Reading Stories

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It was almost ten o’clock and the house was all quite. Hollie and her friend from college, Dawn, had gone out earlier and Anne had taken some medicine to help her sleep thru the night so she would be out the rest of the night and not even a tornado would wake her. With the house all peaceful I set down in the den and turn on the computer thinking now I might have time to finish up some projects I had been needing to. Just as I got to the end of a story and sent it thru the spell check I heard the door to the kitchen open and shut. Turning the monitor off I figured I had better go and see what was up and who came home early.

In the kitche I find Dawn getting a Sprite from the fridge. “Hey Dawn, how come you home early?”

“Well the blind date was a no?go Mr. Smythe” you say and sit on a barstool.

“No bang for your buck huh” I say teasinly and laughing.

Opening the fridge to get a beer out for me I catch a glimpse of you on the stool in the light of the fridge. You are wearing a purple short sleeved dress that falls to above your knee.

“Did I wake you up Mr. Smythe? I was trying to be quiet while getting a drink” you say.

“Oh no, I was awake, in fact had just sat down at the computer and was attempting to finish some stuff I had started last weekend that I was off.”

I see you eyeing my beer like you would really like one but I think of something sle you might like and ask if you would like a wine cooler?

“Sure” you say, “as long as you don’t mind with being just 19.”

I tell you that as long as you are under my roof you are like one of my own and as long as you stay put you are more than welcome to anything you like in the fridge. I start to head off to the den to get back to work and I ask if you would like to come in there with me. Off we go into the den. I move behind my desk and sit down and turn on the monitor as you ome in and sit down on the couch behind me.

“What are you working on” you ask curiously.

“Nothing much really, just a side deal I have going on over the internet.” I answer.

“Oh, you doing some ankara escort bayan hacking?”

“Not hardly” I laugh.”Can you keep a secret?” I watch you nod your head yes as you take a drink of the cooler. “I write up adult fantasy letters to get posted on the net. I go into rooms and watch different people role?play and get idea for different stories, then I have a webpage that I post all of my stories on.”

“Really?” you ask. I nod my head yes as this time I am the one taking a drink of beer thinking I cant believe I just told my daughters roommate about my secret. I watch as you unfold your legs from under you and cross them in front of you. “May I read one Mr. Smythe?”

As I think about it I see you run your pink tongue along your lips and quickly I agree that you can read one and I ask what kind of scenario would you like to read about?

“Pick one out for me, surprise me.”

With that I scroll thru and find the very first story I ever had posted. It is about a man watching a woman from within her closet. Pulling it up I motion for you to come sit in my chair as I get up, “would you like another cooler” I ask as you sit down and begin to read. “Yes please”

So off I go to get you and me both another cold drink. When I come back i see that you are deeply engorssed with the story and that you are rubbing your legs together in the chair. Standing over your shoulders I reach over you and set the drink down in front of you, you turn to look and our faces are very close to each other. “Thank you” you whisper and continue to read. Standing like I am I can look over your shoulder and down the front of your buttons and can see the tops of your breast as they rise and fall with your quickening breath.

Slowly I bend down so my mouth is close to your ear and whisper, “Is the story good for you Dawn?” All you do is nod your head. Softly I kiss your bare neck and a soft moan escapes your lips. “Tell me, does it make you want to touch yourself” I ask breathlessly in your ear. You softly whisper that Yes it does. I tell you to touch yourself then, enjoy elvankent escort the story as much as you like. My words sinking in I see your left hand move on your leg as start to pull up the hem of your dress til finally it slips under it and disappears from sight. I kiss your neck and rub your shoulders as you start moving your hand under your dress while still trying to read. Finally you come to the end.

“Is there a part two to that story?”

“Yes” I answer between kisses, “would you like to read it now?”

I suck on your neck and shoulder. “Not if you are going to keep this up” your answer. I lift up your hair and kiss across the back of your neck to the other side so I have a new ear to nibble on. I look down in your lap and I see that you have not stopped playing with yourself even though you are not reading the story. Slowly I move my hand down your left arm until my hand is with your under your dress. My hand is on top of your as you move it over your pussy, I can feel the heat radiating out from you. Slipping my fingers between yours I feel that you are shaved smooth. I move forward some and you turn back to me and we begin to kiss. Shyly at first then our tongues take over with thier own agendas and beging to roll around in each others mouths. With my free hand I begin to undo the buttons on your dress till they are all open and I spread the dress open revealing our hands and your breast that are barely contained in a see thru lacey black bra.

“You look absolutely sexy” I tell you as I move and stand so as I can hel p you stand up also. I start to undress and you unhook your bra and are now standing there in front of me nude. As quick as I can get naked also I lead you to the desk dragging my chair behind us and I sit you up on my desk and then I sit in the chair and pull myself up to you. Bending down I get my first taste of your nectar as my tongue glides in between your now damp lips. I work my tongue up and down your slit, penetrating you with it, circeling your swollen clit also. I feel your fingers running thru my hair etlik escort bayan as I glue my mouth to you sucking your clit to my mouth as I work my tongue all over your bare cunt. Faster and faster I lick at you, tasting all of you, rolling my tongue around inside of you. I hear you whimpering as you pull at my hair some now. With a few more licks of my flat tongue pressing against you I feel your cunt contract and you cum, juices actually flow from your cunt and I lap them up like I am dehydrated. When I feel your spasams subsiding I sit up straight and pull you down into my lap but with your back to me. I hold my cock steady as you slowly slide it in between your puffy wet lips and I watch myself disappear inside of your oh so tight cunt. Finally you sit down on me completely. I pull you back so your back is against my chest and I reach around and massage your full breast, pulling and tweeking your nipples. You start to move your hips against me with urgency,taking all of me with each downward stroke, filling you up completely. I feel your hand slide down and you begin to fondle my balls as you continue to ride my hardness and I pull on your nipples making them super stiff.

“Oh yes!! This feels so good. I wanna feel you cun inside of my hot cunt Mr Smythe, will you do that for me?” you ask and give my full aching balls a playful squezze.

“Yes” I groan out. “But first I want you to turn around and face me so I can see your pretty face when you feel my hot seed firing inside of you.”

You raise up just enough to turn around then you sink back down on to me and start riding me fast. I can feel my cum boiling in my balls and I know it wont be long til you get your wish to have me cumming. I sit up and kiss and suck on your nipples as I get so close to my own orgasam.

“Oh God” you moan “here I cum, cum with me!”

That is all the encouragement I need and I grab your hips and pull you down to me tight just as my first jet of cum fires from my cock into your milking cunt. My cock throbs as it is buried deep inside of you squirting my hot seed and your cunt muscles are pulling and squeezing me also. After a few moments we both settle down and your are laid against my chest with your head on my shoulder.

I whisper in your ear, “I hope all my stories have this kinda effect on you” and I give your ass a playful squezze.

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