Planting a Seed

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Jack worked the fields as long as he could remember. As a youth, he would ride in the tractor with his father while he harvested the wheat, barley and corn.

“All this is going to be yours one day.” his dad would say as he patted him on the head.

It was a big farm, approximately 2,500 acres of prime land and Jack looked forward to trying his hand at farming when it was handed down to him. Little did Jack know but when his father passed away, the farm was in debt and the only thing handed him was a repossession notice and an auction flyer for his farm.

He hated it when he remembered the terrible loss of his father and his dreams. His bitterness was swallowed up in his own need to survive so he did what he knew best, continued to work the fields. Now things were different though, instead of working with his dad, he was working for the family that bought the farm at auction.

Oh, he was treated fairly, as farmhand’s go, but he knew that this spread was his and the land was in his blood. This is why he worked so hard, not for profit but pride. The owner’s family was nice to Jack and sometimes seemed sympathetic but he didn’t want nor need sympathy. Jack wanted something from them since they had something of his and one of these days, he was going to take it.

The sun baked down on Jack that day as he was working on the reaper. He had 200 acres to work that day and he had started early that morning, bypassing the usual family style breakfast that the owner’s wife prepared each morning. His sweat had worked its way through all of his clothing and he was cursing the sun when he saw a figure riding towards him. Jumping down from the cab, he saw Janet on her roan mare with a basket in her hand.

Jack had known Janet since she and her parents bought his farm out from under him. He held no bitterness towards her, it was her father that was greedy. Janet had no similarities to her father, as her personality was tender and caring. Jack has watched her grow up before his eyes since she was only nine years old when they moved in. Now at nineteen, she was full of beauty and womanhood. She wore her brown hair back away from her face, which Jack appreciated since her tanned face should not be hidden. Her blue eyes pierced into Jack and he often wondered if she could read his thoughts.

“I’ve brought you something to eat.” Janet said as she motioned for Jack to come over to her.

Wearing cut-off shorts and a T-shirt, she swung from the saddle and Jack helped her as she dismounted eryaman gerçek escort numaları from the horse. Her face was wet from her own sweat and glowed as she smiled at him. As he placed his hands on her slim waist to help her land from the saddle, he noticed her breasts pushing her shirt as if screaming to be released. Jack caught himself staring at her chest and felt an urge in his crotch. Looking back up into those piercing blue eyes, her detected a grin on her face as well as the flush of his face.

“I brought enough for me also. I hope you don’t mind some company out here.” Janet said.

“I’d be honored. Let’s eat over there.” Jack replied as he pointed to the backside of the Reaper. By eating over there, they would be in the shade of this monster piece of equipment as well as blocked from view of anyone coming up from the house or road.

“O.K.” Janet said as she moved past Jack, slightly brushing him.

As she moved by, Jack again looked down at her breasts straining against the confines of her T-shirt. He detected her nipples bulging out from her constrained globes. His crotch began to tingle and he shook his head as if to shake the thoughts from his mind.

He followed her around the machine and became entranced as his eyes focused on her ass. Her cut-off shorts were tight and defined her ass cheeks. His eyes followed the rhythmic swaying of her cheeks and he admired the roundness of them. His groin continued to tingle and he felt his mind pulling him into a desirous state.

Janet reached into the basket and pulled a sheet out and spread it down on the ground. She knelt on the ground and bent forward to straighten the sheet causing her ass to strain at the seam of her shorts. Continuing to take items from the basket, she placed some steak strips and biscuits on a plate and put a beer down for his to chase it with. Doing this, gravity caused her breasts to hang down making them appear even larger than they really were. Jack felt a burning desire grow within him as his eyes tried to penetrate the material covering this beautiful young woman before him. Janet straightened up with her shoulders back and placed her hands on her hips, proud of her picnic setting. Jack just stared at the food but didn’t eat.

“Aren’t you hungry? You don’t like the food I brought?” Janet asked.

“Yeah, I like the food you brought, it just won’t satisfy my craving.” Jack answered feeling the growing in his pants as he stared at the T-shirt entrapped breasts. He felt sincan escort hot and without hesitating, he walked over to Janet and placed his sweaty hands on her shoulders pushing her backwards and to the ground.

With her on her back lying on the ground, Jack squatted on top of her straddling her waist.

“What the hell are you doing Jack?” she cried partially in fear and partially in anticipation.

“I found something better to satisfy my appetite.” He responded with a hungry look in his eye. He reached forward and placed his hands beneath each breast and felt their fullness. He slowly lifted each hand up from beneath the breasts until they were on her nipples. Through the material of her shirt she could not feel the callousness of his hands but she was beginning to enjoy the roughness of him. He playfully squeezed each nipple and watched as her eyes rolled in her head and she nibbled her bottom lip. Her felt her body squirm beneath him.

He lifted up slightly so that he could reach beneath him to grasp the hem of her shirt. Lifting it up, she raised her upper body so he could completely remove it. Once off, her breasts shone in the bright sunlight. Finally free of their cloth restraints, he marveled at the roundness of them. He bent forward and took a nipple in his mouth. Slowly he began to suck it while tweaking the other with his hand.

“God Jack, I’ve dreamed about you doing this to me.” She said.

Jack lifted up momentarily and Janet took advantage of the opportunity as she reached with her hands to undo his pants. Unzipping the pants, Jack could feel his cock pushing outward. She reached into his pants and grabbed for his cock. The touch of her soft hands on his tool made him shudder in excitement. Jack began to stand up and as he did, he grabbed the waist of her shorts as well as her panties and pulled them off as he stood up. Once up, he dropped his jeans to his ankles exposing his 8-inch throbbing meat. Janet stared in amazement as it throbbed and jumped in front of her eyes. She sat up and hungrily took his meat in her mouth. She began by swirling her tongue around the shaft and with her free hand softly stroked his loosely hanging balls. She moved her tongue up and down the shaft as Jack watched her mouth engulf him. She sucked hard on the crown of his cock while her other hand left his balls and squeezing his shaft, began pumping up and down. Jack felt an explosion rising inside as she continued pumping his meat with mouth and fist. Jack shuddered batıkent escort in pleasure but before he reached the point of explosion, he withdrew his cock from her mouth.

Her lips were pouting as if candy was taken away from a baby. Placing his hands on her shoulders again, he forced her backwards and on her back again. This time, instead of straddling her, he spread her legs apart and exposed her moistened womanhood. The scent of her cunt filled his nostrils as her dove in with his tongue. Her flavor drove Jack further into desire as he lapped furiously at her dripping cunt. Her reached up and fingered her nipples as his tongue continued to dance on her clit. Her body jumped and jerked as he constantly touched her most sensuous spots.

“God Jack, I can’t take it anymore. Fuck me!” she commanded as his oral assault continued.

“Fuck me Jack!” she screamed.

Jack lifted his head from between her legs, grabbed her ankles and held her legs open and wide. Her pussy lips were swollen and dripping with saliva and her sexual lubricant. Jack moved between her legs and felt for the entrance to her cunt with the head of his dick. Once there, Jack plunged in with force causing her body to slide forward.

“Oh God Jack. Yes…” she cried as Jack bottomed out in her cunt.

The muscle walls of her cunt were tight on his tool as he began to pump with a continued force. His balls were banging against her sphincter as his pumping took on an animalistic nature. Putting her legs over his shoulders, he grabbed at her breasts and squeezed each nipple. Her body was writhing and bucking in rhythm to his strokes. She was being ravished and she didn’t care. She just wanted to explode with this man deep inside her. Her mind was racing from the pounding her pussy was enduring and she felt her muscles trembling at the oncoming explosion of pleasure.

“Harder Jack! Fuck me harder! I’m about to explode!” she commanded as Jack obliged her orders and pumped furiously. Jack was a couple of pumps shy of exploding himself when her back arched in orgasm. Her eyes were again rolled back as her breath came raggedly.

“Oh Jesus! Yes……..” Janet squealed as her body released itself to orgasm.

Jack felt her cunt tighten on his shaft as she squeezed his prick. That was all of the urging he needed as he erupted deep inside of her. She continued squeezing with her cunt muscles as she milked him of his seed. Jack felt surges of pleasure throughout his being as they both enjoyed the sweet release of orgasm.

Jack collapsed beside of Janet and she cuddled up beside him. Breathing heavily still, he held her in his tired arms as they enjoyed each others naked presence.

“I guess I finally got to sow my own seed in this field.” Jack thought as he smiled to himself.

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