Playing Doctor

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“You know, when we were kids we never played ‘doctor’.”

“Sue, what are you talking about?”

“At lunch yesterday Marge told us about the times that she and her brother played ‘doctor’. You know, you show me yours and I show your mine. We never did that.”

“I didn’t realize how much I missed growing up. What do you have on your mind?”

“I’m still a virgin. Are you?”


“I want to play doctor with my brother. Can we do that?”

“Maybe a little late. Usually kids do it. We’re eighteen.”

“So what. You and I are not only fraternal twins, but best friends. We share everything. There’s no one else I tell my secrets to. I see glimpse of you when you get up, your shorts with a big thing inside. I’m really curious. Aren’t you?”

“I guess, but seems stupid.”

“Marge and I shopped for new bikini suits. It’s almost summer and I needed some new stuff. I’d like to try it on and see what you think.”

A few minutes later she emerged.

“God, Sue, you look really good. Last summer you were flat as a board up there, nothing to hold your top up, but now you have some tits.”

“I guess I’ve been slower than most girls but about six months ago I saw some changes. Still not nearly like some but I think I’m about half way between A and B cups. Hopefully my breasts will continue to grow. So you can see the difference?”

“You bet. Last year you didn’t need a top! Oh, but you have a problem,” I said with a laugh.


“Your bikini bottoms. You have some hairs sticking out.”

“Yeah, this bikini is the popular style but definitely skimpier than my old one. Guess I’ll have to do some trimming before summer.”

“Still want to play ‘doctor’?” I asked.

Sue stared at me for a moment and then reached behind her, undoing her bikini top.

“How’s this?” she proudly asked. “I’m so happy they are bigger, and just had to show someone.”

It was my turn to stare. My sister had two perfectly shaped breasts. Not nearly the size of some women in the porn videos but beautiful anyway.

“I’m so glad they finally started to grow. I want guys to look at my body but they all like boobs.

“They are beautiful. Perky, upturned nipples. God, Sue, you sure have changed. Can I touch them?”


I tentatively placed my fingers on both breasts, caressing and squeezing. As I did so her nipples hardened.

“That feels good, Johnny. You really do like them, don’t you?”

“They look so perfect on your slender body. Even if they don’t grow any more, you should be so proud. Wait until our friends see you at the pool.”

“Thanks, Johnny. I never have had confidence in my looks.”

“That’s foolish. You have a beautiful face. A lean, runner-type body. Turn around. Yep, a great butt. It’s all coming together for you. You could be a model!”

“You think so? Really? How about my butt?”

“Turn around again. Very sexy. I really like a bubble butt like yours.”

“Bubble butt?”

“Yeah. You know, some girls’ butts just kind of slope down. Others are ok, just ordinary I would call them. And some girls, like you, have a bubble butt. Higher up.”

“You sound like a butt expert.”

“I guess I am. I check out a girl’s ass first. If it’s shapely the rest of her body is usually good too. I’ve even checked you out when you wear those tight jeans.”

“You haven’t!”

“Of course I did. You may be my sister but I still notice. And now that you have some boobs you’re even sexier. Turn around, show me your butt again. Bend over. Yep, really sexy. I like your new bikini.”

“Johnny, you are so bad. OK, how’s this?” She bent over at the waist.

“Spread your legs a bit.” She giggled and moved them apart.

“Like what you see?”


Sue straighten up and stared at my crotch. “Johnny, you have a hard-on!”


“Would you like to see more? Should I take off my bottoms?”

“You want to, don’t you?”

“I feel so sexy showing off to my dear brother.”

She turned away from me, bent over, and pulled off her bikini. I stared at her butt.

Turning back to me, she straightened up. “Well, what do you think?”

“God, Sue, you are gorgeous.”

She moved to the sofa and spread her legs. “We can’t play doctor if you can’t see my pussy. Now what do you think?”

I was mesmerized and laser focused on her pussy. I had seen plenty of pussy in porn videos but seeing the real thing was entirely different. Her slit was topped by a swirl of blond hair. The lips were slightly parted. I moved closer.

“Here, let me spread my lips.” She reached down and pulled them apart. “Can you see inside? Can you see my hole?”

“Not really. Pull your lips more.”

“There, is that better. Now can you see?”

“Well, yes, I guess. But I’m not really sure. There’s a hole but it doesn’t seem to go in very far. Can I put my finger in there?”

“I guess. But be really careful. Don’t hurt me.”

Using my index finger, I slid it up and down between her pussy lips and just inside her hole.

“That feels good, Johnny. But be really careful.”

I ataşehir escort pushed my finger in about an inch.

“That’s far enough. Somewhere is my hymen. But keep doing what you’re doing, just don’t go deeper.”

I slowly moved my index finger in and out, then up and down between her lips.

“Johnny, use two fingers.” I added my middle finger and inadvertently went deeper.

“Ow, stop. Stop. That hurt. Pull back out.”

“I’m sorry, Sue. I didn’t mean to go in that far. Should I continue?”

“Yeah, but you have to be more careful.”

I inserted my fingers about half way. As I did so my thumb nudged a little bump at the top of her slit.

“Gosh, that gave me a tingle, Johnny. What did you do?”

“My thumb touched something. There.”

“Wow, that’s really sensitive. I think we learned in class that is a clitoris. I’ve touched it before but what you are doing with your fingers feels great.”

“Johnny, we have to stop,” she abruptly said as she pushed my hand away and closed her legs. “I started feeling really funny. Oh, what time is it? God, mom will be home from work in half an hour. I have to get dressed.”


It was Monday before we got together again.

“Your turn, Johnny. I showed you mine, now show me yours.”

I was ready. I removed my shirt.

“Yeah, fine, what about the rest?”

“Well, you showed me your breasts, I’m showing you mine.”

“Very funny. Ha, Ha. Come on, Johnny. Show me your thing.”

I pulled down my pants. My cock made a small bulge in my shorts. “What do you think?” I teased.

“Not very impressive. I was expecting more.”

My shorts came off and I showed my half-erect cock to my sister.

“Does it get stiffer? The guys in the porn videos all stick straight out.”

“Take your clothes off,” I responded. A minute later Sue was standing nude, and my cock was indeed now sticking straight out. “See, that’s all it needed. Something exciting to look at.”

“Johnny, your cock is so big. I had no idea. The guys in videos all have big cocks like this. Do all guys?”

“No, pretty sure mine is bigger than most. I’ve never actually seen other guys when they were erect. But in the gym shower my cock dangles down twice as long as many others.”

“So you check out other guys’ cocks?”

“Come on, Sue. Like you and your breasts, I like to compare.”

“Can I touch it?”


My sister tentatively gripped the shaft and rubbed back and forth. “It really feels neat. Warm, soft but stiff. Look, I can put both hands on it and the head is still sticking out. You have a great cock!

“I can’t imagine this fitting inside any pussy. When you stuck your two fingers in me, that felt tight. This is much bigger.”

“Well, since I haven’t fucked anyone yet, I can’t say for sure. But the girls in the porn videos all seem to handle big cocks fine. Maybe they’re all stretched out from lots of fucking.”

‘Let’s measure it!”

Sue ran to get her clothing measuring tape. “How do I do this?”

“Put the end on top, at my stomach, and stretch it out to the head.”

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you,” Sue scolded.

“Yeah. When it started growing several years ago I started measuring. Kind of like you and your breasts. I like the idea that I’m big.”

“Eight and one-half inches. Now to measure around. Well, your head is six inches in circumference. About half way back it’s almost seven. Gosh, that’s more than two inches in diameter.”

With my sister fondling my cock I knew I was at my max.

“Oh, and look. There some clear liquid starting to ooze from the hole.” She put a finger to it and rubbed it around my cock head. “Slippery. This is so much fun.

“You cock is perfect, Johnny. As big as those in the videos. Nice shape, too. I never would have guessed I would call a cock beautiful, but yours certainly is. Some of my friends talk about their boyfriends’ cocks. I’ll bet yours is bigger than any of them.

“Do you jerk off? You know, masturbate?”

“Yeah, of course. Almost daily.”

“Really! Can you do it for me now?”

“Sure. Let me get some lotion. Stand in front of me so I can look at your pussy as I do it.”

I was focused on my sister’s pussy and performed the best jerk-off I had ever done. Sue watched intently, her right hand unconsciously rubbing her pussy.

“Oh, look, your cock head is getting redder. And more of the clear stuff is coming out. Does that mean you are going to squirt?”

About that time a large glob of cum shot out, landing on my sister’s tummy. Two more squirts landed on the carpet between us.

“Eww, messy. She grabbed a tissue and wipe her tummy. “You better get something to clean up the carpet.”

That was the end of our ‘doctor’ visit.

“I need to run some errands,” my sister said the next morning. “Come with me, Johnny.”

“No, not interested. I’ve got other things to do.”

“Come on,” she grabbed my arm. “We need to talk,” she said as we got into the car. “I’ve been thinking, we shouldn’t be doing that stuff. I’m your sister. kadıköy escort bayan People call it incest.”

“We haven’t been doing all that much, Sue. You showed me your breasts and pussy, I showed you my cock. And then we touched each other a little. That’s all. I don’t see a problem.”

“I like what we did but guess I’m just afraid what else we might do.”

“Well, I like it also. A lot. I was hoping that next time you would jerk me off, like I did for myself. And when I played with your pussy I think you were getting close to coming, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, I think so. I started to feel all tingly and flushed. That’s why I wanted you to stop.”

“When I shoot my stuff it feels so good. Maybe you would feel just as good if I helped you.”

“Well, maybe that would be ok. It’s not like I could get pregnant. Although when you squirted onto my tummy I had this urge to rub it on my pussy. Can you imagine?”


“Marge and I have been talking. You know when I showed you my new bikini, some pussy hair was sticking out. She has the same problem but worse since her hairs are darker and more noticeable. Anyway we decided we were going to shave each other. Shave our pussies.”

“Really! Does that mean no more pussy hair, or just less?”

“We decided to go totally bare. Some of our friends have done it.”

“Yeah, I noticed that almost all of the women in the porn videos are bare. I like it better.”

“Well, anyway we decided. She’s coming over here on Thursday afternoon. You have to make yourself scarce.”


“You know why. We both will be nude. You’ve seen all of me but you sure haven’t seen Marge.”

“True, but I’d like to. Can I watch?”

“Johnny, I can’t believe you. No, out of the questions. Just make sure you’re out of the house on Thursday.”

“We still planning on Thursday?” Marge asked.

“Yeah, fine with me. I want to take before and after photos. Just for us, of course. I told Johnny he had to make himself scarce.”

“Your brother is such a good looking guy.”

“Yeah, I think so too. You know, he actually wanted to stay and watch.”

“You’re kidding! Watch us shave each other?”

“Yes, pretty nervy of him.”

“Did he really expect you to say ok? I mean, he would be seeing your pussy. And mine.”

“I suppose I need to confess. We played ‘doctor’.”

“You mean like little kids do?”

“We never did it while growing up. A couple of weeks ago I suggested we catch up. That’s what we did, catch up.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s not what you think, if you mean sex. I showed him mine and he showed me his. And we touched each other. It was fun but that’s all we did.”

“You saw his cock? Really!”

“Yeah, Marge, it is so big. As big as the guys in the porn videos. He jerked off and squirted. That was so cool.”

“And what did he do to you?”

“He felt my breasts. I was so happy they got bigger I had to show someone. He really liked them. And then I showed him my pussy. He stuck two fingers in me and it felt good. Until he went too deep, then it hurt.”

“Your hymen.”

“Anyway, he wants to watch while we shave each other. He promises to sit in a chair and behave.”

“You’re kidding, right? Damn, your brother is something. We should do it, Sue. That would be so exciting. What can it hurt?”

“Well, he’s seen all of me. Are you ready to show him your body?”

She hesitated. “Yes! I’m proud of what I got. Like you, there hasn’t been anyone I would feel safe showing. And Johnny’s a stud. I’ll do it if you do it. Provided he just sits and watches.”

“OK, I’ll tell him. But don’t chicken out at the last moment.”

I was flabbergasted when my sister told me I could stay.

“Remember, you sit in the chair and just watch. No comments, nothing. And keep your clothes on and your cock in your pants. Promise?”

Thursday was the day. Sue laid two towels on the bed and set up a water basin, shaving cream, several razors, scissors, and washcloths. She and Marge undressed in the other bedroom, returning fully nude. I was ensconced in the required chair, intently watch as both girls sheepishly entered.

“OK, Johnny, this is your last time to see my pussy this way. Take a good look,” as my sister teased me. She lay down on the bed. Marge had been standing close behind her and I now saw her nude body.

“Well, Johnny, how do I look?” she asked, a funny expression on her face, one of both bashfulness and excitement.

I was tongue-tied and finally blurted out “Wow, Marge. You have a terrific body.” She smiled and turned around, giving me a clear view of her backside.

“You hussy,” Sue laughed. “Come on, let’s get started. You do me first.”

My sister pulled up her knees and spread wide. First the scissors. Then Marge lathered her remaining pussy hair and between her legs.

“We have to wait a couple of minutes now,” as she gently spread the lather. I wanted to get closer for a better view but remembered their admonishment to stay seated.

Marge shaved above Sue’s pussy, getting most of the hair. Then, escort maltepe moving lower, she put two fingers between her lips. My sister sucked in a breath as she felt the penetration.

“Don’t wiggle, Sue,” she cautioned. “I’m getting the hair around your lips. You don’t want the razor to slip.”

It seemed to take a rather long time to do her lips. Marge moved her fingers around and in, stretching the lips for the razor.

“Hold still, honey. I’ve almost got that part done. OK. Now turn over on your tummy. Put your ass up in the air and spread your legs. Yes, like that. I’m going to do between your legs now.”

“You have more hair than I thought but it’s so light colored that it doesn’t show up. Not like mine. OK, now hold really still. I’m going to shave around your ass hole.”

Finishing up, Marge wiped Sue’s pussy and between her legs.

“Now I’m going to rub in some lotion.” Sue was still on her tummy with her butt raised. “Feel good?”

“Yes. Very good.”

“As good as when Johnny used his fingers?”

“Yeah, really good.”

Marge scooted up behind my sister and used her right hand to massage between her legs. Reaching further, she inserted fingers into her pussy.

“That feels great, Marge. I’m starting to feel funny, like I’m going to come. But don’t stop.”

A minute later Sue bucked and shouted with her first-ever climax. I was disappointed that I wasn’t the one to give to her. But very happy that she had it. Marge withdrew her hand from between Sue’s legs and my sister slumped down.

“Honey, I didn’t know if I could make you cum. I’m so glad that you did. Just lay there for a few minutes and then you can do me.”

“Johnny, did you watch? Did you see what happened? I climaxed! It felt so good. How does my pussy look?”

“Come over here so I can see better. Your pussy is a little red and engorged. And no pussy hair. So very sexy, Sue.”

I reached over and rubbed a finger up and down her slit.

“Damn, you are leaking.”

She let me finger her for a minute until Marge told her she was ready to be shaved.

The shaving went without incident.

“Do me like I did you, Sue. Stick your fingers in while you shave my lips. Now the lotion. Make me cum.”

I forgot my promise to stay in the chair and sat on the edge of the bed, watching intently. Mimicking what Marge did, Sue caressed and fondled her ass and between her legs.

“Turn over, I want to do it from the front.” She rubbed a liberal amount of lotion on her pussy and inserted two fingers.

“Can I go deeper?”

“Yes. I’m a virgin but I think my hymen is broken.”

I could hear squishy pussy sounds as Sue finger fucked her.

“Go faster, Sue, she’s nearly there,” I advised.

“Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, that feels so good. Ohhhh.”

Marge opened her eyes and saw me sitting next to her.

“Johnny, put your fingers in me. Fuck me.”

I looked at Sue with surprise. She nodded and I reached over and deeply inserted two fingers. I pumped them in and out and felt her pussy clench my fingers.

“Oh, Johnny, fuck me. Fuck me.”

A moment later she came for a second time and collapsed on the bed.

Afterwards Marge showed her newly bare pussy to me.

“Feel how soft it is,” she said. “Soft as a baby’s behind, as the expression goes.”

“Now feel mine,” my sister asked.

I put one hand on her pussy and the other on her ass and caressed. Damn, she had a nice body.

For the last hour my cock had been at least half hard. Now I had a big bulge in my pants.

“Sue, we can’t leave your brother like that,” as Marge pointed to my crotch.

“You’re right. It’s not fair. Johnny, jack off for us, will you? We’ll sit on the bed and watch.”

With two nude 18-year olds watching it took only a few minutes to get close.

“Pay attention, girls, here it comes.”

Sue jumped up and held her hand in front of my cock, catching three big spurts of cum.

“Look, Marge, how much there is!”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen a guy shoot before. What are you going to do with it?”

“Wipe it off, I guess.”

“Don’t do that. Rub it on your pussy. Pretend he squirted in you.”

“God, Marge, you are so bad. I’m not going to do that.”

“Then rub it on my pussy.”


She smeared it on Marge’s pussy and then pushed her cum-coated fingers inside.

“There, you have been fucked by my brother, second hand.”


“Honey, we need to talk.”

“What, mom?”

“One of these days you are going to meet some guy and want to go to bed with him. Maybe you already have.”

“No way, mom. I’m a virgin.”

“Good. I was afraid maybe I was too late.”

“Too late for what? To tell me about the birds and the bees? Come on.”

“No, too late to get you set up with contraceptives.” “Oh, that.”

“Yes, that. Too many girls get pregnant when they start having sex. Maybe now’s the time to give you some history. You know I had you and Johnny when I was only sixteen. I started dating a year earlier and had sex almost immediately. Without any protection. Your dad was only seventeen and a senior in high school. Two months before you guys were born he was killed, hit by a drunk running a red light. My parents paid so I could go to college and looked after you and your brother. Without their help I don’t know what I would have done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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