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xI had just turned 18 last week and I had hit the weekend and I was bored to hell. The only thing that was good about the weekend was that I was going to spend the Saturday night in with my mom.

First off let me tell you a little about my mother. She is 43 years old, she is about 6 foot tall, has short brown hair and her measurements are about 36G-34-42,and I know from looking at her clothes, bras and panties so as you can imagine big breasts, a fairly slim waist and a big bubble butt.

I arrived back from town at about 6pm and my mom was in the house getting changed as she had also just got back from work. We were staying in as I couldn’t be bothered going out this weekend. I went to her bedroom and called to her through the closed door. She came to the door in nothing but a towel and said,

“Oh you’re back then? I am just about to go for a shower”

I asked her what pizza she wanted and what dvd she wanted and then I headed out to get them. I got back about and hour later and I set the dvd to run in the living room and called mom. She came in and sat down next to me.

“You know something mom, this is nice we should do this more often.”

“Yea we should.” she replied

My mom was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a t-shirt that was cut a little lower than a normal t-shirt so it was showing off my mom’s massive cleavage and I could barely take my eyes of her tits. After the dvd was over and we finished the pizza mom asked what we could do then. I thought about it then said we could play shot poker if she wanted.

“What’s that?” she asked.

I told her that the loser must take a shot of vodka or something. She was up for it, no problem. She dealt the first hand and I went to find some alcohol and all I could find was a full bottle of vodka. As time went on we were having so much fun and we were pretty even at poker as we both had had about a quarter of the bottle each.

By now my cock was hard as I kept looking at my mom’s tits as she was sitting on the floor on the opposite side of the little coffee table. We were down to the last few shots in the bottle and I won the next 4 hands which meant mom had to finish the bottle. We were pretty drunk by now, mom more so than me, and I looked at he empty bottle and asked what we were going to do next.

Mom came back to me and said

“Why don’t we play strip poker? It’s only a bit of fun”

I immediately agreed and we played on. We had both won 2 games so that was each other’s socks and shoes. ataşehir escort bayan I lost the next 2 games and had to take off my jumper and t-shirt. I was then beaten again and was now sitting in nothing but my pants. Mom could see my hard cock in my pants under the table. I finally came back and won a couple of hands and got mom down to her bra and thong.

After another couple of hand we were both totally naked. Mom was sitting with an arm over her tits so as not to show her nipples and she had her legs crossed and all I could see was a little pubic hair. I had my hand under the table covering my cock.

“Let’s play on and the winner must show more of their body” she said.


I one the first hand and mom had to remove her arm and show her big massive tits to me. They sagged sexily down her front and she had big areolas with thick hard nipples in the centre. She just stroked her nipple a couple of times and dealt the next hand.

While we played the next hand I was slowly stroking my cock under the table. I lost and mom quickly looked under the table and instantly blurted out,

“WOW, your really not my little boy any more, you’re a big man!”

She giggled and came back up from under the table.

“Well that’s it then, nothing more to do.”

“I don’t think so mom, I haven’t seen your vagina yet!”

“Sorry, well here you go.”

Mom lay back onto her arms, lifted her knees up and spread her legs to expose her hair covered vagina to her son. My eyes just lit up and I stared into my mom’s vagina. This was the most amazing sight I had ever seen.

“So you like your old mom’s pussy then?”

I never thought in a million years my mom would come out with something like that.

“Yes mom, I do like your pussy”.

She turned onto her hands and knees and crawled round the coffee table to me where I was sitting on the floor and she came right up to me and gave me a little kiss on the lips. We just looked at each other and I went in for a full mouth kiss. We slipped our tongues into each others mouths and sucked our tongues. Mom was still on all fours so I reached under and cupped one of her big, soft, saggy tits and squeezed it with my hand and rubbed her hard nipple.

She pulled out of my mouth and lifted one of her tits up to my mouth and I put my mouth around this big pink nipple and sucked and licked it. I had it between my lips when she pulled it out and started to suck her own nipple. That looked so hot. escort kadıköy I moved out of the way of the coffee table and sat on the couch with my legs spread and my hard cock pointing at my mom. She got between my legs and placed her small hand around the base of my thick cock and slowly stroked me.

She then very slowly opened her mouth and lowered her mouth towards my cock. I could feel her warm breath, which made my cock throb, and her tongue touched my cock and she slowly closed her mouth around my cock and sucked me. This was amazing. Her head was now bobbing up and down on my shaft. Mom took my dick out of her mouth and put a mouthful of saliva on my dick, and then lifted both her big breasts and put them on my lap with my wet cock in her cleavage.

She squeezed her big soft titties together which made my dick disappear. My mom then slid her tits up and down on my cock. She would lick the head of my cock every time she went down just to get me even more excited. She looked up at me and said that she loved the taste of my cock.

I told her that I wanted to taste her pussy and I lay on my back on the floor and told her to squat on my mouth. Standing over my face, my mom then lowered her hairy pussy to my face. As she got closer the smell of her pussy hit me and drove me wild.

She was now squatting about an inch from my eager mouth. Through her light bush, I could she her thick mature pussy lips, soaking wet and I could feel the heat radiating off her pussy.

I stared at this magnificent sight and then she put a hand down and rubbed her pussy once and said “So do you want to taste me or not?”.

I put two fingers up into her bush and parted her thick lips and was welcomed by a stream of pussy juice and her sweet smell. I raised my tongue up to her open cunt and ran my tongue up her thick, juicy, wet labia. The pussy from where I had once come was wet with the lubricating juices of my mom’s very aroused pussy and the taste was amazing.

I tongue fucked her wet slit for about 5 minutes and not long after, I watched in pure amazement as her clit appeared from its hiding. Her clit was big, hard and I could see it throbbing as it got bigger, just wanting to be sucked. I put two fingers into her pussy and fingered her while I took that big, throbbing clit in my mouth and sucked it hard. My mom was now moaning in pure incestuous lust as I fingered her cunt and licked her clit. Just as she was about to cum, she screamed out and I knew the moment was here maltepe escort and I cupped my mouth around her pussy and her pussy shuddered and what seemed like gallon after gallon of her sweet, milky cum squirted and poured out of her hot cunt. I drank it all and lapped her sloppy, hot cunt to get all of the creamy goo that she gave me. She then fell off my face and was panting like a dog while she recovered from her almighty orgasm.

“Oh my, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, mmm, thank you. Did you like my squirt?”

“Hell yes mom, I didn’t imagine that you would be one if these women that can squirt. I could drink your cum everyday!”

Mom wanted to return the favour but I said she would get my cum soon enough. I put my mom over the edge of the couch so that her hot pussy was ready for me to take from behind. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed the head into her light bush and then slowly pushed my thick cock into my own mother’s pussy.

As soon as I was the whole way in we both moaned slightly.

“Please do me” she moaned.

I needed no more of an invite and I began to dive my dick in and out of my mom’s hot pussy. As I upped the tempo my mom started to rock her sexy, womanly hips in motion with my fucking.

We were both now moaning and I was getting ready to cum. I asked my mom if she wanted me to cum in her pussy.

“Fuck yes!” she groaned with passion.

I fucked harder and faster and then my balls exploded and squirt after squirt of my creamy cum filled my mother’s womb. I lay over on her back a little and I could feel my cum oozing out of my mom’s pussy. I pulled my limp cock out of my mom’s now saturated cunt. I watched as my cum poured down my mom’s leg and it then struck me that my mother was not my mother any more but my lover whom I could fuck and I loved it.

Mom turned over and said “I still haven’t tasted your cum yet”.

She lay on the floor and I mounted her stomach. I stroked my cock to get myself hard again and when I did, I slipped my dick between mom’s massive tits and started to tit fuck her. I was getting close to cumming again so I moved up my mom and put my dick into her eager, waiting mouth and she sucked my cock like a vacuum. I then pulled my cock out of her mouth and jacked off quickly.

I moaned and shots of cum fired onto my mom’s big saggy tits and into her open mouth. I collapsed off her and lay on the floor panting as I watched mom lick all the cum off her boobs.

The alcohol had now worn off us and I thought that when it wore off my mom would be mad and ashamed, but she wasn’t. We lay naked on the floor of the living room for the rest of the night. That night was the changing points in our lives as we became incestuous lovers, and we still are to this day, two years on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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