Revelation 09 – Friday (Jill)

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Previous chapters in order of publication:

Revelation: 1 – Thursday
Revelation: 2 – Friday
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Revelation: 9 – Friday (Karen)
Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken)


Preface: There was so much activity this day that it was necessary to use 4 chapters to describe all that happened. If you haven’t already done so please read Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken & Karen) FIRST!

This and the other remaining chapters; Revelation: 9 – Friday (Karen), and Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken) may be read in any order you choose.


Revelation: 9 – Friday (Jill)

As it grew dark Jill was sitting alone on the deck with a full pitcher of margaritas on the table, In one hand she held a full drink and in the other a freshly lit cigarette. She knew she should quit smoking and she had promised to quit but what the fuck did that promise mean now! Yeah, she’d quit when she was good and ready but not now, not right now, not tonight! She needed this drink and this cigarette, maybe more than a few drinks and cigarettes!

There was just too much to think about. She was having problems with everything she had learned today. She was so pissed and confused! She felt like all she wanted to do was cry, run away and cry. Damn them all! Damn them to hell! She just didn’t know what to do. She had to make some decisions and she wasn’t at all sure she was going to be happy with some of those decisions.

“Okay,” she said to herself, “I should put this drink down and put out this cigarette and get up and go to bed. Maybe I can just fall asleep and then maybe my brain could figure all this out while I sleep.” She laughed sarcastically and thought “not likely!”

She jumped when she heard a noise from the area behind the pool house but then realized it was just the gate being opened. She turned her head to see who it was.

I walked up onto the porch and seeing someone sitting in a lounger walked over and saw that it was Jill. I smiled and sat down at the table by her.

“Hi, all alone? Where is everybody?”

Jill didn’t return my smile but simply stared at me and took a drag off her cigarette and as she blew out the smoke tersely responded, ” I don’t know where your wife is but Kate and your mother have gone up to their suite.”

At first it slipped by me until I realized she had said ‘their suite’. Damn, she evidently knows about Josie and Kate! Does she know more, how much more? Does she know everything? And why is she acting so hostile?

It took some effort not to react so I nodded and smiled but Jill didn’t smile back. She just stared at me while she took another sip of her drink and another drag off her cigarette.

Neither of us said anything for a long few minutes. I continued to smile at Jill but she continued to just sit and stare at me. From time to time she would take a drink and a drag off her cigarette.

During the pregnant silence I was thinking furiously and realized that tonight was not a good time to be socializing with my aunt and certainly not a good time to try to find out what was going on so still smiling I said, “Well, I don’t know about you but I’m hungry so I think I’ll get a sandwich or something. Is there anything you would like?”

Jill looked at the pitcher of Margaritas sitting on the table next to her. “No, I don’t think so.”

She knew that she was acting snippy and not her usual self but she didn’t feel much like being sociable. Besides, she was pissed at him, she was pissed at them all but especially at him!

“Okay, sure you don’t need anything?”

She shook her head no.

“Well, I’ll see you later then.” I got up and almost ran into the house.

As soon as I was in the house I made a left and headed upstairs to Kate and Josie’s suite and knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?”


“Anyone with you?”

“No, just me.”

“Come in, me.”

Entering the sitting room I saw Mom reclining on the couch on her back with her legs spread and on the floor, on her knees Kate had her face buried in Mom’s pussy. While she was eating Mom she was working a dildo in and out of her own pussy. Mom opened her eyes and smiled at me and then concentrated on what Kate was doing.

I could tell that Mom was getting close to orgasm because her head was back, eyes closed, mouth open and with her hands she was squeezing her nipples. From the frantic motion of the dildo it looked as if Kate wasn’t too far away either. Normally I would now be naked and probably either be shoving my cock up Kate’s pussy or offering it to Mom to suck but after my experience just now with Jill I was upset and not at all in the mood so I just sat in a chair across from them and waited for them to finish.

Mom opened her eyes, looked pendik escort at me and crooked her finger at me. I wasn’t really in the mood but could not say no to my mother. So I got up, walked over, leaned down and kissed her and replaced her hands on her nipples with my own and Mom put her arms around my neck. While we were kissing she began to moan and I knew that she was beginning to cum. We continued to kiss and I continued to play with her nipples throughout her orgasm and when her climax was finished she broke the kiss and we both looked down to where Kate was removing her head from between Josie’s thighs. With a wet faced grin she looking up and asked, “Ken, my arm is a little tired, could you help me out?”

I smiled tightly and walked over to her, knelt down next to her and we kissed sharing Mom’s pussy juice. She leaned forward on the couch and removed her hand from the dildo. She looked sexy as hell kneeling with her legs spread, the dildo sticking out of her pussy and her head on the couch. I knelt down behind her and put one hand on her pussy and stroked her clit while, with the other hand I began to fuck her with the dildo.

Josie moved around and stroked Kate’s hair while I slid the dildo in and out of her pussy. Shortly, Kate tensed up and I watched as her pussy contracted and grabbed the dildo and she reached her climax.

Removing the dildo I replaced it with the finger of my right hand. I enjoyed the feeling of Kate’s wet pussy and at the same time I slipped my left hand between Mom’s legs to also feel her wet pussy. In the mood or not, I began to get hard.

Then I remembered why I was there and almost immediately lost my hardon. I gently pulled my fingers out of the ladies.

Josie looked at me and with a somewhat puzzled look said, “Hi, sweetie, why don’t you take off your clothes and join us?”

I shook my head, got up and took a seat across from the couch.

Kate got up and sat on the couch, reached down, picked up her drink and took a sip, “Thanks for the help sweetie, Karen with you?”

I replied, “No, she’s spending the night with an old college chum at Carter’s.”

Josie spoke up, “Carter’s?”

I gave them a rundown of our day and Karen’s desire to have some time to herself and have some fun while leaving out all mention of my time with Helen and Sarah. I figured I could tell them about that later.

Kate looked at Josie and said, “If I could find a guy as considerate as your son I might think about getting married.”

Josie laughed, “Like hell you will. For all intents and purposes you are already married and I ain’t as considerate as my son! If you go sniffing after strange cock you will have big problems…..unless, of course, you include me!”

Kate laughed at Josie and got up. “Drink anyone?”

Mom and I agreed and when Kate returned with the drinks she raised hers, “Family!”

We sat silently for a while sipping on our drinks. Finally, I put mine down and said, “Uh, look guys, when I came in from the carriage house Aunt Jill was sitting on the deck drinking and smoking and she was not at all sociable. When I asked her where you were she said you two had retired to ‘their suite’. What the hell gives?”

Josie looked at Kate and sat up and put her drink down on the coffee table. “Kenny, you know we decided that if Jill was going to stay her with us she had to know about our ‘family arrangements’.”

“Yeah, I know…” I sat up straight, “Do you mean you already told her?”

Josie replied, “Yes.”

I asked, “Everything?”

Josie nodded, “Everything about Kate and me since we first met. I also told her about everything that has happened since Thursday a week ago involving all of us.”

That hit me like a punch in the stomach! I knew that sooner or later she was going to have to find out but I wasn’t quite ready for her to know this soon. Judging from how Jill was acting tonight she didn’t take it well and I was worried about what this would do to her especially coming right after leaving Uncle Joe and thinking she was coming home to her loving family for peace and stability.

I lowered my head and looked down at the table and began to get angry, “So, what did you tell her? Did you tell her that we all fuck each other and anybody else that shows up? That our main activity seems to be sex! That if she wants to stay here she will have to be another pussy in the herd!”

Mom sat up straight, slammed the drink she had just picked up back on the table – I was surprised that the glass didn’t break – and said, “Watch your mouth. I don’t like that tone or what you just said or what you are implying! Before Jill got here you certainly did not complain about your herd of pussies, did you? Besides, it didn’t seem to bother you and Karen this morning when you two were screwing on the deck!”

“You were told to be discreet and I don’t call fucking on the deck discreet! For your information mister, it was that little episode that Jill did, in fact, witness that made explaining everything to Jill escort pendik necessary.”

With that Mom folded her arms across her chest and glared at me challenging me to say something else.

Kate played the peacemaker. She put her hand on Mom’s shoulder, “Now, I’m sure that Ken really didn’t mean what he said as being an accusation, did you Ken? He just misspoke.”

When Mom is pissed twice in one day you are treading on very thin ice.

I realized I’d crossed the line and immediately regretted my choice of phrases. I shook my head, took a deep breath and said, “No, I didn’t. Look, Mom, I’m sorry that came out that way. Karen and I put you in a bad spot and you just did what you thought had to be done. But, I’m worried, is Aunt Jill going to be okay?”

Mom softened a bit but was still angry. “I hope so but frankly I don’t know. It was quite a shock to her and I’m not sure she is ready to deal with learning everything about us.” She paused and shook her head, picked up her glass and drained the remainder of her drink. “Truth be told, I think the fact that you have such an uninhibited love life bothers her almost as much as the incest and the knowledge that I’m in a lesbian relationship with Kate.”

“What? What do you mean that she is bothered by my sex life?”

“Ken, I think that she is either in love with you or at the very least infatuated with you.”

I rocked back in the chair. In love with me, infatuated? No way!

“Aw, come on, that’s bullshit.”

Mom didn’t say anything but let what she said sink in for a minute or two while she held her glass out to Kate who took it, got up and walked into the kitchen to refill it for her.

Sitting up and putting her elbows on her knees and lowering her head so that her chin was resting on her hands said, “You and she have always been close. When you were very young the two of you were more like older sister and younger brother than aunt and nephew. Then, as you got older you saw her as your very sexy aunt who was your first masturbation fantasy and she started to see you as her fantasy lover. Hell, you two sometimes looked more like boyfriend/girlfriend than aunt and nephew. Her obsession with you at that age is a fairly common form of transference that doesn’t usually cause too many problems because it is relatively guilt free. But if it continues over a long period of time it can become a serious problem.”

Now I was worried! Damn psychology! But, given everything that Mom said, I couldn’t argue with that part about her being my masturbation fantasy, her and her damn green bathing suit! But that part about me being her fantasy lover, or her being obsessed with me, well, that was just psychological bullshit!

Mom continued, “Let’s take a look at the entirety of the situation. Jill finds herself in a failed marriage to an older man who is not paying her any attention. There is no family close by and probably not that many close friends for her to talk to so she seeks consolation by having an affair with a younger man, a man about your age who, if I don’t miss my guess, probably even resembles you! Then, when she comes to the realization that this is just making the situation worse realizes that she has to leave the marriage. So, she decides to come home to me and to you, her sister and her nephew. She wants to come home to a place that is safe and loving. Subconsciously she now puts me in the role of sister/best friend and you in the role of nephew/lover, not so much physically but emotionally!”

Kate returned with a drink for Mom and also for me. We each took a sip and Mom continues, “So what happens? She arrives to find her family is not just you, me and Karen but also Kate. Instead of coming home to live with me in my house she is coming home to live in Kate’s house, instead of being one of four she is one of five and that changes the dynamic for her. She is just starting to adapt to that when, to confuse things even further yesterday, her first day ‘home’ you admit to her that you have had sexual fantasies about her and you even play a little fondling/petting game with her in her room. That just reinforces her fantasy about you, now she has real hope that there could be a relationship between the two of you.

How in the hell did Mom know about me feeling her up in her bedroom?

“Now her fantasy about you is coming alive and her expectation for the two of you having a relationship also begins to move from fantasy to reality. You are married but she can deal with that, especially when she senses that you and your wife are less than restrictive when it comes to the marriage bed. She is rediscovering her sexuality and then she comes downstairs this morning to get some coffee and what does she see but you and Karen naked and fucking on the deck. So, she watches you two having sex in clear view of the house and she finds that incredibly sexy and fantasizes about it being her instead of Karen that you were fucking.”

I was becoming even more concerned and now, even a little scared.

“Ken, keep pendik escort bayan firmly in mind that this is a woman who is under a great deal of stress. She has given up everything that she thought was hers, her marriage, her husband, her friends, and her home. She has left them all behind, she has nothing but us. I am important to her as her sister and now, her best friend but you, in some ways you are even more important to her as her friend and soon-to-be lover.

Mom stopped and took a sip of her drink. I was sitting listening to this almost in shock. Kate just sat and watched the two of us while sipping her drink.

Josie put her drink down and continued, “Now, what happens next? After coming down and seeing you two on the deck and making you stop, get dressed and leave, I walk into the kitchen to find Jill watching all of this from the kitchen window. When I get over that shock and start to apologize she stops me and in an almost little girl fashion she confides in me that she was getting horny watching you two having sex and she also confides in me that she wishes it were her having sex with you instead of Karen. She then tells me about your little petting scene in her bedroom. She is convinced that you want her as much as she wants you and she asks me if I will be mad at her when you two begin to have your affair. Kenny, this is fantasy moving to reality but with everything else that is going on it is dangerous fantasy!”

Mom leaned forward and looked at me, “We all knew that sooner or later with Jill living here she would discover our relationships. We all knew that sooner or later I was going to have to tell her about us. The problem I have been having was to try and determine if it was better to let her continue with that fantasy about the two of you or to tell her about the reality of our lives, to determine just when the shock of that knowledge would be less dangerous to her mental and emotional state so that she was better able to deal with it. Look at how you reacted when you found out that Kate and I were lovers. And when you found out that your wife, Kate and I were lovers. And when you realized that you and I would become lovers as well. You are about as well balanced mentally and emotionally as anyone I know and yet you had several days that you were emotionally unstable and trying to come to grips with that knowledge. Imagine how Jill is taking it!”

I shook my head in wonderment. “But, Mom, when Karen and I hade sex…..”

“Ken, it moved up the timetable. It forced me to tell Jill something that I was not going to tell her until I thought she was more emotionally balanced, more able to deal that knowledge. As a result, right now she is one very confused and conflicted lady and she is very pissed. It is impossible for me to even begin to understand what she must be thinking about you and me. I’m not even sure what our relationship with Jill is going to be in the future. She may reject me, or you or both of us. She may develop a generalized anxiety disorder as a result of this, I simply do not know.”

I closed my eyes and felt guilty like I had never before felt guilty. To think that my fondling Jill and then Karen and I fucking on the deck might cause more problems for Jill was almost unbearable to me.

I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. “Okay. What do I need to do?”

Josie shook her head. “Frankly, I’m not sure. Christ, all of this is theoretical, I’m not a practicing psychologist! But, we have to do something, that’s for sure!”

She took another sip of her drink. “Well, all things considered she seemed to handle the information fairly well. At least she didn’t go to pieces when I told her but that, in itself, is suspect too. Naturally, she was shocked to find that we all have sex with each other and participate in group sex among ourselves and with others. But it didn’t seem to bother her to learn of the relationship that Kate and I have, or even that Karen is involved with us because I suspect that she is a latent bi-sexual herself. Also, surprisingly, sex between you and I bothered her but not to any extreme that I could see probably because she has had her own incest fantasies involving you. I would say that she seems to be more disturbed by you having almost unrestricted sex with such a wide variety of women, almost a jealous reaction as if you have betrayed her.”

I just shook my head. This was so hard to grasp. Jill was jealous of me having sex with other women but less jealous of me having sex with my mother?

“Ken, you have good instincts, for a man. You are warm and caring and you genuinely try to support people and make them comfortable. Rely on that instinct. If Jill avoids you, don’t press her; let her come to you when she is ready. If Jill comes to you accept her and treat her like you always have, with love! Frankly, I think she will come to you very soon and, if I don’t miss my guess, it will be for sex. Sex is often confused with love and she is seeking our love. She is going to want to know that you lover her and she may equate this to you finding her sexy. She is going to want to be reassured that you won’t exclude her. If she does approach you that way treat her gently. Make Jill feel special but not too special, if you know what I mean.”

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