Poison Ivy Ch. 02

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“Yes, Ivy,” John whispered, “You know I’m married.”

“Yeah, but I just assumed that you two were divorced, or at least separated,” said Ivy, sitting up in the bed and pulling the sheet up around her bare breasts.

“Why would you think that?” asked John with a puzzled look on his face.

“Well I never see the two of you together, so…”

“Oh, yeah, that, well Ivy, she works a lot, I think it’s to avoid spending time with me,” said John, climbing out of bed and sliding his jeans back on.

“Well she must be a total loser then, I would never avoid you, especially in the bedroom,” cooed Ivy, giving John her sexiest grin.

Just then, from Ivy’s open upstairs bedroom window, John heard a commotion coming from across the street.

“Fuck, that’s my wife now, I need to go, Ivy,” he said, then he bent down and gave his new lover a smouldering kiss.

“When will I see you again?” she asked.

“Well we do live right across the street, baby, but it won’t be too long, I promise,” said John, making his way out of the bedroom.

Ivy watched him leave, taking in the perfection of his sexy ass tucked so tightly in his faded jeans. She slid back down into bed, closing her eyes and remembering the lust that had taken place beneath these very sheets, not more then an hour ago.

As she replayed John’s sexy words in her head, she began to get turned on again. She could still feel his hot flesh pressed into hers. She could feel his hands all over her body, never missing an inch. And most of all, she could still feel his cock ramming in and out of her young 19 year old pussy.

Her nipples began to harden again, rising to perfect little cones. She knew her parents weren’t due home for another hour or so, so she relaxed and slid the wrinkled sheet down to her ankles.

She spread her gorgeous legs wide open, yet again. She got chills when she felt the cool breeze from the open window dance across her pussy, which was still very much sticky with John’s cum. She arched her back and slid her fingers down between her thighs, her fingertips wasting no time finding the clit, which had already began to swell up again.

She moaned and slithered up and down the warm sheets, riding each thrust of her slender fingers. She could feel the gooey, warm cum eryaman gerçek escort numaları coating her flesh and it made her even hotter. She placed her feet on the footboard, using it to push her slutty teen body up and down. The harder she rode, the louder she moaned until finally her climax hit her like a freight train.

To her surprise, she screamed out John’s name over and over. As she laid there trembling she realized that she could never love John, but she could and would definitely possess him.

Again, Ivy’s sly wicked grin appeared on her face when she leaned over and realized she had never turned the bath water off. She laughed knowing that if she didn’t get this mess cleaned up, there would be no more afternoon rendezvous with John, she would be grounded until she was dead!


Later that afternoon, Ivy was in the kitchen with her mother preparing lunch for her father.

“Guess who I ran into today at the store,” said Gina, Ivy’s mother.

“Mmm, no idea, Mom, who?”

“The lady across the street,” answered Gina.

Ivy almost choked on the carrot she was eating.

“Oh my, Ivy, are you alright honey?” asked Gina, patting her daughter’s back.

“Yeah Mom, I’m fine, just went down the wrong way, I guess,” said Ivy, taking a drink of water.

“Ok, well anyway, I invited her and her husband over for dinner tonight, we’ll make your father’s favorite, lasagna,” Gina said with a smile.

Ivy began to get butterflies in her stomach. Was she nervous or excited?

“Mom, can I be excused, I wanna go up to my room,” said Ivy.

“Of course, honey, I can finish up here,” she said.

“Thanks Mom,” said Ivy, smiling and turning to retreat upstairs.

Fuck, Ivy thought to herself, What the fuck can I wear tonight to knock John’s socks off… then eventually his pants.

Ivy went to her closet and found the black mini dress her mother had bought for her in Mexico last year on vacation.

Perfect, if this doesn’t get his attention, nothing will.


A few more hours passed by and the sun set on the cozy neighborhood. Ivy was busy upstairs putting on the finishing touches to her “seduction outfit.”

“Ivy!!!, sincan escort Honey, come downstairs, our guests are here and I’m ready to serve dinner,” called her mother.

Ivy applied a few more strokes of her strawberry lip gloss, smack her lips, smiled and began her decent down the long winding staircase.

“Oh my, doesn’t she look just gorgeous,” beamed Gina.

“Ivy, this is Mr. and Mrs. Davis from across the street.”

After the mandatory hello’s and how are you’s, the group made their way into the large dining room.

Ivy made it a point to sit across from John, a good game of footsies is always fun.

As the night wore on, and the group made their small talk and compared jobs and homes and cars, Ivy knew it was time to make her move. She had already been teasing John’s cock with her foot for over an hour. How much more could either of them take?

Ivy excused herself, looking quickly, yet seductively over her shoulder at John, giving him a come hither look.

“It was nice meeting you both, I have some homework I need to do,” said Ivy, walking out of the dining room.

John knew this was his cue, but was uncertain as to how to make his exit without appearing suspicious.

Ivy sensed that John could not make a quick getaway, so she waited for him atop the staircase, sitting on the top stair with her legs wide open.

John waited about 10 minutes, until he was sure no one would suspect him and excused himself to use the bathroom.

“Oh of course, John, it’s atop the stairs, first door on your left, you can’t miss it,” said Gina, taking a sip of her wine and returning to the conversation at hand.

John wasted no time making his way out of the dining room and hanging a left to the staircase. He noticed Ivy immediately. Through the shadows, he could make out that her legs were wide open. He could feel his cock getting hard again, after finally settling down from the game of footsies.

Ivy motioned for him to come to her.

John smiled and walked up the darkened staircase. When Ivy was satisfied that he was close enough, she stood up and walked into her bedroom, with John hot on her heels.

The pair snuck into the room, quietly kicking the door half way shut.

“Oh God, Ivy, batıkent escort you’re such a fucking tease,” John whispered, pushing her up against the wall and pawing at her tits.

“John, I need you,” said Ivy, sliding her hand down to the bulge in John’s dress slacks.

“I know baby, I need you too, but I have to be careful,” he said, pulling Ivy’s dress down and taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

“Oh God,” she moaned, sliding her fingers thru his thick hair.

She could feel his desire building up as he sucked her nipple harder, almost biting it.

She grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed his mouth further into her tit. His hands slid down, grabbing the material of her dress and bunching it up around her hips. John wasted no time sliding down to his knees, he moaned as the fragrance of his lover’s sex filled his nostrils.

He looked up at her, smiled and lowered his mouth to her pussy.

“Oh God, John,” she moaned again, “Please fuck me baby, I’ll be quiet, I swear.”

John gave Ivy’s pussy one more suck and lick and stood up quickly, grabbing her by the arm. With one gentle, yet firm push, he threw her over the bed.

“Bend over, baby,” he whispered, as he unzipped his pants.

Ivy bent over and reached back, sliding the rest of her dress up over her hips and out of the way.

John moved in closer, grabbing her hips and quickly thrusting his fat rod into her now soaked pussy.

It was all Ivy could do to remain quiet. John felt so fucking good inside her and he was fucking her like a jackhammer, which she found quite exciting.

The pair never made a sound, not even a heavy breath as John, once again, committed adultery against his wife.

He began to thrust harder, almost like he was trying to rip Ivy in half when he whispered, “Shit baby, here it cums.”

Ivy bit her lip trying to remain quiet, which was difficult when her own orgasm was quickly approaching.

She bent down further, burying her head into her thick comforter. Her fists tightly clutching the blanket as she and John both climaxed together, both fighting off the urge to yell out each other’s names.

They barely had time to enjoy the release before John’s wife summoned him from the bottom of the stairs.

“John, honey, are you alright?” yelled his wife.

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine, I’ll be right down,” he answered, quickly zipping his pants back up.

Ivy stood up and turned around, planting a kiss on her lover’s lips.

Neither said a word, but they both knew this was becoming dangerous.

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