Released Ch. 03

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Eventually I couldn’t come anymore, no matter what she did with my cock. I just felt pain throb through its flaccid form however she touched me. But she kept at it for a while after that with a smile on her face. After that she unlocked my cock cage and stood up and stretched her beautiful sweaty body above me. I was also covered in sweat and my muscles burned from when I had tried to get free from the bonds. My wrists and ankles hurt were the shackles had cut into the skin.

“I loved it when you decided you couldn’t take it anymore and tried to break free,” my mother said softly while she walked around me and stopped at my head. “I know that you want to break free from this, otherwise I wouldn’t have to tie you down. That bodes very well, pet. But now I am quite sleepy.” With that she bent down and unbuckled the face dildo and pulled it out of my mouth. My jaws and throat ached.

“Please, mom…,” I tried to beg but I couldn’t speak clearly so soon after the dildo and she just looked at me as if I was some kind of animal, stroking her body with her black latex hands as she stared.

“Did I give you permission to speak, pet?” she asked. “If that’s what you tried to do?” She lifted her left leg and placed the rough boot over my mouth and pressed down. My strength was completely gone and I only managed to cry a little more through sore eyes.

“Lick it!” she ordered and my tongue slipped out like a tired snake and felt the dirt under her boot. “You are useless, slave.” Then she lifted her boot off me again.

“Open your mouth!” she said and I obeyed instinctively even though my mouth was stiff. “You must be thirsty, my dear.”

She crouched beside me and cupped my head in her hands and she opened her red lips and released a stream of saliva that landed on my lips were I sucked it up.

I hadn’t realized how thirsty I was before this and when she spat once more into my mouth I eagerly licked up everything with my dry tongue and longed for more. When she saw how willing bursa escort I was she smiled warmly and stroked my neck and cheek. She started to move her tongue inside her mouth to produce more saliva and when she had enough she spit inside my mouth for a third time.

“To bad I don’t need to go to the restroom, slave,” she said and cleaned her face from traces of saliva.

She started to release me from some of the chains, the ones that tied me to the floor, and I tried to flex my legs and my arms a little only to find that my movements were still very limited. From her magic, black bag of wonders she produced a sturdy collar of black leather and a thin chain. She put the collar around my throat and secured it tightly. Then she hooked the chain in place and pulled me with all her strength. Apparently the chain was more solid than it looked.

“Up!” she commanded and I did my best to move but my muscles were useless and the chains were limiting and the best I could do was wriggle like a worm in my own sweat.

“Please… It hurts, mom…,” I pleaded. She kicked me in the balls and I screamed.

“I will not tell you again,” she said. “If you speak without permission one more time I will fuck you with my biggest strap-on here and now! And I have not taught you how to enjoy even my smallest one yet. Understood?” She pressed her foot down into my balls to remind me.

“Yes…,” I whimpered. She stepped harder into my balls and I cringed.

“Yes, what?” she asked.

“Yes, mom,” I said but then she pressed down even harder. “Mistress! Ah! Mistress, please…” Then she lifted her foot.

“Good boy,” she said and started to pull me yet again.

My limbs had regained enough of their function. That, together with my fear of more pain, drove me closer to her as I crawled over the hard concrete with a jingle of chains with every movement. She was so close to me that I could almost touch her legs with my face and I tried to put out my tongue and taste her but I couldn’t. bursa escort bayan

As I looked up at her ass and lower back and saw her muscles shift rhythmically under her skin I felt my spent cock achingly trying to get hard again. I let out a little whimper which brought a chuckle from her throat.

Without letting me rest we moved up to our house proper and eventually we came into her bed room where I saw a leather and metal thing bolted to the leg end of her bed that I had never seen before.

It looked large enough to hold a person in place with the just head over the bed sheaths. I stopped and she let the chain slip through her fingers until she came to sit on the end of the bed with her legs crossed. The leaned forward and yanked the chain with small, playful motions. A smile danced across her face.

“As I said,” she said, “I am sleepy but I don’t want you to rest just yet, my pet.” She pulled me with more force and I crawled to her and she petted my head with her free hand and scratched me behind the ear as if I were a dog. I looked up at her with pleading eyes but she only nodded her head.

She placed her legs on either side of the thing and positioned me right between them. First I thought that she would let me lick her pussy, something that caused my cock to grow even harder in its well-meaning way. She noticed this and pressed her boot against it, stroking it softly.

But instead of letting me worship her like I craved she gripped me and bent me in order to clasp me securely to these new forms of bondage. When she was done my head was looked tightly in place and stared right into her pussy. I was so close I could feel her smell and I licked my thirsty lips.

My arms were firmly locked tight to my body but

my legs were free under the bed, something that made the position quite bearable even though I couldn’t move my upper body or head at all.

After this she moved away from me but came back with a black hood of black leather which she escort bursa placed over my head. It covered the entire face, except for the mouth. I had never liked the thought of being blind and I trembled in anxiety. But she caressed my head as if to comfort me in my strange position.

“Don’t be afraid, little one,” she said and put the latex covered fingers of one hand into my mouth and pressed them so deep that I gagged. She pumped her fingers back and forth and at the same time she comforted me with meaningless words.

Every time she made me gag I didn’t think that she could push her latex fingers further down without making me throw up but that she did, again and again, and I cried behind my mask.

Eventually she stopped and I breathed in large gulps of air. In the meantime I heard my mother move around and a long, leathery pull told me that that had taken off her boots. Then the bed shifted under my head and I knew she had lain down on it.

“Leather always makes me so sweaty,” she said from the other end of the bed. “Clean me.” With that I felt her feet press into my mouth and fill it with the salty and leathery taste of her sweat.

I didn’t like the taste but I couldn’t avoid the feet and when she noticed that I didn’t lick them to her heart’s content she forced her toes into my mouth back and forth as if she fucked me with them.

Soon I learned not to resist her advances and let her use my serving mouth and tongue to her satisfaction. She dragged her wet feet against my mask covered face once in a while and I felt her exploring limbs through the thick material.

I licked everything that came close enough to my mouth and I lost my sense of time. In the end her feet stopped moving and I suspected that she had gone to sleep. But as she had one foot close enough with her toes just in range of my gripping and sucking tongue I continued, afraid what she might do with me if I stopped.

Eventually I fell asleep but during the night I awoke several times as her feet reached my face and then I licked them desperately. Most of the time she didn’t make any sound but just once in a while she moaned in pleasure and I knew she was awake. Then I was afraid but nothing worse happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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