Pregnant Milky Real Estate Agent

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Adriana Chechik

“Karen, are you there yet? It is crucial we offload this property. It has been sat on our site for the last 6 months. It makes us look incompetent.” I heard my boss rant over the telephone.

I was parked up outside of the property as I let him finish his rant knowing it was better to not interrupt him. He didn’t care that I was 8 months pregnant and I had told him that my doctor recommended only desk work. The property had to be shown and no one else was available.

I sighed as I looked at my hand, my finger still bearing the mark of where my engagement ring had sat. Oh well, that was over and I looked over at the house. The buyer was waiting at the door. He was a smartly dressed man who appeared to be of Indian origin. He was short and he was wearing spectacles. He looked fit but no athlete by any stretch of the imagination. If I had to guess, I would have said he worked in the IT industry. I knew how awfully racist it sounded but it was often the case with Indian men that I came across house hunting. I was surprised to see no wife as they usually made the decisions in these relationships. The sale would be a nice welcome bonus but it seemed unlikely as he was not likely to have the final say.

“Yes, I am here. I can see the buyer at the front door. I don’t want to keep him waiting,” I said as I tried to cut the conversation short. Derek was an obnoxious ogre to work for but the benefits were good and my commission was great.

It was our firm’s selling point; we never leave a property on the market for longer than 30 days. We always sell. However, a combination of being on the wrong side of town and a significant price tag meant that the property was not shifting. The commission had been doubled and it would be a nice bonus for when the baby arrived but it was not likely to be sold any time soon.

I dabbed the sweat on my chest and under my armpits as I tried to freshen up to meet the buyer. I had never felt this unattractive in my life. I held my large belly as I struggled to get out of my large vehicle. I waddled over to the smartly dressed man as I tried to put on my best smile.

“Mr. Patel, sorry I am running a little late. I am not as quick as I once was.” I rubbed my belly as I found it a good excuse for most things.

He gave me a sympathetic smile but the way he looked at me gave me a tingly sensation. There may have been no intent behind the look at my unbearably large breasts which were struggling to be contained by my loose sundress but my mind was always wandering to horny thoughts in the past 3 months. The breakup of my engagement only added to my sexual frustration as my sex drive went through the roof. If I am being honest, my need to ‘relieve’ myself was constant and I would ‘relieve’ myself at least twice a day. One time I took a break to the water closet at work and fingered myself to orgasm as my horny state became unbearable.

Anyway back to the job in hand, I had to sell this property.

“You can call me Sandy. It is short for Sandeep and you are Charlotte Walker, if I recall?” He asked.

“Sorry, that is my colleague. This was her listing but I am taking this viewing for her today as she overran at another viewing. I am Karen Thompson.” I held out a hand and he held and rubbed it gently. The touch was not the handshake I had expected and I was a little taken by it.

“Do you want to speak to the manager?” He giggled and I was a little bemused. “I am sorry. It was a silly joke. I am being a fool.”

“Oh, I hate the Karen that ruined our name. Shall we have a look at the property?” I tried to deal with it as lightheartedly as I could.

I opened the door and walked in while holding my belly. I had a feeling that he was staring at my ass and I tried to sway a little in my head but it was undoubtedly no more than a waddle from side to side. Was I hoping he was looking at my ass? There was something about him that I found unexplainably attractive.

“So, what are you interested in today?” I asked as I looked over my shoulder. I was sure I caught him staring at my ass but he quickly looked up at me.

“I have just finalized a bitter divorce and I am looking for a fresh start. We lived in Plain Hills but now I want to move away and keep my distance from there.” He answered. I found it interesting he was telling me he was single. Plain Hills was the more desirable part of town and he clearly had money. I was eager for the sale as I learned he did not need a wife’s approval.

“You won’t get a better property on this side of town and the views are great of the city,” I responded.

“I am certainly enjoying my view,” he replied and I went red with embarrassment as the veneer of respectability was being lifted.

“I mean the view from the bedroom window,” I replied.

“Perhaps, you can show me the bedroom later,” he responded and the flirtation was becoming more obvious.

I reminded myself that this was about the sale.

“You will note that this is a large spacious property. It has a formal setting at the front of sakarya escort the house and a casual setting at the back of the house.” I walk him through the home and I am aware of his eyes on me. I don’t know if it is my imagination or if he actually feels an attraction. I am acutely aware of my fat pregnant state but I am hoping he is the type of pervert that is interested in pregnant women.

He walks around the island in the kitchen as he brushes against me. I am sure I feel his hand grope my ass and I turn to look at him with an annoyed expression but he has his back to me and is inspecting the kitchen units.

“I have two daughters. They enjoy baking with me. I think they might enjoy the kitchen.” He commented and I began to play down the grope to my imagination.

“Do they live with you?” I asked inquisitively.

“Only 2 days a week. I share joint custody with my wife. Is your husband excited about the baby?” He asked taking me by surprise. I knew small talk was important to the sale.

“Oh. There is no husband,” I replied as I rubbed my finger in the place my engagement ring had previously occupied.

“Sorry, I always think like a traditional Indian man. Is the right word partner?” He asked.

“No. There is no one. There was a fiancé, well, he proposed 2 weeks after finding out the news of the pregnancy. 3 months later I found out he was on Tinder talking to other girls. Fuckin’ bastard.” I said letting my emotions get the better of me.

“Hey, hey. It is ok to be angry,” he says as he comes over to me and helps me sit down on a chair.

He rests his against my belly and begins to gently rub. It is a soothing sensation and helps me calm down.

His fingers brush against the underside of my breast but I ignored this as I enjoyed the soothing touch.

“It always surprised me, the idiocy of men. You are stunning. I don’t know why a man would need to look anywhere else if they had you in their bed,” he tells me. I lean back a little in the chair.

I feel his fingers now poke against my breasts as I take a deep sigh. I am unable to bring myself to stop him as I enjoy the feeling. His hands now begin to grope my breasts and feel them.

“Oh, yes!” I let out a moan and this brings me out of this dream like state. I get up and he simply backs away as though his hands were not groping me moments ago.

I have conflicting emotions within me, I know he is being overly familiar and his touches are becoming bolder. But I do not wish to be rude and ruin a potential sale. There is also a part of me that is enjoying the sexual attention as I have been starved of it for so long. I could not exactly go on Tinder with a belly ready to pop out a baby, not even for a one night stand.

I took him to the back of the house to show the pool area and large grounds.

I tried to regain my breathing as I felt myself beginning to think of arousing thoughts. He followed behind me as I pointed out the view and the nicely laid out garden. The pool was a wonderful selling point and I wanted to really push this.

“The large back garden and trees provide a lot of privacy,” I try to ignore the sexual tension and try to shift this whale of a property.

“So if we stripped and dipped in the pool no one else would see?” he said cheekily. I looked back at him but he was now ogling me a little too obviously for my liking. I had to keep some professionalism.

“I can’t in my current state,” I reply as I try to deflect the comment.

“How far along are you?” His questions are becoming too personal for me but he is the buyer so I am still keeping it professional.

“8 months now. It is getting close,” I reply.

“I remember my wife when she was that far along. Is this your first?” He asked.

“Yes. It is my first one. I always wanted children, despite this not being ideal circumstances. How did your wife cope with it?” I asked trying to make conversation. It was never an easy sell if an agent closed off.

“Just between you and me, she was horny as hell. She would want sex every day. Even twice a day. God, she would tire me out but I loved it. But every woman is different, aren’t they?” He took me by surprise. I was a little shook at the idea of having sex twice a day. It was something I desperately craved at the moment.

I was silent for a few moments as I wondered what he had underneath the smart trousers. I subconsciously licked my lips as I thought about a man fucking me in my current state. 8 months ago I was at the peak of my beauty, blonde hair, and slim body, clothes that teased and probed but now I looked like a balloon and felt constantly bloated. I just was not appealing to the opposite sex.

“Yes…I guess they are,” I reply still lost in thought.

I move it along to the rest of the house and show him the upstairs.

I showed him the large bathroom which was fitted with a large shower and Jacuzzi. Sandeep opened the shower the door.

“Enough room for two,” he said as he winked at me.

“Not sakarya escort bayan in my state,” I tried to pass it off as a joke and avoiding addressing his suggestive comments.

“We may have to test that,” he replied quickly. I smiled awkwardly but he opened the shower door and stepped in.

“Do you want to join me?” He asked. I giggled awkwardly.

“No, I don’t think I can. I don’t want any accidents.” Just as I spoke the words he slipped and somehow turned the shower on. The water had completely drenched him and I suppressed a laugh.

I switched off the shower and he got to his feet dripping in water. This showing was taking longer than expected and I needed to be home. My breasts had begun lactating recently and I liked to milk them after work. I could feel my breasts getting fuller but this showing appeared to have no end.

“I am so sorry. I don’t know what happened,” I knew what happened but I remained the helpful real estate agent.

“I saw a dryer downstairs. Take the clothes off and they should be dry in a few minutes.” I remained calm.

He began to slowly take off his clothes and I liked the reveal of his hairy body. He was in good shape for his age of 50. He stopped at his boxers as they seemed to have escaped the water but there was a noticeable wet spot where his precum had soaked into the boxers.

“I will take the boxers to be sure,” I heard myself say.

He slowly pulled them down to reveal a nice sized brown cock.

“Nice. Nice,” I muttered to myself as it came into view.

I picked up the clothes and took them down to the dryer. I was staring out of the window as I thought about Sandeep’s cock and how nice it would feel to ride it. I would love to feel it deep inside of me.

The ping of the dryer awoke me from my lustful thoughts. I collected the clothes and made my way upstairs. I went to the bathroom where I had left him but he was not there.

The door to the bedroom was open and he was lying on the bed completely naked.

“Why don’t you join me?” He says in a cheeky manner but there is nothing cheeky about it. He is propositioning me.

Instead of rebuking him I give a timid response. “I don’t think we should. Not in my state anyway,” I reply but my tone is more playful.

“The moment I saw you, I thought you were the sexiest woman I have ever seen. The thought of your breasts so large and engorged. Holy Krishna! It makes me so fucking hard,” he says.

“I can see,” I reply as I look at his hard cock.

I just want to jump on that cock and ride it to release but I need to know if he is serious about the property.

“Are you serious about the house or do you just want my panties?” I say letting my professional guard down.

“I am serious about both,” he replies.

“In that case, what is your offer?” I ask.

“It depends on the state of your panties,” the heat was rising as I was unsure what I was negotiating. My panties or the house.

“They are very moist and warm,” I reply and I watch as his cock twitches releasing precum which makes his cock glisten.

“I will pay asking price if you take off your clothes off and join me on the bed,” he propositions me.

“Perhaps, you need full disclosure. My breasts are particularly engorged at this moment as I have begun lactating and they are feeling full,” I tell him as his cock twitches like crazy. I am worried he is about to cum before I can ride on his cock.

“Name your price but I am sucking on those tits before I leave this house,” he replies and I smile at him.

“10% over asking and you will leave me a nice review,” I tell him and he has a giggle.

“Take them off and drown me in your milk,” he orders me.

“Gladly,” I was looking forward to my first fuck in a long time.

I removed my blazer and began to slowly lift my sundress. I slowly revealed inch after as I enjoyed watching his eyes follow my every movement. I paused for a moment as I got to the top of my thighs, I felt insecurity at revealing myself in my pregnant state but the hunger in his eyes gave me a sense of confidence.

I lifted it higher over my panties and I could see his mouth water. I lifted higher over my belly as his cock twitched at the sight every inch of skin.

I finally lifted the dress over my head and dropped it to the side.

“Take off the bra. Oh god you are so hot!” He moans out loud.

“Easy there, tiger. Be patient. I don’t want you cumming before I have gotten started.” I tell him as I turn around and unclasp the bra. I let it fall down and turn around with my hands covering my engorged and swollen breasts.

“Do you want to see my sweet pregnant tits?” I ask in my sweetest tone.

“Oh god yes! I want to come over there and ravish you right now!” I can sense the eagerness within him.

“Stay there! I need to be in control or I get dressed.” I tell him.

He stopped still and moved back a little and I smiled at him. For some reason I felt safe and in control around escort sakarya him. I gently squeezed my breasts and they sprayed breast milk in front of me. His cock twitched a lot more at the sight of my milky nipples.

“What shall I take off next?” I asked him.

“Your panties, god. Those panties need to come off,” he moaned. I loved watching his cock twitch in anticipation. The desire and want was so clear and I reveled in it.

I turned around and bent over enough to show my ass and slowly slide down my panties. I picked them up and it revealed my horny state as they were dripping wet. I twirled the panties on my finger.

“Do you want to feel just how wet your hard cock has made my panties?” He nodded his head to my words as the atmosphere was becoming heated.

I threw my panties and he eagerly brought them to his nose and then his lips began to kiss and lick the wet panties. I wanted him so much in that moment.

“Sit up and remember no touching,” I remind him.

I straddle his body and glide forwards and backwards against his cock that I have pressed flat against his body.

“I am in control. Nod your head if you agree,” I tell him as I pin his hands over his head. He nods his head as I use my wet panties to tie his hands together.

“Good boy, you are really making Mommy horny,” I say as I begin grind up and down against his cock harder.

I pull his head forward and suffocate him with my breasts.

“Be a good boy and drink from Mommy,” he eagerly began to suckle at my nipples as I began to grind harder his cock back and forth.

Despite him being much older than me, the idea of breast feeding him was really making me horny.

My breasts were tender and swollen and I did not trust him to touch them as I was afraid he may be too rough but his suckling was tender and gentle and it only made me hornier.

I began to grind against his hard cock harder and harder as I felt my orgasm approaching.

He had already sucked one breast dry as I moved him over to the other.

My fingers were digging into his hair as I began to lose control.

“Sandeep, Oh! Deeper! Suck me deeper! So good!” I moaned in ecstasy. The sounds of my wet pussy squishing against his hard cock were getting louder and louder.

“Jesus frickin’ Christ!” I moaned out loud as I came hard. I felt myself go like never before and a torrent of fluids came out as I soaked his cock and the bed.

I fell forward into his shoulder as my body went limp from the exertions.

“Hey, are you ok?” Sandy asked as I had not moved for some time.

“Never better. Never better,” I said breathless. I needed that orgasm after 8 months of pent up frustration.

“I wish you held off until I came as well. But it was beautiful to watch you climax,” he said and I thought it was sweet that he thought I was done.

“Don’t worry. You will cum before I am finished. I am not done with you yet,” I said as I untied his hands and he immediately grabbed my ass. I removed his hands and pinned them over his head.

I leaned in and we kissed for the first time. It was a slow and sensual kiss as my lips parted to allow his tongue to pass them. I swirled my tongue around his as I felt my arousal stir once more.

His hands found my breasts and I felt that apprehension return but he gently touched and caressed them.

I began to moan as we kissed and he tenderly touched me. His fingers began to flick my nipples gently as our kiss became more fervent.

I wanted him inside of me desperately but I was so afraid of harming the baby. I began to grind against his cock once more but I could not allow it to enter me.

My moans were muffled by our kissing but I could feel my arousal building once more.

I had to put a stop to it before it went too far. I reluctantly broke off our kiss and lifted myself off Sandeep.

“Sandeep, I really want your cock inside of me so bad but I can’t,” I told him as I rubbed my belly.

“What if it was my tongue?” He said with a cheeky smile.

“Do you really want to?” I asked as I became insecure about how I smelt and how wet I got. Also I had not shaved myself in some time.

“Trust me; I want it more than anything in this world. I want you to sit on my face like it is your throne,” he replied.

“Are you sure? I am really heavy right now,” I asked again trying to give him an out.

“Trust me, I want this. Put your whole weight on me. I want your juices running down my face. My tongue will be licking all of your sensitive parts,” he said. I wet myself thinking of the ways he would explore my nether regions.

“Ok. Lay down,” I told him as I eagerly anticipated what was to come.

He moved so that he was on his back.

I waddled and slowly moved over him. I was hovering over him as I felt nervousness about letting my weight fall on top of him. I felt his impatience as he began to lick me before I had dropped on him. The nervous energy within me was becoming too much and I decided to give him what he wanted.

I lowered myself slowly as I felt greater contact with his tongue against my neglected pussy.

I could feel my pussy quiver as he licked around the outside of it. I knew he was deliberately teasing me and avoiding my clit but I loved this. I had missed a man teasing and playing with me in such a way.

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