Race to Eleven Ch. 06

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Pooja was shocked with Rita’s message. It was something beyond she had imagined. She knew that Rita was a slut but a complete submission to Raghav was really startling for her. She wanted to know everything from Raghav. Raghav filled Pooja with all the escapades with Rita and Kamna.

Pooja was all fucked up. She wanted her husband to be a man for many women, but she thought that his man is fucking on breeding spree. Pooja knew she was walking on a very thin line. But her pussy was on fire after hearing all the sex talk.

“Bastard, you are on fucking breeding spree.” Pooja said, laughing.

“I don’t know. It’s some monster of me takes over me. I just want to hell dominate them and use them for my pleasure. I know I have gone a step ahead.” Raghav said, somewhere knowing he has crossed the line.

“Motherfucker, you enjoy fucking those sluts. You are making them whores. And pumping your cum in their fertile pussy. What line you are talking about?” Pooja said, rubbing his cock.

Raghav’s cock was getting hard again.

“Baby, you love to cheat your wife and have these women in your bed. And I the most idiot wife, who loves when her husband goes fucking around. But you don’t dare to forget me and my cunt.” Pooja said, giving him a hard kiss.

Raghav just nodded. He knew he can’t live without Pooja. He picked her up and took to the bedroom. Raghav fucked Pooja again hard, making her cum twice. Raghav came in her pussy. Pooja was hell of tired with the fucking she got. She immediately went to sleep.

On Monday, Raghav reached office and kept the DVD in Dolly’s drawer, before her notice that it was missing. Dolly, came to office and was as energetic in her work as always. Raghav gave stares to her bubby ass and boobs whenever she was not noticing the same.

Dolly found something strange with Raghav and his glares, but continued with her work. Her pussy tingled with the knowledge that Raghav was staring at her ass and boobs. At the evening, Dolly left for the day. Raghav, curiously checked Dolly’s drawers, but he didn’t found what he was expecting.

As Raghav reached home, he was greeted to the smile, which made her head go merry. Kavita was back from her shopping spree and both entered their apartment lift.

“Good evening Mrs. Malhotra. My dull day has just got brightened. I wish we could have met in the morning.” Raghav said honestly.

“Oh my my. So much flattery. Raghav, you know how to make a woman feel happy. And we had a deal. It’s Kavita.” Kavita said, her smile getting wider.

“I am so sorry. Kavita, Mrs. Malhotra must be always energetic and happy. I really envy him.” Raghav said.

“Shut up Raghav. Don’t flatter me so much. How is Pooja? Do come for a dinner with Pooja tonight. I am alone at home. Sanjay is on a business trip and my kid is at my mother’s place.” Kavita said.

“I would love to. Let me check on Pooja and I will let you know.” Raghav said and he left with good byes.

Raghav entered the house. Pooja was still not at home. He called her but the call was unanswered. After a minute, his phone beeped with a message. It was from Pooja.

‘Baby, do you really love me?’

Raghav immediately replied ‘I love my slut.’

He got it again — ‘Time to prove it. I am going out to get fucked and drilled hard. Would you have dinner and take care of yourself tonight.’

Raghav knew Pooja was up to something. She loved to make Raghav get fucked up and ultimately horny. He texted back, ‘what are you up to slut?’

‘Oh poor baby. Jealous? Angry? Call Rita or Kamna. They would love to get your cock in their whore cunts. You may hit them today if you have not already put a baby in them.’

Raghav was furious. Was she really getting nasty with anyone other than him?

‘Baby, where are you? I just want you.’ Raghav texted.

‘Chill bastard. Reena, my cousin is in town. She is getting married next month. She needs me for her shopping. I will have dinner with her. You please order something.’

Raghav gave a relief. Pooja, as always, made Raghav horny as hell.

‘Mrs. Malhotra invited us both for a dinner today. Let’s see. Will have a dinner with her.’ Raghav texted back.

Raghav changed and got ready to leave to visit Mrs. Malhotra for a dinner. His phone beeped with a message

‘Motherfucker, enjoy the smile you love to adore. Don’t hit on Kavita. She is not a slut like Rita or Kamna. Take a bottle of a wine from a fridge. Don’t go empty hand.’

Raghav gave a smile and said to himself, ‘she is such a bitch’

Raghav took a wine bottle and left to Mrs. Malhotra’s abode. Mrs. Malhotra was happy to see Raghav as she opened the door.

Mrs. Malhotra was glowing with a smile. She was still in her saree, hugging her body perfectly, outlining her curvy figure. She was an epitome of classical Indian beauty.

“So nice of you to join today for a dinner. Where is Pooja? Is she late?” Kavita asked, letting Raghav come in.

“Oh, she got occupied with her cousin. Some wedding shopping. I kızılay escort didn’t wanted to miss the opportunity to have a dinner with the most beautiful woman, I know.” Raghav said smiling and handed over the bottle.

“Raghav, I know you love to flatter me. But I know I am too old for such comments. Thanks for the wine, though.” Kavita said.

She was blushing from inside though for the remarks. It made her happy.

“Anyone would die to be with such a gorgeous lady. I think you don’t want men to fall for you. Don’t worry, I will not take you away from Mrs. Malhotra, even if I would love to.” Raghav said, smiling and enjoying the most beautiful smile he has ever seen.

“Shut up Raghav. I don’t want to feed myself with your flirts, though I am very hungry. I have prepared a dinner to feed myself.” Kavita said blushing.

Raghav felt like he was in a heaven. Raghav helped Kavita with final preparations. Raghav and Kavita had a dinner with conversing about each other’s life. Raghav just loved Kavita smiling all the time. He wished he could see her smiling as always whenever they meet.

Kavita felt happy and loved Raghav’s company. She felt lively and being liked and adored by someone. As the dinner got over, both of them settled in the hall, glasses of wine in their hands. The alcohol had somewhat loosened them up, but both were fully conscious and aware about their surroundings.

“Pooja is really lucky to have you.” Kavita said.

“Actually, I am lucky to have her. She is a hell of a woman.” Raghav said, sipping his wine.

“You are. She is really a hell of a woman.” Kavita said, her face was without a smile for the first time for the evening.

Raghav noticed. He remembered Kamna and her fling with Mr. Malhotra.

“Everyone can’t be luckiest to have you. Mr. Malhotra is hell of luckiest one.” Raghav said, pouring more wine in their glasses.

“Raghav, don’t start again. Atleast, Sanjay don’t think so.” Kavita said, pain in her eyes.

Raghav’s heart sank, looking in her eyes. Kavita, immediately looked away as a tear dwelled in it.

“Let’s have some music. I hope you are not going to bed early.” Kavita said as she played the soothing music.

“Hell no. I am not that idiot to leave the company of the most desirable woman.” Raghav said, dancing in his chair.

“A new flattery. It’s actually too much Raghav. I am not a desirable woman. A mother of almost a teenager.” Kavita said, finishing her wine at a go.

Raghav knew there was a pain behind that smile, which he can adore his lifetime. He got up from the chair and moved behind her.

“Can I be atleast lucky to have a dance with the most beautiful woman?” Raghav said.

Kavita turned and faced Raghav, giving a laugh, “Stop your flirts. I am not a good dancer.”

“Thank God. I am saved. Otherwise I would have been embarrassed with my ugly dance moves.” Raghav said, placing his hand on her waist and pulling her towards him for a dance.

Kavita was a bit surprised but gave a laugh to Raghav’s comments.

“You are such a flirt. Pooja must be super jealous when women are around you.” Kavita said, dancing slowly in his arms.

“To be very frank, Pooja loves to see me flocking around beautiful women. She is unpredictable.” Raghav said, dancing slowly. His both hands were around her waist.

“What, you are surely lying. I know Pooja is a nutter, but loving other woman flocking around her husband is something else.” Kavita said, laughing, her both hands around the neck of Raghav while dancing slowly.

Kavita’s smile was back and Raghav was happy to see that. He wanted her to keep smiling. Wine was also getting to her. Her eyes were a bit dreamy as she looked in his eyes.

“She is a nutter. To keep her happy, I flirt with such beautiful women. Otherwise, I stay away from them.” Raghav said pulling Kavita close.

Kavita gave a big laugh.

“You womanizer. You love to be around beautiful women and you are blaming your innocent wife for that.” Kavita said looking into his eyes.

Kavita’s body was pressing against Raghav’s body for the first time. Raghav could feel her boobs placed on her chest and it felt really good.

“See, you finally accepted that you are beautiful and desirable as I am loving to be around you.” Raghav said looking in her eyes. His hands were firmly holding her waist.

Kavita was silent. She looked away from Raghav and her face was glowing with smile. She looked back at Raghav, in whose arms she was dancing merrily.

“You make woman week in their knees.” Kavita said. Her eyes were dreamy with wine, and maybe due to Raghav’s words.

“Beautiful woman make me behave like this. It’s not my fault.” Raghav said, pressing her hard on himself.

Kavita loved being pulled on to him. Her pussy tingled with the strong hold on her body by Raghav. She kept looking to Raghav and raised her face close to his face. She wanted him to kiss her. She didn’t understood what she was asking for and what would be the implications. etlik escort Her cunt was getting moist.

Raghav kept staring at her as her lips were so close to his and invitation was too tempting for him. He couldn’t control it anymore and placed his lips on her. Kavita’s eyes got closed. Her body couldn’t protest. She allowed Raghav to keep kissing her. Her mind was asking to get away but her body just didn’t allowed her to move.

After an eternity, Kavita realized her action. She broke the kiss and moved away from Raghav. Raghav let it go. Kavita was breathing hard. Her mind and body was in total turmoil. She was standing, giving her back to Raghav, analyzing what she has done.

Raghav, didn’t knew what to do. She didn’t wanted to hurt Kavita. It was not a lust. He wanted her to be happy. He was not sure whether Kavita wanted him or not. He relied on his instincts and pulled her towards her from behind.

Her bod crashed on him. Her ass hit his cock and her back was resting on his firm chest. She closed her eyes and breathed hard. She didn’t protest or utter a word.

Raghav, with her instincts, knew that she was not protesting and wanted to be loved. He pulled her saree’s pallu down, revealing her voluptuous boobs caged in her blouse. Her mangalsutra, tied around her neck, was dangling on her boobs. Her boobs were going up and down with her hard breathing.

He placed his both hands on her open navel. Her soft skin in his hands made his cock swirl in his pants. Kavita left a moan on Raghav’s hands holding her open waist firmly.

Kavita pushed her ass back to be rubbed on Raghav’s growing cock. Raghav knew for sure that she wanted him. He didn’t wanted to be in hurry and wanted to make her happy.

He kept dancing slowly, rubbing his cock on her pussy and circling her navel with his fingers. Soft moans were filled in the hall, along with the music. Kavita’s eyes were closed, though her face glowing with a smile that took Raghav’s heart away.

After few minutes, Kavita opened her eyes and turned her head back to look at Raghav. She poured her eyes into his.

“Am I really beautiful and desirable? Or you just flatter me.” Kavita asked, looking into his eyes.

“I think my cock has already presented its case. I would die for you smiling and laughing always.” Raghav said, smiling at her.

“Hmm, I can feel it. Can you make love to me? I know I am not in right state of mind, but I need you to love me. My body is on fire.” Kavita said, looking away from Raghav.

Raghav, needed no further invitation. He started licking her neck and his one hand slowly started entering her saree to reach her pussy.

Kavita gave a big moan. “Oh my god. Hmmm.”

Raghav kept nibbling her neck and his other hand reached her wet panties. He started circling her cunt over and above her panties.

Kavita kept moaning and twisting in his grips. It resulted to rub her ass vigorously on Raghav’s erect cock.

Kavita felt that she would just cum with his nibbling and touching her pussy.

“You are most desirable woman of the world and your husband is idiot id he doesn’t want you. I would die happily making love to you.” Raghav said in her ears.

He continued his nibbling. His hand entered through her panties and he entered a finger in her soaked pussy.

Kavita came hard just on entrance of Raghav’s finger in her pussy. Her moans were slow but she trembled in his arms. Raghav held her for support.

As her orgasm subsided and her breathing became normal, Raghav picked her up in her arms.

“Where are you taking me?” Kavita asked.

“To your bedroom. To show you, how much desirable you are.” Raghav said.

Kavita didn’t uttered a word and even her body didn’t protest. She wanted to be loved and to be said honestly, fucked hard. To be felt desirable and being an object of someone’s lust.

Raghav took her to the bedroom and dropped her on their marital bed. Her boobs were dancing to the tunes of her breathing, caged in her blouse. Her mangalsutra, around her neck, lying on her boobs, was making her more desirable.

“Take me please.” Kavita uttered slowly.

Raghav smiled at her and dived on her luscious body. He started undressing her slowing, kissing her entire body. Kavita was just moaning and loved every bit of it.

Kavita was fully naked and her body was an epitome of a beauty. Raghav quickly got undressed and his throbbing cock was standing in full erection. Kavita smiled, looking at his cock.

Raghav dived his face in her glowing cunt. Kavita didn’t expected it. Her mouth went wide open. He pussy was never being licked by anyone.

“What are you doing? Oh my god. Oh my god. It’s gross. No one has gone down there.” Kavita shouted, twisting wildly on the bed, trying to get away.

Raghav held her hips tightly, not allowing her to disengage. Raghav kept lapping at her wet hairy pussy. She started moaning really hard. The feeling was completely new to her and she was shaking uncontrollably.

Raghav demetevler escort kept nibbling his tongue in her cunt and it sent the sensations, she ever imagined. Her entire body was shaking and she was again on the verge of orgasm.

Her body wanted it more. She placed her both hands on his head and pushed his face hard on her pussy. She came hard and her nectar was flowing, directly on Raghav’s face.

“Oh…. Oh…. It feelllllssssss… Oh my god. Oh my god…. What are you doing to me…. Itssssss wonderfullllllll……. Cummmmmmminnnnggggggggg.” Kavita kept moaning as her orgasm was going on for a while.

Raghav kept drinking the nectar and she came like a flooding river, whose dams are broken after a very long restraint. Kavita kept pressing his head hard on her flowing pussy.

Finally, Kavita’s orgasm subsided and she let go Raghav’s head. She came to her senses.

“Oh I am so sorry Raghav. I got carried away. Did I hurt you? What you done down there. I have never came so hard. I am so sorry.” Raghav said getting up and looking at Raghav.

“I had the best nectar today. It was more intoxicating than that damn wine. I would love to keep drinking down there.” Raghav said.

Kavita just blushed and kept looking at him.

Raghav pushed her down on the bed, to make her lye on bed and Raghav bent on her, placing his cock on her pussy entrance, to fuck her in missionary position.

“You are most desirable woman, I have ever met.” Raghav said and entered her wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhh. Oh my god. Hmmmmm.” Kavita moaned loudly. Her face was showing a bliss. It glowed with her earlier orgasm and the pleasure of cock throbbing in her pussy.

“Damn, you are so tight woman. It’s tighter than a virgin. Oh fuckkk. How come a baby came out from such a tight pussy?” Raghav said pushing harder in her unused tight pussy.

“Ohhhh….. You are tearing me. I am not used to take such thick penis. In fact, I am not use to take anything down there, since a very long time.” Kavita said, a sweet pain, rising in her whole body.

She felt as if someone was taking her virginity again. And this time, it was pleasurable.

“Fuck you woman. You are just wonderful. Your cunt is sucking my cock so hard.”

Kavita blushed and smiled. She was not use to hear the words like ‘cock, cunt, pussy.’

Raghav noticed it and shouted again, “I think your depraved cunt will suck in my cock dry.”

These words made Kavita hornier. She wanted to get fucked hard now. Raghav could see lust in her eyes, but she just moaned.

“Tell me what do you want Kavita? Tell me.” Raghav said, started moving his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

Kavita just kept moaning and looking lustfully at him.

“Tell me Kavita, do you want my cock to pound your pussy hard? Do you want to ram it deep till your fucking womb?” Raghav said, making her to talk dirty.

Kavita was moving, below Raghav’s thrust like a wild cat. She was never being talked dirty while having sex. It was arousing her like a lava building up in her pussy. She wanted to be seen as an object of lust. Getting fucked as a desirable sex object.

Finally her restraint broke. She shouted, “Fuckk me with your monster cock. Ram it in my pussssyyyyy. Ohhhhhhh…. Hraderrrrrrrr.”

Raghav got what he wanted. Kavita was now loving the fucking she was getting.

Raghav kept pounding her for a very long time. Kavita kept talking dirty. She kept shouting at Raghav, looking into her eyes, to pound her harder and harder.

Kavita cam, twice on his cock. The bed sheets were completely soaked. Raghav was also on the verge. His thrusts became long and hard.

Kavita sensed it. She whispered to Raghav, “Cum in me, you stud. I want it deep down there. My tubes are tied. Just cum in me. Fuckkkk. I want it.”

Raghav increased his thrusts and came deep in her protected pussy. Her flood gates opened once again and she came again for the night.

Completely exhausted, both laid in each other’s arms. Kavita was satisfied like never before. Her eyes closed and she slumbered in a deep sleep. Her blissful face was glowing. Raghav tried to capture that bliss in his eyes and heart.

Raghav got up quietly. He covered her naked body with a blanket and left the house, getting dressed.

He looked at his watch to notice that he was very late. He reached his abode to find the door open. Raghav entered the house to find Pooja and her cousin Reena, were sitting of sofa, verifying their shopping items.

As soon as he entered, Reena got up from the sofa and hugged Raghav tight. Raghav was startled for such a sudden attack. Her boobs crashed on her chest. Raghav looked at Pooja. She gave a smirk.

Reena took quite a time to show her affection. Finally Raghav was released from Reena’s hug.

“How are you jiju (brother in law)? It’s been a very long time. Do you even recognize me?” Reena said, jostling with energy. She was uncomfortably too close to Raghav.

“Off course, how I cannot remember you. How are you? I hope you are done with the shopping.” Raghav said, looking at Reena.

He remember to meet her once, but faintly. She looked gorgeous. Her boobs and ass were too big, considering her body frame. It would attract any man’s stares.

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