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Group Sex

This is my first time putting a story up on the internet. Enjoy, Everyone!


I woke up in a daze. The sun was up and a golden hue glowed through out the room, giving off blurry glares off the television screen, the drinking glasses, etc. It was quite hot and humid, one of those hot Belizean days where you can actually breathe and taste the heat. For those who don’t know where Belize is; it’s that small country right under Mexico, beside Guatemala.

I was lying on my side, facing the slightly opened bathroom door. My eyes now open, adjusting to the brightness breaking through the thin cotton curtains of the small motel room, the blur in my vision becoming solid as the rest of my senses try to wake.

I could taste the acrid taste of stale saliva in my mouth, with mixtures of liquor and beer residue. I hated the taste. That was the only bad thing about partying, the morning after. Not the hangover, which I rarely got, but the nasty taste of the night that you have drunk up.

“I can’t remember a damn thing.” I thought as I threw my feet over the edge and sat up facing the bathroom door. My head swooned a little but as I closed my eyes and breathed deeply the disorientation went away. Groggily, I walked towards the small bathroom, twisted the knob of the tap and I bent down and washed my face. The water was scalding at first; I had to wait a while as the water cooled down. When it was cold enough I took a handful of water and washed my face. The water washing my face felt majestic. It woke up my senses and the skin of my face felt tight and thick. I rinsed my face thoroughly and slid some tooth paste in my mouth with my finger and gargled and rinsed my mouth. I toweled off, closing off the tap and turned to slip back into bed for an hour more of sleep. By the light in the room I would say it was about midday. I was about to walk up to the side of the bed, that’s when I saw her.

“What happened last night?!” I wondered with bewilderment. I stood there looking down at a girl of about nineteen or twenty years. All I could remember were flashes of memories of the night before. I walked to the chair in the corner of the room and sat down. I didn’t know what to do. My hear t was beating fast and became slightly frightened. She lay there, breathing with ease, feeling so safe and content.

I was wearing a light blue long jeans and a white undershirt. I took out a coffee flavored cigar, the thin ones, from its pack and lighted it and threw the pack back on the dresser next to me. I lighted the cigar and felt the smoke course through my lungs as small goose bumps spread over my chest and arms. I know I haven’t done anything to her. I don’t remember much right now, but I know.

God, she’s beautiful. Not only is she lying there on her stomach, her lovely sides expanding with her steady breathing and her lovely, creamy, shoulders ever so lightly rising and falling. There’s a tingle in my hands. I want to touch her.

Not only is she a naked goddess with the blanket roped carelessly and loosely around her body, but just the thought of an unknown beauty, discovered beside me, in a secluded room, where only a hand full of people know that I am in is very arousing….and that I could have her if I wanted to.

Really, I could, something tells me that I could. Not because of my looks and built. I mean I’m not ugly. I guess I have a pretty decent appearance and built. I have light brown eyes, and short wavy dark hair. My face is narrow but not too narrow; I do sport a respectable chin that sets in well with my face. I am six foot one, lean. I have defining lines and etch of my muscles on my upper and lower back, arms, chest and stomach. Not muscular, just fit.

I looked at the girl and again the memories of last night, this time much more vivid and articulate.

I remember her now; I met her at the bar of a night club. I walked next to her to order a few drinks and as I waited I glanced at her to drink in her appearance. And what a drink it was. I assumed she was 5′ 5″. Very well proportioned and not skinny nor near chubby. Breasts that seemed more than a handful and an ass die or kill for. She had shoulder length hair, a hint of lip gloss and powdered cheeks. That’s all she needed. She was a vision.

I bought her a couple of drinks and her friends, we were talking and we were dancing. She moved so sexy against me. Her body pressing against mine, now and then she would straddle my leg and or caress it when we sat. I was enthralled by the way she moved as I felt, more than saw, her well curved body. Enjoyed her hips giving a smooth curve in that black little skirt; and as we talked, I fell in love with her voice and delightful laughter.

A deep sigh came from my sleeping beauty, almost erotic. It snapped me out of my memories and I looked at her again. I realized my heart was thumping a faster and there was a tingle in my pants now. My skin crawled and I began to harden.

Now I remember in the car. My friends were driving us to the motel on the highway. I began kissing escort sincan her in the back seat of the care and she darted her tongue in my mouth and we rubbed our tongues in each others mouth to no content. I can almost remember the feeling, the echo of her lips on mine, again the passion flares in me.

I remember I slid a hand under her skirt. She opened her legs wider making me able to stroke her with enough room to delve into her. She was wet and so smooth. She wore a thong and she had them soaked. I wonder how long she was so wet. I knew she wanted me and she knew I wanted her.

I slid the piece of cloth to the side and stroked her smooth mound with two fingers. I played and parted her lips and stroked her vulva and trailed it a little to the top where I found her button. My slick fingers stroked and pressed on her clit. I felt her tense under my arms and I felt and heard her sucking her breath in. She trembled and relaxed and continued suckling my lips. I inserted my index finger and I heard her gasp and moan and arched her back, letting herself fall a bit more onto my finger, digging deeper into her wet snatch. She clasped at my neck and chest and face, pressing her body against mine.

…again, I could almost feel her on my finger tips. Her wetness. If I smell my fingers would I catch her scent?

I remember us reaching into the room; she is fiercely kissing me again. We break our lip lock and she backs away a little; at this moment I am not sure if she is intoxicated or not, and at that moment I didn’t care. Why would I even wonder about it? Wait, protection, no, in the car she told me she was on the pill. Right after she told me how much she wanted to fuck me.

She takes off her clothes and begins to take mine off. She was without her soaked thong and bra. Damn! I can’t picture her without her clothes! But I know she was gorgeous. Something is telling me she is a treasure. I look up suddenly so see her, to heighten my excitement. My cock is pressing tightly under my jeans, making a too obvious hump appear in front of me. I must have her.

She was naked last night, and I was unbuttoning my shirt. I was quite dizzy with the liquor in my system and I see her lying there on the bed, beckoning to me and then I see her closing her eyes …………..and she’s sleeps.

My passion raged, but she looked too beautiful, there to wake up. I took the blanket and covered her. I kissed her forehead.

“Tomorrow, my sweet. Tomorrow you will be mine.” I whispered near her ear. I lay beside her, with my pants unbuttoned and the fly open. I lay down with my undershirt and sockless. I slept.

I smiled as I smoked my cigar, tasting the coffee on my lips and feeling the warmth from it. That’s all I remember from last night.

Now, it is probably about 1:00 in the evening. I’m not hungry for breakfast, or lunch. I’m hungry for her

Feeling myself engorge in my pants, straining to be free and feel her flesh, a thought came to mind, something she said. She said she liked me smoking the cigars. She likes tasting the sweetness of my lips and the sweet taste of the cigar in my mouth and lips.

I smiled again and I pass my hand at the side of my straining cock over the jeans, feeling a great electric wave run through me. I stub out the cigar on the ashtray close at hand and I stand up. I look down on her and I see her delicacy. I look at the rising plump flesh rising from leg to her ass cheek. I want to slide my finger and hands and squeeze it. I advanced on to her, coming upon her on the bed, crawling lightly and kneeling, with one hand over her head, the other free hand pushing her hair away from her face. Yes. Very beautiful.

I stroked her cheek and she moved a little. She turns around, right under me, feeling her graceful movements, pressing her naked body against my chest and a nudge near my crotch. She’s lying on her back. I just look at how she moves, sleepily. I will enjoy this moment and bleed what its worth out of it. I will take her as I please, and right now, I just want to look at her. I want to look at her as she opens her eyes and as she recognizes me.

I took in the great scenery of this muse of lust; her closed eyes, her smooth throat, lovely and delicate neck, full small lips, not too wide. I lean and I lightly lick her lips. She quivers, breathes out and opens her eyes.

She kept staring at me. At first it was the face wonderment. “Who is this man?” she must have thought. “Who is this man looking at me so intently?” I move the few strands of her light brown hair away from her eyes. Green, not a dark green, but a smooth green of sea. I smiled. She kept staring at me which it seemed forever. I began to get the feeling that she doesn’t know who I am. She blinked twice. Then her face relaxed. I could feel her hand moving under me, passing her hand over her skin. She knows she’s naked. But does she remember me? Does she remember what we were about to do?

Her eyes became soft and her lips widened as her sweet soft cheeks became small plump ankara escort hills at the sides of her face. She was smiling. I smiled again and unable to stop myself, I shuddered. She had perfect lovely teeth. Those same teeth that are going to be nibbling at my lips and at my shoulders. She raised her head towards mine and with opened eyes she kissed me. I held the back of her head steady and close to mine, pressing lightly. Tasting her lips against mine was heaven and her tongue, rubbing against mine made me hunger for more, and just like that, we parted, vacuum broke. I breathed in heavily. I stood up on my knees and crossed my arms, taking the hem on my shirt and I raised my arms, taking off my under shirt. She looked at me. Her eyes were on my chest. I looked into her eyes and in my head I could see me. She wasn’t smiling anymore. She looked at me with large eyes and a slightly gapped mouth. She rose to kiss me again but I held her down from shoulder. A small whine came from her throat. Oh she wanted me. Yes she did.

She stayed down after I let go of her shoulder. I sat on my feet, still kneeling. The bed was sturdy and a bit hard. There wasn’t any headboard and the bed wasn’t on wheels. It was made of heavy mahogany. A great bed for fucking. I bent down to her lips and lightly kissed it. Letting my tongue wander all over her lips and flicker the tip of her upper lip. She smiled and giggled. I grated my teeth down her cheek and chin as she raised her head. I suckled her neck and licked it. Taking little portions of flesh, running my tongue over it as I lightly sucked and let go before leaving any mark. She held me close, her hands clasping the back of my head and pressing me to her.

She smelled so good. She didn’t smell of roses, but she smelled of desire. Hot flesh and another sent that I can’t quite place. The scent of her skin made me think of light, a white light that envelops you. I gave her neck giving little bites now and then. I placed my hands on her left breast and gave it a firm squeeze, feeling the firm tight flesh all over my hands and fingers. As I squeezed, I rubbed me over. I took both tits on both my hands and I squeezed them harder. I trailed suckling kisses down her neck and unto her chest. Coming down some more, I stopped to kiss and tongue the crevice where both breast begin. I moved up, picking up the pace a little, sucking harder and faster on her lovely breasts, alternating the erotic attention from left to right and right to left. My hands, down her body to her stomach and hips then up again. Squeezing her arms, her sides, her legs as I bring it and pressing and massaging her thigh and that little piece of tantalizing flesh I saw earlier as she slept the portion where her leg rises to the butt cheek. I kept on squeezing and pulling. I bring up both hands again to both breasts and squeeze them some more, feeling her small dark pink nipples hard under my palms. I lick them and suck them, catching on in between my teeth and roll it lightly, applying a little pressure. I kiss all over her breast, the swell flesh and the side of her breasts.

I continue my journey south, kissing and licking at her stomach, feeling her abdomen clench. She’s ticklish a bit. I lap at her belly button and to that she giggles. All through our foreplay she is moaning and sighing heavily, massaging my shoulders, my back and pulling my head to her body, nudging me, giving me signs of where to give the a decent amount of attention. She knew what she liked.

As I continued downward, I kiss her hips, those sweet sexy hips. I slow my pace and I slowly lick the corner of her leg, right beside her pussy. I could smell her now, yes. Sweet. I kept on licking; she tried to move a little to the left so that my tongue would catch her drenched vagina. I held her stomach and she stilled. I propped my self on one elbow, as I bent down, centimeters away from her love hole. My tongue surfaced and lightly flicked at her outer lips. She tried to raise herself again and again I steadied her. She whimpered a little. It was torture for her, that was obvious, but I’m taking her as I please.

I bent down further and I kissed her taking her pussy lips between my lips and sucking. Then I stuck my tongue into her. She shuddered and gasped. I looked up to see her arching her back slightly, she was playing with her breasts, pulling them and pinching her nipples. I reached up and took a free tit and gave her a hand. I played with her left breasts as I kept on making out with her. Lapping up her juices, tonguing her threshold and I dug deeper into her. She pulled my head harder into her, drowning me into her sex. I pulled up a little and licked her clit. Long and steady. She trembled. I brought my hand from her breasts and dipped a finger into the flesh of her vagina to wet and lubricate it, and then I trailed upward to her clit. I rubbed it and pressed on it. She moaned. I clamped my mouth over her clit and began my sucking again, sending shocks from there, over her body. I held her legs with one hand, feeling goose bumps etimesgut escort bayan all over. I also began massaging her mound under my lips. I managed to press my thumb into her which was eventually replaced by two fingered, minutes later. I heard her moan, sigh and whimper almost all at once. At any other time, I would have laughed but I wanted to please myself by pleasing her, and I had a mouthful of pussy. She brought my head away from her, lips, chin and nose soaked with saliva and her juices. She clamped her mouth on mine and clung to my lower lips. She opened her mouth again and I stuck my tongue into hers and on we went, feverishly trying to eat one another.

Her hands worked quickly and roughly on my jeans pants. She was rough but very quick about it. With one hand she unbuttoned my jeans pants and with the other she unzipped me. She opened my pants downwards and my boxers covered cock sprang out. She brought down my pants above my knees, where I was on. I got off the bed and stood on the floor and brought down my pants and boxers. She looked at my penis and reached out and held it. She squeezed it and ran her thumb and finger at the tip and felt the pre cum as she smeared it across my cockhead. She palmed and clasped my cock and pulled me a little closer to the bed. Still standing I stood right at the edge of the bed.

She lay down on her stomach and she brought my dick up to her face. She stuck out her tongue and licks my cockhead all around. She kept licking until it was nicely coated with her saliva, then she put me in her mouth. First just the head, then sucking on it as she took it out, making that slurp sound as it exited her mouth. She sucked it as if it was a sweet or a Popsicle. She took me into her mouth again; I felt my balls constrict a little, a shock in my sack. This time she took more of me into her mouth, her lips not close to touching the base of my cock. She kept sucking on it. I had pulled her gorgeous long brown hair away from her face. I loved watching her suck me. She took me out and held my cock upward, pointing towards the ceiling as she licked the underside of my penis, then my balls. I couldn’t take any more of this. I need to be in her. I need her wet pussy wrapped around my throbbing cock.

I held her suddenly by the shoulder, pulling away from her mouth. She looked up at me and I looked at her and we both knew what would happen next. She turned and lay back, with her legs opened slightly. I went on to her. Taking her legs higher. I positioned my rod at her threshold and paused.

She held my cheek next to her lips and she whispered with a slightly husky voice, very sexily, “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. I want you to fuck me so bad.” She said “bad” like a whimpering little school girl. That drove me wild last night. Now, I’m looking down at her, into those eyes and yes, even the memory enraged me with lust. No, I’m not going to tease her. At first, I slowly and steadily thrust into her. I breathed in sharply as I felt my penis being enveloped by her hot inner flesh. She arched her head backwards and moaned. Then, I pulled a little outward then plunged into her a little harder. She was delicious. I could feel her through my penis, her vaginal wall cradling my dick.

She held me tight, pulling me into her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I kept on thrusting into her. Our skins slapping against each other as I clasped her breast on my hands and kissed them and made love to them with my mouth. She brought her head down to my ear and suckles on it for a time or two. I kept thrusting. Harder, now. Faster, now. She held my chest on her hands, her legs tightening around my waist. Her eyes closed and opened to look at me. She moaned and groaned and throated her pleasure. She kept on encouraging me, urging me.





“UHMMM” Her breathing quickened, I felt her tightening and relaxing. She was close. I never slowed down my pace, maybe once or twice to adjust. I fuck her harder, now. She begins moaning louder, almost a hushed scream. God! Such a sweet cunt, making me delirious with every stroke! With every stroke I am pleased and yearning for more. She digs her heels into my butt to urge me deeper and harder. I comply. I hold to her legs and I thrust in and out, in and out, in and out. Her breather quickens. Her moans are now light throated screams. “UUGHH! UUGHH! UUGHH! UUGHH!…” The quicker she breathes the quicker she moans her chant of pleasure.

I the underside of my cock tingle, feeling that I am soon to come. Will she come first? I wanted her to come first. I looked at her as I worked. She had her eyes closed twisting her head from left to right. She grabbed at the sheets and pillows pulling them and squeezing with all her might. She kept chanting, urging me. She’s telling me she’s’ coming. And so was I.

I had only need to thrust a few more times, when she breathed in and “AAAUUGGHH”- ed. She kept bucking at me, love organ against the other, she came up and bites on my shoulder, she shuddered and clawed on my back. She threw her back suddenly and arched her back. I dug in deeper, the deepest that I could, that threw her over the edge. She stood rigid, and shuddered under me again moaning loudly. She came. But I haven’t.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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