Pt. 09 – I Interview for a Maid

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Pt. 09 — I interview for a Maid

The first interview goes pretty well!

This is my ninth “adults only” fiction sex story.

I strongly recommend you read all my previous stories, in order, before reading this story.

This is a work of fiction; all of my stories are.

The characters are all adults over (well over) the age of 21.

There may be some typos, if so, please forgive me. I AM HUMAN.

Please enjoy!


I’m going to interrupt my story cycle and write about something that happened to me a couple of years before I met Rylee, my stylist and my first girlfriend.

Then, I’ll get back to where I was with Jan, that bride (Joy) from the wedding I took pictures of and Pam, the lady who worked in one the businesses in my building in my next story. Plus the rest of the … harem!

I know it is every guy’s fantasy to fuck their maid. When I was a teenager my mom hired an attractive Mexican lady who cleaned our house once a week and I beat off regularly to my fantasy of having me suck me off and me fucking her.

When I bought my condo and furnished it, my mother encouraged me to hire a maid because she knew from experience that as neat and tidy as I am, I was not going to ever clean my bathroom, the kitchen or even under the bed.

“Spend some money and hire someone good” she told me.

I’d never hired a maid before; I was all of 25. Hell, I’d never hired anyone.

If you’re smart, you find out things from people who have “been there and done that.”

It will save you a lot of time and trouble.

I sat down and wrote on a piece of paper what I was looking for in a maid.

I did not mention sex, but I did write down that I wanted someone attractive.

Then I made a list, and it was a short list, of people who I thought could help me.

My first stop was right next door, where a married couple of about 45 lived. DINKs (Double Income, No Kids).

They provided me with the name and number of their maid. They had met her one time, she wowed them over and they’d never saw her again. They communicated through text messages and notes left on the kitchen table.

Marisol had been referred to them, and she started cleaning their condo once a week.

Apparently, Marisol had done a great job, completed everything on the list of tasks, took care of her own cleaning supplies; was honest and hard-working. She had a key to their condo.

That recommendation was good enough for me, but I was going to have to meet Marisol first. Being conservative by nature, I didn’t need to be home when she cleaned but I did need to meet her, and she needed to gain my trust before I would turn over the keys to my house or the alarm code.

I called and spoke to Marisol. She was happy for the referral and set a time to visit me at my condo.


Okay, when I opened the door, I fell into lust.

Total lust; as in, want to rip her clothes off and fuck her in the doorway.

Let the world see us mating, fucking, pleasuring each other.

The police could arrest me for whatever, but it would be so worth it!

I was expecting her, but not expecting HER.





Curves in all the right places.

Million-dollar smile.

Long, dark hair, recently done; it looked great.

Dressed professionally, dark blue business suit, with 4-inch fuck me heels, legs in stockings, nails done, matching toenails; the perfect shade of lipstick.

She stood 5’7″ with legs that went to heaven on earth.

Her chest was covered by her suit jacket which she took off when we went indoors, sharing with me the sight of her beautiful, large, firm breasts that were sheathed in a cream-colored blouse that promoted and highlighted her very ample assets.

Marisol gave me a firm handshake and a warm smile.

Her perfume, well, it was delicious.

She was in her early 30’s, I guessed.

I got momentarily tripped up and got caught starring at her mouth, wondering what it would feel like with those perfect lips wrapped around my hard cock.


Her grandparents had come from Cuba, and she was raised in a Spanish speaking house, so she had a delightful accent.

We had a nice chat; she said she needed to walk through my condo so she could prepare an estimate. While I gave her the tour, her back was to me as she looked in closets, cabinets, recording everything on her iphone.

I was enjoying the view, especially as she bent over to look into my kitchen cabinets and when she stretched looking in the top shelves of my closets.

Marisol knew I was looking. She wanted me to look. Every guy would be looking.

I was lucky to have on some loose pants, which I think successfully hid, my growing erection.

While she was filming, she asked me some questions about laundry services; did she want the linens on my bed changed each week? Did I want all the towels washed? What about my laundry, did I want that washed, folded and put away?


Marisol sat at my kitchen table, and using her cell phone, prepared escort ankara an estimate for weekly cleaning services.

On the back of her business card, she wrote three amounts:




“I don’t know what you are thinking about spending so let me briefly explain the differences.”

Next to $100, she wrote ‘Standard.’

She explained “We come in, clean, mop, and vacuum. Pretty basic, but we hit all the rooms. We’re here for maybe an hour, 75 minutes max, working fast.”

Next to $150, she wrote ‘Advanced.’

Marisol shared with me “This is the option most of my clients choose. We spend about two hours, and each week we pick one room or area to really focus on.”

Looking around, she said “Your kitchen would be the first place we’d do deep cleaning, then your office upstairs, the bedrooms, the patio, and garage. And we’d start a rotation.”

I nodded; it seemed to make sense to me.

“And, of course, we would hit the bathrooms hard each visit, vacuum, mop, clean everything, plus change out and wash the linens on your bed, the towels. You would do your own wash and fold.”

She smiled at me.

“But I really want you to consider the last option.”

Next to $250, she wrote ‘Premium’.

“Let me begin by saying that for the Standard and Advanced packages, your being home is optional. We actually prefer that the client is not home, because they can get in the way.

We work fast but efficiently. Plus, clients sometimes expect more or ask for more than what they are paying for, and I don’t want to give away the time or the resources. For example, your neighbors next door bought the standard package, and it works for them because there are only two of them, they both work out of the home, and are very neat people.”

I nodded, accepting what she was saying.

“What’s different and better about this option Rick is that we spend four hours here each week. We want you here, if for no other reason than to help us help you by making decisions for us. A quick example would be when we clean out your refrigerator and we aren’t sure if we should keep something or toss it, we would ask you.”

I smiled, because she and I both knew that my refrigerator was a disaster. I may have never cleaned it.

Marisol continued, “We do deep cleaning in two areas each visit. We do your wash, then dry and fold, take your clothes to the dry cleaners and pick up from the previous week, make you breakfast and lunch on the day we’re here. Most single men pick this option Rick, simply because we take care of all the things guys don’t like to do. Oh, and one more thing. Before we leave for the day, we make dinner for you and leave it in the refrigerator and all you need to do is heat it up in the microwave.”

I nodded, thinking Holy Shit, this lady has thought of everything!

Then Marisol said “We can even go grocery shopping for you, for an additional fee. Plus, there are some other add-on services which we can discuss after you see what we can do for you.”

I nodded, thinking.

She took the gap of silence to add “As you can imagine, safety is my primary concern. So, I meet with each client first, and I verify that they are employed, have a decent job, good credit, no arrest records. We want to do business with people who are good neighbors.”

Marisol handed me an application to fill out and asked me for my driver’s license which she took a picture of.

She went for the close with “If you chose the Premium option, I could start next week by giving you a one-time half price trial. Invest $125 Rick and take my housekeeping service for a test drive. I can guarantee you’ll like it.”

“One final question: for our Premium clients, we prefer to start at 8am. Does that work for you?”

With nothing to lose, we shook hands and over the several days, Marisol and I exchanged some emails. She included a checklist of things to be covered during her first visit that she wanted me to review.


I had just been given the approval to work at home, so I was upstairs in my office working on a spreadsheet when the doorbell rang that next Tuesday morning.

True to her word, Marisol was standing there along with another woman, older, Mexican, and not quite as good looking.

But the second lady was attractive. Her name was Lupita or Lupe for short.

They were each holding two bags.

Marisol was all dressed up, just like on her first visit to see me. Lupe had on a company uniform of sorts, a dark blue sweatshirt, matching sweat pants and tennis shoes.

Lupe took another trip to the car, this time bringing in cleaning supplies, a broom and a mop.

Marisol unloaded the bags filled with cleaning supplies, gloves, sponges and food for breakfast, lunch and dinner that night.

Those first tasks done; Marisol took Lupe on a tour; both had copies of the checklist to be completed.

I noticed Lupe taking notes and she asked a lot of questions.

To this point I was wondering if Marisol was going to change her clothes and do the cleaning and that Lupe etlik evi olan escortlar was going to be her helper.

“You’ll be in great hands with Lupe, Rick. I’ll be back at noon to do a post visit audit and make sure you are happy with our service. We’ll go through the checklist and make sure everything was done to your complete satisfaction.”

With a confused look on my face, Marisol continued “I do business development work Rick, and Lupe and the rest of the team take care of our clients. See you in a few hours.”

Before she left, she took my dry cleaning for drop-off and was going to bring home the order I had dropped off last week.


Lupe smiled at me and said in very good English “If you will go upstairs and continue your work, I’ll start your breakfast and let you know when it is ready.”

Smiling back, I nodded and as I turned to go to my second story office, she said, “I assume you like your eggs scrambled?”

“How did you know?” I replied.

“Experience” she laughed “Experience.”

I laughed too, because men are pretty predictable; hungry and horny and not always in that order.

Lupe followed me upstairs, and started a load of laundry, going from room to room gathering all the towels and wash cloths, even taking the few I had stored.

I was going to have to wait for a shower.

In just a few minutes I could smell the breakfast as it was being prepared and it smelled a lot better than the energy bar I had wolfed down before heading to the gym at 5am.

Despite the distraction, I was rather engrossed in my spreadsheet and was startled at the soft knocking at my office door.

“Senor Rick?”

I turned around to see Lupe, and she wasn’t wearing the company uniform anymore.


I took in the view of my unexpected visitor.

Lupe had pulled her dark hair down, out of a bun of sorts, into a ponytail.

Her eyes were sparkling and while she was blushing, she was also wearing a huge smile.

As for the rest of her, she was naked except for a black push up bra that only magnified her large pillow like breasts.

Her belly was flat, and her skin was tinted in a light brown sugar cane color which was quite fetching on her.

She was wearing black panties, riding low on her hips. Her mound was prominent and as she noticed me taking all of her in, she slowly turned around to show me a great tight ass that had a tiny black string that disappeared into her crack.

Her skin was flawless, not a mole or mark or blemish anywhere to be found.

Not a single drop of ink.

On her feet were black tennis socks, low rise style.

Stating the obvious, I smiled and said “I see you changed out of your uniform.”

“Yes, Senor Rick, this is the dress code for our clients who order the Premium service. I just didn’t want you to be surprised if you saw me coming down the stairs. I did not want you to fall and hurt yourself.”

My cock, already a stubby (hell, it’s always a stubby) started to stir.

Because I was still in my gym clothes, my jock strap safely contained my erection, and my loose-fitting shorts hid my growing cock.

“Is breakfast ready?” I asked, knowing full well it was but not knowing how else to end this short session.

I knew that long sentences were going to trip me up.

With a smile that sent an electric shock from my eyes to my brain to my cock, Lupe said, “Yes, Senor Rick, please follow me.”

Saving the excel file, I rose, slowly out of my chair, knowing full well that Lupe was watching my crotch for a reaction.

Her smile widened as I walked to the door, her eyes glued on the front of my shorts.


My eyes were glued to her ass as we descended the stairs.

She had set the table so that I was going to be watching her work in the kitchen, starting with taking stuff out of the refrigerator and the freezer.

While I chowed down, she would pull something out of the refrigerator hold it up for me to see, and then I would give her either a ‘thumbs up or thumbs down.’

She quickly filled up one large trash bag which she took to the trash barrel in the garage.

As she walked by me I could smell a fragrance she must have just dabbed on her wrists.

Returning from the garage, Lupe did the same for the stuff in the freezer, only this time the cold air hit her thin black bra and her nipples got the message.

She knew exactly what she was doing. And my body responded at the sight of those proud pokies.

Another trash bag out to the barrel and another big intake of that fragrance that served to inject stronger blood into my cock.

A few more swallows and I had finished eating so she took my plate, rinsed it off and put it the dishwasher.

As she bent over, my eyes were glued to her ass.

I’d never had a thing for older women, but this one was … interesting.

And she sure sounded and was acting like she was available.


She made me a fresh pot of coffee while she wiped down the refrigerator and freezer, and then she emptied demetevler genç escortlar out the kitchen cabinets of all the glasses, cups, plates and bowls and filled the dishwasher to the brim, then turned it on.

Giving me another two shots of perfume, going and coming, she got the stepladder from the garage and while she was pulling out the shelf lining, we chatted for the next ten minutes, she engrossed in what she was doing while I learned about her.

I was watching her entire backside. Not for the first time, but for a longer period, I was able to take in the tan lines she had on her ass. I wondered where she laid out and got that tan.

Getting rid of old shelf paper was hard work. That shelf paper had been there since well before I moved in, and I could tell that she was going to be working up quite a sweat on this task.

Lupe stopped and stepped down off the ladder.

“Senor Rick, I don’t want to get my clothes all sweaty, so if you don’t mind …” and with that she tossed up her hands and asked me the unanswered question: Would I be okay with her working nude?

I smiled, a large smile, giving her my blessing, nodded my approval.

I had planned my escape beforehand, and slipped out of the kitchen chair without her being able to see my erection in my gym shorts.

Not that I didn’t want to watch, because I did, before she could unstrap her bra and slip out of those tiny black panties, I grabbed my mug of coffee and headed upstairs.

I heard her say “Thank you Senor Rick.”

I wanted to say “No, THANK YOU Lupe” but I didn’t.

Back upstairs in my office, it was pretty fucking difficult to concentrate on the spreadsheet.

Who gives a fuck about the I-505 bypass budget overspending when there was a nude hot woman downstairs?

My cock, already chubby, grew harder still as lewd thoughts ran through my brain, non-stop.

About 15 minutes after or so, I heard another soft knock on my door.

“Senor Rick, would you like a fill-up?”

I turned around to find Lupe standing in my office doorway wearing nothing but a smile.

As I suspected, her body was pretty fine for a lady of about 45.

Her pillow like breasts were firm, capped by long light dark brown nipples with areoles that were about two inches across.

She clearly liked being topless outdoors, her breasts were completely tanned.

While she wouldn’t pass the pencil test, and guys you know what I am talking about, her tits were pretty firm and her nipples pointed straight out the way nature intended.

As I suspected because of the tan lines on her ass, her crotch had some nice tan lines too, highlighting her mound, which was covered by a nice pelt of dark hair, semi-trimmed, hiding and covering her lower lips.

My cock jumped and throbbed at the sight of this so-fuckable MILF.

She laughed and said “I hope you like my new company uniform! I even took my socks off!”

Forcing my eyes south from her pussy, I noticed her bare feet along with manicured toes.

My rating of her went to a solid 8.5.


I passed on more coffee, sputtering out my answer while trying very hard to maintain eye contact.

It was harder still when she set the coffee pot down on a table and announced that she was starting a second load of laundry and that I needed to get undressed because she wanted to wash my gym clothes in this load.

Smiling at me, she said “I’ll get the washing machine going. You get undressed and I’ll be right back.”

I didn’t know what she wanted me to do.

Get undressed, here in my office?

Go to my bedroom and get undressed there?

Get undressed in front of her?

It didn’t take Lupe long to not only pick up my laundry basket filled with dirty clothes, but she emptied my dresser drawers of all my underwear, tee shirts and socks to be re-washed. She even threw into the machine my extra jockstraps!

I calculated quickly that I had nothing to wear; nothing to cover me!

She caught up to me in my bedroom.

“You took all my underwear and tee shirts and gym clothes and socks!”

“Yes, Senor Rick, they are in the wash now and we need to hurry and get those gym clothes into the washer.”

I looked at her and Lupe looked at me and she said “Let me help you get undressed Senor Rick. It is part of the Premium package.”


This was the moment of truth, or well, one of them at least.

Lupe was going to help me take my clothes off and she was going to know, going to see, how hard I was.

With a smile, she said “Senor Rick, please sit here.”

I sat down in the now empty chair that I used to dump everything on.

My jockstrap was still hiding my erection although I was sure she knew it was there!

Naked, Lupe knelt at my feet, while I looked down at her sizable bare breasts. They were so firm they barely moved.

She quickly untied my shoes, and took them off; then she rolled off my socks.

She stood up and bent over, like to kiss me, her large breasts hanging down but her hands reached my sides at the waist and she lifted my tee shirt up, gently pulling it over my head.

She dropped the tee shirt on carpet.

Then, she bent over again, this time her hands on my sides, grabbing my gym shorts, and as I lifted my hips she pulled them down over my butt, and down my legs and over my feet.

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