Public Professions Ch. 02

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Thank you all for all the support! I didn’t expect such a good reception to the first story, but because you asked, here’s part two, continuing right where the first left off. Enjoy!


“Oh my God I can’t wait! This is going to be so hot!” said Katie, taking off her clothes, leaving just her bra and panties on. I sat down at the computer and looked for the file. I paused as I felt Katie staring at me. “Not going to be much fun with all your clothes on, now will it?”

I followed her example and stripped down to my boxers, my already erect cock poking through the front. I found the video and clicked play.

“Wow, I’m going to watch you fuck your mom. So fucking hot, babe! I want to sit on your cock while we watch.” She pulled her panties to one side and slid down my shaft, seating herself on my lap. As the first minute or so was kind of boring as we finished setting up in the bedroom, I filled her in what happened up to the time we hit record as I also filled her pussy with my meat. She slowly rolled her hips, providing just enough stimulation to remind me where my other head was as I prepared to watch with my lovely girlfriend my dad and I fuck my mom.


“How long do you think he was standing there,” I asked my mother, wide eyed and a little short on breath for more than one reason.

“Who cares,” she said. “Your father is a very understanding person. After all, he’s the one that sort of encouraged me to go into porn. I’ll admit, we both were a little concerned and worried that you had found out about my profession,” she continued, lightly dragging her finger tips along my soft shaft as she now lay beside me on my bed. “However, we talked about it and sort of got turned on by the fact you were turned on by me. So we discussed how we would handle the situation and here we are.”

“You guys planned this,” I questioned, propping myself on my elbows to look at her, causing my mother to sit up herself.

“Come on, don’t act upset.”

“No, not upset. Shocked, sure, not upset.” I began to wonder how deep their plans ran, and what else had they discussed about me. My thoughts caused my noodle to turn into a rod.

“Shocked and excited I see,” my mother said, bending over and kissing my restored erection. “You came twice and you got hard that fast already? Come on,” she said getting off the bed, scooping up her clothes, “let’s put that thing to some good use.” She stopped in the doorway, looked back and me, shook her cute little butt, causing one last drop of cum to fall to the carpet from between her legs, and gave me a wink.

I ran after her. I made it to her just as she was entering into her bedroom. I picked her up, took a few steps and quickly threw both of us on the bed. In my giddiness I didn’t even notice the tripod that was set up at the foot of the bed and another to one side.

My dad noticed my concern as I looked back and forth at the two cameras. “It’s going to be fun, son, don’t worry. And I’ll make you a copy so you can remember and watch this forever, or as long as you have a DVD player.”

My father was also completely naked. His cock was long, but not hard, not yet. Mom was running a comb through her hair, getting ready for the big scene.

“So, who’s going to direct or are we just going to kind of do what we feel?” I said, half joking, trying to get a grasp on what was about to happen.

“We’ll just kind of go with it. I do want to make sure we do a couple of things and get a couple key shots, so I’ll kind of make sure the action goes in the right direction. Other than that, just have fun,” said my dad, as if we were just setting up for family game night or something equally innocent, not a father-son bonding moment as they shared the same women: my mom.

I began to get anxious as I thought about everything, my breathing increased, I started to sweat. My mother, being a mom, could tell I wasn’t at ease.

“Baby, just enjoy the feelings and pleasure. This is going to be fun. And if you get upset at any time, we’ll stop,” she whispered in my ear and stroked my cock as my dad went around dimming the lights and checking the cameras, getting everything just right.

My mom just kept stroking me, kissing my cheek, my ear, my neck, as my father got into bed on the other side of her. She then stopped kissing me, switched me to her right hand and began to kiss my father and stroke his cock to life. After a minute or so of making out and jerking my father and I, my mother decided it was time to get more serious.

Again, she whispered into my ear, giving it a quick flick of her tongue for good measure, “baby, just sit here, let me and your father get into place.”

I didn’t know what that meant. Was I going to watch her do something with my dad? Turns out yes, but also I would be a part of the pleasure. I remained sitting upright against my parents headboard as my mother moved around and got on all four between my legs, a similar sight that I had recently seen earlier that night. However, escort ataşehir this time I wasn’t just watching my mom place my pulsing meat into her mouth, I was also watching my father crawl behind my mom. I noticed my father had also grabbed a third camera and was pointing it down at his wife’s ass as he lined up for penetration.

A wave of moans ran through the three of us. First my father, as he closed his eyes, titled his head back ever so slightly as he entered his slut of a wife. The look on his face was as though he hadn’t had sex, a virgin penetrating what we men value most for the very first time. Then a moan from my mother, muffled by my cock, caused undoubtedly by my father slowly pushing his thick prick into her. She never stopped sucking me, but she stopped her bobbing, instead working just her tongue, suction, and tightening her lips on my dick eliciting the third moan. I released a deep sigh as my mom performed oral magic and at the sight of my father taking my mother, enjoying my first threesome with another man.

Yes, I had sex with two sexy coeds, which was, up until tonight, the highlight of my sexual career. I had always wanted to double up on one girl; I always figured it would be with some random couple that invited me to join or me and my buddy teaming up on some campus slut. Never would I have thought it would be me and my father, and even more farfetched was the idea of my mom being the girl.

I started to really appreciate my mother’s talent as she resumed her bobbing her head in my lap. I lightly held her hair, pulling it up and out of the way so I could enjoy the sight of her full, juicy lips forming a tight, wet “O” on my shaft. She knew what I was doing and locked eyes with me. I then began to hump and flex my hips ever so slightly; increasing the depth I went into her mouth, maintaining eye contact with her beautiful blue eyes. My light thrusting combined with my father increasing his pumping into my mother caused her to take me fully in her mouth, which she could handle, she had proved that earlier, but I don’t think she was expecting it.

She pulled her head off me and coughed a couple times. “Baby,” she looked at me again, “get on your knees. You boys spit roast me like a pig, like the dirty whore I am.” She looked up into my eyes again, “like your slut.”

I did as requested. I was rewarded. My mother pulled me into her mouth again and to steady myself I grabbed her head. My father slammed hard into her from behind causing her to thrust forward. I, out of instinct, pulled her head to me, causing my cock to slide into her throat. No gagging this time. My father flashed me a thumbs up and mouthed, “She loves it”, all the while taping. So we developed a rhythm of slamming her pussy and mouth. My mother is the greatest cock sucker in the whole damn world, doing what she was doing and never gagging, coughing. She might have been tearing up, but I couldn’t tell, all I know is she wasn’t objecting to what was going on at all.

We continued like this for about ten minutes. My father had pulled out of her pussy and had been pushing into her tight ass now for the past few minutes. I didn’t know how much longer he had but I was very near.

“I’m going to cum,” I grunted. My mother moaned “um hmm” in response.

I still didn’t know what I should do. “I’m going to cum, mom,” I said again, again she groaned “um hmm”.

I then looked to my father for direction. He had placed the camera he was holding underneath my mom, shooting up at the action. Instead, in his hand he now had a small controller, he must have had it on the bed was my only guess, and he was pushing buttons and looking at the camera at the side of the bed. I looked and saw it moving slightly, adjusting its sights, zooming in on my cock penetrating my mother’s mouth.

He wanted me to shoot into her mouth, or at least was planning for it.

“Oh shit, mommy here I cum. I’m cumming in your mouth. I’m in your throat. I’m going to shoot down your throat. Oh shit, swallow me mommy!” I exclaimed in ecstasy as I threw my head back, pumped her mouth a few times before roughly grabbing her head and pulling her nose hard against my pubic bone.

I could feel her throat contracting on my shaft. I had never experienced anything like it. I had been deep throated, I’ve had girls swallow my cum, but I have never had a girl swallow my cum while my dick was in her throat. Dad picked up his camera again to capture my moment of ecstasy as I unloaded into his wife’s mouth.

When I had finished, I slumped back against the headboard, my mother gasping for air as my father continued to pump hard into her ass hole. I watched briefly, gaining my own strength. As my mother caught her breath, she arched her back and pushed her head into the mattress, moaning in pure delight.

I got up and grabbed my father’s third camera. I could tell by the look on his face that he appreciated how into this I was getting. I got up close to my mother, sort of near kadıköy escort her face. She had returned to being on all fours, her head flailing about as my father slammed into her again and again. I tried to capture her beauty and bliss. I got lost in the moment and didn’t realize my father and had pulled out and was shifting around until my mother got up on her knees and moved around the bed. After the pounding my dad gave her up her ass I’m surprised she could move at all, but this was, after all, a pro.

My father sprawled out onto his back, waiting for his goddess to take her seat upon his scepter. If she was sore she never showed it as she instantly got into a rhythm of riding my father. I got up close again, this time getting him sliding in and out of her tight pussy before panning around her body to focus on her bouncing tits, her hands pulling her long her above her head, lost in the moment of lust. My father signaled to me to give him the camera, I did, allowing him to capture in first person the spectacle of the gorgeous figure riding his shaft.

I, in the meantime, had nothing to do with my hands, so I played with my slightly hard cock. I couldn’t believe I had this much energy in my cock, but it again was returning to life. Slower than before, and it was a little sore from shooting off so much in the past few hours, but it did its job and now stood at attention.

I acted on my own. I saw my mother and father engaged in sex, and I would join, taking her free hole. I found the bottle of lube and prepped my member. Crawled up behind my mother, grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her down to give me the right access to take her hole.

“Oh, baby, we have a natural,” said my mother before kissing my father. I took my time and waited for the right part of their cycle to push in. It was like jumping into a mosh pit, wait for the right time and once you’re in you better get to it or you’re not going to have a good time.

So get into it I did. It started off awkward, but I soon found a rhythm with my father again. I also could feel my father sliding in and out of my mother through her thin anal wall. What a strange feeling, won’t even try to describe it.

We settled in and double penetrated my mother for several minutes before my mother suggested we switch. I thought she meant me in her pussy and father back in her ass. Not quite. After a quick instruction by my father I now found myself on my back, my mom on the palms of her hands and feet, sort of like a crab walk, or game of twister, with my cock back up her secondary love hole, with my father mounting her from above. After we got settled, my mother collapsed back on to me, preventing me from moving much, but it still felt good to be inside her tight anus. I could again feel my father sliding in and out, the main source of my pleasure at this point.

I focused much of my efforts to sort of humping and rocking my hips as best I could as well as feeling my mother’s amazing, soft yet firm tits. That and pulling my mother’s hair from my face and mouth as I tried to kiss her neck and head.

All of the sudden my father started driving in hard, sharply, and erratically, I knew what was coming next, he was coming. He stiffened, I felt his cock inside my mother swell and throb as she got another load pumped into her tight quim.

My parents then kissed and moaned as if I wasn’t there, as I if I wasn’t balls deep in my mother’s rectum. My father’s cock softened and I felt him slip from her pussy. I was a little turned off when I felt his gooey soft prick drag against my ball sack, I was really weirded out when his cum spilled from my mom and out on to my shaft and balls. But once he climbed off and away from us, I pushed the idea of my father’s spunk soaking my genitals from my mind and focused on my mom’s great ass.

I flipped her around and pushed her flat to the mattress as I again slid between her cheeks and into her still tight asshole. I got flat right on top of her and kissed her neck before sliding in and out of her. I did her this way for a long while, before I again flipped her onto her back this time, pulled her legs over each of my shoulders and entered her ass hole while looking into her eyes.

My father had gotten hard again and took up position next to her head. She sucked on him for a little while before he straddled her head, facing me, and placed his cock between my mom’s large tits. He grabbed the lube from off the bed nearby and applied it to her tits and began sliding between her mounds as my mother pressed them together. I thought it a weird angle, why my father wouldn’t fuck her tits while looking at my mother’s face, not sitting on it.

“Oh yeah honey, tongue my asshole.” So that’s why, she was licking my dad’s ass.

It then dawned on me I could play with my mother’s clit in this position. Almost as soon as I thumbed it she came. I then experienced another new sensation, a girl cumming while in her ass. She first tensed up a couple of maltepe escort bayan times, clenching me, squeezing my cock to the point I couldn’t move. Then her ass released and I started to slide again. Her body writhed as best it could given the positioning of everyone, and then she squirted. Her pussy juice gushed out onto my cock and over my lower abdomen. Of course my mother would be a squirter. She relaxed, for only a moment. Soon, her whole body tensed and it felt like she was trying to pull my cock back into her ass. Like a reverse bowel movement. I had never experienced anything like it and it was too much. I went in as deep as possible and shot my final load of the evening into her ass.

I got off the bed, found the third camera again and filmed as my father turned around, fucked my mother’s tits the proper way and finished by shooting all over her beautiful face, neck, and tits.

It was now almost three in the morning. I had been fucking for almost four hours. I was exhausted. As was my mother who was already asleep, coated in her husband’s semen. I started to go to my own room but I didn’t have it in me. My parents’ bed was so big and inviting, I just fell onto it next to my mother. I thought my father was going to take care of the camera equipment but all he did was turn it all off, put it in the corner of the room, grab a towel and cleaned my mother up like a gentleman, killed the lights and cuddled up with my mother on the opposite side of the bed of me.

I awoke the next day with my mother’s head on my chest and her hand on my cock as she slept on her side beside me. My father was spooning her, his hand between her legs. Both of them were asleep, but even in sleep they had a mind set on sex.

Through foggy eyes I took in the erotic sight, through foggy mind I took in the erotic sensation of my mother’s hand and her tits pressing against me. As the fog lifted, so did my erection.

“My, what do we have here,” my mother grumbled to herself as she awoke. She looked up at me and smiled, “breakfast in bed, how sweet.” Then proceeded to move down and take my erect member into her mouth.

Her movement awoke my father. He rubbed his eyes, taking in the sight of mother slurping on son’s penis. “Well now, what do we have here? Breakfast in bed I see.” He then moved to dine on my mother’s sweet little cunt.

After bringing my mother to a very quick orgasm, my father mounted my mom from behind and started fucking her. All the while she brought me to my goal and I came into her mouth. What a way to wake up, shooting cum into your porn star mother’s mouth after filming your own porno of the sort with her the night before.

“Mmm, that was delicious. And while that feels great, sweetie, I’m still hungry.” My mother then swung around and took my father’s prick into her mouth. While she performed her talents on him, I took my place at her pussy and ate her out, very nearly making her cum the same moment my father shoved her face down on his cock and came, completing her morning meal.


“Jesus, that was hot,” said Katie, as I finished telling her the story. I showed her the movie my parents and I had made, but what happened the next morning required my oral deliverance, during which time she delivered oral on me.

“It was, but I’m so close. Please finish me, Katie,” I pleaded.

She smiled, and very slowly pulled me into her talented mouth. I was close, very close. I watched her blonde head slowly move down then up in my lap. I thought back on my time with my mother and her great sexual talents, but I would gladly take a half step back in the pleasure department to be with my love, my Katie. I brought myself to a mental orgasm over the love I felt for the beauty in between my legs, giving me everything she had in her trying to give me pleasure, and it was very pleasurable, so much so I came after just a few stroke of her lips on my shaft.

The first couple of shots she took into her mouth. She then removed me and let my cock finish it spurts onto her face.

“How do I look?”

“Beautiful,” I told her, “like the perfect fiancée.”

“Thanks, love. So, anymore movies of you and your parents?”

“No, sorry. I do have a lot more movies of my mother, none with me though. Oh,” a thought occurred, “I have one I haven’t seen yet, however. We can watch it together. I just got it yesterday, haven’t even opened it yet. It’s her newest.”

“She still makes them?” I thought I made that clear, but I guess I was wrong.

“Yeah, she makes at least one a month I would say.”

“Hot,” her face went blank; I could tell she was thinking.

“You’re not thinking about getting into porn now, are you?”

“No, well, sort of. Just once, with her. Say, I have an idea.”

“I know what you are thinking. Making one with my mom and…”

“…with you!” exclaimed Katie, excited that we were both sort of on the same page. I say sort of because I said I wouldn’t sleep with my mother anymore, me and my mom both agreed it would be best once I started getting serious with Katie, but now Katie knew and wanted in. Decisions, decisions. But I would think about it. Right now was no time to think, I had a favor to return to my lovely piece of ass I intend to spend forever with.

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