Rebecca’s Adventure Ch. 03

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Rebecca does another dad!

To say Becca was stunned by her mother admission was an understatement. But when her brother came back in, she quietly told him she needed to rest and she was no longer in the mood for anything. Rebecca fell into a very restless sleep, not knowing what to think or how to proceed, the next few days she didn’t have any drive for sex at all.

Three days later, she was home at 4 pm when her father walked into the house, greeted her with a nice hug and deep kiss on the lips and went to change in his room. She was still kind of stunned but after three days without sex she was getting a little horny too.

She knew her mother would be home soon and she didn’t want to have her mother walk in on her, as her mother wanted it kept secret she knew, so she just put it out of her mind for the moment. Soon her mother came home and gave her a big hug and whispered in her ear,

“Becca I know your father’s in the mood as we were supposed to have sex tonight, but I am not feeling well so I am going to the store for dinner groceries. Can you take care of him before I come back? I know your brother won’t be home from work for an hour, at least, so it will be just you two alone.”

Before Becca could answer, mom headed into the bedroom and announced she was going shopping.

As soon as her mother left Becca’s dad came out clothed, grabbed a beer from the frig and sat down in the living room to read the paper. Becca knew she wanted it and all funny feelings of her mother asking her to do this disappeared as soon as she thought of her dad’s cock in her pussy.

That did it, she stripped naked right there and crawled up her stepfather’s legs moving the paper out of the way and started to remove his pants. Becca could tell he was nervous as his wife had just left, he didn’t know when she would be back and they were in the living room where anyone coming in the front door could see them.

By now Becca had his soft cock out of his pants and had swallowed its full length in her mouth. She felt his cock swell with every swirl of her tongue and soon she could only swallow it as she stroked it up and down. She knew he loved this as very soon he started to cum.

She could feel it build in his balls and the shifting of his body and his moaning. She wanted it in her pussy but she decided this will have to do and when he announced he was ready to blow she took her mouth off his member while still rubbing its length up and down and pointed his cock at her breasts. It wasn’t long before his cock started to twitch and convulse and spew his white-hot sperm onto her bare chest.

It coated her breasts and ran down her nipples and onto her belly. He certainly came like a teenager she thought, as she got up to clean up. After wiping herself off she came back and said,

“Dad I need you to make me cum, it’s been a few days and I need you to make me cum.”

She lay down on the couch beside him and with her legs spread beckoned him to lick her pussy. He dutifully leaned over and began to kiss and lick her moist slit. It didn’t take her long either as he was an expert, with one hand caressing her breast and lightly manipulating her nipples and the other hand pushing fingers up her wet cunt she came very quickly.

When he was done she got up, kissed him full on the lips, picked up her clothes and marched to her room. Dinner was actually pleasant for the first time in a while, everyone seemed comfortable. Her father was smiling; her mother having asked Becca when she came home, “Did you take care of your mother’s problem for her?”, also was smiling.

Her brother came home and was happy because Julie had asked him out and he was hoping to get laid again. He had told Becca when he came home because he didn’t want Becca to be jealous or angry with him. She had told him it was fine with her as she wouldn’t be jealous, she was happy for him.

So everyone was happy and Becca’s discomfort had suddenly disappeared. Dinner went smoothly and when her brother was about to leave he asked Becca to go along. When she politely declined he insisted, saying it was more fun with all three of them anyway. She had to agree, she was able to indulge in two of her likes with them both, fucking her brother and having sex with another woman. The thought of them together made her pussy instantly wet. She agreed and went to change to go out.

She changed in tight jeans without panties and a tight tee shirt. She decided to wear a sexy bra as she never had dressed overtly sexy before in her hometown and didn’t want to modify her dress now.

The bar they went to was noisy and full of people she went to school with. Her brother’s fake ID enabled him to purchase beers for all and they sat at a small table to converse, interrupted by dancing and more beer. After a few hours and a lot of beer and dancing they went to leave.

They all realized they were too drunk to drive so it was decided to have Julie call her father as he was a bursa escort divorced dad and adored his only daughter. He would do anything for her without question and she knew it. Besides he had liked her brother when he had dated Julie before. Julie had them convinced he would approve of them all going out together. He was there in ten minutes and was all too glad to bring them all to his house. Julie convinced him they would be better off sleeping at his house rather than going home though this wasn’t the case at all. Becca called her parents so they wouldn’t worry and when Julie’s father, Jim, arrived they piled into the car. Julie and her brother went into the back and Becca climbed into the front seat next to Jim.

As they drove home they all told of what had transpired at the club they were at and how much fun it was. They arrived a Jim’s house soon enough and Jim went into the kitchen to make coffee while everyone else sat down and turned on the late show on TV.

Jim brought in the coffee spiked with a little booze and told them it would mellow them and that they should drink plenty of water before going to sleep. Jim said his goodnights and went upstairs to bed.

The discussion about school and everything else continued until Rebecca asked how Julie’s father had been doing since the divorce. She knew it had been a messy one because her brother had told her when he was in high school dating Julie.

It seems that Big Jim, as his friends knew him, had caught his wife cheating on him while he was supposed to be away on a business trip. That started the fight and the court ended it but she knew Julie had been hurt by it. She chose to stay with her father so here they were.

Out of curiosity Becca asked Julie why they called her father Big Jim, as he was big but not so much more than most of the fathers she knew. Julie smiled and told her. It was because he has a huge cock!

Becca shot back, “How do you know?”

Julie responded, “I saw him once while he was masturbating; it was bigger than I have ever seen. I even saw him when it was soft and it was bigger than your brother’s when it’s hard.”

Her brother was scowling at that comment but the next question out of Becca’s mouth was, “Did you ever fuck your dad?”

“No, I really haven’t thought about it too much. I love him and I have fantasized a little bit about him, but I don’t know if I could ever go through with it.”

Becca hesitated then said, “I want to see it. Would that bother you if I tried Julie?”

“It’s fine with me, ever since the divorce two years ago I don’t think he’s had a date, so I don’t think he has had any sex except for masturbating. Plus I like you and I could see you and my dad mutually satisfying your desires.”

Without thinking Becca got up and walked up the stairs. At the top landing she looked and found the only door closed and assumed it was Big Jim’s. She didn’t hesitate, as the alcohol had dulled any hesitation she may have had. She walked in quietly but not too quiet and closed the door behind her.

She could see his body silhouetted in the moonlight coming from the window. He was sleeping on his back though not snoring. She paused only long enough for her eyes to adjust and she removed her clothes except for her brassiere. She gently lifted the covers and slid in beside Jim.

She snuggled up against his arm, pressing her body next to his warm arm. She extended her arm over his chest and watched as his breathing made her arm rise and fall. He stirred slightly but did not awaken. She basked in his warmth and his nice big body next to her.

She felt herself get wet as she slid her hand down his chest and onto his stomach. Her fingers came up to the waistband on his shorts and she carefully maneuvered them inside the waistband. Her finger softly traced down and she could feel his pubic hair as her hand inched closer.

Then she could feel the beginning of his penis and as her hand moved down the length she came to realize Julie was right it was Huge. She couldn’t even get her whole hand around the circumference it was too large. The fact she having this monster in her hand really turned her on. She now was stroking him and could feel the blood rushing to his member as it grew in her hand, only constrained by the shorts he wore.

When it had been a few minutes and he was quite hard Jim slowly awoke, without even thinking he helped her remove his shorts. In doing so he removed the covers and she could now see him grow to full length in the moonlight. She was stroking him with one hand while nuzzling him; he finally awoke from his stupor and realized who was in the bed beside him. He sat up on his elbows and she also sat up.

He stammered “Do you know what you are doing? I am old enough to be you father!” Rebecca assured him she knew exactly what she was doing and he should just lie back and enjoy it. She was very convincing, as he did what he was told and during the whole exchange Becca had not stopped bursa escort bayan stroking his fully erect cock. She could clearly see in the low light that this was a cock she had only seen pictures, it was 11 inches long and the girth had to be eight or nine inches. As she stroked she didn’t think this cock would fit in her tight pussy. She was small framed and though she had fucked a few guys; never had she fucked one with a cock anywhere near this size.

She didn’t stop though; she felt she owed him at least a hand job or blowjob for waking him this way. And besides, she thought, she liked the power she felt over Jim.

She had not laid back down but instead started to use both hands on his cock. She then bent over and tried to put it in her mouth.

She opened her mouth and succeeded in only getting the head in her mouth, but she knew it was enough because he began to moan at this point. She continued stroking, alternating licking his cock like a Popsicle and placing the tip in her mouth.

For his part, his hand had found her bra and removed it with one hand and he had reached around to caress her breasts and nipples. His expert touch had them erect and sending signals to her clit that this was very very good. She felt herself get wetter as time progressed.

His hand then moved down over her hairless mons and he dipped a finger into her wet pussy. Sliding up and down he found her clit with the ease of someone who had done this before many times.

Now she was moaning as they both aroused each other uninterrupted. Soon she was on the verge of cumming and she hoped he was too. She now was matching his agility on her clit with her stroking of his cock.

Soon he had her cumming and she only slowed to savor the feeling then began with renewed fervor to make him cum. It wasn’t too long either; the sound of her moaning as she orgasmed and the wetness he felt as well as the contractions on his fingers excited him even more so that soon, with her mouth over his cock head, he began to spurt.

She caught the first load in her mouth and it almost choked her as she pulled away she watched. He came in flying spurt after gushing spurt till the last contractions, she felt as his cock could only push the spunk dribbling out of the tip.

Rebecca grabbed his shorts and cleaned him up as best she could and lay down beside him as she also pulled the sheets over them. She simply said, “I’m going to sleep here tonight, OK with you?”

But it wasn’t a question, it was a statement and Jim could do nothing but close his eyes and with one arm around this beautiful young woman close his eyes and let her fall asleep in his arms.

The next morning Rebecca awoke before Jim did. She wanted to see more of him in the daylight so she carefully went to the bathroom in the hallway. After relieving her bladder, she was going back to Jim’s room when she heard noises coming from Julie’s room. She walked right in to find her brother on top of Julie fucking her while her legs were high in the air. They didn’t miss a beat when she said, “Morning.”

Julie replied and asked, “What are you up to?”

Becca responded, “I am going to get your dad’s cock in my pussy this morning. I was too drunk last night and he came so quickly when I was jerking him off, I didn’t have a chance.”

Julie just said, “You have fun now.” Her brother never stopped pounding her pussy with his cock.

She went back in Jim’s room to find him seated on the bed facing away from the door with his hands on his face. She leapt onto the bed, wrapping her arms around his neck from behind announcing, “I want that big cock of yours in my pussy now!” Jim was beside himself as he stumbled on his words, trying to make excuses why he couldn’t or shouldn’t, but it didn’t matter to Rebecca, she had already begun by taking his cock in her hands and placing the tip in her mouth. She could feel his member grow very fast and he suddenly realized that he must give in and lifted her onto the bed so that her pussy was on his face as she was sucking him off.

He was very experienced in licking a woman’s pussy and soon had Becca moaning and flooding his face with her juices. His hands ran over her back and down her arms and back to cup her ass cheeks. Then his hands moved to her front and caressed her breasts and nipples like he was handling fine china, very softly and carefully. The effect on Becca’s body was instant as her nipples sent signals to her clit which in turn made her cum on the spot.

He didn’t relent and continued to lick and tease her clit and soon she was cumming again and she could feel the wetness pour from her pussy. She knew he was having fun as his cock began to twitch, so she changed tactics and marveled at the long veins up and down his shaft as she licked the length like an ice cream cone.

He was enjoying this when Becca decided its now or never, “I am going to get that cock in my pussy.”

She moved her ass and cunt right up sliding away escort bursa from his face and while crouched above him, facing his feet she grasped his stiff member and lowered her pussy to his cock. She rubbed the tip up and down, her slit rubbing the head once on her clit. Just to make sure it was wet, but both of them were as wet as could be.

She placed the tip at the opening of her cunt and lowered herself onto his cock. At first she could only get the head in, as her opening was being stretched to the limit but after pushing down for a few minutes she managed to get about four inches in her pussy.

She stopped and decided she had to take it slow as she felt so stuffed she didn’t know if she could fit any more of this monster cock into her. So she began to rise up and slowly began to fuck as much of his cock as she could fit.

Up and down she rode and she certainly was wet enough, because after a few minutes, at every down stroke his cock went a little deeper. Not much each time but enough that she realized it was going in. He was filling her up and soon she had almost ¾ of his penis buried in her snatch.

It felt so good but she was stretched to the limit and when she finally hit bottom she knew it was almost too much; she was at the threshold of any more and it would hurt her. She had felt it when he had reached her cervix about halfway down his shaft and she didn’t think he could go any deeper, but she had pushed him past that now she was riding up and all the way down his shaft.

It began with warmth spreading in her groin and sent jolts to her breasts, but soon she was flooding his cock with her juices as she had a tremendous orgasm. It was so explosive she just lay back on top of Jim and his cock slid so only the tip was in her pussy. As his arms enveloped her body she reached down and, as his cockhead slipped out of her cunt, she pressed it against her wet slit and began rocking her hips.

The motion caused his cockhead to slide from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top, rubbing her clitoris and extending the orgasmic bliss she was in. This only lasted for five strokes as she felt his cock swell and as she opened he eyes she watched a thick white rope of semen launch up over her and land on her right breast leaving a trail down to her pussy.

The next spurt went as high but landed in between her breasts, the next few were just as far as her belly button and she could feel his throbbing member spew and dribble the rest all over her vaginal opening.

As soon as she caught her breath she felt a tongue licking her nipple and looking now directly into Julie’s eyes as she continued to lap up her father’s cum all the way down to Becca’s pussy.

Up to this point Jim did not realize what was happening until a mouth sucked in his softening cock and he knew it wasn’t Becca’s as she was still lying on his chest. He sat up to see his little girl with his cum soaked cock in her mouth. Ben, Rebecca’s brother was standing naked right beside her. He was helpless to do anything as his penis betrayed what he thought he should do and he was hard again in record time.

When Julie removed her mouth long enough to speak she simply said,

“Dad I love you and have wanted to fuck you since Mom divorced you. I just didn’t have the guts until I watched you fuck Rebecca just now. I watched the whole thing and I am so hot and wet I want to feel you inside me right now.” He was speechless as she then lay down next to him, kissed him and said,

“Its ok dad, fuck me now, please fuck me hard.”

Becca rolled off Jim as he got between his daughter’s legs. Becca began to kiss Julie then went down and sucked a nipple in her mouth with one hand while the other played with her bother’s breast. Then Jim placed his cock at the entrance to his little girl’s pussy.

She guided it in and as Becca’s brother had just recently cum in her pussy. She and Eric had had been watching them fuck while they both played with each other. He slid in very easily. She was built larger than Becca and though her pussy was tight he was able to penetrate her much easier.

He wasn’t going to last long as the sheer excitement of what he was doing drove him to thrust faster and faster with each stroke. Soon he was there and he emptied his cock into her cunt filling her up more. He then collapsed out of breath on the bed next to them both.

Later Rebecca realized that she needed to take it a little easy as her pussy was sore from the fucking she had gotten from big Jim. She didn’t regret it, she was just sore, very sore. She wasn’t interested in sex for a few days for only the reason she had been so satisfied.

She had talked to Julie a few times over the last days and she had now moved into her dad’s bedroom and was making sure he was getting sex regularly. Julie assured her that she was welcome anytime, as her dad had really enjoyed fucking Becca’s tight cunt. He said it was one of the best sexual experiences ha had ever had. This had made her blush and excited her too. She promised she would come again sometime.

She had confided in her brother about the soreness, as she did not want him to think she had spurned him for any other reason.

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