Pleasure After a Long Day

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After a long hard day at work all Tianna wanted was to go home and soak in a nice hot bubble bath then have Timothy massage her feet. It was so hard running a temp agency especially lately as it seemed to be getting harder to please her clients. Everyone wanted perfection and didn’t understand that her temps were people and not robots so mistakes were bound to happen and the mistakes that have been happening weren’t that drastic.

With a great sigh of relief Tianna parked her car in her garage and made her way into the house. After sorting through the mail she climbed the stairs to her bedroom and stripped then headed to the bathroom and began running the water for her bubble bath. At that moment Timothy walked in and smiled at her not even seeming to care that here his mother was stark naked in from of him. “Mom, guess what I got today?” he asked finally looking at her and blushing. “Oh… Mom,… I ‘m sorry… I didn’t realize…” he stammered but keeping his eyes locked on her body.

“Tim, it’s ok.. but I am naked and about to take a bath. Let me finish filling the tub and then once I’m in and soaking under the bubbles you can come in and tell me your news. Does that sound ok?” Tianna asked trying to take the embarrassment out of the situation. Yes, Timothy just turned eighteen last month and was developing into a very sexy young man but he was her son and shouldn’t be staring at her the way he was. It was making her feel like a rabbit being hunted by a wolf.

“Um… sure… I’m sorry…” Tim muttered as he quickly turned away and practically ran out of the room. Tianna wasn’t sure which one was more embarrassed but laughed it off and finished filling the tub then once she was emerged in the water and sure the bubbles covered her enough she called to him. Slowly he entered the room then seeing that she was no longer visible to his eyes he walked over and sat on the edge of the tub. “Ok, now that I’m finally soaking tell me you news?” she said smiling at him and leaning back against the back of the tub.

Timothy was obviously more at ease with her mostly covered by the bubbles. He couldn’t believe that he had just seen him mother completely naked and boy did she look hot for someone her age. Well maybe 40 wasn’t really old but still she was his mom and he didn’t think it was right for him to get hard looking at her like he did. Luckily the shorts he had on were rather bulky and he didn’t think she noticed his erection before he flew out of there. Thankfully he wasn’t fully hard any longer and he could easily sit there as if nothing was wrong. “Well, Mr. Burke pulled me aside today and told me that the teachers all voted and I’m going to be receiving a hefty scholarship from the school at graduation,” he said smiling proudly. “It seems that they feel that I have improved the most and want to reward my hard work and efforts.”

Tianna was so thankfully because she was beginning to wonder how she was going to pull off paying for his college. His father had walked out on them when Tim was seven years old and they hadn’t heard a word from him or his family since. Tianna spent many years angry and bitter but she loved her son greatly and that was the only thing that made her not regret her marriage to his father. “Hon, that’s great! You have improved so much over ataşehir escort bayan the past four years and I’m glad you are being rewarded!” she said reaching up and patting his hand with her wet one. She wasn’t aware that the movement caused the bubbles to shift and by doing that she gave her son a view of one of her breasts. He closed his eyes briefly and tried to think of anything that would stop the swelling that was happening in his shorts. “We should celebrate the good news. What would you like to do?” she asked completely unaware of the affect she was having on him.

“Um.. I don’t know,” Tim finally said after he realized his mother had asked him a question. He couldn’t believe that he was glimpsing his mother’s breast. He wanted to reach out and touch it but he didn’t dare thinking she would flip out and do who knows what. “Maybe we can stay in and order Chinese food and just hang out and watch a movie,” he says when he can focus his mind on the question and not on the inappropriate things he’d rather do with his Mom.

Tianna notices that Tim isn’t exactly listening to her and it dawns on her that moving any part of her body would shift the bubbles and well expose her to her son. She swallows a giggle and get very excited at the thought of her son looking at her and maybe getting turned on. She lets her eyes move downward as she looks to see if he does indeed have an erection and she can’t help but smile when she notices the bulge in his shorts. “That sounds good, hon. You know what I like for food so why don’t you go order it and if they arrive before I’m done the money in on my bureau. I’ll be done in a little while and then we can see what movie we want to watch.”

Timothy nods but doesn’t move as he knows once he gets up his erection, which is now almost completely full, will be definitely visible. He knows that he’s going to have to take care of the building need before he joins his Mom in the living room or he’ll be uncomfortable all night and she will have to notice his erection. “Ok. I’ll go do that,” he says getting up and trying to turn around quickly so he doesn’t show the front of him to her. After he left the bathroom Tianna closes her eyes and slips one hand down and begins to stroke herself. It had been so long since a man touched her sexually that here she was craving the feel of her son on her body. HER SON! That was so wrong and yet the thought was making her so hot and aroused. Her fingers opened her lips and found her clit already aroused and needy so when she began stroking it up and down very tenderly it didn’t take her long to bring herself to orgasm. After relaxing a few more minutes she got out and dried off wrapping the towel around her. She thought she should go check on Tim and make sure he was ok so before going to her room she walked to his and stood at the closed door listening.

Timothy barely made it to his room and closed the door before his shorts and underwear were off and in a crumbled bunch on his floor. He got into his favorite masturbating position and began stroking his very hard cock. He figured his Mom would be long in the tub so he didn’t even bother to quiet his moaning and didn’t hear her open the door and enter his room as his eyes were closed and he was focusing on the memory of her naked escort kadıköy body. Tianna couldn’t believe that she was watching her son masturbate and soon the need to participate got so strong that she climbed on the bed and leaned down removing his hand and replacing it with her own. “Let Momma help you with this,” she said softly caressing his cock with her hot breath as she lowered her mouth and began sucking her son’s cock.

His eyes flew open at the words and he began stammering, “Mom… wha..t.. ” but didn’t get much out expect a long loud moan as his mother’s warm wet mouth engulfed his cock. Sure other girls had sucked his cock but none felt as wonderful as this did and soon he couldn’t stop himself as he began rocking his hips trying to fuck her mouth deeper. His hands soon fly to her head and he begins holding her hair somewhat tightly as she brings deep strong moans out of him. Just when he thought he was going to exploded she eased up and slipped him out of her mouth so she could lick down the underside of his cock tracing the vein that was protruding. She licked her balls and sucked them gently into her mouth one at a time making him gasp and cry out. “Oh. … Momm… Oh… God…”

Tianna licked her way back up and took her son’s cock completely into her mouth and sucked hard causing him to buck his hip and cry out cumming hard and lots into her mouth. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… Fu…ck… Momm… ” he cried as she sucked him dry then licked him clean before sliding him out of her mouth and sitting up looking at him. He finally opened his eyes and blushed deep red as his eyes focused on his mother sitting there on his bed with her towel down around her hips and her hair disheveled. She smiled at him and blushed a little herself.

“Feeling better?” she asked with a smile. Timothy could only nod his head as his body began to come down and his breathing began to return to normal. He couldn’t believe that he just got a blowjob from his Mother but hell that’s what happened. “Mom?” was all he could say causing her to chuckle softly. “I know but I couldn’t help it. I was so turned on hearing you that I had to come in and take a peak and then I needed to touch and feel you myself,” she admits. “Did you enjoy it?”

Timothy would have laughed at that question if he had the ability to at that moment. He just stared at his Mom then nodded. Enjoy it? Hell it was one of the best blowjobs he’d ever received. What was he to do now though? Normally he wouldn’t have any problems getting the girl all wet and ready so he could fuck her but this wasn’t just some girl. This was his Mother and the rules had to be different. Maybe she didn’t want to fuck him but felt bad that he was so hard and knew it was because of her so she helped him out.

Tianna licked her lips and let her eyes move down Timothy’s body to his semi-soft cock. “It’s been so long since I’ve been able to please a man that way. I’m glad it was good for you and that you enjoyed it,” she said huskily. Her own need and desire was so strong now that it took all her energy to sit on the bed and not attack him. She kept trying to tell herself that she was his Mother and should turn around and run out of the room forgetting that this ever happened but she couldn’t. She started something that she needed maltepe escort to see to completion if not for him then for herself.

“Good? Mom, you were the best!” Timothy exclaimed before thinking about it. He blushed and looked away. “I don’t know why dad ever left you,” he said softly causing Tianna to chuckle. “Your dad left because he couldn’t handle a family and the responsibilities that he had,” she replied then continued. “So, if I’m the best that means you’ve had it done before. I know you’re an adult now and I know kids your age are sexually active but I hope you’re smart enough to use protection.”

Timothy blushed more as his mother sat there partially naked talking about sex with him. “Mom! I don’t want to get anything and I’m certainly not ready for a child so yes I always use protection.” The thought of sex does things to a young man that Tim would rather didn’t happen in front of his mother but some things can’t be controlled. Tianna smiled as she saw her son’s semi-soft cock begin to swell. She reached over and wrapped her hand around it stroking him to a full erection. “MOM!” Timothy exclaimed as the feeling of her hand made him groan.

“Tim, I know this seems wrong and well people wouldn’t understand but it’s been so long and well…” she stopped and looked at her son’s face. “I want you to fuck me… I want to feel your hard cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Can you do that for me?” she asked softly her voice fully of need. Timothy couldn’t believe his ears. His mother was asking him to fuck her! His Mom, who was hot and sexy with a great body wanted him to fuck her! He smiled and nodded. “I think I can do that, Mom,” Tim replied.

Tianna got off the bed and let the towel drop to the floor standing there a few seconds letting Tim get a good look at her then she got onto the bed and laid on her back. Timothy moved so he was laying beside her and began trailing his fingertips down toward his mother’s breast. Tianna was so aroused that her nipples were standing out erect waiting for someone to suck them. However, Tianna didn’t want it slow at the moment so as she looked at her son she said, “Hon, later if you want you can touch me and tease me till you’re tired of it but right now I *need* to have your cock inside me.”

Timothy chuckled at the desire he heard in his Mom’s voice but moved so he was kneeling between her legs, which she spread apart for him. He brought the tip of his cock to her entrance and teasingly rubbed her then suddenly plunged deep inside getting all in at once. She gasped, bucked her hips, closed her eyes and moaned out loud as her body exploded with sensations she hadn’t felt in years. She locked her ankles around Tim’s waist and met his thrusts with her own. “Tim.. fa..ster… hard…er… Fuck.. hard..” Tianna cried out as he rammed her good and hard causing her to be pushed back till the pillows stopped her from moving. All of a sudden her body tensed and her pussy gripped Tim’s cock hard as her orgasm erupted making her scream out and arch her back. Her hands were clutching the bed covering and her eyes were closed tight. “Oh.. go..d… ye..s…oh..hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Tim didn’t need any more encouragement then that and soon he was cumming deep inside him Mom spilling his seed and filling her till she couldn’t take anymore. “Mommmmmmmmm…,” he cried out as he came then he collapsed on top of her as they both fought to regain their breathing. As they laid there together son on top of his Mother they both knew this wasn’t a one time deal but the start of something wonderful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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