Ride to Ecstasy

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It was Tuesday morning June 5, 2012 as I poured my second cup of coffee when the phone rang. The number was that of my younger sister who lived in Florida. Something must be wrong I immediately thought, it’s four hours difference in Alaska and now just past seven a.m. here. She knows I’m an early riser, but we had just talked for over an hour on Sunday. Fearfully I answered, expecting bad news, little did I know it would in the end be quite the opposite.

“What’s up sis, is everything alright?” I asked.

“Yes, I just wanted to let you know that a high school friend and his wife are heading your way on vacation and wants to visit you. I told them I wasn’t to give out your number unless I had your permission. Do you remember Ray and Linda Garrow?”

“Yeah, it’s been at least fifteen years, the last time I was home I saw them at a party.”

“They really would like to see you while they are there, and gave me their email and phone number so you could contact them, they are leaving tomorrow.”

“Great, I’ll get in touch with them, they’re good people and it’ll be a good time I’m sure.”

Ray and I were friends in high school but we weren’t close, we each had separate groups that we hung out with. He was a stand out player on the high school basket ball team, I was into football and chorus. At 6′ 4″ and 220 pounds he seemed to tower over me at just a hair under six feet and 175 pounds. I didn’t know Linda in high school because she was much younger and I had only just met her when I was home, but she seemed very nice. She was a good looking brunette about 5’6″ and 130 pounds with a nice rack. They had been married awhile and had two young boys whom I had not met. We both had one thing in common though, we had similar tastes in women and over the years we had dated some of the same young ladies. We both liked to party and after serving in the military our paths crossed several times before my wanderlust found me far from home in the “Last Frontier”. Settled down now and no longer the skirt chasing dog of my youth, I wondered if he had also changed. I decided to call him.

“You’ve reached the Garrow’s, leave your name and number and we’ll get back to you.”

“Ray, this is Randy, I hear you’re heading my way.”

“Hey Randy came the response, hold on a minute.”

I could hear the sound of some great blues guitar in the background but couldn’t identify the song. Some things never change I thought, Ray always loved the blues and used to play the harmonica.

“Sorry man, had to flip some steaks I got going on the grill. So how in the hell are ya?”

“Great, so my sister say’s you’re coming to Alaska on vacation. We’re looking forward to doing a little partying with you guys. I have a new wife since the last time I saw you, real sweet gal, she’s seven years younger than me.”

“No I didn’t know you had a new wife, you dog you, what’s this make, number three or is it four?”

“Number three, the last one was just living with me for a couple of years. I hear you’re still with the same one though.”

“Yeah, but you know me, I still manage to get around every now and then.”

“Oh yeah, and you’re calling me a dog? When are you going to be here?”

“We arrive in Anchorage July first around noon and are renting a motor home. We’ll be there for a month and are planing on doing a lot of camping and fishing. Do you have room enough at your place to park a thirty foot motor home?”

“Oh I think we can find space for that, I’m on ten acres with a river running through the property, salmon fishing should be good for the whole month.”

“You’re kidding me?”

“No, seriously we’re going to have a great time, call me when you get in and I’ll give you directions.”

“Sounds good Randy, looking forward to it.”

That night as we sat down to dinner I told Lena that we would be having company from Florida. She was excited to meet someone I had gone to school with. We have only had relatives visit in the summer and only one visit in the winter from her son. That is the one bad thing about living in Alaska, it’s pretty costly to visit because it’s far away from where most people who live here are from. Summer is when everyone wants to come to Alaska, because it is beautiful here, winters can be brutal.

“What are they like, are they older or younger, do they party hard, I hope they aren’t part of the crowd that were wife swappers that you told me about, when are they arriving,” she asked.

“Ray is two years younger than me, so he would be just turning forty and Linda is I think four years younger than him, so that would mean she should be around your age thirty-five or six. They do like to party, they drink, I doubt they do drugs because they both are teachers. I don’t recall if they got caught up in the wife swapping thing, Ray would be all for it but Linda, no way, though I hardly know her.”

“Well I’ll put in for a couple of day’s vacation while they are here then Randy, once we know what their schedule is going to be,” it should be fun.

“Oh it will no doubt be fun, sincan escort bayan if I know Ray though he’ll be hitting on you the moment they arrive, once he sees your sweet little ass,” he’s a lot like me so be forewarned.

The next week passed slowly and finally Sunday arrived and the phone rang.

“We’re in Anchorage and ready to party, how do we get to your place from here,” were the first words from Rays mouth.

“Okay do you have something to write with, because it’s kinda tricky,” I replied.

“No, here you better talk to Linda, I’m driving.”

After a few minutes and spelling several words for her because of the street names, they were on a course that would change all of our lives. An hour passed and I felt they should be here any time now when the phone rang again.

“Hey boy, what do you like to drink? We’re at the store picking up stuff for dinner.”

“I have steak and shrimp all ready to go Ray, maybe a bottle of wine if you want, but we have plenty of stuff here.”

“Well Linda wants to get a case of her favorite wine it’s on sale, it’s called “Menage a Trios” have you ever had it?”

“The wine or a threesome,” I chuckled.

“The wine, but I prefer the other myself,” he boasted.

“So do I having tried both, but the wine will do, see ya when you get here.”

I hung up laughing and shaking my head.

“What’s so funny,” Lena asked.

“Oh Ray, he hasn’t changed a bit, still crazy, everything is most likely going to be sexually insinuated around here with the two of us. The double meanings and sexual remarks, you girls are in for it, I can see that, just don’t take either of us seriously.”

“Wonderful, as if I don’t hear enough of that kinda of talk out of you.”

“It’s all in fun and that’s just how we guys are sweetie, you’ll live through it.”

It wasn’t long before the driveway alarm sounded and our chocolate lab Kenya responded with her usual jumping and barking at the door.

“Good girl, somebody’s here to see you,” I responded with assurance and a dog treat for her reward.

They were coming down the long drive as I stood on the deck and waved them towards another drive and their camping area. Then I headed in that direction to guide the backing and placement of their camp vehicle.

“Come on back, back about twenty yards I shouted as I motioned with the waving of my hand, that’s good right there.”

The look on their faces was one of joy and excitement as they dismounted from the cab of the beast that they would call home for the next month.

“Wow they seemed to say in unison as they walked to meet us with outstretched arms, this is beautiful and right on the river, no wonder you never come to Florida anymore,” exclaimed Ray.

“Welcome to Alaska, I’d like you to meet Lena, this is Linda and Ray.”

We all hugged each other and Rays next words were, “So looks like you haven’t changed, still robbing the cradle I see.”

“Oh yeah, we all get lucky sometimes Ray.”

“Lucky, I think you hit the jackpot this time Randy, she’s gorgeous.”

“She is that, isn’t she.”

“I’ll say.”

“Well let’s have a beer and we’ll give you guys the tour.”

After dinner we sat out by the river and had a nice fire and drank more wine. We answered questions about Alaska and I got caught up with what’s been happening to mutual friends that I hadn’t seen since high school. Lena and Linda got along really well and soon they were making plans for later on in the month which would allow Ray and I to go do guy things. It was getting late so we all decided to turn in to avoid prolonged hangovers in the morning. On our way back to the house Ray noticed our mountain bikes sitting next to the side deck.

“You guys are into riding bikes I see.”

“Yeah I love to ride, but I can’t get Randy to go off of the property to ride,” Lena spouted.

“I’ll go for a ride with you, I ride all the time at home Lena, I can go for hours,” Ray bragged.

“Oh would you Ray, I think that would be great, we have some really neat trails out here. Some are a little rough from all of the ATV’s tearing them up, because most go through the woods.”

“I’d love to go to the woods with you, as long as I don’t get eaten by any bears.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about being eaten by a bear,” she giggled.

“Randy is it okay with you if Lena takes me to the woods?”

“Stop that Ray, you’re being obnoxious again,” Linda apologized.

“That’s okay, I’m used to it Linda, he’s no different than Randy.”

“I don’t care what you guys do, go have fun but be careful, there are bears around,” I cautioned.

That night after showering and lying in bed waiting for Lena to finish up in the bathroom, I sensed that Lena and Ray were getting pretty friendly with each other. I started to have second thoughts about the two of them going off together on a bike ride.

“Isn’t Ray funny Randy, he’s a lot like you, one track mind. He sure is a big guy, I hope your bike will fit him by adjusting the seat. You said he was a good eryaman escort basketball player in high school, no wonder he’s in good shape.”

“Yeah he’s a good guy, and a tough SOB on the court, he’s always stayed in great shape, that’s how he won a basketball scholarship. He’ll do fine riding my bike, it’s you riding him I’m not so sure about.”

“What? How could you say such a thing Randy?”

“Easy, I know how he is, and how gullible you can be. Don’t tell me that the thought hasn’t crossed your mind. That comment he made as you bent over to put more wood on the fire, and your reply was pretty telling.”

“What comment?”

He said, “Did anyone ever tell you what a nice little ass you have?”

“So what?”

“Your reply was, “Oh I bet you say that to all the girls you naughty boy you.”

“What should I have said Randy?”

“I don’t know, I just wonder if you would have said the same thing if Linda had been sitting there instead of in the bathroom?”

“It’s late Randy let’s go to sleep.”

“Fine but just so you know, he would wear you out, the guy’s hung like a Missouri mule.”

It was difficult falling to sleep with thoughts of the two of them together. I was awaken around six a.m. from the nightmare I was having. I felt something wet on my face. It was my faithful companion Kenya licking me as I watched Lena hover over the enormous erection she had just taken from her mouth. They were in the old run down cabin not far from here off one of the many trails. I recognized the mattress on the floor, and the torn curtain hanging from the window. The cabin hadn’t been lived in for years. The neighborhood kids had trashed it, beer cans were everywhere, discarded rubbers, clothing, and some mismatched shoes. The floor had settled, windows were mostly broken out except for the one in the loft where the mattress lay. The roof leaked in the living room and the kitchen sink had no faucets. There was no bath, a path led from the kitchen to the outhouse. We joked about it the first time we found it. I dubbed it “The Fuck Shack” and Lena thought that was an appropriate name for the place. However it was a good place to duck into if a rain came up. The small wood stove appeared to be functional.

Unable to go back to sleep I decided to get up and put on the coffee and watch the news. Ray and Linda were next to get up followed by Lena about a half hour later. We had coffee and breakfast which consisted of ham,eggs, fried potatoes and toast.

“Well what’s everyone want to do today,” I asked.

“Well I thought Ray and I would go for a ride this morning, not a long ride, just enough for us to get limbered up,” okay Ray?

“That’s a good idea Lena, I’m always up for good ride, let’s do it.”

“We need to go to the store and get food to stock the camper Ray,” Linda suggested.

“Oh you don’t need me to help with that, I wanna go for a ride with Lena, maybe Randy will go with you.”

“Not a chance but you’re welcome to take one of our vehicles to town. I’m going to stay here and cut some wood, winter is not but a couple of months away and I have a lot to do.”

Everyone agreed and headed off to do what they set out to do. I couldn’t help but think about the dream I had as I cut and chopped over the next couple of hours. For all I know they could be in that damn shack right now I kept thinking. Then I heard Kenya sound the alarm, someone was coming down the drive, it was Linda followed closely by Lena and Ray.

“How was the ride,” I asked?

“It was great, she showed me the Fuck Shack, that was the high light of the trip. Not much left of the place, but then you don’t need much right Randy?”

“That’s right, just as long as they can bend over and grab their ankles, that’s all you really need Ray.”

After lunch it was decided that Ray and Linda should head out to see Mt McKinley or “Denali” as it is called by the natives which means great or big one. They were planing on spending several days there in hopes of seeing it. AT 20,320 feet it makes it’s own weather and isn’t always visible. For the next couple of days their chances were pretty good of getting some really good pictures. With them on the way I felt compelled to ask Lena why she decided to take Ray to the shack.

“What in the hell are you thinking taking Ray to the shack, and then telling him what we named it.”

“I didn’t think there was any harm in doing that Randy.”

“We weren’t there but a few minutes, and it looked like someone had cleaned up a lot of the cans and stuff. There was one spent rubber on the ground outside next to some tire tracks though.”

“I’ll bet Ray had something to say about that didn’t he?”

“Only that it was small compared to the magnums he uses and he likes the black colored ones.”

“And what was your response to that?”

“I said let’s not go there okay?”

“Then what?”

“He said if I change my mind he’s got one with my name on it. I told him to dream on.”

“Well I told you that’s the way he is, you should have known better. I don’t think etimesgut bayan escort you should go riding with him again.”

“I already agreed to show him the upper trail above the shack when they return from Denali. I may be small in stature but I’m a big girl Randy and I can take care of myself. I’m not afraid of Ray, I can handle him, trust me.”

“Okay Lena but if you come back here walking bowlegged don’t say I didn’t warn ya.”

“Ha Ha very funny. I really need the exercise, I’ll be fine.”

I was upstairs when Kenya started to bark so I got up from the computer and looked out onto the drive. It was Ray and Linda returning from Denali Park a day early. It was almost five in the afternoon and Lena would be getting home from work shortly. I had lost my job six months ago in a downsizing of the company I worked for. I had started an internet business and it was just now making a little money. We had cancelled our membership at the fitness club or she would have been gone until six thirty. She put on a couple of pounds because of that but at a hundred and twenty I wasn’t complaining. Her light red hair was getting longer than normal because she was changing styles. I had been thinking about what she had said about getting some exercise and decided she was right.

We had dinner and it started to rain just before going out to build a fire for the evening.

“It looks like this is here to stay, rain until just before midnight according to the weather report, then nice in the morning with a chance of showers in the afternoon.”

“Oh shoot, I was counting on a fire tonight and a bike ride tomorrow morning with Ray darn it,” Lena whimpered.

“Yeah I’ve been looking forward to doing that ride we talked about Lena, I have rain gear do you?”

“Oh yes, and I think we should take it with us tomorrow, it’s about a four hour trip up and back Ray.”

“I’ve got a poncho too we could take along to act as a tent if we need it Lena.”

“I think you guys are nuts, what do you think Linda?”

“Their nuts alright, but let them go and get their asses wet, it’ll serve them right.”

“Well you guys want to watch a movie instead then tonight?”

“Yeah let’s watch one of your movies of Lena,” piped Ray.

“We don’t have any of those type of movies with me in them Ray.”

“Well how about some strip poker then?”

“Ray, get your mind out of the gutter,” scolded Linda.

“Oh look it’s stopped raining, maybe we can still have a fire tonight.” We headed out with some wine and enjoyed the fire for about two hours and then it poured on us and ran us in for the night. The next morning Ray and Lena were off right after breakfast. It looked to be a nice morning for a ride and as Linda and I sat discussing the weather over coffee I wasn’t quite prepared for what was about to follow.

“You know Ray took some wine in his pack this morning. That’s not all. He took a viagra and a rubber is also missing from a box I bought him.”

“Why are you telling me this, Linda?”

“Because he has done this sorta thing with every one of my girl friends, and he’s going to do it today with Lena. He won’t take no for an answer, he is way over sexed and I’ve just grown to accept it of him.”

“I don’t think so, I don’t think Lena will go along with it.”

“Randy, it was her idea, she came on to him at that shack she took him too, he told me so.”

“Well I’m going up there to stop them then, do you wanna go along?”

“No, why don’t we just stay here, I could give you a blow job if you like Randy.”

“I don’t think so, maybe some other time Linda.”

I climbed on my ATV and started out for the trail the shack was on. It was starting to rain and I left in such a hurry I didn’t bother taking a rain suit. The trail was damp and I could see two sets of tire tracks as I approached the shack. I got off the ATV and decided to go the last couple of hundred yards on foot. Rounding the last turn in the trail I could see both bikes leaning against the shack. It was starting to rain harder now as I approached. I could hear laughter coming from inside. I knelt down by the living room window which was broken out and listened. They were in the loft. I was quiet as I strained to hear against the rain pounding on the tin roof.

“That’s it Lena, suck that big cock, don’t use any hands. Yeah just like that.”

Then after about five minutes….

“Oh my God, how much bigger is this thing going to get Ray?”

“It gets pretty big, and it’s all yours to enjoy for the next couple of hours.”

“Oh wow, I think I’ll name him Denali it’s so big.”

“To think I was worried about being eaten by a bear, now I’m being eaten by a tiger.”

They were both laughing like crazy now. I stood there wanting to throw up but couldn’t. Then the laughing stopped.

“Get up here on my chest and let’s eat each other up for awhile.”

“That sounds good. Oh your tongue feels so good deep inside of me. Do you like the way I’m jacking this big cock of yours?”

“I love it, and your so good at it. Here’s that rubber with your name on it I promised you, go ahead and put it on me.”

“I’ve never seen a black rubber before, I’m getting excited about having you inside of me with that on. It will be kinda like having sex with a black man.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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