firmly on my head, pushing it onto her vagina, I began to gently lick her lips, feeling her body shudder and moan every time my tongue flicked over her clit.

After a few minutes of my tongue flicking over her vulva lips, I traced a finger up and down her hole before sliding inside. She gasped, the shock that I had taken control rushing through her system as I began to finger her. I felt her juices flowing and I started to lap them up, continuing to finger her delicate and tight pussy.

Her moans started to get louder and louder, her body bucking as I fingered and licked her more and more. I felt her hands leave my head and looked up to see her biting into her pillow to stop herself from screaming and waking the rest of the family up. I slid a second finger in and began finger fucking her soaked vulva faster and faster, feeling her body bucking more and more.

My tongue continued to flick at Rosie’s clit while I fingered her until she finally pushed me away. With a breathless moan of pleasure, her body bucked one last time and as her pussy lips quivered and twitched, her pussy squirted all over my surprised face. Her stream continued for a few moments, my face and chest-dripping wet when she finally stopped.

I leant in and gently kissed and licked at her pussy, lapping up her juices as she lay back trying to catch her breath. I licked up a sweet mixture of her cum and squirt juices making her sigh in pleasure. When she had finally caught her breath again, she eased me off her pussy. I kissed my way up her body, over her soft, toned stomach. I stopped to tease her bully button piercing with my tongue before working my way up to her perfect tits. I started with the slightly smaller left breast, the nipple hard and begging to be teased. I sucked it, kissed it, playfully biting it as Rosie moaned a soft chorus of appreciation.

I worked my way across her chest to her other breast and gave it much of the same treatment, but lingering a little longer to suck at it hard, feeling Rosie’s hands hold me down to it. I pulled away and she immediately pulled me close and gave me a deep long kiss. Our tongues met and intertwined in a passionate embrace causing my cock to twitch and rub up against her leg.

“Well now,” She said, pulling away from the kiss. “Looks like we’re going to have to do something about that.” She shuffled to the edge of the bed and pulled me to my feet. Without hesitating, she took my cock as deep into her mouth as she could. She sucked my cock slowly, bursa escort bayan each mouthful taking me as deeply as she could. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat, a few times catching her gagging on my length. She took the base of my cock in her right hand, my balls in her left and she started to work my shaft at a faster pace. I could already feel my cock about to explode.

“I’m gonna cum!” I started to moan, running my fingers through her long blonde hair. She took my cock out of her mouth and stroked it slowly.

“Uh uh, not yet!” She said, smiling as she took my cock and pushed it up out of the way so she could flick at my balls with her tongue. Taking one in her mouth, then the other. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as my gorgeous sister sucked hard at one of my balls.

She released it for a second, taking a breath, before sucking both balls into her small mouth. She released my dick, letting it rest against her forehead as she rubbed up and down my legs with my balls swishing around in her mouth. I nearly shot my load then and there. She must have realised how much she was teasing me because she soon released my balls and gave me a bright smile.

“It’s time, baby. I want you to cum all over my hot little body, okay?” The words were breathless and etherial. I smiled back and nodded. I mouthed the word ‘Okay’ back to her. She took my cock back into her mouth, placing one hand at the base of my cock. She worked my shaft fast and hard, as if she had done it a million times to me before. It was as if she knew my every weak spot, my every desire. She knew exactly how to please her little brother, guided by our sibling bond.

I felt my entire body tense, and my breaths sharpen. I pushed my sister back and took my cock into my hand, stroking faster and faster. She immediately obliged, opening her mouth as wide as she could while teasing her dripping wet sex.

“Cum for me, little brother! I need it!” She moaned. “Little brother, please, cum for me!” Hearing my sister moan those words to me, while completely naked in front of me, it was too much.

I let out a long, loud moan. My hand was a blur just inches from her face before my body relented and released all my pent up sexual frustrations all over my beautiful sister. My first thick rope of cum coated her pretty face, covering her chin, cheek and forehead. Thick shot after thick shot followed, my cum coating her all over.

“Wow.” Was all Rosie could manage when I finally finished shooting my cum. My legs nearly gave out under me, she wasn’t kidding.

“Wow…” I repeated.

“You were incredible! That was exactly escort bursa what I needed and then… and then a whole damn lot more, baby bro.” She smiled and pushed some of the cum from around her chin into her mouth while I leaned back onto the dresser. I couldn’t help but admire my handy work. Her tits were coated, both her nipples covered in my cum. A thick trail lead from her cleavage to between her thighs, nestling on her clit. Her face and hair were a mess, I had given her a few good shots in her mouth though and I could immediately tell she loved the taste.

“How do I taste?” I cheekily asked as she continued to wipe my cum into her mouth. ?”Fucking incredible! Find out for yourself.” She suggested, cupping her tit towards me with her perfectly coated nipple begging to be cleaned. ‘Why the fuck not?’ I thought to myself, once in a lifetime moment after all. I knelt back down between her thighs and sucked at her tit, slurping all my cum off it. Rosie was right, it did taste fucking good. I swallowed hard and as soon she could see my smile, she offered me her other tit.

“This time, don’t swallow it…” She whispered as I began to lick up the huge mess I had made. I licked all over her breast before sucking at her nipple, taking at least two thick ropes in my mouth. As soon as I had finished, Rosie pulled me into a passionate kiss. Stealing the cum from my mouth and into hers before giving some of it back. She pulled away and I watched her swallow it.

“Now you’re allowed to swallow it, little bro.” She gave me a proud smile as I followed suit, swallowing another delicious mouthful of my own cum.

“I wonder what they taste like mixed together?” I pondered to her. She gave me grin and lay back, lifting her legs and spreading wide to show me her cum coated cunt. Both hers and mine, mixed together all over her glistening vulva.

“Find out… It’s fucking good.” She teased, running her fingers through my hair and pulling me close. I lapped at the mixture of her squirt and cum juices, mixed with my thick ropey cum. ‘Fucking delicious, too’ I thought to myself.

I must have done a fair job at cleaning Rosie up because soon her pussy was quivering and twitching while she was let out a long soft moan.

“I’m… ohhhhh… I’m cumming…” She said, letting out a serious of long sighs and moans as I continued my job. Eventually she pulled me away from her soaked pussy, and climbed out of the bed on shaky legs.

“Stay here, you can sleep with me tonight.”

Rosie disappeared for about 20 minutes, reappearing still completely naked but slightly wet, warm, and smelling like one of her fruity shampoos. She snuggled into me, her bubble butt pressing into my cock. ‘Here we go again…’ I thought, as I immediately felt my cock pulse and throb, coming back to life.

“Already?” She asked, knowing the answer. “It’s going to be a fun night…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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