Quickie: Siblings

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Just a short one I tossed off. All characters are over 18

Ricky’s face was lit up by the light of the computer monitor. On the screen a nurse, a redhead with creamy tits and silver dollar peach circles around her stiff nipples, sucked on a long, hard cock, her hands stroking what she couldn’t fit into her mouth. As she slobbered on the shaft, Ricky was busy stroking his own fleshy member, timing his hand to match that of the slutty angel of mercy.

Above him, the two story house creaked, and muffled conversations could almost be understood as they drifted through the walls and floors. His parents were at the back of the house, his oldest sister and her husband were in the middle bedroom, the biggest room his two sisters had shared as they grew up, and then the younger of the two sisters, Cindy, was sleeping in his room. That left Ricky the den, the small recliner and leather sofa the last comfortable place in the house to sleep.

Nearing midnight, the house had finally settled in to rest after a successful Thanksgiving dinner. Ricky had been turned on all day, all the feelings he thought long gone since Cindy moved away to college had returned as soon as she walked through the door. Alone at last, he was taking matters in to his own hands, literally. He was about to cum, his hand was a blur on his cock, the girl on the screen was being hosed down with an unreal amount of baby batter, and then he heard her.

“Holy fuck, that’s hot!” Cindy whispered. Ricky’s heart felt as if it had exploded, he was mortified, trying to hide his cock and pull up his sweats, all the while trying to mash the button that would turn off the monitor. She grabbed his shoulder, trying to stop him from thrashing about, his chair banging against the desk noisily. “Shh!” she ordered.

Ricky sat with his eyes closed, he let go of his wilting cock and prayed for the end. In the blackness he could smell her, the scent reminding him of nights of sitting up with her, listening to her talk about dates when she was in high school and he was in junior high. She would tell him things the boys did that she liked, and what they did she didn’t. Her advice had served him well throughout his own high school years, but no matter the girl he was with, it was always his big sister in the back of his bursa escort mind.

He felt her face close to his, her breath tickling the skin on his neck. Opening his eyes he saw that she was leaning close, her attention focused on the computer screen, the movie continuing to play quietly. Ricky lowered his gaze, her nightgown, an over sized t shirt, had been cut to make a plunging neckline, exposing her bare cupcake titties. Her nipples were stiffened into round little nubs, standing out begging for attention. His cock was growing hard once again.

“Damn, Ricky,” Cindy whispered, looking at him. “Looks like I got here just in time.” His confused look brought a wicked smile to her face, her hand sliding from his shoulder to his lap, where she felt around until she took a hold of his tent pole. Ricky’s face flashed surprise, he even tried to push her hand away, ashamed that she had found his terrible secret.

“I’m sorry, Cindy, I’m so sorry,” he tried to explain, but she just pushed her lips against his, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth. Her fingers flexed, squeezing his throbbing cock as she kissed him deeply. When she pulled back, he was quiet, but confusion still haunted his eyes.

She dropped the magazine on the desk. It was a small digest type magazine, Family Fun, it said in bright colors across the top. An older woman in a tight embrace with a younger man filled the cover. Ricky’s eyes dropped to the desk and then back to his sister, she must have been poking through his stuff, this particular magazine had been hidden under his mattress. The twinkle in her eyes made his cock twitch, feeling as if it had grown even longer and harder than ever before.

“Snoop,” he accused her. Cindy only smiled, kneeling next to the chair he sat in, spinning him away from the computer and towards her. She pulled down on the sweats he wore, his cock popping free and slapping against his belly.

“Guilty,” she admitted, “let me make it up to you.”

Ricky gasped as his sister lowered her face to his lap, her mouth opening up and swallowing his cock, her tongue caressing the shaft as she took him in. She took his hands and placed them in her hair, scrunching his fingers until he took hold and began to force her down upon his cock. Cindy gurgled as he drove bursa escort bayan her face down, spit and drool coating him and spilling out liberally.

Ricky’s grunts and groans grew louder, Cindy feared they might be discovered and she slapped his legs, trying to communicate her worry. He released his pressure, letting her up for air as she signalled him to be quieter and then she descended upon his love stick again, taking him to the back of her throat quickly.

It was all too much. The years of fantasizing, the entire day being tortured by his sexy sister, almost on the verge of orgasm when she very nearly scared him to death. Ricky couldn’t hold it in, and he didn’t want to anymore. With a strangled howl he held his sister’s face pressed into his pubic bone as he unleashed a scalding flood of jizz down her gullet.

Cindy gulped down as much of the baby batter as she could, her younger brother’s load tastier than any she’d ever swallowed. Flecks of spunk and drool oozed from the corners of her mouth as she came up for air, the look of satisfaction on her brother’s face sending a tingling jolt right through her juiced up cunt.

“Care to do the same for me?” she asked when he finally caught his breath. Ricky nodded quickly, his cock already showing signs of resurrection at the thought of tasting his sister’s quim.

Standing up, he offered her the chair. Cindy sat down and pulled her feet up on the seat, he could see her bare pussy between her legs. Ricky blew across her cunt, the lips opening up, the moist pink insides inviting him in for a closer look. With a growl he pushed his face into her sex, the wetness covering his face completely in seconds as he tasted every part of her.

Cindy began to moan softly, guiding his face to where she wanted him, gyrating and slamming her body into his face with force when he kissed her in a particularly sensitive spot. She was getting into a steady rhythm and creaming Ricky’s mouth with a copious flow of cunt cream when all of a sudden she froze, holding his head in place with a painful grip.

“Where’s Ricky?” he heard Karen, his oldest sister say. He hadn’t heard the door open, apparently Cindy hadn’t either. His heart began to pound again, they’d been caught! Twice in one night, could it get any escort bursa worse? He tried to calm himself, Karen couldn’t see him, he was behind a couch and it looked like Cindy was just sitting in the chair. He gave her a slow lick, enjoying the way she closed her legs around his head tightly, trying to warn him.

“He’s around,” Cindy squeaked. “Did you need him?” It seemed a long time the silence hung in the air. Why didn’t Karen answer? Would she come in?

“No, I guess not. Just be quiet,” Karen said, starting to close the door and then coming back in, adding, “You better air this room out before morning. It stinks of sex.”

When the door clicked shut Ricky drove his tongue deep into his sister’s snatch, the taste of her honey filling his mouth as he licked her with abandon. Cindy huffed and moaned, trying vainly to control her sounds of passion, but not succeeding very well. Neither was aware that Karen was just around the corner, hidden from their view as she busily rubbed her pussy while listening to the two of them.

“Oh Ricky, fuck, Ricky!” Cindy whispered hoarsely, her hands pulling him hard against her crotch as his tongue whipped her love button back and forth as his fingers drove deep into her sopping box. He felt her climax, the walls of her pussy trapping his fingers inside of her as they tried to milk his digits.

When the wave finished crashing over her she pushed Ricky away, his lazing tongue causing her to wince in pain as he licked her overheated pussy.

“Enough,” she said. She pulled him up and then kissed his wet face, tasting herself on his lips and tongue.

“Think you can get to sleep now?” he asked.

“Definitely,” she answered, breathing a big sigh of relief. “How about you?”

“I dunno, I think I’m gonna be up all night,” he chuckled, taking her hand and guiding it to his rehardened cock. “It’s gonna suck when you leave,” he said, suddenly somber.

“Really? It’s gonna suck? What is ‘it’ gonna suck?” she said playfully.

“You know what I mean,” he said.

“Come with me,” she said quietly. “Come to school in California. We can work it out with Mom and Dad.”

His eyes lit up, reflecting the hope and joy in his sister’s. They kissed deeply and then she was pushing him away, heading toward the door and her own bed.

“Tomorrow,” she whispered and then she was gone, the door shutting with a quiet swish.

Ricky lay back on the sofa, his mind filled with reborn dreams he thought had died a long time ago.

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