Quarantine: Dinner at Your Place

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It’s been a long quarantine. You’ve been cooped up in your home and it feels like forever since you’ve had face to face time with friends, but today the restrictions have been slightly lifted and you’ve invited me over for dinner. We’ve been good friends for a long time. We both live alone and during lockdown we’ve been regularly checking in on each other. You’re excited to be able to invite me over for dinner and I’m looking forward to catching up with you, one on one.

You greet me at the door with a huge smile and a drink in your hand. There’s an awkward moment of giggles “Are we hugging?” and we both rush in for a long squeeze.

It feels so good to be held, doesn’t it baby?

We both melt into the hug and laugh as I juggle the two bottles of wine I’m carrying along with you in my arms.

Shit. Your hair smells so good. You’re trying not to spill your drink and by all appearances you’re well into a bottle already and are quiet happy with everything in the world. As you let go I feel your other hand run down my back, your nails sliding down over my shirt. That felt better than it probably should have… fuck it’s been so long since I felt that. I lean back to look in your eyes and can’t help myself imagine what you sound like when you cum. I ask, are you well?

You smile and giggle and tell me that you’re doing fine and guide me into the kitchen where you’re in the middle of cooking dinner. You tell me how good it feels to have another human in your home. About how much you love your own space but that quarantine was dragging on. You laugh and tell me how you’ve been looking sideways at your washing machine on spin cycle, and if you don’t get some action soon you’re going to lose your mind.

Hmmmmm. You fucking need it don’t you baby? Tell me how much you want it. I want you, to tell me, kızılay escort every, fucking, detail about what you need.

You put a glass on the bench for me and we both fill our drinks. The air has suddenly become thick with sexual tension and it’s everything I can do not to fucking take you right now on the dining table.

I’m getting so hard, right now, for you. Thinking about that pussy and how wet I want to make you. Are you getting wet for me, baby? Are you touching yourself, for me?

I take a drink and ask what’s on the menu as I glance over at a pot simmering on the stove. You look up at me with the cheekiest grin and move back slightly, leaning back onto the bench. Your eyes are fucking hyper-focussed on me, watching every expression on my face as you take a long drink and twirl your hair in your fingers… you reply deliberately and quietly, almost cautiously, “Seduction and pleasure? I’m pretty sure it’s ready” as you return the glass to your lips.

I take a drink to give myself a moment to process what I just heard you fucking say and I can’t hide how hot I am for it. I lock eyes with you. There’s no misinterpreting the look on your face, the desire in your eyes, or the fingers that you’re moving down from your hair and tracing around your nipple through your dress.

“Hmmmmmm… well… “

I walk over to the stove and turn it off.

“That sounds fucking delicious.”

I put my drink down on the bench and take your drink from your hand, putting it down beside you as I move in to press my body up against yours, leaning into your neck, bringing my lips close to whisper in your ear as you feel my hardening cock pressing up against you.

“It smells good. I bet it’s going to taste delicious.”

I start squeezing your tits and pushing you harder up against the counter. etlik escort You’re moaning and telling me how much you want it.

Are you sure you can take it though, baby? Huh? Yeah? You’re sure? You’re sure you can take this huge fucking cock?

Oh my fucking god we both want it so bad. You’re tearing off your own panties from under your dress while I pull down my jeans and boxers to expose my raging hard on that’s already about to explode. You reach down and stroke me with your hand while I’m squeezing your tits and kissing you hard on your mouth. Oh fuck. Your lips. Your tongue. Your moans. Fuck. I want to pound you so fucking hard. You pull out of the kiss and turn around in my hands… bending over the kitchen bench and guiding my hands down over your hips.

Oh my god I can feel every curve of you. Your ass pressed up hard against me. Fuck. I’m so hard for you.

I push your dress up over your back and I’m looking down on your gorgeous ass. Oh my fucking god. I run my fingers slowly in a line down the centre of your back… and over your ass… down to your pussy… oh my god you’re so fucking wet.

You push your arms out forward onto the bench and you’re looking back at me over your shoulder as you push your pussy back onto my hand. Moaning and pleading with me. Begging me.

My fingers are sliding over your wet, throbbing clit, over your wet lips… my middle finger is pushing in between your lips and slowly… oh so fucking slowly, sliding into your hot, wet, hole… holy fuck. Your pussy feels so fucking good. You’re pushing back onto me, making my finger go deeper, and deeper inside you. You like that do you baby? Fuck. You’re still begging for more. I slide my ring finger in… stretching your pussy with two fingers and you’re fucking moaning so loudly. You’re demetevler escort pushing and pulling your pussy back and forth… you’re wet pussy is riding my fucking hand and I’m stroking my throbbing cock while I watch you, and feel you from the inside.

Oh my god baby. Is that what you need? Is that it? Like that? My fucking god this cock is going to fill you up. My hard fucking cock, is about to fill you up baby. Are you ready?

You’re still riding my fingers and your wetness is starting to run down my hand while I watch your ass bounce up and down on me… oh my fucking god.

I’m fucking warning you, I want to fuck you so hard right now. Are you sure you can take this? Yeah? Are you fucking ready to take this? You’re pleading with me to give it to you while my fingers are plunging into your aching pussy.

I’m sliding my fingers out and tasting you… fuck… I reach down to grab my pulsating cock and guide it straight into you. Oh my god the moan you let out the first time I slide into you… oh… I can’t believe how good that fucking feels. Your fucking hot, wet pussy wrapped and stretching tight around my cock, fuck. I’m sliding in and out of you and you’re already begging for it harder. It’s been too long hasn’t it baby? God I’ve got so much cum for you right now. I’m going to cum so much inside you baby. Is that what you want? Yeah? I want you to cum with me… I want your pussy to cum on my cock while I’m fucking exploding inside you. You want that too? Can you feel my balls smashing against your wet clit right now? Yeah? Can you hear it?You want me to rub your clit? Fuck, I’m so ready to cum… I’m leaning into your back so I can reach around your waist and rub your clit while I grab your shoulder with my other hand and fucking pound you from behind, driving you into the bench. You fucking love it and you’re trembling in my hands and losing your mind under me.

Like that baby? Just like that? Oh my god cum for me. I can fucking feel it. Cum with me baby. Feel my throbbing cock fucking explode inside you. Take all of it. Oh my god.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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