Ricky , Karen Home Alone Ch. 01

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This is a little long but I like the buildup. Hope you do as well! I have edited the story to fix some simple mistakes and add an extra scene!


“What do you mean you are leaving for five days? You can’t leave me here by myself!”

Ricky was exaggerating, as always. Lisa sighed. Her little boy—well, not so little anymore, she admitted—hated when she left for her usual business meetings. Since she had divorced his father a few years back, he never wanted to be alone, even for a day or two. She thought it was strange, a teenager who never wanted privacy. Most boys would have given up anything to get a few days away from their parents.

“Look kiddo, we have been through this before. I have to go to these meetings. I have no choice. You want me to help you with school right? Then I need the job.”

Ricky looked down, disappointed. “I guess…”

“You guess?”

“Well, I was just hoping we could do something this weekend. You know I am leaving in three weeks.”

“I know, but I have to go. It’s part of the job. We will still have two more weekends before you leave for school.”

Ricky had graduated a year early and had been accepted to a great school back east. He was leaving for school a month before the semester started so he could get used to the area and get a jump ahead on some of his classes. He wanted to bitch and moan some more, but relented. “Sure. I understand.”

A few hours later and it was late afternoon. Lisa was leaving tomorrow and had already packed, wanting to have a nice dinner with Ricky and maybe take him to a movie before she left.

“Ricky, are you in your room?”

“Yeah,” he called from upstairs. He sounded in better spirits at least, Lisa thought.

“Come down here so we can talk about tonight!”

She moved into the kitchen and a few minutes later she heard the requisite thumping as Ricky came downstairs. Ricky was recently 18, 5’11” and built thickly—just like a running back—and resembled his father more than a little bit. He had her eyes though, and both of them were proud of their baby blues. Unlike both is parents, Ricky had short blonde hair that he spiked when he had the time.

When he came into the kitchen, Lisa was surprised to see a very guilty look on Ricky’s face. Her son could not meet her eyes. She wondered what was going on—she was not mad at him in the least–until she realized he was turning and maneuvering his hands to cover his crotch. She could not be sure but she thought the area looked a little bulgy.

Oh, she thought. I interrupted him.

“Yeah, Mom?” Ricky asked a little testily, wondering why she had called him down but was not speaking right away. He had not noticed that she had noticed his ‘condition’. It was true she had interrupted, but Ricky had been able to finish quickly and clean up.

“I just wanted to ask if you wanted to go to dinner and a movie tonight before I leave.”

Ricky’s face brightened. Her son loved to go out to eat and it was early July, so there were a lot of good movies still in the theaters.

“Sure Mom, that sounds nice,” Ricky answered honestly.

They made the plans and separated to get ready when Ricky heard the phone ring. He picked up the line in his room first to find his Aunt Karen on the phone. She was crying hysterically.

“Mom, pick up the phone, its Karen!” Ricky called out after trying unsuccessfully to find out what was wrong with his favorite—albeit only–Aunt. He considered staying on the line to find out what was happening, but he decided it was not worth getting caught listening in to the conversation.

A few minutes later Lisa came to his door, which was open this time.

“Ricky, I am going to have to cancel our night together. Your aunt really needs some company, and it looks like she is going to stay here while I am on my trip…maybe even for a little longer after that. She and David are having…marriage troubles,” she finished after a pause.

“What’s going on, Mom?”

“I am sure she will talk to you about that this weekend. But tonight she really needs me.”

“Okay, Mom.” Ricky said forlornly.

Lisa hated to see Ricky this way. He only wanted to see her as much as he could before he moved more than 2,000 miles away and she hated to let him down. They had a good relationship; Lisa could not think of any of her other friends that had such a good relationship with their sons. They had bonded well after she had thrown his father out on his heels.

“Hey, tell you what. How about I leave you some money for tonight and for the rest of the weekend so you can take Karen out and show her a good time? She needs it, trust me.”

Ricky had planned to spend some time with his ex-girlfriend this weekend. They had recently broken up only because of his impending departure. They still had benefits with each other though, at least for the next three weeks.

Plus, he liked Karen; she was a funny and nice, an entertaining person to be around. Not to mention at all bursa escort that she was smoking hot, Ricky thought. All the peaks and sideways glances he had snuck since puberty had always left him wondering what it would be like with her.

She was 6 years younger than his mom and still in her early thirties. She had never had kids and had kept her figure extremely well. Plus, he was getting some spending cash. Ricky couldn’t find a reason to complain. “Sure, Mom, I’d like that.”

About half an hour later Karen showed at the house with a small bag of clothes and the remnants of tear stained make-up on her face. Whatever was going on, Ricky could tell it was serious.

He decided to leave so his mom and aunt could talk in private. He called Kris, his girlfriend of almost 2 years. She had just turned 18 as well, their birthdays being only 2 weeks apart. The ‘official’ break-up had been pleasantly smooth—they both realized that with going to schools separated by 3,000 miles, their relationship would be nearly impossible to salvage. Instead of yelling or sobbing, they had decided to have all the fun they could before Ricky left.

“Well then, let’s hit a movie. What’s been out for awhile?” Ricky suggested mischievously. One of his favorite activities with Kris(ten) was getting to fool around in a near empty theater.

They met at the theater an hour later. The movie was some romantic comedy Ricky had no real interest in. Kris had seen it before, so she wouldn’t miss anything. Kris was 5′,6″ and just a little thick from playing softball and competing in gymnastics. Her short shorts showed off her smooth and tanned legs.

Now, they had never had full sex in the theater before. Heavy groping, hand jobs and fingering had been the farthest they had dared to go.

Until the previews started and not one other person was in the theater with them; a first. As the lights darkened they leaned into each other all the more. Ricky spent the previews lightly circling Kris’ right nipple with his fingers. She loved when he did this–the softness through the fabric sent tingles through her entire body.

Then the movie started, and the theater was still empty. Kris leaned into Ricky and began to kiss him. They spent what felt like hours just kissing, moving from little pecks and sucks all over to open mouthed tongue dancing.

Ricky soon lifted her shirt and unsnapped the front clasping bra, the kind she preferred. Kris was not big chested, but not flat either. Ricky knew she was somewhere in the big B range, and while he always fantasized about bigger, he loved her small and light little pink nipples.

He moved his body down, bending his back a little uncomfortably to suck and lick her nipples as she leaned back in the theater seat. He moved back and forth from her face to her chest for a few minutes before he felt her hand reach down to the bulge in his pants.

She unzipped Ricky and pulled him out. Erect he was well endowed, 8 inches long. His cock was a little skinny, but she could not complain. Kris knew she was lucky to have a guy that was even a little hung; her girlfriends told her horror stories of the tiny penis’ they had had to “work” with.

She began to stroke him rhythmically once he leaned back in his chair. Unlike most young girls, she enjoyed giving him hand jobs and blowjobs, loved the way he moaned and his body quivered as she touched him. Unlike most boys, Ricky had always been nice to her, had never forced anything. He even gave back what he got, another reason she knew he was special.

She smiled as he jerked a little and she felt the first drop of pre-cum leaking from him.

When he felt he was getting close, Ricky moved his hand over and reached into Kris’ shorts. He knew a good way to stop himself from going off to quick was to focus a little more on her. He unbuttoned her, pulled her zipper down slowly, and for the first time in the theater pulled her shorts completely down. She gave him a look but he just shrugged and gestured to the empty theater. ‘Who’s gonna see?’

She nodded and looked back to the entrance once more as she sped up her hand motions.

In a few moments couldn’t hold it back anymore. Kris guided his cock to shoot the load onto his stomach. Once he stopped jerking and quivering, she grabbed some of the napkins they had grabbed and wiped him up.

She sat on his lap, her back against his chest. Then she spread her legs to allow his hands full access to her pussy. He got the hint and started to finger her like she had taught him; one hand with two fingers inside and the other working her clit in circles. He had gotten so good that he could almost make her cum with her pants on, and once she was fully exposed for him her could get her off in just a few minutes.

Soon Kris was almost bouncing on his lap. She grinded and moved her hips against his fingers, letting them go deeper and deeper with her movements. Then she lost control and came with a little gush against his fingers. She was bursa escort bayan not a squirter, but she would flow when he was doing good work.

She almost collapsed back against him. As she moved back she felt he was still hard. Even though she was still super sensitive, she wanted him inside her right then and there. She opened her legs again, still leaning back against him. He spread his own legs a little wider as she grabbed his cock and guided it into her.

She was still soaking. Ricky loved it when they got off first and he got to be inside her while she was still juicy and overly wet. The sensation even compared to a blowjob, which she was good at.

Once he was all the way in, Kris leaned back and closed her legs. She had her eyes closed. She had fantasized this so many times and finally getting it was pushing her farther over the edge than she thought she had ever been. She rocked and pumped and jumped every which way she could to feel every inch of his cock swirling around inside her.

Ricky was in heaven. In this position all he had to do was lean back and let her ride him. She got going faster and faster, building them both to their second climax within ten minutes. Just as Ricky thought he was about to lose it, a flash lit the theater.

Ricky grabbed Kris’ hips and stopped her. He looked to the right entrance and saw a theater employee running out of the door.

“Oh my god!” Kris said as she saw the door swing shut.

Ricky looked all around, as if some other person might be hiding in the theater as well. “We have to get out of here. He could grab the manager!”

The manager had caught them making out heavily once, and had warned them against being caught again, threatening to ban them from the theater.

They quickly got dressed and took the back outside exit from the theater. Luckily, no one was outside the door and they quickly made it to Kris’ car.

“Do you think he got a good picture?” Kris asked, slightly mortified and turned on by the thought of a pic or—god forbid—a video out there of her riding her boyfriend in the theater.

“It was dark, and you had your top on still. I don’t think he saw much of anything.”

Kristen only half believed him. She said she had to go home (a lie, but a little one) and she dropped him off at his favorite burger joint where he actually ran into some of his friends. He spent a couple hours with his boys’ before deciding to head home.

It was 10:00 and dark outside when he arrived home. Although he was not late or in trouble, he opened the door quietly in case his mom or aunt was asleep. The effort was wasted as neither of them had gone to bed. In fact, they were in the den just off the kitchen. Karen was talking loudly about how much of a scumbag that prick David (her soon to be ex-husband, she promised loudly) really was. Ricky had to cover his mouth with his hand to stop from laughing as he heard his supposedly sweet aunt call her husband every dirty word in the book.

Despite being tired, Ricky wanted to hear what was going on. He crept into the kitchen and stood behind the counter which would obscure him from the women’s view.

“Why do you think he did it?” his mother asked, referring to the cheating.

“I don’t know! We have sex all the time, at least 3 or 4 times a week. I even wake that prick up with a blow job once a week!”

Lucky bastard, Ricky thought. He had not even been able to convince his two girlfriends from high school to give him head, although they had been willing to have regular sex, at least.

“Wow. And he still cheated on you…” Lisa trailed off. Like Ricky, she could not imagine why any guy would cheat on a good looking woman willing to do that for her husband. She and her own husband had not had any problems in the bedroom; it was his drinking that had driven them apart.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I am done with him and his little dick!” Karen said loudly.

Ricky put his hand over his mouth and giggled a little. Sensing the conversation was going to do nothing but go downhill, Ricky decided to stop listening. He rustled around in the kitchen to let them know he was there before he walked into the den.

“Hey Mom, Aunt Karen,” he said lightly. He did not want to do or say anything that would upset the ladies even more.

“Hey kiddo, how was the movie?” Lisa asked.

“It was good.”Ricky looked to Karen, “I’m sorry you are having problems, Karen.”

Karen just looked at Ricky and gave him a weak smile. “It’s ok,” she said and waved the words off.

“David’s an idiot,” Ricky blurted out before he could stop himself. He realized the slip immediately, Karen had not yet officially told him what had happened and now they would know Ricky had been eavesdropping.

Karen cocked her head at Ricky and smiled, “You ain’t kiddin.”

Lisa smiled as well, both at Ricky and her sister. Neither cared that he knew, obviously. At least they weren’t going to treat the situation with kid gloves escort bursa around him.

“You just need to make sure you show your Aunt a good time, Ricky. Take her out and make her smile, she needs it.”

“Don’t worry Mom, I will.”

After a few more pleasantries, Ricky went upstairs and masturbated to the thought of his Aunt waking him up with a blowjob. It took him only seconds to shoot a full and giant load onto his stomach, the cum built up from the interrupted sex with Kris.

He awoke in the morning and went downstairs to find the house seemingly empty. Both of the women’s cars were still in the driveway so Ricky knew they were home. Outside he found both his mom and aunt tanning. Both women were topless and lying on their stomachs over a couple of beach towels laid flat on the grass.

Ricky had seen his Mother do this before, but never his Aunt. Both ladies were still extremely good looking for their age. Ricky considered Karen to be smoking hot, with his Mom a very even hot.

Both ladies were short, about 5’6″. They looked alike except for their bodies; his Mom was a bit skinny while Karen defined curvaceous. Both had brown hair that they kept shoulder length. His Mom was a little flat chested, but not Karen. He could the sides of her ample breasts as she tanned and was surprised when his cock jumped a little at the sight of the side cleavage.

“Mom, Aunt Karen?”

Karen turned her face to look at Ricky. “Hey nephew, how did you sleep?”

“Good. You?”

“I’ve slept better. Lucky for me your mom had that bottle of Vodka or I wouldn’t have slept at all.”

Ricky just smiled in response. He only hoped the bottle would not be gone. He had planned on helping himself to a few drinks while his mother was on her trip. As long as he stayed home and did not get in trouble, she did not care now that he was out of school.

“I bet. Mom, what time are you leaving? Do you want me to drive you to the airport?” Ricky asked.

To his surprise, his Mother sat up on her elbows to talk to him. Her small pink nipples just barely slipped forward of her crossed arms for him to see as she spoke.

“I already have called the airport shuttle to pick me up, that way we don’t waste gas and you can take the car as early as you want. I left Karen some money for you both. Don’t blow it all in one night you.” She smiled.

At first, Ricky could not answer her. All he could do was stare at her small but still well shaped breasts. She noticed him staring, and immediately flushed and dropped back to her belly. Ricky shook his head a little and said Ok, then walked back into the house. He did not really feel guilty for seeing his mother’s breasts; just guilty for being turned on by them.

He heard both ladies come into the house a few minutes later. After a while he heard the shower running and he assumed his mother must be getting ready to leave.

He went downstairs to find Karen sitting in the Den in a t-shirt and her bikini bottom from outside. Her short but shapely legs were well tanned and he thought her skin was even silkier and smoother than he had imagined. Karen even had just a little bit of a bubble butt, which accentuated her legs all the more.

Karen caught him looking and smiled a little, happy that at least someone liked the way her legs looked.

“Yes, Ricky?” Karen asked a little sarcastically.

Ricky immediately moved his gaze to her eyes. “Sorry.”

“Don’t sweat it. I know I have nice legs.”

“Yeah…” was all Ricky could say in return. His eyes kept arguing with his loins, tempting him to stare at her legs only. Luckily his brain won the battle.

“So what do you need?”

“I wanted to ask what you wanted to do tonight.”

Karen scrunched up her face, which she often did when she thought. Ricky could not help but think of how cute it was.

“Well, a movie sounds good. It’s Friday, so the drive-in is open right?” Karen offered. There was only one drive-in theater for miles, so Ricky did not have to ask which one. He was glad they would be a the drive in and not the theater where he might have to see the same employee who spied on him and Kris.

“Yeah. We could grab a pizza to take?” Ricky suggested.

She nodded. “And beer. Don’t forget the beer. I have to warn you, I’m gonna be a little tipsy this weekend,” Karen teased.

“Only if you share!” Ricky said back.

“We’ll see, mister 18 year old,” Karen teased back.

Ricky just laughed and left the room. An hour later the airport shuttle arrived and the horn on the little mini bus signaled it was time to go. Ricky and Karen both hugged Lisa goodbye. She left in the shuttle, leaving Ricky and Karen alone in the house.

Ricky was bored and wanted to do something. “I’m gonna go for a quick swim, Karen. Wanna join?”

“No, I’m good. I’ve had enough sun for one day.”

“Ok. “

Ricky went to his room and put his trunks on. He dove into the pool and swam a couple of laps before Lisa stepped outside in only her bathing suit.

God she looked good, Ricky thought. The little yellow two piece clung to every curve and left little to his imagination. His aunt’s nipples were even hard. He felt his cock pulse.

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