Riding Out The Storm

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The rain beat softly on the roof top. The dark clouds had been rolling in all day. There was a storm coming and it was predicted to be fierce. The wood had been cut and stacked into neat little piles on the floor next to the fireplace. There were candles lit around the room casting a warm soft glow against the darkness.

You handed me a glass of wine to sooth my nerves. The wine tasted sweet as the liquid touched my lips. The wind was starting to pick up now and we could hear it as the gusts whipped through the pines making even the strongest trees bow. I was always a little nervous with these storms and you could see the worry starting to brew in my eyes. You wrapped your strong arms around me and pulled me into your chest. I could hear your heartbeat. Was it just me or was it beating a little faster now?

I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes. I loved the masculine scent of you. I loved everything about you. Looking up I could see you watching me with that crooked grin on your face. Smiling I reached up and planted a kiss on those soft lips. I could taste your wine. You leaned in, lips parted for a deeper kiss. Your kisses were like fire igniting a passion with in me. I could feel myself melting from the inside. I felt a little gasp escape as you lightly bit my lower lip. It sent tingles down my spine. I could feel a slight ache starting to form between my legs. A need only you could fill.

I unbuttoned your shirt and slipped it off your shoulders. I let my fingers run over your chest, across your shoulders and up your neck. I love the feel of your skin.

You start little ataşehir escort bayan kisses on my cheeks, then moving down my neck and to my collar bone. You slid my shirt up over my head exposing my black lace bra, my taunt nipples poking the thin fabric. Leaning forward you sucked them through the flimsy fabric. I was on fire.

Drawing back you whisper “take off your clothes baby.” Slowly I removed the last of my clothing. Your eyes roamed over my naked flesh. I could feel the wetness building between my legs as your eyes lingered a little longer on my breasts and the spot between my thighs. I hungered for your touch. I felt myself blush as you continued your slow stare along my curves. When your eyes finally made their way back up to mine you smiled. Your enjoyment of what you saw was obvious by the swelling in your pants.

Reaching your arm around me and placing your hand on the small of my back, you pulled me to you again. The hair on your chest felt so good against my bare skin as your hands started to rub up and down my back. With a soft tug at my hair you gently lifted my lips back to yours before claiming them for another kiss.

Your kiss was slow, deep and passionate. The storm was picking up outside, but we were totally unaware of anything but each other. I let my hands run down your chest until I found the top of your pants. Undoing the button and zipper I let my hands slide lower. I could feel your desire in your throbbing manhood. I started to stroke you up and down. You pulled back from our kiss and closed your eyes. You loved the feel of my hands on escort kadıköy you.

Pulling yourself away you again looked at my naked body. You ran your hands down my sides, over my hips and down my legs. Your hands start to make the same sweep up my body, only this time on the insides of my legs and thighs until just before reaching the point of my desire. There you stop. Looking at me with that crooked grin you whisper “I want to see what you like, show me.” I suddenly felt very shy. I didn’t know what to do. You could see the panic welling up in my eyes and gave a low chuckle. You placed your hand on top of mine and guided my hand to my breast. Once there our hands started to explore my flesh. I could feel my nipples beneath my hand. I heard you inhale when your hand left mine and I didn’t remove my own hand. Now laying your hand on top of my free hand, you guided me to the warmth between my legs. I didn’t know what to do. I had never done this with someone watching before; it had always been in private when no one could see. You started to move my hand in a slow circle just above my most sensitive spot. I could see you were really enjoying this. As you moved your hand away, my hand stayed. I could feel my slippery wetness beneath my fingertips. I slid one of my fingers in between my wet lips. I could feel myself swelling underneath my touch. You could tell I was enjoying the touch and I couldn’t help but blush. I could feel the warm color start in my face and spread all the way to my toes. I let just the tip of my finger slide inside. I could feel the light pressure against my bostancı escort walls and it felt so good. Letting my finger slide in a little farther now, I could feel myself getting very turned on. You were obviously enjoying yourself as you had began to stroke your own hardness. Seeing you that way made me hunger for your touch. I needed to feel your fullness inside me.

I pulled you to me. I could feel your throbbing manhood against my softness. I wanted you, needed you. I reached down to guide you in. You only let the swollen tip of you enter at first. I was thrusting my hips up to you, wanting to feel the release only you could bring. Smiling you let me have all of you now. You could feel my need, my heat, and my desire to have you. You took both of my hands and locked them in your own then raised my arms above my head. Then you started your slow and steady rock while kissing my lips and planting little kisses on my face. Still holding my hands above my head, your movements became a little faster and a little harder now. I could feel your breathing quicken and a light sweat start on your chest. I could feel the waves building inside me. Looking at you, I could see the passion building on your face as well. I knew we were almost there and the thought of that only turned me on more. Watching your pleasure was only fueling the fire. I could feel our bodies tensing together, as we both sought the same release. Your grip tightened on my hands as we were swept away on a sea of passion. The waves coming one after another until we were spent; our bodies lay entwined as we came back to the place we started from. You wrapped me in your arms, again pulling me in tight. You kissed my lips and face while whispering sweet words of love and promises. We were content to ride this storm out in each others arms, hardly aware of the weather outside the window.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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