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Behind the door of a dimly lit hallway was an unexpectedly bright room. Sunlight flooded through an enormous panoramic window. The individual panes framed a blue, high-backed armchair. The city skyline was visible just above the chair, in the center of the window. The harbor sprawled below, dotted with boats. Standing at the side of the chair, she rested her chin on her arms folded across the back. Looking out across the bay, her body stretched and bent at a right angle. The room was warm and the sun illuminated the pink skin on her bottom. The dimples above her butt cheeks cast shadows. Her white thong was barely visible by its waistband as it wrapped around her middle. The back of her underwear dove sharply, disappearing deep into her soft groove. Traveling up her back, her skin rippled over her outstretched ribs. The silhouette of her perky, naked breasts revealed her erect nipples.

She turned away from the sun rising up from the ocean. He was lying in bed, his broad shoulders propped up on two pillows. His thick arms laid across the duvet, outlining his torso. He twisted his neck slightly to look over at her. Her hair was pulled up into a messy knot, its strands back-lit by the sun. She switched from her chin to her cheek over her stacked hands on the edge of the chair. She looked at him sideways, as if to fit all of him in one view. His arm crossed his chest, grabbing the covers to pull them aside. He slid one bare foot down onto the floor as the other foot followed. She could see his flaccid cock resting between his legs as he sat at the edge of the bed. Pushing his naked body upright, everything was visible, but her attention was drawn to his dick dangling freely between his legs.

She didn’t move, staring at his approaching cock. He walked up right beside her. The slant of her body framed sunlight from the giant window onto his waist. She released a hand from under her cheek, instinctively stretching her arm toward his crotch. It felt warm and soft between her fingers. He enjoyed her gentle stroking; she could tell as his shaft thickened and stiffened. He placed his hand on her ass as she changed her grip, wrapping her fingers around his swelling cock. She squeezed a little tighter, gliding long strokes down to the base of his shaft. She opened her hand underneath and wove her fingers between his balls. Pulling her palm back milked a small amount of clear liquid from the tip of his cock. He was now rock hard from her coaxing. She lifted her head, releasing her other hand, and bent closer. Her two hands joined around his shaft, using them to guide her open mouth over his penis. She slowly licked the drop of moisture off his tip. Her eyes and mouth closed to savor its tones for half a moment.

Eyes still closed, she moved her head down onto his swollen penis, allowing it to penetrate her pursed lips. Once inside, her tongue cradled the underbelly of the shaft filling her mouth. She cupped his balls in one hand and matched the strokes of her mouth with the other. She imagined fucking him. She used her whole mouth, her tongue and hands to suck his cock, adjusting to his movements, making him respond. He looked down at her forehead, watching his dick disappear and reappear under it. She raised her eyebrows and looked up at him without breaking cadence. eryaman bayan escort Feeling well primed, he reached down and hooked two fingers under her chin, gently pulling her to her feet. He put his other hand on her cheek and kissed her deeply. One of her hands remained gripping his cock, the other held him by the back of his ribs.

He took her by the waist and kneeled in front of her. He kissed her thigh while her hands landed on his shoulders. He kissed and licked slowly up the front of her leg, into the crook of her hip. He enjoyed the way her white thong wrapped neatly into that corner, defining a boundary asking to be violated. His breath at that boundary made her pussy lips swell underneath. To define the line, he took the point of his tongue and traced from the crest of her hip, down along her waistband, down the front edge of her pubic bone. She spread her legs inviting him to continue along the seam of her groin. He ended at the fold where her butt meets her leg, then doubled back, this time with the intention of crossing the boundary he just created. As he turned his tongue up, he curled it under the surface of her thong. He licked the base of her frenulum with small circles. Traveling north he caught the fringe of her pussy lip. He traced the inside margins reaching deeper between her panties. His nose nuzzled over her clit. Probing through the material, he could tell she was trimmed tight. Her smell made him want a taste.

Taking his hands, rubbing them up her thighs, he turned her around by the hips. She planted her palms on the arm of the chair to support the bend in her waist. Arching her butt in the air, her cheeks separated just enough for him to see the rest of her thong. The outline of her full pussy lips were prominent from being clutched in her snug underwear. He maneuvered his fingers under the sides of her waistband. Holding firm, he kissed underneath each round cheek. He sketched the narrow line of her thong all the way up her crease with his tongue. He grabbed the top with his teeth, his hands pulling downward. Her panties peeled away and he watched every inch of their descent. Revealing the first sight of her naked backside and rosy pussy made him want to dive deep inside her, but he composed himself, choosing to enjoy the opportunity to build slowly.

He slid his middle finger lengthwise between her clenched pussy lips. Warm and wet, he moistened a larger area by massaging her liberally with his hand. She bent her elbow and squeezed her own breast, pinching her nipple between her fingers. Keeping his face close to her skin, he nibbled her butt cheek as his hand angled upward to finger her pussy deeper. She moaned in approval, wrapping her arm around back to run her fingers through his hair.

Gripping her hip with his free hand, he shifted her body in front of the blue armchair, facing its high back and the huge window behind it. She adjusted her hands so each had their own armrest to support her angled body. She bent farther, widening her stance. He cupped her ass in his palms, framing the target of his mouth. Intentionally inching closer he wanted her to feel his approach. His breath warmed her skin while cooling her wet spots. Pressure from his thumbs spread her backside open. His lips made contact with hers. escort sincan He limply dragged backwards letting the soft skin entangle. Reaching the outer edge, he paused to let his tongue peek out and taste her. Boring into her pussy, he parted her labia tilling a trench forward to the base of her clit. He deliberately continued to work his tongue around her wet groove. The view of her perfect ass, spread wide to welcome him in made his mouth and cock drip.

He lifted her knee onto the chair, nestling her shin into the corner of the armrest, prompting her to repeat the action with her other leg. She stacked her arms in their original place, on the high back of the armchair. Resting her chin on her hands allowed the height of the blue chair to lend just enough flex in her knees, presenting her backside at exactly the right height. She curved her spine causing her butt perched atop her thighs to tilt, blooming her vulva open in anticipation. He responded by fingering her wet pussy gently from behind. His other hand slid across her belly and onto her breast. His mouth displaced the hand working her vagina up higher into her groove. He licked her pussy, while rubbing her nipple in one hand and her clit with the other. Soaking wet, he lowered his hand to moisten the tip of his cock. He stood up behind her, guided his shiny dick under her ass and slid its head into her tight pussy. She felt him enter and shifted her weight back to swallow the full length of his shaft inside. He grasped her hip to pull her deeper, his other palm still clutching her tit. Rocking back and forth, he fucked her with purpose, watching his cock withdraw with her labia wrapped around it. He fucked her slowly for a while, then pushed himself all the way inside her, deep enough to feel his hips dock with her soft ass. Pausing there he took in everything with all his senses; the view of her naked, round ass, positioned under the harbor with its boats scattered throughout; the smell of coffee and breakfast; the sound of her muffled moan; the feeling of his cock distending her wet pussy; the taste of her lingering in his stubble.

The experience was both intoxicating and sobering. She reached between her legs and fondled his testicles. Her thumb rubbed up the base of his shaft and down her clit. He firmed up his grip as he quickened his pace. She tensed with pleasure pushing back into him with her hips. She squinted to keep her eyes open, overwhelming herself with the swellings of the ocean tide, his dick inside her and her imminent orgasm. Pistoning his cock inside her, he sent her over the edge, into waves of contractions. Squeezing tighter around his cock brought him closer as he continued to stroke. He plunged one more time deep inside her releasing a flood of cum with a groan. Breathless, she could feel her belly warm and the temperature migrate downward. He bent over her, still wedged inside, and breathed heavily on her neck.

He straightened his legs, pulling slowly out of her pussy. Feeling the seal from his cock embedded in her start to loosen, she let her head drop between her outstretched arms and the back of the chair. She could see his balls retract as the curved hull of his cock emerged from between her split labia. The shadow of his thick load emerged, elvankent escort bayan slid upward across her swollen clit, and dripped down onto the cushion of the blue high-backed armchair. She turned her attention back to his cock making its final withdrawal. The head fell through her plump lips, sending a final ripple of tension through her body. A few smaller drips dangled on short sticky lines from her spent pussy. She watched as they hung there, unable to move because her muscles were still recovering.

Catching her breath, she could see his legs flex, framed by her own as she continued to kneel on the armchair. His shoulders and face appeared under her and she felt his hands on her ass cheeks again. She tingled? watching him reach his tongue back towards her broken pussy. The feeling of his breath resurfaced against her skin, sharpening her anticipation. He widened his tongue, scooped up the strings of cum, and licked her sticky pussy with them. She froze as he massaged her again with his mouth. His tongue rubbed up and down as his hands squeezed her butt. He reached forward with his jaw, cradling her clit under his lip. His tongue sneaked out again and pressed firmly into the groove.

He reversed direction, turning his back to rest on the seat cushion under her. He pulled her hips down and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. He ratcheted circles with his tongue around her throbbing clit, bringing her close to finishing again. Threading his arms through her legs, one hand raised high to cup her boob. His other arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her crotch more snugly into his face. Sitting at an angle in front of the chair, he arched his back to provide full access. He licked around the outside of her labia, working his way toward the middle. His hand curled around her thigh and his fingers played with the lower corners of her pussy as his mouth took care of the upper areas. She started rocking her hips involuntarily as she got closer to cumming again.

He slowed to a pause and pulled her pussy down across his chin and onto his chest. He lowered her body against his, watching her vulva drag down his torso. She winced with pleasure as her clit bumped into the ripples in his tight skin during its descent. He guided her pussy down onto his cock, which was waiting to pry her open again. Her shins were vertical, pinned against the chair as he clasped his arms around her rib cage. She looked down at him as they fucked each other. He squeezed and released her with his arms, as she did the same to his cock. Her orgasm built quickly, causing her to shudder on the last few strokes. She collapsed on top of him, slouched over his shoulder, her arms tossed around his neck. Her eyes were closed and buried into her elbow. She could only smell him while catching her breath again. With his arms crossed on her back, he buttressed her folded body, steadying her against his rising and falling chest. The gentle movement was a relaxing after-fuck feeling with his dick still lodged inside her.

Her tits cushioned the separation between their ribs. She pushed upright using her hands against his shoulders. His neck reached forward so his mouth could sample each of her hard nipples. She squatted, slowly lifting her body away from his. Gliding gently out of her well lubricated pussy, his glistening cock flopped down.

Still sitting on the floor, she left for a moment, then returned to kneel down, passing him a cup of coffee in one hand and croissant with a bite she took from it in the other.

“Good morning,” he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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