Raven Robinson Ep. 11

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The sun was slow in rising on Friday morning. Raven woke thinking of Sam. Sam naked on her bed. Sam writhing in pleasure, as Raven licked and sucked her quivering clit.

The memory was one she had thought she’d savor forever and stirred the young girl to begin touching herself beneath the covers. She rubbed the new silken sheets of her bed against her tingling flesh.

The bedsheets had been one last gift Liz had surprised her with last evening after Sam had left. Liz claimed that the ones she’d had before were too childish and so, she had once again taken it upon herself as Raven’s new step-mom to intercede.

The old sheets were childish after all. They were the same ones she’d had since she was fourteen or so and they had little cartoon characters on them. Of course with yesterday’s fun they also smelled of sex and sweat and bore stains that told the naughty tale.

The new sheets which were not truly new sheets at all, told their own tales as well. Liz had told Raven they were the sheets from her old bed, before she’d moved in. Raven secretly hoped they hadn’t been too thoroughly washed.

She imagined that they must not have been because she swore they smelled of Liz — but this could have been her own dirty mind playing pleasant tricks. Raven decided she didn’t care one way or the other as long as she could think what she wanted as she breathed in their scent and fingered herself to a warm orgasm.

It occurred to her then that despite yesterday’s hot sex with Sam — it was thoughts of Liz that really got her going good. Liz’s amazing ass, and her own small hands caressing it with lotion, as a simple task became an all out massage before being interrupted by Sam’s arrival.

This realization may have troubled some girls, to Raven it only seemed curious. Not a bad way to start a Friday she thought.

Meanwhile, Liz was sorting laundry. Absentmindedly she tossed several things in the washer. When her eyes came to rest on the heap that was Raven’s bedsheets she became nearly entranced.

She pulled the sheets from the bin and held them to her soft sexy nose. She breathed them in with all the force she had letting their essence fill her head. The eroticism of the act was a better kick-start to her day than Folgers or Starbucks could box and brew.

Liz was determined to succeed today. She had been so close yesterday but had been stopped short. She was initially very upset about that.

The call she had gotten from Mina had much to do with her anger. It was unbelievable. Mina, who she thought was her oldest friend only days before had gone completely nuts.

When she arrived at Mina’s house the woman was in hysterics — screaming shrilly when her demands had been refused. Mina had called her over to bribe her, in the hope of securing Raven as her next pet model.

Liz was in shock at this ; she felt guilty for even introducing her step-daughter to the woman. When Liz had refused flatly and without hesitation Mina’s red curls looked like fire as she came at Liz scratching and shrieking. Liz eventually untangled herself and went for the door. The last thing she heard Mina say was

“You’ll be sorry”

Liz was sorry, but not for Mina. She was sorry for exposing Raven to a monster, and she was sorry her perfectly laid plans had been foiled by a madwoman. In her present driven state, eyes firmly fixed on her goal she did not allow herself to dwell on negative thoughts.

Seduction when done right takes all a person’s attention and failure this Friday was not acceptable. To further pump herself up mentally Liz decided to work out physically.

She went for a run and when she got back she took off her shoes and pulled out her yoga mat. All great athletes stretched before a big game. In Liz’s mind the same rule applied to the art of seduction

Raven heard soft measured breathing from around the corner as she passed the living room. Liz was there with her butt in the air bending forward in what yoga people called child’s pose. Raven had no idea what the name of it was but she didn’t care. She stopped and stood there taking in the sight imaging what she’d say if Liz noticed her looking.

Still, a moment later when Liz had noticed she could only stutter. “You just gunna watch or you wanna learn some moves? I’d be more than happy to show you what I know. It’s really easy and you’ll feel great afterward.”

Raven reply was a shy refusal saying she didn’t have work out shorts clean. “Well if that’s all that’s stopping you just take off those pants and do some moves in your undies babe, no ones coming over this morning and I’m not even taking calls after that fiasco yesterday.”

Raven tried to think of a good reply but could only manage a lazily forced shrug and nod. She stepped out of her jeans and to Liz’s growing delight she saw that Raven was wearing the purple panties she had bought yesterday. “Wearing them already, must like em’ huh?”

Another nod from Raven as she approached the mat with escort dikmen visible apprehension. Liz was there to reassure her. She stood behind the younger girl and gently moved her limbs showing her each motion slowly first on herself and then in mimic with Raven’s arms or legs neck, back and sometimes her butt. Raven was silent through the whole routine which lasted nearly forty minutes but seemed like hours.

She could feel her nipples hardening and could see them poking through her Cribs t-shirt. (the band, not the tv show, Raven hates that show) When they were done Raven was at once relieved and disappointed.

She said ” Wow. That stuff really works. I do feel pretty good. Thanks Liz.”

“I knew you’d take to it hon’ it’s just so relaxing you can do it with from now on if you like, I do it every other morning for an hour or so.”

“Yeah, I think I will, but… You’ll have to show me all the moves again. At least for the first few weeks” Liz couldn’t help but laugh happily at this suggestion, she could think of few things she would enjoy more.

The girls went to a deli for lunch and talked about possible summer plans. Bob would be home on Monday but it wouldn’t be long before he was on the road again. Liz said she thought the girls ought to take a trip of their own soon.

Liz was a big supporter of world travel though she hadn’t been anywhere herself. Still, she insisted that before a person committed to school and studies they needed to let themselves cut loose and have fun for a year or two.

She said it was something she didn’t do, and always regretted it. “Honestly I was in school for five whole semesters before I learned how to have a good time”.

Liz began to pitch the idea with a speech ” I’ve never felt so foolish as when I realized I had wasted over half of my college life doing nothing but homework. For me of course, it was sports that pulled me out of it. I know your dad probably mentioned my running track and playing basketball at Tennessee. It’s cute really the way he glorifies it. Those short trips convinced me of the value of travel, seeing places, meeting people.”

Raven sat contentedly listening. She was learning about Liz and fantasizing at The same time.

Liz went on. “I hardly got out of the South before graduation. Except for the one time my senior year when we made the Elite 8 and I got to go to New York City and see The Garden.” Raven wasn’t much for sports herself but was having fun all the same imagining Liz in short shorts jumping up and down with her boobs bouncing.

She could tell the whole story was putting Liz in a good mood so she easily agreed when her step-mom suggested that they go watch a softball game.

The local girls were getting trounced but the visiting pitcher was a smoking hot Hispanic chick with a truly luscious ass. Both of the girls thoroughly enjoyed watching her bend and throw in repetition and laughed at themselves later when neither could recall the end score.

Liz told her on the way home that she was planning a special dinner. She was making homemade pizzas. “It’s your favorite right hon’?” Raven nodded with a smile.

Liz’s continued commitment to prove how well she knew Raven was working . While waiting for the pizzas to bake the girls decided to try out Raven’s new record player.

They put on the Elvis Costello album and before long they were dancing in the dining room. Liz sang “Sneaky Feelins” word for word and Raven swayed back and forth wondering if she was misreading the situation.

The food was fantastic and while they ate the phone rang. Liz looked to see who it was and didn’t pick up.

She said it wasn’t important but Raven persisted in asking who it was. Liz relented. “It’s Mina. But after yesterday I don’t even want to talk to that woman”

After more prodding and questioning Liz eventually broke down and told her step-daughter of the exchange from the day before.

“I feel terrible for having introduced you, really. And Sam, your friend, I’m worried about her too. But it’s not my place to tell her mother. She’s twenty-one now and can make her own choices.” Raven would still have to call Sam tomorrow and ask her what was up. But not tonight.

When they had finished dinner Liz poured them glasses of red wine. Raven wasn’t much of a wine drinker but for some reason she was loving it tonight.

The drunkenness excited her and made her think increasingly bold thoughts. Mid way through her third glass she proposed that they take their party outside — to the hot tub.

They took the wine with them as they jumped in. The cool night air was chilly and feeling a little damp. Raven tried rather unsuccessfully to avoid staring at Liz’s chest.

Her bikini top was bulging with her magnificent breasts. Raven emptied the contents of her glass and a single gulp and said ” I wish I had boobs like yours Liz. They’re so nice.” She burped blushed and giggled in succession.

“Aww thanks escort elvankent babe, but their really not all that great. I mean yeah their big. Bigger than average for sure, but they still have their drawbacks. I mean I’d much rather have smaller ones myself, but more round, like yours”.

Raven raised an eyebrow at this, “Really? Whats a drawback of having such a fantastic rack? “

“Oh, much much more than you’d think. Early back problems for one. Plus when I’m old they’ll sag and hang and I most certainly won’t want to be showing them off”

Liz had leaned in close and now she and Raven were nearly touching. “Yep, I think if I had my choice I’d definitely go for something smaller.”

At this point Liz reached out and slowly began to move Raven’s bikini top aside exposing one pert breast, the nipple of which was hard and and stiff. Raven was short of breath and felt the incredible weight of the moment.

Just then it began to pour cold spring rain. The girls looked up and began to laugh and giggle until a lightening bolt struck and they were sent running inside.

All the lights in the house were off, the power must have gone out in the storm just as it had nearly a week before.

Raven toweled off while Liz went and got some candles from the kitchen she lit a few and then glanced over at Raven dry but with wet black hair still dripping.

“Oh doll, you’re shivering. We better get you outta those wet clothes and warm you on up. You might actually get sick” She winked at this and suddenly Raven was as horny as she’d ever been in her eighteen years.

She took off her bathing suit and let it crumple on the floor, When Liz came over to wrap her in a fresher towel Raven made her move. She fake stumbled into Liz’s waiting arms and fell into her, feeling her ample breasts push against her own flesh.

When Liz reached in to stabilize her Raven went in for the real thing — a full on, mouth to mouth kiss. She tasted the rainwater and wine on Liz’s lips. Instead of pulling away Liz surprised her by kissing back, she backed away slightly but only so as to open her mouth wider and give a more passionate kiss.

Liz’s hot tongue danced over Raven’s own and soon they were locked in an intense tongue sucking make out session. Liz tilted the younger girl’s head back and stared into her green eyes as she worked her magic. Liz Robinson was an amazing kisser, she honestly believed that one kiss was all it would take to make anyone hers forever. It had worked on Bob and she hadn’t even given that a full effort. Raven let out soft moans of excitement and lust.

Liz was loving every second of this. Even Raven’s spit tasted sweet. Standing over the smaller girl and gazing down into her beautiful face was so stimulating she was tempted to take her to the floor and do her right there on the living room carpet.

The faint light from the candles enhanced the glow of pale white skin, perfect and inviting. Liz wanted to taste every single inch of the body before her.

The older woman fought the urge to get down on her knees and bury her face in Raven’s nearly virgin sex. No, that would come just a little later. Liz knew that in taking her time she would greatly improve the experience for both of them, so with some reservation she broke the embrace of the long sensual kiss.

When she did this Raven made a sound of mmmhmm’s and tried to move in once more, sticking her small tongue out hungrily trying to part Liz’s lips once more. Liz only licked her own lips and took Raven by her hand. She walked backwards swaying her hips as she went pulling her step-daughter slowly towards the master bedroom.

Inside after Liz had once again lit several candles for light she peeled off her still wet bathing suit and let at her feet.

Raven beheld the sight of Liz’s bare skin, perfectly toned, smooth and soft. Her breasts were big, as were her nipples. They were begging to be licked and sucked.

Raven stepped forward running her hand across Liz’s chest. She put on the sexiest look she could, trying to make her eyes alone say ‘Fuck me, please fuck me’

The actual effect was different for Liz, to her those emerald eyes showed both innocence and a little fear. It was still arousing to be sure but suddenly she wanted very badly to hold Raven and protect her from the harsh world.

Raven made a move to begin licking a nipple but she didn’t get far before Liz stopped her for a second time, and the young girl was now scared that her fantasy come to life would begin crashing down around her.

Her fear abated when Liz took her by the slender waist, and turned her toward the bed and spoke

“not tonight baby, tonight I get to do you. You just relax and get ready for the best night of your life. I’m a teacher remember? Tonight I’m going to teach you all sorts of wonderful things about a woman’s body. Of course if you want, we can have a little pop-quiz tomorrow and you can show me what you learn. But tonight escort emek is all about you”

With this Liz laid Raven’s small body delicately on her bed. She had seen it all before, during her sick-day examination but tonight she would finally taste the skin she had been dreaming about for nights on end.

She began with yet more kissing, brushing aside shimmering wet black locks. She then began to lick at Raven’s slight neck kissing it softly. The feel of their bodies so close together was electric and the atmosphere was enhanced by the sounds of the storm outside.

Liz looked up again at Raven who had her eyes closed and made quiet sounds of joy. Liz said ” You know when I was your age, I would always masturbate during thunderstorms, hell, I still do” she laughed to herself and began again to move lower on Raven.

When she reached the small breasts she licked them with fierce passion. She sucked on them lightly flicking the stiff nipples with her tongue. She made circular motions with her mouth and when she finally stopped and took her mouth off a spit soaked left tit she saw that it was slightly red with stimulation. She silently wondered if she could give a hickey to an entire breast.

Next she kissed at Raven’s slim abs tasting the young girls excitement induced sweat. She ran her tongue down Raven’s skinny tummy and kissed her tiny belly button — an outie that looked so cute she could have cried.

By now she was finally at the sweetest spot of all. Raven’s pussy was already dripping wet with anticipation.

Liz’s first taste of it nearly drove her mad with lust. First she just licked the surface, not parting the lips. When she finally drove her tongue inside she licked gingerly enjoying the sounds of Raven’s intense pleasure. The slit itself was small and delicate. Liz worked her magic probing deep.

She moved side to side and up and down the nectar of was sweeter than she ever imagined it would be. As she located the clit. Liz flicked it gently and then began to suck on the tiny piece of ultra-sensitive womanhood.Raven yelled in lustful bliss and came harder than she ever had before.

She looked down at Liz who was pulling away a little. Raven was embarrassed for having cum so quickly and was red faced. Liz only smiled as the wetness ran down her chin.

She saw Raven’s reaction and said ” don’t worry babe, I love that you came so hard. It was really sexy. Now I’ll get to have even more fun cleaning you up”.

Liz went back to work lapping up Raven’s messy pussy like a woman on a mission — when she was done she nuzzled Raven’s vagina with her nose, giggling all the while.

“All clean. You have the cutest little pussy I’ve ever seen. And the the taste — your juices have me more buzzed than all that wine we drank. Now turn over and put that butt in the air. I’m going to show you something really, really kinky. It’s what happened to me the first time I had sex with another girl.”

Raven was curious about that — but as it was she was too turned on to get into a conversation so she just did as she was told.

At first Liz was only kissing her butt, licking the cheeks to Raven’s surprised arousal. Then she spit on Raven’s ass and watched as it drizzled slowly down the crack. She gently began to push apart the cheeks exposing a puckered hole.

The sensation of her tongue there was exhilarating in such a naughty way Raven couldn’t help but reach down and begin caressing her pussy as Liz’s tongue darted inside her ass. She worked it in and out, just the tip at first, and then gradually went deeper and deeper. Liz slobbered and licked and kissed and sucked the younger girl’s supple butt. It wasn’t long before Raven was cumming again, still fingering herself.

She pulled her fingers out and licked them clean. Liz, was right. It did taste sweet and the smell of fresh sex was intoxicating.

She moaned Liz’s name and eventually rolled away spent feeling as though she might be falling in love with this woman. Her own step-mom. Raven expected that with her cue and show of exhaustion that playtime was over. She was wrong, oh so very fantastically wrong.

Liz got down off the bed for a second and went digging in her bedside drawer. She pulled out the strap-on and fixed it around her slender waist.

Raven’s eyes widened as she saw the size of it. She never anticipated this and suddenly for the first time she was glad she had let Robbie Newman take her virginity almost eight months ago — it was an experience she regretted ever since ; and truth be told she hadn’t wanted to do it.

It was sort of her last ditch effort to be normal and straight. However the whole thing just re-affirmed in her mind that men were out for her, at least sexually.

She felt a little bad at the way it had all went down and Robbie hadn’t spoken to her since that night. Raven suspected he sensed her reluctance for a repeat affair as a rejection of him, and his abilities.

Still Raven hadn’t had the heart or the guts to tell Robbie the truth of the matter. Yet now she was immensely glad this wouldn’t be the first time she experienced real penetration.

Liz was careful not to hurt her. Entering for the first time she took it very slow and eased her toy inside Raven’s waiting pussy.

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