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Steve had been feeling horny for days. After he had split up from his last girlfriend he had not thought about sex for weeks, but now that was changing and he couldn’t stop his prick getting hard for little or no reason. He tried to keep it under control by masturbating regularly (well, almost daily), but this was no substitute for the real thing, and his prick knew it.

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon at work, and as had been the way so much recently Steve could not stop his mind from wandering from the work he should be doing. His prick stiffened a bit (again) and Steve knew he would have to make some adjustments inside his underwear if he were going to be able to keep working, so he chose this time to go outside for a cigarette. As he stepped out the back of the office he quickly put his hand down his shorts to re-arrange his prick and balls he heard the back door to the office open again, and could not get his hand out before Jo popped her head round the door.

“Hello Steve – pleased to see me?” she said with a sly smile. Jo was a temporary typist, and Steve had spoken to her during cigarette breaks over the last week or so. Steve blushed and told her that he had needed to make some adjustments, that was all, and he would be pleased if she wouldn’t mention this to any of the other workers. Jo said that she wouldn’t, and they moved the conversation on to work.

“I’ve been given my orders from the agency, and I’ve got a new job to go to next week at a factory” She told Steve

“Shame – I was getting to like these chats over a cigarette and a coffee” Steve replied and discreetly looked her up and down. Jo was a good looking woman of around 30 with short cropped black hair, she was around 5’8″ and wearing the usual office uniform of white blouse, black skirt and black high heels. The thing that pleased Steve’s eye most was the outlines from her lacy patterned bra that were quite visible through her blouse, drawing his eyes to her impressive cleavage.

“I know, but I gotta go where the agency says. I’ll miss the people here. ” she said looking over at Steve “and I prefer an office to a dull factory any day. “

“Yeah it’s ok here – the work can be depressing – I often have to stay late to get mine finished” replied Steve “still – good luck with the new job, maybe we’ll see you back here again soon”.

The conversation carried on for a while, but the cigarettes ended and they both returned reluctantly to their desks, Jo on the other side of the office to Steve. Steve got his head down and wrote some more of those reports he had been putting off. Steve’s prick wouldn’t stay still, and he had to make another adjustment. This time he chose to try and do this discreetly under his desk.

Just then a new Email popped up on his screen. “You’ll go blind!” was all it said, and it was from Jo. Steve quickly typed a reply “why do you think I wear glasses?” He looked over to where Jo sat outside the boss’s office and she smiled cheekily over to him. He blushed again and put his head back into his work.

As the afternoon wore on Steve couldn’t concentrate. He was meant to get a set of figures ready for the boss the next day, but had a different sort of figure on his mind – Jo’s. When 5 o’clock came Steve had nowhere near finished the figures for his boss and resigned himself to another evening at the office. He said the usual goodbyes to the rest of the office crew as they left, escort sincan and Jo came over to see him on her way out.

“You staying the night?” she inquired.

“I’ve got this report to finish by morning, so I’ll have to”

“Shame – I was going to ask you to join me for a drink after work”

“Sorry – can’t tonight” and boy did he mean he was sorry! “If I don’t get this report ready for the boss I’ll be in deep shit. How about tomorrow?”

“We’ll see” said Jo “don’t work too hard now” Jo looked around to make sure there was no-one left in the office. She leant down to where he was sitting at his desk and kissed him softly on the forehead, winked at him and left.


Steve took a while to get his head around what was happening – was this gorgeous woman really coming on to him? Yeah, Ok she had a boyish haircut but the rest of her was all woman, and boy did he want to get close to a woman again. His mind wandered to thinking about her full round breasts and the fun he could have with them, “Still”, he thought, “it will have to wait ’til tomorrow because I’ve got to get this report finished for the morning”.

He went round the office and locked all the doors, got himself a drink and settled down to get the report finished. Just another quick adjustment inside his trousers and he was as comfortable as he was going to be and ready to work. He put his head down and got on with the task, but still wasn’t finished until about 8. 30. When he put his head back and relaxed his mind was swimming with thoughts of Jo, and his prick took only seconds to respond by stiffening uncomfortably.

Steve had been trying to ignore his erection for long enough, and decided it was time to do something about it. He had the office to himself, and as his girlfriend had taken the PC when she left this was his only chance for some decent internet time. He logged on to his favourite amateur site, voyeurweb, and began scrolling through the recent additions. He stopped on a girl calling herself “redhot”, and boy was she! Cute smile with blond hair, and performing a striptease in an office, what could be better.

He stood up and unbuckled his trousers, slipped them and his shorts down around his ankles, loosened his shirt and sat back down. The weave of his office chair was strange on his ass, but he had other things in his mind. He started to stroke his knob as he scrolled through the pictures of redhot undressing. As he pulled at it harder he could picture himself with the girl on the screen, licking and sucking at her skin, biting at her tits as she took her bra off. She stripped down to just a g-string and stockings, and he was there with her, licking at the soft skin of her thighs.

He slipped his hand down and squeezed at his balls as he scrolled the picture to “redhot” removing her G-string and standing facing forward, legs wide with her blond pussy and ass thrust at the camera. “oh yeah, I’m gonna fuck your sweet hole” he murmured as he put his attention back to stroking the shaft of his prick “I’m gonna cum all over those sweet ass cheeks”.

“Ahem” a voice behind him! “You adjusting yourself again?”

Steve turned his head to see Jo sitting on a desk a few rows back from where he was jerking off. Steve tried desperately to cover his softening prick, he could feel himself blushing madly as he mumbled something about thinking he was alone.

“Don’t worry Steve, ankara escort I’ve been sitting there for about 5 minutes watching you. I lifted aspare set of keys from the boss’s office and popped back to see if you were still here and if you wanted to go out for that drink, but I can see you are otherwise engaged” She stood up from the desk and walked toward Steve. “Now, I’ve seen what you’ve got on the screen, let’s see what’s in your hand”.

She confidently stepped round the side of Steve’s desk, looking down into his lap where he was still holding his now limp cock. “You seem to have lost your thread” Jo said “That’s a shame, perhaps this will help you get back in the mood”. Looking down at Steve she slowly undid the buttons of her blouse as Steve looked on in surprise. She hadn’t changed from the day at work, and as Steve watched she cupped her tits in their lacy bra and squeezed them together to show a delectably full cleavage line.

Steve could feel his prick getting hard again as he looked on, he could see Jo’s nipples hardening underneath the lacy pattern of her bra. Jo could see where Steve’s eyes were pointing and she rewarded him by unhooking the clasp of her bra, letting her full tits swing forward, and gently touching them, stroking around their full shape and in toward the full brown nipples. “now let’s see you jerk off properly” she whispered to him, moving closer to him so that her tits were almost touching his face.

Steve lost all his inhibitions at this display, and started to feverishly pull at his prick, sticking his tongue out trying to reach one of Jo’s nipples. Jo moved forward again to let Steve lick round first one of her tits then the other. Steve needed no further invitation and slurped noisily around Jo’s tits, gently biting then releasing, all the time rhythmically pounding at his prick. Jo bent down further to cup Steve’s balls in her hand as he licked and bit at her tits.

“I want you to cum on my tits” she gasped to Steve and bent down further. Steve couldn’t hold off and aiming carefully squirted his sticky cum onto Jo’s waiting breasts in three bursts. Jo looked down at the dripping mess and demanded “now lick it all off”. Steve looked up into her eyes, saw that she meant it and did what he was told. The salty juices tasted strange to him, but he carried on until Jo’s tits were clean again. She then bent down and kissed him, sticking her tongue deep into his mouth and mixing her saliva with his cum.


Jo pulled up a chair and started scrolling through the pictures of “Red Hot” on the screen. Her tits were still exposed and Steve could see the remains of his cum drying on her chest. Steve pulled himself back from the desk a little to make room for her.

“This girl is hot” she stated to Steve casually “You like all these positions that she’s showing herself off in?”

“err sure.. ” Steve’s head was spinning from what had just happened ” I like these ones particularly” He scrolled through the pictures to where “Red Hot” was sitting in an executive chair with her legs spread wide and invitingly. “Red Hot” had one hand cupping her left tit in this picture, while the other hand appeared to be edging up her thigh towards her glistening pussy.

“Yeah – I can see why! – those pictures are really damn horny” replied Jo, and pulling Steve up by the hand said “now come with me… “

Jo led Steve towards the boss’s office. She pulled etimesgut escort bayan a set of keys from her bag and quickly opened the door and walked deliberately towards where the boss relaxed in a big leather executive chair. “Now I know what turns you on I want you to find out more about me”. Steve stood watching as Jo sat herself comfortably into the leather upholstery and spread her legs wide giving Steve a full view up her skirt where he could see her panties and the tops of a pair of sheer stockings.

Steve could hardly believe that he wasn’t dreaming as he watched Jo pull her skirt off and start to rub at her pussy through her panties. He was standing there with no trousers on and only his shirt gently drifting from side to side and could feel the tension in his prick beginning to rise again.

Jo started to tease at the silky cloth of her panties, sliding her finger along the furrow of her pussy as Steve watched on. She gently cupped a tit with her other hand as she began to get a little firmer with her self-handling. Jo mouthed a silent “O” at Steve, looking directly at his rising prick as she pushed a finger slowly into her wet pussy, pushing the silk cloth inside herself showing Steve her well trimmed bikini line.

Steve moved forward, watching Jo’s display with eager eyes. His prick was now ready for more action, and Jo kept her eyes firmly on Steve’s rod as she pulled the silky panties down and dug two fingers deeply into her now wet hole. She pulled her legs wider apart on the boss’s chair as Steve approached her, and pulled her fingers out and ran them along her thighs to the top of her stockings, leaving sticky marks shining on her white flesh.

Steve knew an invite when he saw one, and kneeling in front of her gently started to kiss her stocking tops. He moved his tongue along the white flesh above her stockings, savouring the feeling of sheer lace on his chin. Jo murmured that she wanted his tongue inside her and Steve was more than happy to oblige. Lifting his head slightly he pulled his hands up to her hole and spread her lips wide as he thrust his tongue firmly into her inviting hole. Moving his head only slightly he pulled his tongue back and up to her erect clitoris, licking and biting gently.

Jo leant forward in her chair as Steve continued to lap greedily at her wet hole. She pulled her fingers through his blond hair, grabbing at the back of his head and pushing his face into her.

“Nnn… Oh Yeah… go on… nnn… ah… fuck… I’m cumming you fucker… nnn… aaaaaah” Jo pulled Steve hard against her as she came, Steve sucking at her juices as they flowed onto his tongue “Now fuck me hard Steve… I want to feel your prick inside me… “

Jo swiveled round in the executive chair and, sticking her ass in the air, opened her legs for Steve, just like the pictures of “Red Hot” that he had been wanking over. He grabbed Jo’s hips and pulled himself toward her, gently rubbing at her wet entrance with the end of his now rock hard prick. Slowly, so slowly, he eased himself forward an inch or so into Jo, then pushed hard to enter her deeply. Thrusting hard he reached forward to grab at Jo’s tits. Jo put her hands on his and together they squeezed at her bouncing flesh as Steve rammed her harder and harder.

Looking down Steve could see his prick entering Jo’s wet hole again and again, and her stocking clad legs bucking rhythmically underneath her. With a firm thrust he plunged deep into her sopping pussy and came, warm jets of cum gushing from his prick deep into her hole.

Turning round to smile at him sexily Jo casually asked “Now do you feel like going out for a drink?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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