Princeton Larry

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Arriving at college for the first time was embarrassing, but I could never admit it to myself. My father, a farmer, had driven my Mom, me and my dorm supplies ten hours to arrive in Princeton University four days before classes began. As we pulled in front of my dorm building in our rusted brown truck, all I wanted to do was to get my belongings out and have them go home, but I knew how much me leaving home was hurting them and how I really was going to miss them. I decided then to ignore everyone around me and think only of my wonderful, down-to-earth parents and take my time with them and our last good-byes.
As we were carrying in my clothes packed in brown boxes, I noticed Larry. I could tell he was waiting for me, as he smiled his amazing grin and I smiled back. I think it was going to be a good year. Larry had graduated from my High School two years earlier, and although few people from my hometown went out of state to go to school, let alone an Ivy League college, Larry did, and so was I. I was lucky to have a few options open to me for good schools, but I knew that there was at least someone at Princeton that could talk about Hillsboro, Ohio’s Potato Days festival, as well as other more personal events.
The first time I had really spoken with Larry was the summer after his freshman year at Princeton. Larry’s younger sister, Carol, was having a bonfire in her parent’s backyard just before she started at the technical college in the next town. I still had another year of High School left, but she invited me- I think partly for her brother. She said that I was the only brainy guy she knew and she needed to keep her brother busy talking about smart stuff so he wouldn’t have time to insult everyone else at the party. I knew she was using me a little, but I didn’t care. I was an anomoly in the town since I grew up on a working farm, and therefore never had time for sports, but since 5th grade had always gotton straight A’s. There weren’t too many smart, strong farmboys anywhere in our county.
Larry was the guy who didn’t fit into our town, either. First his looks separated him- he had an Italian complexion, dark curly hair that he never combed which he called his Jew-fro, even though his dad was a Baptist minister, and there wasn’t a Temple within 100 miles of Hillsboro. He played tennis in High School, so his body was always strong and muscular, but never bulky like the football players and wrestlers in school. He was 5’10” and every girl in school was in love with him, but I never remember him with a steady girlfriend for any length of time. His one character trait was that he was always insulting people in the most subtle ways, but his put-downs were only directed to those higher on the food chain. Irrelevant of the circle they ran in, no one was immune to his jabs if you were caught teasing, gossiping, or just acting like a “fucking stupid hick.” Often, Larry’s insults could almost be taken as a complement, but after you stop and think, you realize he just indirectly called you a “fucking stupid hick.” Larry was invited to every party but he would rarely go. He was Homecoming King and would have been Council President if he wanted, but Larry said he couldn’t care less about politics in a town of 10,000 people, let alone its high school. At senior prom, he was chosen as “Best Smile”, “Best Looking” and “Most Likely to Succeed.” At graduation, he received more scholarships than anyone, including Bill Fester, who had a full ride to both UK and EKU to wrestle. It had been so long since someone from our school had received a full ride academic scholarship, that Larry’s accomplishments were written about in all four of the county papers, and even the front page our own weekly.
When Carol introduced me to Larry at the bonfire, he was polite and interested in talking with someone new, focusing on me and what I was interested in. I knew exactly who he was but figured that he knew nothing about me, so I was willing to share as much information as he wanted. As the conversation grew he realized that I was in a good position to repeat what he had done a year earlier with scholarships, and said I should apply to any school I wanted regardless of cost. He asked what my SATs were and was impressed, yet didn’t share his own which I heard were much better. After awhile I was able to ask some questions of my own particularly about Princeton. Larry’s stories of the professors, the students, and trips to the Big Apple made me want to go there tomorrow. He said that during his freshman year he made the final step and admitted to being an atheist, completely pissing off his Dad, which seemed to please him. “I have other things that will completely blow his mind, but I’m saving those for later, “ Larry mentioned with a smile. We must have talked for over two hours until my ride said that he was leaving. I was expecting to be insulted by him, but never once did he even hint at sarcasm while we were talking. At one moment in the conversation Carol and her friend Kim came over to see if we wanted something to drink. Larry told Kim that he could see her nipples through her tube top, and with a wink said, “that is sooo fucking hot.” Kim winked back and glided away, then Larry looked at me with a smile and said “stupid fucking hick. You won’t have to deal with them when you get out of this mud pit.”
I was surprised when the next day Larry showed up at my house and wanted to see if I could take a drive with him, which seemed strange and a little exciting. My dad was working on our tractor, so after introducing Larry I told Dad that I’ll be back in a while. Shaking hands with Larry, Dad said that he was proud of Larry and what he’s accomplished in his young life, and that he should give me some pointers. “I’ll try real hard, Mr. Daniels,” was Larry’s reply.
We climbed into Larry’s Jeep and started towards Peebles County. Larry said that he couldn’t stand staying in his parent’s house and needed to take a break. I saw his camera bag in the back and asked where we were going. “I just wanted to go for a hike and take some photos, if that was OK with you.” He knew that I would be fine with anything he wanted to do, since he was very used to people accommodating him in our town, and my admiration of him the night before was hard to disguise for two hours. I asked if he’d ever been to the abandoned barn down by Twin Creek, and he said he’d never even heard of it. Larry made a left and started the 20 minute drive. Once we reached the dirt road that lead to the quiet barn, he realized that even in the Jeep, we’d güvenilir bahis better park and walk the rest of the way. Camera bag in tow, Larry and I walked another 15 minutes to reach the barn, tucked in the woods just 25 yards from Twin Creek. I had been here only a month before, but it seemed even more surreal than usual. The roof and structure were still very solid, but the sides were beginning to fall away. It was mid-morning, so light was beaming into the loft of the barn which had 20 foot ceilings and almost 70’ x 40’ of flat empty flooring. “It’s AMAZING!” was Larry’s only response. This was the first time I’d ever seen him be in awe of something. “I’m taking a photography class at the community college this summer and this will be perfect as a setting. I need some perspective, though, so will you stand over next to the window while I snap a few?” I was more than happy to oblige.
He moved close to me and took some photos over my shoulder. “I want to just get part of you in the foreground to make the image more interesting.” He snapped a few more shots, then moved over and tried to tuck my collar in. “Your shirt is a little distracting, would you mind taking it off? I’m just taking a photo of your ear and shoulder in the foreground and need it to be cleaner and your shirt makes it look like 1992.” My dad is a farmer and so are my two older brothers, so I am used to working hard and my muscles do show the results of years of throwing hay bales, carrying seed bags and milk pails. I’m just a little shorter than Larry, but I think I have a few more muscles than him, and have never been embarrassed to take off my shirt, which I did continually while working the farm. I looked at Larry for just a second, and he tipped his head to motion for me to go ahead and take off my shirt. I shrugged, then pulled my shirt over my head. I tried to see if Larry had any reaction, but if he did, he didn’t show it. Larry took a few more photos like before, then gently grabbed my shoulder and moved me around a little. After three more shots, he let the camera fall to his chest, and pulled my arm over my head. “No, that’s not going to work. Here, lay on the floor and put your arms out kind of like Jesus.” Getting a little uneasy, I said “sure” and layed down on the barn loft floor. He started taking more photos and kept moving around my body snapping at different angles. Larry then stood in between my legs and took some more photos. I then felt his shoe on my inner thigh, two more shots, next his shoe was in my crotch. I didn’t move. Three more slow shots. He crouched down and his shin was laying on my stiffening cock. Seemingly oblivious to where he leg was positioned, he took the photos slowly; two, three, four,,,,five,,,,,,,six. “Raise your head and look at me,” he said in a soft voice. He snapped a photo of my face, then my chest, then my stomach. He stopped when he got to my crotch and gave the smallest smile and stood up. “Help me with some other photos if you don’t mind,” Larry said in a quiet but distracted voice. “I need to take some photos of the human form. Are you OK with that?” “What do I have to do?” I said nervously.
“I really don’t know, maybe you can help me figure it out. I was thinking about calves and knees. Can you pull your pants up past your knees?”
“I think these jeans are too tight for that.”
“Do you mind just taking them off then?”
“I actually do a little. I’m…um..not wearing underwear today.”
“Did you forget or is this normal on the farm?”
“Ha, normal I guess. I just don’t like them that much.”
“Well can you still take them off? I really need to get these shots since they have to be ready for my class tomorrow.”
Nervously, I had to figure out something. I didn’t understand what was happening, and it was moving so fast. I had a huge erection, no underwear and Larry said he needed my help. I wondered if he wanted to see me naked or not, but I couldn’t tell for sure. Maybe he just really wanted these shots and that was it. I’ve been naked with guys dozens of times, but this just seemed different.
“It’s a little cold in here, so if you get a woody, I promise I won’t take a picture of it,” Larry said with a smile. “Deal?”
“OK” I said. Visibly shaking, I unbuttoned my top button on my jeans and started to unzip my pants. I really did want him to see me naked, hoping that maybe something may just happen.
“Stop!” Larry said. He came over and pulled at the back of my pants to show the very top of my butt. “Let me take some different shots before we get to your knees.” He snapped a few pictures of my back, and then yanked a little more on my pants to show half of my butt. “Bend down and put your hands on your calves.” I complied. Two more shots. I raised back up then he told me to go ahead and take my jeans the rest of the way off to get the knee shots. I took off my pants, making sure that my junk was covered. “Where do you want me to stand?” I asked. “Right there. By the way, I couldn’t care less if you’re naked, but whatever you’re comfortable with.” Holding my pants over my cock, he asked me to turn around so he could photograph the back of my calves. I thought about moving my pants around to cover my butt, but decided that seemed too stupid.
“I need to have your legs relaxed. Can you lay down on the floor again? Use your pants to make sure your don’t get a splinter in your ass.” Larry seemed to make sense, so I sat on the floor, sitting on my pants with my cock at full attention and my hands not able to completely cover it. “Wow you must be cold! Listen, is this uncomfortable because you’re sitting there butt naked and I’m taking photos of you and I’m fully dressed?” I shrugged and smiled nervously. “Tell you what, to show that this is not a big deal, I’ll peel as well until I get these shots taken care of- deal?”
I didn’t know what to say, so I just said “sure, I guess.” I could feel the pre cum leaking into my hand as I thought about seeing Larry naked too. I was really hoping this was a complete seduction, but knew I couldn’t make the first move in case I was wrong and then he would crucify me.
Larry looked at me squarely in the eyes as he slowly took off his t-shirt. His chest was much more defined than I had imagined, and he truly had a six-pack that showed the freshman 10 hadn’t applied to him. He unbuckled his belt and threw it on the barn floor with a jingle. He kicked off his shoes and carefully laid them out of the way. Larry removed his socks laying them on his shoes and then unbuttoned his jeans. He slowly unzipped them, not taking türkçe bahis his eyes off mine. I looked at him then unconsciously looked at his crotch as he was unzipping. When I looked back to his face he was smiling that prom-winning smile. After unzipping his pants, he grabbed the waistline of both his pants and his underwear and started pulling them down. He was able to get down about three inches to where I could see the top part of his pubic hair, when he then reached into his pants, and smiling said, “I’m cold too.” He moved his cock around so he could slip his pants the rest of the way off. His cock was sticking almost straight up when his pants and underwear finally cleared it. He bent over and removed his pants from his legs and put them by his shoes and came back and picked up his camera.
“Let’s get some good photos now.” He came over and kneeled on the floor focusing the camera on my knees and legs. “Swing your right leg over your left. Further.” He took more shots of my butt, feet and calves. “Your hand is in the way, go ahead and move it.” I obeyed and moved my hand away from my stiff cock leaving it open for him to see. He then reached over and began positioning my leg in different angles. It just started becoming routine after a couple minutes, then he touched my inner thigh to move my legs open wider. He positioned himself inbetween my legs with his back facing me. He then inched back until he was almost sitting on my cock. “Sorry man, I just need this angle. Steady my back so I don’t fall back on you.” I pushed on his back and kept my hand there while he took pictures. He then lost his balance and immediately put his hand on my crotch to steady himself. “Wow you are hard…. just like me.” He looked at me, then put his camera down on the ground. “I’m not done yet, but we can take a break for a couple minutes.”
He then, slowly staring at me began to move his hand over me touching my leg, thigh, outer hip, stomach and then chest. I didn’t do anything except stare back at him. He moved his hand slowly back down my chest and slightly touched the tip of my cock and then moved his hand around it. The pre cum from my shaft stuck to his hand and he just wiped it on his smooth chest. Seeing that I was not protesting, he grabbed my cock and bent down and started to lick the head slowly, staring at me the entire time. I couldn’t believe what was happening- The Larry Sharp was giving me a blow job!! I realized then how many times I had thought of this in my dreams and when I jerked off. He then took my head into his mouth and then out again. He examined my cock and smiled so subtly, looked me in the eye and immediately took the entire shaft into his mouth all the way down to my pubic hair. I just moaned with incredible pleasure. He moved up and down on my cock first slowly then quickly, using his tounge to swirl around my shaft, then sucking so hard up and down and up and down. I was ready to cum and told him so. Larry immediately stopped and just held my cock at the base for about 15 seconds to make sure I wasn’t going to unload.
He then started to kiss me. He started at my inner thigh, then my hip, pubic area, my navel, up my stomach-kissing each rise in my six pack and licking the middle. Larry then landed on my right nipple and slowly started licking rings around the tip then lightly sucked with the slightest feeling of teeth. He made his way up my neck and then to my chin and to my left ear. By this time his entire body was on me, and I could feel his rock-hard cock on mine. As he put his tongue into my ear his hips moved, rubbing his dick against mine. I had never felt pleasure like this before, even though I wasn’t going to cum, having him naked, kissing my ear and the weight of his body on top of me was beyond anything I had experienced in my 17 years.
Larry then raised his head and looked at me again, smiled, and waited for me to show him some confirmation that what was happening was more than just mutual, but enjoyable for me too. I smiled back and leaned up and kissed him on his full lips. He used his knees to spread my legs apart, pressed his cock onto mine again and kissed me again a little harder and longer. His hips started moving back and forth, rubbing himself on me with our pre-cum gliding us together. I started moving my hips along with his and our kissing became more passionate and deeper. His mouth tasted like sweet mint, and he smelled like the trees-woody and natural. I could hear the morning birds and the creek running over the rocks not too far from the barn. It was a perfect morning, and although my head was reeling, I didn’t want this to stop. Larry then grabbed under my knees and raised up my legs while we are still kissing. I then felt his cock rubbing against my hole sliding his shaft between my cheeks back and forth. He then suddenly stopped kissing me and went down and started sucking my cock again, faster and harder than ever. He moved to my balls, licking and taking each one in his mouth and gently rolling them around. The next sensation I felt was his wet tongue on my hole licking and probing with his mouth. I couldn’t believe the sensation of having my ass licked and lost my breath for a moment. “Can you hold up your legs?” Larry gently asked. I held the back of my knees and kept them at the same angle as Larry had them. He continued to lick my ass and my balls and cock. He then took his finger and gently slid it into my ass as he was sucking me. I groaned because it hurt. Larry felt my cue and removed his finger gently. “You’re tighter than Cassie Wright’s pussy,” Larry said with a smile. We both knew that Cassie was the most rigid girl in our school, and people would joke that on her ‘first’ time, she would squeeze the pecker clean off the guy with her angry, uptight pussy. “I’m not sure I like something in there,” I nervously mentioned to Larry. He asked, “have you ever fucked someone?” I replied that I had been close to fucking a girl I met at the county fair last summer, but never did. “So, you’re a virgin in every way. How about this? You fuck me. I’ve never been fucked before, but I think I would actually like it.”
I thought about it briefly, then looked at his amazing body and his ass and realized that this could be the best first time ever. But then I saw Larry beautiful cock again and said, “I’d like that, but one thing first.” I raised up my body, took his and guided him onto his back on the floor of the barn. I kissed his mouth again, and put the weight of my body on him. I kissed him all the way down till I reached his cock güvenilir bahis siteleri and put his head in my mouth. I could taste the sweet cum and used my tongue to lick around the edge of his cock. I then opened my mouth and put almost his entire cock in my throat. Larry raised his chest and let out the loudest groan of pleasure. I sucked his cock and although this was the first time I had done this I knew what I liked, so just kept imagining what would make me cum and kept rising up and down, licking his shaft and alternating between sucking hard, going deep and just letting his cock lightly touch the inside of my mouth. I cupped Larry’s balls in my hand and gently massaged them, letting my hand eventually go down between his legs and finding their way to his hole. I rubbed the outside with my thumb, as I continued to suck and lick his cock up and down and all around. I gently pushed my thumb into him and he raised his hips pushing his cock to the back of my throat. I didn’t gag, but stopped to ask if he was alright, and he just looked at me and showed me his white toothy smile. I went back up to his mouth and started kissing him, while rubbing my cock in between his cheeks on his asshole. He raised his legs and said, “fuck me, farm boy!” I asked if he had a condom, and he grabbed his backpack and pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom. Larry knew what was going to happen today, or at least he was hopeful. “I’ve never let a guy fuck me before, and I’ve only fucked two guys-both times using a condom. If you want, and if you trust me, we can forget the condom this morning. It’s up to you, but I think you’ll enjoy yourself more without the raincoat, and I promise you’ll be safe.” It didn’t take me long to grab the lube and ignore the condom. I put some on my cock and then dripped some on Larry’s hole and rubbed it in. I stared at Larry who was looking right at me. No smile, no pain, no fear, but a look of kindness and desire. Staring at him, and not looking down, I positioned my cock to the edge of his ass and pushed. Larry slowly closed his eyes, and then opened them again and gave the smallest of nods, letting me know to go further. I pushed a little harder and the tip of my cock buried itself into Larry. He sighed and smiled and I pushed again. After a few seconds more I pushed further and my cock was completely inside him. Never when I jerked off did I have something completely around my dick surrounding it, holding it as tight as it was in Larry. I was amazed at what I’d been missing. I waited about 10 seconds and then pulled a few inches out and then back in. Out and in, and out and in. The rhythm started going very slowly as I contined to stare at Larry. He was looking directly back at me and giving me all the signs to keep going. The rhythm started going faster, and Larry started to move his hips with the beat. The lube made the movements so smooth, and his ass was tight, but not Cassie tight. I kept going back and forth and started going faster and faster. Larry took his hands and grabbed my head bringing it down to kiss me. I layed my body on his and kept thrusting back and forth, deeper and deeper each time. I started going harder and I heard Larry say a low, “yes,” as I picked up the speed and force. I raised my head and started thrusting the hardest yet and loudly said, “I’m going to cum. I need to pull out.” “NO!” Larry shouted. “Cum in me!” I thrust and rocked my hips, with Larry’s hands on my ass helping to push me in and out of him. The pace quickened and I shouted “I’m cumming now!” My cock exploded in Larry as I kept pumping away and I could feel the cum in his hole making the thrusting even more slippery. “Don’t stop! I’m cumming too!” Larry shouted as I looked at his cock, erect and throbbing in time with my thrusting. Without either of us touching it, I saw him shoot his load everywhere across our chests and on my chin and in my hair. I stayed inside Larry and slowed down my beat and eventually stopped. I bent down and kissed him and he passionately kissed me back, deep and long, pulling my body onto his. Afraid of crushing him, I rolled on my side with my tongue still in his mouth. We kissed for another few minutes, then he gently pushed my head onto his chest and just breathed, not saying a word.
I noticed the morning light coming into the barn through the missing slats on the sides and thought that my first time could not have been more amazing. My head on his solid chest, the smell of sweat and hard work that has far more rewards than working on a farm made the last hour seem perfect. I looked at Larry, and quietly said “thanks.” “Thank YOU, genius farm boy with an amazing cock.” He kissed me again and said that we were in need of a shower. I remined him that there was a creek just a few feet away, and Larry sighed, “Like I said, genius farm boy.” We got up, grabbed our clothes and made our way to Twin Creek. Larry found a place deep enough to get a good swim in and after washing off and goofing off, we planted ourselves on a rock to air dry. Larry went down on me again and sucked me while we dryed off and I gave him a massage rubbing my cock on his ass as I kneaded his back. Neither of us came again, I think bacause we were exhausted and I needed to get back to the farm. Finally dry, we dressed, Larry grabbed his camera, and we headed back to the Jeep. “What do we do now?” I timidly asked as we were walking. “Whatever you want, but if it were up to me, I think we need to spend more time together. You need to get ready to come to Princeton in a year, and I need to get some more photos for my class this summer. You game?” “Absolutely!” as we smiled and walked in the best morning of my life, and later I found out, the best in his life too.

Unloading the truck with my belongings for my dorm room, Larry came up to me and my parents. “Bout time you got here! I can’t believe that truck of yours made the trip, Mr. Daniels! You need to take a little of your millions and actually buy a truck that won’t wake half of New Jersey.” He gave both my mom and my dad a hug and then squeezed my shoulder. Both of my parents had grown to love Larry like a son since he spent so much time at our house the past two summers and over breaks. He was getting to be pretty good at milking cows and running a tractor, since I started teaching him all about farm life. It was the least that I could do since he was teaching me so many other things at our favorite barn next to Twin Creek. My mom said, “I’m so glad you two are going to be roommates this year, Larry. I think Matt is going to have a great experience here with you showing him the ropes.” We smiled at each other and Larry said, “I’ll try real hard, Mrs Daniels. Real hard.”

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