Pine Tree Cresent Ch. 01

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Brendan watched sullenly as Jean Marsden came out of her front door and placed the bin bag by the front gate. He’d been infatuated with her since he was sixteen years old. And now, he was at the ripe old age of twenty five, he’d finally admitted that he was never going to get inside her lacy thong. His thoughts wandered as she bent over to drop the sack. He wasn’t actually sure that he wouldn’t get a chance, he was just so shy around her, he’d never even hinted or asked. He always seemed to get himself into a muddle every time he was in her company. He’d never understood why as he was always a big hit with the girls at school, college, and now at work. There again, Jean could hardly be called a girl. She was the same age as his mother and even though she was, Jean had a look about her that defied anything that he could write down in words. He would never be able to do her justice.

He caught his breath as she looked over to him and waved. He gave a little wave back and was thankful that she was so far away and couldn’t see the embarrassing shade of red that come across his face. He turned away to head indoors, only to find his mother watching, knowingly, from the kitchen window.

Jean turned away and made her way back up the garden path, a small smile on her face. She’d known about Brendan’s infatuation even before he did. She used to think it was really sweet, but these past few years her feelings were being somewhat conflicted. It hadn’t gone un-noticed by Jean that Brendan had grown into a strapping young man. Being a divorcee and the children gone on, she spent a lot of time on her own. Of course she had her friends, especially Brendan’s mother Rita who she often went out socializing with. And a wild time they always had. You couldn’t count the number of times that they’d brought men back to her home and spent the night giving and having pleasure. They often spoke about Brendan and his feelings. Brendan’s mother, although not having said so in so many words had forbidden Jean from taking Brendan into her bed. She hadn’t given any explanation and Jean had a sneaky suspicion that if not yet, then soon, Rita would be attempting to take her own son into her own bed. She’d seen the way her eyes misted over whenever he walked into a room that they were already occupying. Not that Brendan noticed. His eyes were firmly on Jean and her expansive chest.

“I see you gave your customary morning wave to the slut over the street! ” Rita said her back still away from her son as she continued to gaze out the window. She regretted the words as soon as they left her lips. Too late to take them back now. She waited, knowing her strapping son was staring at her. No doubt with his mouth agape.

” Why would you even call her that?…. She’s supposed to be your dearest friend……. What has Jean ever done to you?” Brendan whispered, still at a loss over his mothers words.

“She hasn’t done anything to me actually, I’m just sick of watching you two fawn over each other. I get sick of the way that you ogle her tits every time she comes over here.” as Rita said this she couldn’t help but slowly push her own expansive tits out and it didn’t go unnoticed by her that her sons eyes immediately dropped down to see them. For at least two years Rita had longed for her own sons cock. She gazed down now and wasn’t disappointed by the growing bulge in the front of his sweatpants.

Brendan slowly and purposely dragged his eyes away from his mothers tits and wasn’t the least bit surprised by seeing his mother ogling his growing hard-on. He’d noticed a long time ago how she’d taken to ogling his manhood every time she got within seeing distance. This never failed to excite him, just as it was doing now. He smiled as he watched his mothers tongue slowly lick across her bottom lip. This made him harder and he felt that if his younger sister wasn’t in the house they might of actually of crossed that forbidden line. As it was, he’d no doubt go to his own bedroom and with thoughts of Jean and his mother floating around his head he’d bring himself to a less than satisfying climax.

Rita watched her son walk away, having no response to her last comment. As he disappeared from view Rita lifted her hand and squeezed an elongated nipple. Her thoughts flew back to two years past when she’d come home early one Friday night only to find Brendan laid out on the sofa, absolutely naked, with Miranda Thomas sucking on the thickest and longest cock she’d ever seen. Rita had stood stunned at the doorway, her own cunt throbbing as she’d watched, unashamedly, as Miranda had given her son the blow jobs of blow jobs. She’d had no idea that her own son was built the way he was. And ever since, she’d been obsessed with his manhood. She measured every man that came her way with Brendan’s huge tool. No one had come any where near him as yet. All Rita knew was that she wanted her own son big time and she was pretty sure that he wanted a piece of her too, but neither one of them knew how to cross that forbidden line ataşehir escort of incest.

Rita listened to her son as he closed his bedroom door, having a pretty good idea of what was about to happen behind it. Quite often when they’d had an ogling session, Brendan would suddenly leave and go into his bedroom or the bathroom. If only her daughter Samantha wasn’t in. An idea quickly formed in her head. Rita made her way to Samantha’s room and knocked on the door.

“Samantha honey….. Are you busy?” she called through the door.

“No mum… what do you need?”

“If I let you take my car, would you go to Nan’s for me. I promised her her baking books back by this week and it’s Thursday now. Would you mind dropping them off for me?” Rita said slyly. The fact that she’d said that she could use her car was enough to swing it. She knew how much Samantha loved driving her car and also knew that it would take at least an hour for the return trip, that’s not counting the time for chat and the inevitable cruising that she’d be doing. that’s enough time for Rita.

True to form Samantha was out of her room and in the car in a flash and was soon powering her mothers convertible away from the house. Rita estimated that she would have approximately one and half hours before she returned. She ran to the bathroom, unbuttoning her tight blouse as she went. Once there she quickly removed her bra and after a moments thought, reached under her mid-thigh denim skirt and removed her knickers. She mused as she put her damp knickers in the wash basket how if this had been a girls night she’d of been wearing a thong and she wouldn’t of removed them. She was well aware of what most men liked and she knew they liked thongs. Checking herself out in the bathroom mirror she reasoned that for forty seven she wasn’t half bad. Still had a great figure that caught men and boys attention, she smiled to herself as she thought even the odd woman had been caught ogling her tits and arse.

Not giving herself time to think for fear of chickening out she crept along the hallway until she got to Brendan’s door. She leant her ear to it and could hear a rhythmic drumming and the occasional groan coming from her son. Her already hardened nipples became so distended they were obscenely poking their way through her blouse. She quickly reached down and deftly undid all but the last two buttons on her blouse, grabbed the door handle and walked straight in. Brendan’s body left the bed as his bedroom door flew open.

“For fucks sake mum…. Why didn’t you knock?” he said as he tried frantically and unsuccessfully to pull his boxers over his hard cock before his mother could see it.

“I’m so sorry love I didn’t realise that you were even in here. I thought you’d gone out.” all the while staring at his throbbing tool that he was still trying to cover. Rita decided to go for it’

“My god love, you’ve got a huge cock…… I never ever seen one that big………… it’s lovely baby.”

Brendan slowly stopped his panic and for the first time noticed the way his mother was dressed. It occurred to him that she wouldn’t be dressed that way unless she wanted for him to see her like that. And to be honest, it wasn’t unpleasant. Not by any means. Maybe he would be having more than a quick one off the wrist this time. He slowly removed his hands so that his cock was exposed to his mothers eyes. He laid back on the bed, his arms nonchalantly behind his head, staring at his own mothers huge full tits and waited to see what would happen next. Rita didn’t disappoint.

Rita started towards her son. Her heart was pounding. After two years she was finally getting what she wanted. There was no doubts in her mind about right and wrong. Her sons cock was her obsession and there wasn’t a chance in the world that she was going to back out now. By the look of lust on her sons face as he gazed at her practically exposed tits, it was obvious that they were both on the same page.

Not a word was said as she reached him and painstakingly slowly ran her long burgundy painted nails along the big vein running from his equally big ball bag to the angry looking helmet. She moved back down the bed, their eyes never leaving each other and quickly removed his jeans and boxer shorts.

Once this was achieved, she headed back up the bed until she was level with his waist. Brendan could no longer keep eye contact. He’d always known his mother had a tremendous bust but he’d always tried to be discreet about looking. That is up until a couple of years ago, when she’d first started checking out the bulge in his pants. Now, he openly looked at her chest wanting to see more.

“You like mummy’s titties baby?” Rita asked her horny son. “You want to see more?”

Brendan just nodded his head, unsure of himself. All he could think was this was his mother. The woman that had given birth to him. The same woman, he mused, that he’s lain here on this bed thinking about her as he’d pulled himself thinking kadıköy escort bayan about her huge tits. And when he was really horny, he’d think about his mum and Jean together. His cock lurched as Rita undid the last two buttons on her blouse and pulled it apart finally revealing her heaving bosom to her first born. Hoisting her skirt further up her smooth thighs she sat on the edge of the bed. Her eyes met Brendan’s as they simultaneously lifted their hands towards each other. Rita’s grasped his throbbing cock whilst Brendan’s lifted one of her heaving bosom’s.

“That was very smart mum to send Samantha off like that.”

No surprise registered on Rita’s face as she took in what Brendan had said. She licked her crimson lips as she deftly pulled back the sodden foreskin and pre-cum oozed out. Brendan’s big hand mauled her firm breast and pulled on her turgid nipple. Just the feel of Brendan’s tool, throbbing in her hand was doing all sorts of things to her already sopping cunt.

Somewhere, in the back of her mind, there was a time clock ticking and she was fully aware that twenty minutes had lapsed since she’d burst through the bedroom door. The clock was ticking and it would keep ticking until Samantha came home. With a small reluctance, Rita released her sons hard cock and standing beside the bed stripped of her blouse and skirt. It was with pleasure that she noticed Brendan’s eyes flick down to her pussy and widened when he realised that she was naked down there.

A small doubt came a went quickly as she stood beside the bed looking down on her lustful son. How could she be having any doubts about what was going to happen, when it had all she’d been fantasising about for two years. Now it was about to happen there was no way she could be having doubts. She looked up into Brendan’s eyes. There was no doubt there, only want and lust. Without another moments thought Rita straddled her sons fat cock. A quick slide of her fingers through her slimy cunt lips and she lowered herself fully onto him. Brendan’s hips rose to meet his mother downward thrust. Rita’s wet cunt lips smacked against Brendan’s cum filled balls, a sound she was sure could be heard all around the crescent…………..

Meanwhile, across the street, Jean steps out of the shower. As per normal, her body’s craving some form of sexual release. This urge comes on at least three times a day. And so, at least three times a day, Jean, having an empty house, can give herself some form of sexual gratification. Whether it’s with her fingers or with any one of the sex toys in her bedside table.

Her thoughts slide to Brendan as she finishes towelling herself dry and rubs oil into her skin. It hadn’t gone unnoticed by her that every morning her thoughts turned to her friends son across the way. And why not, she mused. What’s not to like. At twenty five, he was nearly half her age. At least six foot two, full manly chest, muscular arms and legs and good looking too. Not to mention the tool he’s got between his legs. Yes, she’d seen it pressing against his shorts many times. It’s hard sitting in your friends kitchen, trying not to stare at her sons swelling lunch box as he tries not to be too obvious as he ogles two sets of huge tits. And yes, she’d caught him many times ogling his own mothers breasts, just as she’d seen Rita trying uselessly not to be seen staring at her own sons cock bulge.

All these thoughts and her own hands smoothing oil over her body was driving Jean into a sexual frenzy. She knew that her own fingers or even her huge black dildo wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy her today. Smiling to herself, a thought came into her head. She’d seen Rita’s car powering out of the crescent just before she’d stepped into the shower. Maybe she should go and invite Brendan over. There would be no need for Rita to know. She was sure that Brendan would be discreet. She knew he would do whatever she asked as long as he got his hands on her big mature breasts. She wouldn’t even have to dress up. Jean knew that Brendan was so enamoured with her that all she had to do was crook her finger at him and he would come running. And so, her decision made, she quickly dried her short blonde hair, donned a tight t-shirt over her braless tits and a pair of denim shorts. Her customary four inch heels on her feet Jean walked across the street. Little did she know then what she was going to see. What she did see would change all three lives forever.

As normal, Jean never knocked on the back door of Rita’s house, the unwritten law is if it’s unlocked then come in. as she did now. She called out to Rita as she passed over the doorstep, even though she was sure that she wasn’t in. having seen her car leaving the crescent. The only minus was Samantha, but she was no real concern. She knew enough tales about sweet little Samantha that would surely keep her in her place and her mouth shut.

The house was strangely quiet. She moved through the kitchen, calling as she did. It was only when she escort maltepe reached the hallway could she hear the unmistakable sound of sex. Not just sex, but raw, unbridled, wet, satisfying sex. Jean was immediately jealous. Brendan was giving somebody else what she came over for. Jean edged slowly down the hallway until she stood outside Brendan’s bedroom door. The sounds coming from the room were already setting Jean’s already turned-on blood on fire. The rhythmic banging emanating from the room were a clear indication that Brendan was doing somebody and doing it well.

A quick thought entered Jean’s head. Could Brendan actually be doing his own sister. Why not, she wondered. Mother is out of the house, Samantha’s got a body all young girls cry for. A horny stud for a brother and anything could happen. Jean lifted her hand to the door knob. Slowly turning it until the faint click of the latch releasing told her it was safe to push. It occurred to her that there were no voices that she could hear. Being quite vocal herself she felt this was quite odd. It didn’t stop her from creaking the door open. She slipped her head through the slightly opened door and was met by the sight of a woman’s legs splayed apart and Brenda’s tight buttocks pounding relentlessly between them.

Well, Jean mused, it definitely wasn’t Samantha under her brother, Rita was out, then who the fuck is he doing. Jean watched for a short time but couldn’t resist slipping her right hand inside her shorts. Her fat pussy was already excited and she was more than ready to accept two of her long fingers inside her sodden quim. the sight of Brendan’s big heavy ball sack was driving the horny mature woman crazy. It was taking all her restraint to not go in and get a hand full. Within two minutes, Jean could feel her climax approaching. But then, through the haze of her imagination, that it was her beneath Brendan, getting the best fucking she’d ever seen anyone getting, came a voice. It was Brendan. No surprises there, but what was said rocked her on her heels.

“OH fuck mum…… your cunt is just so fucking wet.”

Jean stood stock still. How could it be his mother. She’d seen her go out. And then the penny dropped. She hadn’t seen Rita go out, all she’d seen was the car leaving. So maybe Samantha was driving. It occurred to Jean that they might of worked it that way so that they could get on with their illicit fuck-fest. Well she’d see about that. Rita wouldn’t dare try to stop her now. This was just to big a secret. They hadn’t noticed her yet so Jean push the door wide open. She saw that Brendan was getting harder and faster and she could tell it wouldn’t be long.

“Cum for me baby………. Cum in your mummy’s hungry cunt…..on fuck yeah, I love your fat cock in me.”

“Fuck mum… I’m gonna cum.”

Jean timed it to perfection. One cough and Rita’s eyes shot open, her head left the pillow and seeing her friend standing in the doorway attempted to get her son off her.

“Oh shit… Oh fuck……… Brendan get off me……Oh shit.”

Any attempt to get her son off her was bound to fail. Brendan was far too gone for that. When Rita in her panic was able to move him it was too late. As he pulled out of her his enraged cock erupted. Jism flew from him in long ropes. It landed on his mothers face, tits, her hair in fact every part of her upper body had some cum on part of it. All the while Rita held Jean’s stare. Lust being replaced by shame and guilt and then replaced by lust.

Jean didn’t say a word. She walked towards the two illicit lovers and looked down at her friend. She’d always harboured secret fantasies about Rita. Who wouldn’t. She always looked like sex. No more than she did now though. Jean looked at Brendan. He stared straight back at her. No shame on this studs face. With her right hand, Jean cupped Rita’s full, cum covered tit and with her left she reached down and grasped Brendan’s still hardened cock.

“And there I was thinking that we were best friends. Were you holding out on me darling?”

Rita couldn’t answer her. All she could do was watch Jean’s hand as she slowly manipulated her sons enormous erection. Cum still oozed out of it and dripped onto her belly. Even now as she watched this spectacle, she could feel her pussy flooding with her own juices, her inch long nipples were pointing straight at her friend who’d already noticed.

“No wonder you didn’t want me fucking him… you wanted him all to yourself.”

At this statement she felt Brendan’s cock give a mighty lurch..

“OHHHH…… you like the thought of fucking with me dear do you?…….. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, but your mother forbid it……. So what now……. Where do we go from here?”

“I think we can work something out…. don’t you mum?” said Brendan as he watched Jean’s talented long nailed fingers as she slowly pulled his foreskin back.

Rita too watched her friend with her sons cock. Not really hearing Brendan’s question she failed to respond. So he asked again. Rita heard him that time and gave a sudden jump.

“Christ, Sam’s going to be back soon. She can’t catch us like this, let me up Brendan.” She looked defiantly at her friend. Daring her to force the issue. Again, Jean took the upper hand.

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