Playing the Hospital Santa

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I have learned many things over the years. The first one is to always volunteer to help. The second one is to expect great surprises in the most unusual places. Both of these rules are key elements to what I am about to share.

I am a Chaplin at our local hospital. I have been there for over ten years tending to the needs of the sick and dying patients in our community. Fortunately, most people have no clue as to what I really do, so I get volunteered to help out in the oddest places.

Some days I may be serving ice cream to the staff, or judging a chili cook-off. This year I was volunteered to be the hospital Santa at the last minute. Every year our facility holds a charity dinner for the staff. We all gather to celebrate the holidays, rejoice at our year and get to know each other outside our scrubs and robes of our daily lives. Each staff member and their spouse bring a toy for the kids at the local mission. We also have Santa available to give gifts to the staff while he harasses them. The fun part is guessing who is Santa.

This year Dr. Austin was to be Santa. He is the head surgeon for Pediatrics. It seemed appropriate for him to be Santa since he knows most everyone and is well liked by all. Dr. Austin was dressed in his red suit and ready to go out to greet everyone at the party. That is when fate took control and the evening changed.

As Chaplin, I am usually the one expected to remain sober at this party. I am also the one to look for anyone if they are needed. My pager went off. The message was that Dr. Austin was needed in the OR immediately. There was a child who was involved in a bad accident and was being rushed to surgery. I found him in the back room. His wife and his Office Manager Mary were finishing getting him ready to go out and fool with the staff.

I walked in and Doc gave me a look as if he knew what I wanted. He excused his wife and office manager telling them to go out to the party, we will be right there. Once they left he asked what was wrong.

“Sorry Doc. They need you back at the hospital. You know you are on call.” I instructed.

“Will you take my place Scott? Besides, only my wife and Mary my office manager know it is supposed to be me. No one will ever guess you are Santa this year.” Replied Dr. Austin.

We quickly undressed. Dr. Austin put his suit back on, and I donned the big red suit. No one will ever know about the last minute change.

As Dr. Austin left, he asked me to make sure his wife eryaman escort bayan made it home safely tonight. She would be upset to learn of his sudden call back to work. I assured him I would get her the message.

As he left thru the back door, I made my entry into the party. With a lot of Ho-Ho and Merry Christmas, I walked around the room greeting people. It is amazing how bold you can become when no one knows it is you behind the beard. Apparently word leaked that Santa was to be Dr. Austin. Several of his day’s surgical team whispered in my ear.

“You look great Mark. No one will ever know it was you.” whispered his lead tech. She then squeezed my butt and walked off.

Surprised at this forwardness, I stopped in my tracks. No one has ever grabbed me before.

We went thru the usual party ritual. I collected toys and then asked staff to line up to tell Santa if they had been naughty or nice. Also to give them an envelope with a voucher for a turkey at the local grocery store. Seemed word had gotten out about Mark Austin as Santa. All the nurses and female staff lined up for a chance to sit on Santa’s lap.

By this point, everyone had been drinking wine most of the evening. Everyone was wearing their finest party clothes and feeling frisky. Many of the ladies wore short skirts. Some of them even hiked their dresses up so they could sit on Santa’s lap. One of the ladies made a big deal about hiking up her dress and wiggled into my lap as she sat down. This was Karen. She was the charge nurse on the Pediatric unit.

Karen was wearing a red thong with a bow which was exposed to me as she lowered her sculptured ass onto my lap. She sat down and wrapped an arm around my neck. Rather surprised by this odd erotic joy, I tried to recover with a loud “Merry Christmas Karen. Tell Santa, have you been naughty or nice this year?”

Karen leaned into my ear. “You said I was very nice when I was naughty Mark.” She leaned back away from me and with her arms on either side of her voluptuous breasts, squeezed so I could see the full effect of her soft cleavage. Then she kissed me on the cheek and got up to rejoin the party.

Dr. Austin must be quite the flirt. This scene was repeated several times throughout the evening. I saw many nipple slips, and one gal even tried to grab my now rising cock.

After an hour of lap sitting, Mary, Dr. Austin’s Office Manager came up to me. She whispered in my ear it was time for me to take a break. She grabbed etimesgut escort my arm and led me to the back office.

As the door closed to office, she turned to me and said “Do not say a word Mark. I do not want your wife to hear.” She locked the door behind her and unzipped her evening gown as she walked across the room toward me. She pulled the strap off one shoulder letting it fall down her arm. With a shrug, her other strap released its hold on her. Her ample breasts kept her dress held to her until she reached up and pulled her dress over her breasts and down her hips. She stood before me in nothing but a black lace bra and matching panties which seemed to illuminate her pale skin. Her dress remained in a pile on the floor.

“Uh, Mary…” I stammered

“Not one word.” Mary said as she reached behind her to undo her bra, revealing her large soft breasts to me. Her areola was small and her nipples prominent. They sat on the front of her breasts as if they had been sculpted into place. She reached both hands up to cup her breasts and tweaks her nipples to their full attention. Her hair draped around her face as she hooked her thumbs over her black panties and dropped them to the floor. She glowed in the low light. I could see she had a neatly trimmed dark patch of hair covering her womanhood.

Mary now stood before me naked. I must confess she was stunning standing in the muted lights which came thru the windows. She was perfectly proportioned. She was by far the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

She then came closer to me. She reached up and began to kiss me full on the mouth thru the fake beard and mustache.

“Oh Santa. Let me slide down your chimney tonight” Mary purred as she could feel my swollen cock straining at the red Santa suit.

She dropped to her knees and undid the drawstring which held up my pants. Pulling down my underpants to expose my cock, I could hear her gasp.

“Oh Mark. It is true. You have a glorious cock.” She then leaned in to lick the tip to my cock and run her hands along my ass.

I leaned back on the desk as Mary made oral love to me. She was talented. She licked my balls while her hands occupied the shaft. Then quickly move up to the tip to clean off the pre-cum before it flowed too far.

After a few minutes, Mary stood and placed her hands on the desk beside me, leaning over the desk in the office with her ass and dripping pussy ready for a pounding.

“Fuck escort elvankent me Santa. Fuck me hard. I have been a bad girl and need you to punish me. Fuck me now.” She growled loudly enough I was afraid we would be heard.

I came up behind her. A naked Santa from the waist down. I took hold of my dick and placed it into the warm and wet depths of her womanhood. As I thrust forward into her, I reached down to play with her taught nipples. With each forward thrust, Mary pushed further back into me. I could feel the stuffing from the Santa belly push up against Mary with each thrust. I wished I could see myself going into this really hot woman.

Mary pushed back into me, wiggling her ass as tightly into me as possible.

I could see in the reflection of the window Mary was biting her lip trying to hold back her impending orgasm. I had to chuckle in spite of myself as I could see her reflection, naked, bent over the desk, while Santa stood behind her having a jolly good time.

Mary threw her head from side to side. I could not take it anymore. I felt my balls tighten before I exploded into her. Right at that moment Mary pushed back deeper and let loose her own orgasm with a large groan and sigh.

We were spent. We both stood leaning against the desk breathing heavily as we recovered. I then found my shirt from dressing and used it to wipe us off.

As I was pulling my Santa pants back up as there was a knock on the door. It was Carolyn Austin looking for her husband.

Mary collected her clothes and ducked behind the desk. “Mark, do something”

I opened the door, and exited. Mrs. Austin stood there with a look which told she knew what had happened.

“Oh Mark. I can not believe you did this.” She cried.

I grabbed her arm and told her to follow me into the next office over. I closed the door behind us. Carolyn was visibly shaken. She stood in a corner fuming. “How could you do this?” She cried.

Forgetting I was wearing the beard still, I tried to calm her. She fought back my attempts to comfort until it dawned on me that she thought I was her husband.

I pulled down the beard and mustache. I smiled at Carolyn as I began to explain. “Carolyn, I have not had a chance to tell you. Mark had to go back to surgery. He wanted me to be sure you were fine. I just have not been able to tell you yet.”

I could see the tension lift off her shoulders. She laughed and cried as she leapt across the room to hug me. After crying for a few minutes, she began to laugh uncontrollably. I asked what was so funny.

“Won’t Mary be surprised to learn she just fucked the Chaplin, and not my husband!”

We both laughed hard. We recomposed ourselves, and returned to the party as Mrs. Austin and Santa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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