Please Wake Up!

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Before you left you kissed me like you always do, but you bent down lower to get to my ear. “Can I get some when I come home?” My smile was filled with curiosity. “You know you can – always, Babe.” I replied as you nipped my ear and walked out the door.

I was asleep when you came home. You crawled in next to me, softly stroking my hair. “Baby, wake up!’ You voice was soft and sexy in my sleep filled mind, but I couldn’t seem to pull myself from my deep sleep. The potent odor of the blunt filled my nose as you tried to rouse me with the temptation of some super good. ” Baby… Come on wake up!” I slowly managed to open my eyes just slightly as you slide the blunt between my lips. As I hit the blunt you continue to stroke my hair, and a couple of hits later, and I am drifting back to dreamland. Right before I can’t resist the pull of sleep anymore, your lips are once again at my ear, “You said I could have some.” I managed a faint. “You can,” but then I was gone again.

It didn’t seem any different at first. As I slept on my stomach I felt your hand on my ass, a finger or two sliding underneath my panties. I didn’t move or respond thinking it was just you reaching out to fondle me in to your sleep. Then I felt you on top of me, and I realized something was different. Your hand was entertwined in my hair, with a firm grip you were holding my head pressed down into the pillow. My face was turned away from you, I couldn’t see you, I could hear your breathing. I tried to turn to face you, but you just pressed my face down into the pillow harder. “What are…” my words were lost into the pillow as you pulled my hair hard and growled into my ear, ” Shut up!” Even though it was your voice, it was different, rougher and sexier.

The fingers pulling at my panties suddenly weren’t pulling at all. With a sharp tug, you tore one side of my panties, exposing all of one ass check and most of another. Your hand curled back and landed several sharp smacks on my ass. As you kept pressing my face into the pillow you shift your weight to part my thighs. I can feel the hardness of your dick against my leg. I am confused, scared and turned on all at the same time. I know that you would never hurt me, but you have never been this rough with me eryaman bayan escort before. Your fingers are grabbing my ass, squeezing it like dough. My pussy can’t help to respond; I feel the wetness starting. You twist my head and growl into my neck, ” I m gonna take my pussy.” You bite the back of my neck so hard I scream; more from shock that from pain. Then softly you kiss me on my check and whisper in my ear, “I love you, baby.”

Quickly you slip your legs under mine and pull back on my hair lifting my exposed ass into the air. For a moment I hear nothing but the sound of your zipper. I can then feel the hot hardness pressed against my ass. My pussy is hungry against my will. My slight anger at not being able to move is fueling my desire, “Yeah baby, gimmie that dick!” I manage to say while trying to free my self from your grasp.

“You want this dick don’t you? You want me to put this big fat dick in that pussy don’t you? You nasty bitch! You should have woke up when I told you!” Your grip tightened in my hair and you pressed my face back down into the pillow so I couldn’t speak. I could feel your fingers grabbing at my pussy lips, spreading my increasing wetness from top to bottom. My moans were muffled into the pillow, but your hardness got harder against my thigh. I felt a finger glide over my clit and send shivers down my spine. As your fingers travel over my pussy lips, I try to push back against your hand to feel your fingers slide inside me. But you are having none of that. You are in control, and you want to make sure I know it.

“You’re my nasty fucking bitch and I’m gonna play with you until you can’t stand it then I’m going to fuck the shit out of MY pussy. Don’t ever try and deny me, you slut! This is MY shit!” Your fingers once more glide over my clit and down past my pussy. I can feel the tip of your finger against my tight ass hole. Roughly you push it in to the knuckle. I scream, but you just laugh. You pull it out, drag more of my pussy juice to that tight little hole then you shove two fingers in. Slowly you work them in and out until my moans are constant and my juices are running down my legs.

Your hands loosen their grip in my hair, you release me and I think its over. You got me so hungry escort sincan for that dick; I flip over and immediately reach for it. You stand up and let me take it into my mouth. I can feel it getting harder and longer as it slides over my soft and wet tongue. “Ummmm…..” You moan softly and I look up at up at you. My eyes meet yours as I feel your hand wrapping around my hair once again. Your gaze is filled with passion and fury, immediately I know its not over. You push my head down all the way on your dick. I can feel your heavy balls slap against my chin. I gag on the fullness in my throat. I look up at you and beg you to be nice with my eyes. Your smirk and laugh tell me there will be no mercy.

” Suck that fucking dick, bitch. Take that shit!” Your hands are moving faster now, forcing your dick in and out of my mouth, sliding it over my tongue and down deeper and deeper into my throat. Your nasty words turn me on more than you can imagine and I open my lips to take you all in. “You’re MY fuckin dirty slut! You’re going to suck this dick like I want. Aren’t you?” Faster and harder you push my head down onto your dick, saliva mixing with precum as it runs down my chin. You are fucking my mouth now and I am loving every inch of your hot meat sliding between my lips. I snake my tongue out to touch your balls and your dick responds by getting even harder and longer. As you pull out I suck and suck at that fat mushroom head.

I look at you again, but this time you see no resistance in my eyes. I am so hot I have given myself up to your desires. My body is yours do with as you please, and you know it. Your roughness just increased my passion and I am literally trying to swallow your dick. “Yeah, I know you love sucking my fat dick. You love it don’t you, bitch? I want to taste your pussy on my fat shit.”

You try and pull me from you, but I am enjoying it too much. I don’t want to let the dick go, so I suck harder. You slam your cock into my throat once more then pull my off of you by my hair. My lips and face are coated shinny and slick. You lift me up and throw me back on the bed. Your legs are between mine and you grab both of my hands in one of yours. Holding them above my head you slide just the elvankent escort bayan huge head of your dick into the soft wetness of my aching pussy. ” Beg me for that shit bitch! Make me fuck the shit out of that nasty, sloppy pussy. You want me to fuck you? You want Daddi’s fat ass dick in your pussy, huh?”

I try to push you into me by lifting my hips up to you, but you won’t give up not an inch of control. You pull your dick out and shift your body so that it is once again poised over my lips. I open them up to you and taste my juices on your dick. Umm, I moan, as you slide deeper and deeper into my waiting mouth. In and out and over my slick lips, slowly pulling out, then pushing in. I can feel your balls tighten up against your body as I suck on your fatness.

You pull out of my mouth again, and seconds later your are entering my soaking wet pussy. Sliding that thick fat dick in and out of my pussy. Your dick is longer and harder than it usually is and I can feel it hit bottom. You release my arms from over my head so that you can lift up my ass to better slide your dick in. My tight walls encircle your hardness. Your hands spread my ass checks and you roughly shove your thumb in. Your dick is sliding in and out, faster, harder and deeper. Your thumb can feel your dick through my thin walls. My screams, mixed of passion and slight pain, encourage your roughness and you continue to fuck my harder and harder.

“You fuckin nasty bitch. You love this shit. Take this fat ass dick! You nasty slutty bitch!” I love it when you talk dirty to me, and your steady stream of nastiness increases as you get closer to cumming. “I love this nasty pussy! You’re my Bitch! Take this dick!” I can’t take it any more. The fiction of our bodies on my clit, your cock pumping in and out of my pussy, your nasty words fueling my desires, your thumb filling my tight ass. I am cumming, and you can feel wave after wave of my pussy walls tightening around your dick. You can’t hold it anymore, your speed increases and your dick lengthens in my wetness. As you shoot your hot cum deeply into my pussy, you rest your weight on top of my body. I can feel our juices surrounding us. You pull me tightly into your arms, still inside me. “Damn, Baby, why are you so hard to wake up?

I love you. Just one of the kinky things I think about. My shit is soo wet just thinking about this. I can’t wait til you come home. Sorry if this did you all bad. Let me know what you think. Let me know what you think about…. Mommi

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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