Problems in the Library

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As I typed away at my latest assignment I heard the familiar click of a tongue. It echoed throughout the empty library, in the middle of the night. An single annoying feature of the person making the noise.

“What reason do you have to be in the library this late at night?” I asked, though it was more of a complaint to her.

“I don’t need a reason to be in the library.” Said Lyla, a fair skinned girl with long blonde hair.

Lyla has always been a pain to deal with. The way she walks around like she owns the place, the way she rolls her emerald green eyes whenever you question her and the way she knew how good she looked.

Her breasts aren’t anything special, a b cup on the slightly larger end. Her ass was toned but had a bit of room to squeeze and looked amazing in the tight jeans she walked around in. She had a very feminine demeanor and wasn’t shy about using her body to get her way.

“Don’t you have a professor to blow or something?” I barked out at her annoyed that she chose to bother me.

“Oh fuck you, you just wish you could get

with a girl like me.” She shot back, clicking her tongue before she spoke; one of her ticks.

“As if.” I wasn’t a bad looking guy, average build, decent ass and thick dark hair. I had around 4 inches over her since she was a fairly tall girl.

“Like you don’t want to fuck me right now.” She said with another click as she rolled her eyes and walked past me. “I bet you’re a virgin…”

“Can you just go away and let me work, I came this late for a reason.” I said, just wanting to finish this assignment and wanting to avoid her.

“So you are a 2 pump virgin…I knew it!” She said as she laughed and leaned in behind me whispering into my ear. “I bet you’re desperate for some partner other than your right kızılay escort hand…”

“You’re just gonna keep doing this all night huh…?” I asked as I closed my laptop, knowing I probably won’t be able to finish this work tonight. “What a bitch…”

“What did you just say?” She said as she grabbed my hair and pulled my head up a bit. “You didn’t just call me a bitch.”

“Let go of my hair.” I warned her.

“Or what?” She teased, as she pulled again. “Are you going to hit me?”

I grabbed her wrist and twisted, dragging her down onto the table. Pinning an arm to either side of her head I glared at her.

“We’re all alone dumbass.” I said deadpan, hoping to scare her into leaving.

She kicked me in the stomach and while I recoiled she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face down to hers. We kissed intensely and aggressively, almost smashing our faces together.

“What a weak fucking threat…you couldn’t rape me.” She growled into my throat as she bit down, with a click before her comment.

“Of course a slut like you wants to be raped…” I snapped back. I had already been on edge, dealing with work and then her shit. I’ll gladly let any frustrations out on her and her bitchy attitude.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, as I grinded my hard member into her. I gripped her throat and leaned up as she grabbed at my hand. I thought to myself if I was being too rough with her as I slowly choked the air out of her, but was reassured as a small wet patch started to leak through her jeans.

She dug her nails into my hands, drawing a bit of blood until I finally let go and she grabbed at my shirt. Pulling me down into another aggressive kiss as she forced her tongue down my throat.

“Show me how much you hate me…” She teased etlik escort as she reached behind me and squeezed my ass.

“God you’re such a bitch…” I answered as I forced her legs off me and stripped her jeans off. She laughed and tried to run, with me grabbing her and slamming her into the carpeted floor; face down and ass in the air.

“Ow fuck!” She yelled with how rough I was getting.

I took a good look at her ass. She had a pink thong, soaked through of course, along with a heart shaped birthmark on her left cheek. I tore her little thong off and slapped her birthmark hard, an echoing snap sounding throughout the empty library.

“Oh…fuck…” She moaned out, she arched her back and presented her ass more to me. I smirked to myself as I struck her ass again and again. Each thundering smack eliciting a moan and earning a pinker and redder mark.

“I thought you…were going to rape me you piece of shit…” She said between heavy breaths, she had been enjoying every second since we started, probably desperately aching for the final course.

“I’ll do what I want.” I gripped her thigh from behind and slid a finger inside her. I grabber her throat with my other hand and brought her up against my body.

“You know you are always such an annoying bitch…” I told her as I slowly dragged my finger along her slit, while tightening my grip at her throat once again.

“So what…you…virgin…” She tried to say, while I teased her clit, rubbing around it but never touching it. It was swollen and needed attention, attention I didn’t feel like giving.

“Are you really trying to insult me while you’re practically humping my hand for release…?” I slowly inserted a single finger and let her start to fuck herself on it desperately trying demetevler escort to get friction against my palm on her clit.

“Fuck…damn it fine you aren’t a virgin!” She yelled out. “Now hurry up and fuck me!”

I pulled my hand away from her sex, her body shook as I did. I started pulling my pants off, revealing my 8 inch cock which she grinded back into. She took my hand and sucked the finger that I slid inside her into her mouth. Slowly cleaning her juices off me before biting gently.

I pushed inside her, it was like an iron vice. She moaned as I stretched her walls and pulled my hand down to her clit. I took the hint and forced her back to the ground as I played with her clit. While she shivered in pleasure I slammed into her pussy. Every time I hit deep I heard a ecstatic moan and when I pulled my cock out of her sex it would try its damnedest to suck me back in.

“Harder you fucking pansy!” She screamed out. I moved my hand from her clit and gripped her hips, pistoning in and out of her dripping pussy. Our moans filled the library as our juices coated the rug. We came hard, my cum filling deep inside her and her pussy squirting onto the ground.

I slumped down on her, panting. Both of us were in a daze for a few minutes, finally she reached behind her and stroked my hair.

“That was so fucking good…” She said as she played with my hair.

“I still hate you…but yeah…that felt great…” I answered reluctantly.

“Okay…what if you come back to my apartment…I’ll let you work…but you have to fuck me like that again.” She suggested, as I pulled out and she rolled over to face me.

“You won’t bother me?” I asked.

“I won’t bother you…probably…” She said as she smirked and pulled me down into another kiss.

“Oh fuck you Lyla…” I moaned into her mouth as I slid my semi hard cock into her for another round.

“That’s all I’m asking for Nick…” She said with the same annoying click as we started to aggressively fuck each other for the next 3 hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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