Principal Acts Ch. 2

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Jessica sighed when her classes were done. All day she had expected to get called in to the principal’s office for a quick fuck, but it never happened. She just wanted to go home and cry but she had the stupid tutorial with Mr. Johnston at 4:00. She had never even seen a glimpse of Mr. Evans today. Jessica looked at her watch and realized that she would have to hurry if she was going to get there on time.

The teen arrived precisely at 4:00 at the lab. Mr. Johnston was already at the desk. “Okay Jessica, I’ve laid out some experiments for you to do for extra credit. Please review the contents you’ll require and gather them first.” The teen walked over to the tall lab bench and proceeded to gather the elements she would need to conduct the experiment. She was so absorbed she didn’t realize that Mr. Johnston had not only closed, but locked the door.

“Okay sir, I’ve got all the elements now, do you want me to start?” asked Jessica.

“Go ahead. I will just be observing for now.” Johnston stood beside Jessica, watching her perform the required tasks.

“What if principal Evans lied to me?” thought Johnston to himself. “I could be fired!” He looked at Jessica more closely. From his angle he could see her bra and the swell of her young breasts where her shirt gaped open at the buttons. “Fuck she’s beautiful, I’ve got to fuck her.” he continued thinking. With his mind made up he started to make his moves. He reached across the young teen to point something out in her textbook, making sure he ‘accidentally’ grazed her breasts.

Jessica noticed the way he grazed her breasts and knew it wasn’t an accident. “Oh my God!” Jessica thought to herself, “He knows about the principal and me.” A wave of realization hit her, the principal was the one who arranged this tutoring. The principal expected her to have sex with this teacher as part of her punishment. “I can’t believe he wants me to do this.” Jessica knew she didn’t have much choice and steeled herself for what lay ahead.

Johnston smiled when there was no reaction from the teen. “Oh ya, this is going to be sweet.” He put his hand at the small of her back as he once again leaned forward to point out something to the teen. He slowly let his hand slide down her back until it rested comfortably on her ass. Johnston could feel his cock slowly getting hard in his pants. Still Jessica did nothing. Johnston continued his travels downwards until his hand reached the hem of her skirt. He slowly placed his hand on the silky smoothness of Jessica’s leg and gently started caressing her leg. He moaned as the teen stood there compliantly, letting the horny teacher do with her whatever he wished. He leaned into her and whispered, “I have let you girls laugh at me for the last time. I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t know what hit you.” With that he slid his hands to the leg band of her panties and inserted his fingers. He groaned and pressed his growing bulge into Jessica’s hip as his fingers found her pussy and pushed their way into her dry vagina. “I expected a slut like you to be sopping wet. Evans told me how wet you can get.” Johnston continued to move his fingers in and out of the girl’s pussy, making her wet. The teen’s pussy was tight and hot, and the teacher enjoyed probing around her pussy trying to evoke a reaction in her. Still Jessica stood silently. Johnston was getting frustrated at his inability to move the teen, he had expected her to be moaning and begging him to fuck her by this point. He continued his onslaught on her pussy and reached around with his other hand and started to paw and squeeze her tits through her shirt. Jessica stood and took the teacher’s abuse silently.

Johnston had enough, he was getting more irate at the girl’s passiveness. He withdrew his hands from her crotch and grabbed her hair roughly, making her gasp in pain. He pulled her down to her knees and quickly unzipped his fly and withdrew his throbbing member. He pulled on her hair again making her involuntarily open her mouth to cry out and shoved his cock in her mouth. Now the principal’s cock was massive, but the teacher’s cock was totally different. Johnston’s cock was shorter, measuring about 6 1/2 inches in length. It was the girth of his cock that the teen was struggling with, for Johnston’s cock measured about 3″ in diameter. “Now suck on that bitch!” he moaned to her, enjoying the feeling of her moist mouth around his cock. Jessica’s mouth was stretched way beyond it’s normal capacity and she couldn’t move tongue or mouth around him, she needn’t have worried. The teacher tightened his grip on the girl’s hair and started to fuck her face. All she could do was concentrate on breathing when she could and hung on to his hips for balance. His cock was getting harder in her mouth and was rapidly oozing precum so that it slithered down her throat, making her choke. Johnston’s strokes were getting faster and he started to moan “Okay Jessica, get ready for my load! Unngggghhh!” the teacher’s cock started pumping out what seemed to be gallons eryaman genç escort bayanlar of cum, pouring it down the teen’s throat. Jessica swallowed as fast as she could, but some escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Johnston’s member now lay flaccid in her mouth, and slowly he slipped it out from between her stretched lips. Jessica started to cry softly at the abuse her poor mouth had just taken. Unfortunately for Jessica there was no rest for her.

“That was lovely!” Johnston panted to the tearful girl. “A good start, now let me see those titties.” Johnston pushed the girl onto her back and straddled her stomach. Johnston rapidly undid the buttons on her shirt and pushed her shirt open. He gazed at the encased breasts as they heaved from her crying. He grasped the front clasp of her cotton bra and undid it, allowing her breasts to pop free from their confines. “Oh lord, look at these!!” Johnston muttered before he started to squeeze them. His fingers found her erect nipples and squeezed them, hard, enjoying the look of momentary pain on her face. The teacher flopped completely on top of her and started mouthing and licking her tits. He sucked on one and then the other, constantly switching back and forth. His hands continued to mold and shape her tits, pinching and caressing them at a furious pace. The constant feelings in her breasts were getting Jessica excited and she started to writhe underneathe the hands of her teacher.

The teen felt the teacher’s cock start to grow against her panty clad mound. The teacher was groaning as he started to hump her cunt through the thin piece of fabric. As though he knew her thoughts he abruptly sat up and slid down so that he was kneeling between her legs. He whipped the fabric from her pussy and spread her legs so much she thought her tendons would tear. She could feel that her pussy was wet from her previous gropings and knew that she was swollen with arousal. He licked his lips and stared at her spread cunt, unconsciously grabbing his cock and pumping it. With an animal-like cry he pounced on her and shoved his fat cock up to the hilt in her hot walls. He grabbed her hair and forced his tongue into her mouth as he pumped himself into her. Jessica felt her walls expand to accommodate the huge cock, now fully ensconced in her. The sheer with of him stretched her so much that her walls started to tremble with the beginnings of her first orgasm.

“Oh God…I’mmm!” Jessica moaned as her orgasm hit, causing her to quake erratically underneath her teacher. Johnston could feel her walls clamping down and releasing his cock over and over again, milking him. He plunged into her one last time and emptied more fluid into her channel. He collapsed on top of her for a minute and then rolled off.

“You can leave now. You’ll get an ‘A’ in this course now.” Johnston said tiredly. “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

Jessica got up and quickly put her clothes on and tidied her appearance and practically ran out of the classroom.

“What’s come over me?” she pondered on the way home. She couldn’t deny that her body had responded to the advances of the men, even more so than her boyfriend. She wasn’t sure if it was because she had no choice or because they took her roughly. Either way she couldn’t wait until her next encounter.

Jessica waited until 4 the next day to go see Principal Evans. She knew he had probably been told my Mr. Johnston what had happened, and she hoped that she had performed well enough to satisfy him. She arrived at the office just as the secretary was locking the outer door.

“Oh Jessica, there you are! I have an envelope from Principal Evans for you.” The secretary said. “He left at noon and will not be able to meet with you to discuss your grades.” The secretary handed Jessica the envelope and then turned and left.

Jessica stood dejectedly in the hallway and stared at the envelope in her hands. “I thought he’d be here to fuck me now.” She leaned against the wall and opened the envelope, the note inside it read:


By now you should have an A in your class. Go home and shower. Be at the following address by 6:30. Wear your school uniform, no panties and no bra. Do not be late. 3687 Havenshaw Lane.

Principal Evans.

Jessica quivered. She knew the address was on the outskirts of her small town, and probably was where he lived. She quickly left the school and ran home to get cleaned up, the cum squishing around in her pussy as she ran.

At precisely 6:30 the teen pulled up to the big old house on Havenshaw. It was set back from the road and was very secluded. No one would be able to see her mother’s car in the driveway. Jessica felt very uncomfortable in her school uniform without underclothes on. The slight breeze made her shiver as it caressed her most private of places, as she walked up the steps to the front door. She raised her hand to ring the bell but the door opened before she could.

Principal Evans stood there before her, ankara escort bayan with nothing but a blue silk robe on, tied loosely at his waist. Jessica shuddered as she took in his ugly face and pudgy body. “What am I doing here?” she thought to herself. “What does this retched man have that I willingly come here for?”

“Get inside” Evans barked, interrupting her tortured thoughts. He closed and locked the door behind her. “Follow me.” Evans walked into what she assumed was the living room. Inside was the largest big screen TV she had ever seen, and a long couch. His living room contained little else and was painted a dark green. The blinds were pulled closed and a small lamp dimly illuminated the sparsely furnished room. Evans turned around to face her.

The principal had planned all day what he wanted to do to his little prize, and now he couldn’t wait to get started. He looked at her beautiful toned legs, and allowed his gaze to move higher. He knew without looking that she had followed his directions and nothing was under her short skirt but her luscious pussy and tight ass. His eyes traveled up to notice her braless breasts were slightly heaving, and her nipples were erect and pushing through the thin cotton of her schoolgirl shirt. He tore his gaze away from her tits and moved up to her lips. Jessica was nervously biting on her lower lip, and was staring at a point a bit lower than his waist. The principal realized that just his brief examination had aroused his dormant cock, and it was now protruding lewdly out of the gaping front of his robe.

“Spread your legs!” he hoarsely uttered, overcome with desire and lust for the girl before him. She complied quickly and he moved his hand to cup her naked pussy. As he thought she was already wet and wanting him. He rubbed his thumb over her clit and watched as a look of utter pleasure overcame her face. He slipped two fingers into her and plunged them deeply within her dripping snatch. “Tell me what happened with Johnston.” Evans ordered.

Jessica looked into the man’s face and gave a recount of what had transpired in her tutorial. All the while the principal kept his fingers still inside of her. He moved his hand so that the teen had to stretch up on her toes and hang on to his shoulders to accommodate the height. As she told her story she was getting more and more aroused. Unwillingly her body started to move on its own and started to ride the fingers inside of her. As she neared the end of her story and spoke of how he had slammed his cock inside of her, her first orgasm overtook her and she started shuddering. She dug her nails into Evans’ shoulders and screamed out the ending of her tutorial as her orgasm hit.

“You enjoyed being fucked by him didn’t you?” Evans asked as he withdrew his wet fingers and moved them up to her face to rub them over her lips. Jessica nodded as she opened her mouth to taste her own juices. Evans gazed at the flushed teen, his cock throbbing with need as she engulfed his fingers and licked off her own cum. He couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her over to the couch. He wanted to make the evening last. As much as he just wanted to bend her over and plunge his cock into her, he wanted to follow the plan he had set out earlier.

Evans sat on the couch and undid his robe. He turned the teen around and pulled her down so that she was sitting with her back resting on his chest. The principal grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. He had selected a porn from his collection earlier and it started to play out in front of them. He wanted to turn the teen on so much that she would beg him to fuck her. He wanted to hear her beg and plead with him to fuck her, only then would he know that he truly owned her. The porn was showing a young girl getting fucked by two men in various positions. Jessica started to squirm in his lap. He positioned her so that his erect cock was standing up between her legs, barely grazing her pussy. He spread her legs wide so that the straddled his. Without her know it, he was arranging her so she wouldn’t be able to cum for a long time. He grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back, and pulled her back against him.

Jessica was confused with what was going on. She had fully expected him to fuck her after her story recount, but instead it looked like they were going to watch a movie. Jessica was frightened that she couldn’t move her arms and felt exposed with her legs spread so widely. She watched the movie and slowly started to relax. She started squirming as the girl in front of her was getting her pussy licked by the older man while she licked the other cock offered to her. Jessica remembered what it felt like to have her pussy licked by the principal and groaned. As Jessica continued to watch the movie she was getting more and more excited. She tried to rub her pussy on the cock in front of her but it was just barely out of her reach. Frustrated she moved to rub it with her hand and then realized etimesgut escort why the principal had her hands behind her back. She moaned in frustration.

Evans smiled into Jessica’s hair as she started to get more and more turned on and starting moving her hips in his lap. “It’s time to increase her desire now.” he thought to himself. Evans held onto her wrists with one hand and reached around the front of her and started to barely graze her breasts with his fingers.

Jessica gasped as she felt his hand move to her breasts. Instead of grabbing them and pinching them hard as she do desperately wanted now he started to draw lazy, butterfly-light caresses on her nipples. The hardened and extended further, begging to be touched roughly. At the same time as his fingers tortured her nipples, Evans started to slowly and softly kiss and lick the teen’s neck and ears – instinctively knowing her erogenous zones. This continued for sometime, and though his cock felt like it could explode he knew it would be worth it in the end.

Jessica didn’t know what was happening to her – she had never felt so turned on in her life before. After only half an hour of his touch she was more turned on than she had ever been with her boyfriend. She hated the feather-light touches and wanted to be mauled. She wanted this ugly old man to fuck her, to grab and suck hard on her breasts. She wanted his cock in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass – wherever he felt like fucking her – as long as he did it hard and rough. A dim realization came over her as she realized he wanted her to beg for him. At the same time as she told herself she would never do that, could never beg this hideous man to fuck her, her mouth opened to start begging the man driving her crazy to fuck her.

“Please!” Jessica whispered.

Evans smiled broadly “Please what?”

“Please!” was all that Jessica could continue to whisper.

He continued his torturous ministrations on her nipples and calmly said “You’ll have to do better than that! Please what?”

Jessica was in a frenzy now. She had an ache in her pussy that needed to be filled. Her tits felt as though they were separate entities on her chest and they wanted to be squeezed and licked and sucked on. Her mouth felt dry and she felt like fainting from her desire. She gyrated her hips and moved constantly in his lap now. As though her body had control over her mouth and voice the words started tumbling out, just as the tears of frustrations, desire and upset over feeling this way overtook her.

“Please put your cock in my pussy, fuck me hard, suck on my tits, play with them, shove your cock in my mouth and cum, ram my ass, touch me everywhere! Do me! Just do me now!!! Please, please..!!!” Jessica spewed out the word in a voice that was almost a scream.

Evans smiled, there was only one more thing he wanted from the hysterical teen at this point before he could fuck her. “Tell me,” he asked, “that I’m the best lover you have ever had, and the only one you want. Tell me you’ll break up with your boyfriend and will only belong to me.”

Jessica could hardly believe what he was asking of her. Though she knew she shouldn’t agree, that she shouldn’t want what he was suggesting, she knew in her heart that she wanted this pudgy old man to continue fucking her, and that she couldn’t even consider having sex with ‘whatshisname?’ any longer. “Yes.” Jessica said.

“Yes what?” Evans needed to hear the words, words he had never heard before and had always wanted to hear.

“Yes you are the best lover I’ve ever had, you are the only man I want to fuck me and touch me. I only want to be with you, no one else matters. Please, please…I need you.” Jessica told her lover.

Silently he roughly pushed her off of his lap and on the floor. Grasping her ankles he quickly flipped her on her back. Jessica was already playing with her tits through her shirt. Evans reached down and grasped the two sides of the shirt and ripped them open – sending buttons flying everywhere. He pounced on her tits and started sucking them and groping them hard. Jessica arched her back, trying to shove more of her tit in his mouth, his hand as she grasp his head with her hand. She reached down between them and grasped his cock, marvelling again at it’s length and girl.

“Please fuck me! I want you so badly!” Jessica moaned.

Evans positioned himself between her legs and pushed her knees back into her chest. With one swift plunge he buried himself deep within her. His ass jiggled as he started to rapidly pump her soaking pussy. Jessica groaned as he assaulted her with his massive cock. Tears flowed as she quickly had an orgasm, and then another. She wrapped her toned legs around his waist and pumped her pelvis in time to meet his thrusts. She reached up with her hands and grabbed his mouth from her tit and started kissing him. Their tongues wildly danced and darted around. His cock throbbed and he started banging her harder and harder, until finally thrust into her one last time and emptied spurt upon spurt of cum inside her. Jessica was in the throes of another orgasm, number four or five, she had lost count. When Evans came inside of her it set off a volley of fireworks that exploded inside her head. With a final groan Jessica slipped into unconsciousness.

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