Pick Up

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He walked along the dusty road not really expecting any traffic at this hour. He heard a high revving engine behind him, it grew louder and he looked back and saw a cloud of dust approaching rapidly. He turned back to the front and thought he heard the sound of the engine change. Then he definitely heard it miss a few beats, then it caught and revved up again. He stepped off the side of the road and watched the white Fiat Roadster speed by. He was covered by the cloud of dust after he got a glimpse of long blond hair flying in the wind.

“Shit” he thought as he beat the dust off himself and his bag. He picked up his previous pace. The little wheels under the flight case didn’t help much. He was really dragging it through the dirt. “Oh, Well.” It was better than jail where he would have ended up if he had taken the job they offered. He was only there because he was going to try and buy the aircraft after the flight if it checked out OK. He was sure it was a set-up deal. Not that he would have taken a dope run anyway. They told him it was to pick up the old twin Beech and fly it to Immokalee Airport. One glance into the plane and he knew it was way overgross. Nobody would try to get it off the ground carrying that load unless it was dope. They told him if he didn’t want to do it he could walk in to town. He said “Fine.”

He could make out a white object as the dust cleared. He saw the little Fiat sitting on the side of the road. The hood was up. A girl was leaning into the engine compartment. He watched as a stray puff of wind flipped up the skirt and showed a lovely ass barely covered by little pink bikini panties. He was going to walk right on by but he heard a female voice say, “Fuck, shit, and God damned.” He stopped and watched as the woman leaned further into the engine compartment. It was definitely a lovely view. The little panties did look sexy as they pulled up in the crack of the ass in front of him. He cleared his throat and smiled as she jumped and hit her head on the hood. She held her head and slowly turned around. He looked into the bluest eyes he had ever seen. She snarled “Did you get a good look, Buster. Why are you sneaking up on people like that.”

“Hey, it’s a public road, after you dusted me off I thought I would see what kind of an ass was driving this old car that fast. No pun intended.”

He thought he saw a twinkle in the blue eyes. “I am sorry, I was so mad I didn’t see anything. I drove out here to pick up my boyfriend and found out he had another girl pick him up.”

“You are lucky.”


“Anybody who let you get away has to be mentally deficient, absolutely nuts. What seems to be the problem with your car.”

“Nothing serious except I don’t have a tool to fix it with. The distributor has vibrated loose. It is just flopping around. I didn’t hear you drive up.”

“I am walking, do you have to tighten a bolt to secure the distributor?”

“Walking? There is nothing on this road for another ten miles. Yeah, I need a ten millimeter wrench.”

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll lend you a tool that I think will do the job, if you will give me a lift to the nearest town or phone so I can get home.”

“You have a deal. What do you have?”

“I have my trusty Leatherman Tool in my flight bag. Here, I’ll get it out.”

“That ought to do it.” She grinned up at him as he stood up. He was taller than she by well over a foot, even with her high heels. “If you will go to the other side of the car I will tighten up that bolt and get us on our way. You saw enough last time.”

“I don’t think I did, I would love to see it all.”

“No way Bubba. Would you get behind the wheel and crank the engine over while I try to start it.”

He slid behind the wheel and made sure it was out of gear, then cranked on it. It sputtered a few times, then started. He let it idle and watched as she twisted the distributor until the little four banger purred. She smiled and handed him his tool as she closed the hood. He looked at her and smiled. He held up his handkerchief.

“You have a big smudge on that little nose, may I?”

She leaned forward and closed her eyes. He wiped the grease off her nose and felt a shiver go down his spine, she was adorable, tiny, perfectly built, and seemed smart as a whip.

“OK, you look human again. Here, you have some on your hands and you don’t want it on that pretty dress.”

“Why, thank you kind, Sir.”

“Mam, Yur as pretty as a speckled pup, mah name is Buck, Buck Larimore.” he said in his best John Wayne imitation.

“I am Miss Lucy, Buck, let’s saddle up and get on down the trail. Throw your flight bag in the back seat with mine.”

She got behind the wheel and he slipped in the passenger seat. The little car jumped forward as she took off in a cloud of dust. She smiled at him, “Where do you want to go?”

“I know you will think I am being fresh, but I want to go anywhere with you.”

“You are a flirt aren’t you.”

“I try, but I am not very good at it. When a lady is eryaman escort bayan as beautiful as you are, I tend to get tongue tied and drool on myself.”

She looked at him and said, “I think you do OK with the girls. I am starved, do you want to get something to eat at the next place while you tell me why you are walking so far?”

“Well, I had a gig to fly that old Beech 18 to Immokalee and I flew my old Grumman amphibian down here and she blew a tire when I landed. Then the Beech is overloaded and I told them I didn’t want the job. So now I have to go and get a tire for her.

“That beautiful old war bird is yours?”

“Yep. Want to buy her?”

“Oh! I wish I could. Where was she restored?”

“I did it all myself, five years off and on. Mostly on. You must be a pilot with that hefty flight case, probably Airlines. Right?”

“Yes, copilot with Trans Air.”

“Wonderful, I always wanted a Copilot,” Buck grinned.

“Look there is a little diner, want to stop?”

“Sounds good to me, my stomach thinks my throats been cut.”

Night was falling when they left the diner after a surprisingly good meal. They had sat and talked for hours, not noticing the passage of time. They drove on and soon saw the city lights appeared.

Buck said, “I don’t want to take you out of your way, drop me off at a Motel when you see one.”

“I only live about five miles from here, you can stay in my guest room if you want.”

“Hey, that sounds better. I’ll call a cab in the morning.”

When they entered Lucy’s house she asked if he would like a drink. “Bourbon and water, if you have it.”

“ET OK?”

“That’s just fine.”

“Can you fix one for me too? The booze is in that cupboard and the ice is in the refrigerator, I’m going to go slip into something more comfortable.”

He was sipping his drink when she came back in. She was wearing little white shorts and a crop top. He loved the way she looked.

“Aw, I was expecting a sexy baby doll or something and I was wondering if I could handle watching you in one for very long before I embarrassed myself. Would you mind if I changed too?”

“No, go ahead.”

He was back in a few moments wearing cutoff jean shorts and a T-shirt. He was smiling and sat across from her in her family room. “This is nice, very nice.” He said.

She liked the way he looked. His shoulders were broad and his waist slim. His legs looked like a runners legs. He had a large bulge in his shorts.

She stood up and walked by him to the kitchen and brought the bourbon and some ice. She leaned over in front of him and refreshed his drink. He could see her breasts and nipples clearly, he felt his blood surge. She stood, looked down and said, “I think you are going to need more room in those shorts, it looks crowded in there.”

“Well, what do you expect when you shove those delicious boobs under my face?”

“Well, I was hoping I would see some reaction, Lord, you are going to pop your buttons. You better open them up before you hurt yourself.”

He stood and opened his shorts and pulled them down. His jockey shorts pushed way out in front. He looked in her eyes and pulled the underwear down and was naked before her. She grinned, “Now you look more comfortable. Come and let me gaze at that weapon between your legs, Wow.! Now that is what I call well hung. Not so big it scares you, but just right.” She pulled the little top off over her head and hooked her thumbs in the shorts and yanked them down. She wore no panties. He reached for her and lifted her to his face and put his lips softly to hers. She felt his erection against her. She brought her legs around his waist. The top of his cock pressed against the lips of her pussy. She was very wet now and she wiggled her butt and felt him lower her onto his shaft. She explored his mouth with her tongue and found his tongue hunting for hers. She felt his strength as her lifted her slowly up and down over his pulsing member. Finally he lifted her off of his penis and said, “I want you in a bed baby girl. I want to see and feel and taste every bit of you.” He put her down. She grabbed his hand and led him to her bedroom. The bed was already turned down. She flopped on the bed and her legs spread involuntarily. He looked her over from head to foot, loving what he saw. Her breasts were round globes with erect large nipples standing straight up, her little belly was as flat as a board with a cute dimple of a belly button. Her mound was shaved except for a small triangular tuft of honey blond hair. Her hips were not too wide and her legs were long and slender. He slid on the bed next to her and ran his hands over her body cupping, squeezing, touching ever so softly. Down her legs, up her thighs, over her mound, covering it with his big hand, tracing the slit between the little pink inner lips. Feeling her moisture between her legs. Moving up and caressing her breasts, feeling the hard nipples. He kissed her deeply then moved his mouth to her neck and left a wet trail of kisses etimesgut escort on down to her breasts. His soft lips closed round her sensitive nipples and she purred her pleasure at his touch. He moved down and ran his tongue in her belly button then moved his face between her legs. She felt the scratch of the stubble on his cheeks and chin as he examined her vulva with his tongue, savoring the taste of her fluids and lapping at the source. She felt his fingers part her lips and spread them. His tongue followed quickly and then found her erect clit under it’s tiny hood. He sucked it and laved it with his tongue, softly then harder and harder. Her body jerked as spasm after spasm racked her body. She was having orgasms continuously, she pulsed with the waves of pleasure and ectacy that flowed over and around her. She reached down and pulled his head up.

“Now, Please. Now, I need you inside me, Please do me now. Fuck me, Please, Please.” As he rose over her she reached for his penis and grasped it. She thought it felt like wet velvet over steel. She guided him into her pussy and thrust hard up against him and felt him slip all the way in. He moved slowly in and out, the tip of his cock going all the way out before reentering her love channel. His lips were over hers and his tongue played with hers. He increased the pace and strength of his thrusts. She could feel his pubic hair against hers and felt his balls slap against her bottom. Then she felt him shiver and couldn’t feel his balls any more as they tightened against the shaft of his cock. He moaned, shuddered and said, “I’m cumming. Oh!God, I’m cumming.” She could feel his pulse and the sperm flood her vagina. He collapsed beside her and pulled her into his arms.

“God, that was the best ever!” he whispered in her little ear. She smiled and pressed her body closer. Her cheek was on his shoulder. She lifted her head and smiled at him. “Never, ever, did I cum like that, I’ll bet I had thirty orgasms, I’ve never even had two in a whole night before, what did you do to me. I still want more, lots more. I don’t know where it felt the best when you kissed me. But we can try all night to find out.”

He laughed, “Don’t tell me you are insatiable.”

“OK, I won’t tell you.” She sat up and leaned down and looked at his flaccid penis. She picked it up and rubbed her fingers across the bulbous head, feeling the smoothness. She looked at it. It didn’t look very big, just wet and wrinkled. She kissed it softly on the top. She put her mouth around the head and felt it start to grow. She raised up and smiled at him, “I love it. Look at it swell and lengthen. Mmmm. Let me lick it.”

“Help your self, Baby girl, have your way with me.”

She took it as deep as she could and found her lips against his hair. She sucked and ran her tongue along the big tube on the bottom as she pulled back. She lapped her tongue around the head and flicked her tongue over the area just behind and below the head. His manhood was now fully engorged and she was not able to get all of it in her mouth now. She concentrated her efforts on the last few inches and was rewarded with his thrusting into her mouth. She tightened her grip on the base and sucked harder. She quickened her pace and she heard him say he was about to cum. She increased her speed and felt him shiver and grit his teeth. She tightened her lips around just the head and popped it in and out as fast as she could, never letting her tongue lose contact with the crown. He threw his head back and reached down and held her head still. She felt the shaft jerk and tasted her success as the cum shot time after time into her hungry mouth. She held every drop in her mouth. She crawled up his body and showed him her mouth full of his jism. He smiled and pulled her lips to his. She fed him half of the cum and swallowed the rest.

She said, “You have the best tasting cum I have ever tasted. Can I get some more? I love It.”

“I can’t help you right now. But all I have is your as long as you want it. As for how good it tastes, I really don’t have any experience with that.”

“Well I don’t have a lot. Three or four maybe. But yours is best. Do you like anal sex? I have never tried it but I will let you do it if you want.”

“Later if you really are sure you want to. Some girls don’t enjoy it. I think I can teach you to love it. Do you have any personal lubricant such as KY jelly?”

“Yes, I do. It is right in the night stand.”

“That can make a big difference sometimes, you are plenty slippery in your pussy so maybe we won’t need it. I don’t ever want to hurt you.” He lay back and held her in his arms while they dozed for a bit. Then she began softly kissing his face, his nose his eyes, then his lips. Buck smiled, “Alright, Sweetheart, We gonna try the back door. God, but you are beautiful all over.”

Buck found the bottle of lube and dripped a good amount on his now erect penis, he had Lucy get on her hands and knees. He got down behind her escort elvankent and licked her pussy and she squealed with delight. He moved up and licked her little puckered hole. He rimmed her and then pushed hard with his tongue and managed to go in a little ways. He pushed harder and harder and wiggled his tongue as hard as he could. He put some lube on her anus and his fingers. He slid his index finger slowly in and she said, “I like it so far. It feels good.” Buck moved his fingers in and out then after a while he added another finger. She was relaxing more now and he tried a third finger. He worked his fingers in and out and added the fourth finger. Lucy was moaning now, “Am I hurting you, girl?”

“No it is heavenly, I like it.”

“I am going to try my cock, baby, if it hurts at all tell me. Please don’t let me hurt you, don’t be brave to please me. Here it comes.” He pressed the head of his slippery cock against her ass and it slipped in a short ways. He paused and pushed a little farther, then pulled out a little. He pushed back in a bit further. Then back out. Then he was all the way in. He was still for a moment loving the feeling of the tightness around his cock. He pulled out most of the way and thrust back in. He moaned, “I can’t do this long, you are so tight and feel so good. How do you like it, are you alright with it?”

OH! Buck, I love it, it is a different feeling but I feel like I am going to cum very soon. I have never- Oh! I have never felt like this before. Oh! Yess, yess, yess. You please cum now I want to feel it.”

“Here it comes, Uhnn, ughnn. Ahhh. Ohhhhh.”

Lucy felt his penis deflate and she squeezed a little and it flopped out. She looked back at him and saw his eyes were closed. He still had his hands on her hips. “Are you alright?”

“Oh! Yes, I was just trying to memorize the way that felt, so I can remember it on a cold night when you are not with me.”

“I hope that time never comes.”

“Me too! “Did you cum?”

“Yes, twice, that makes about forty for the night and it is only eleven o’clock.”

“Let’s rest for a bit. If we fall asleep and you feel me loving you in the night please don’t be frightned. I just can’t get eough of you and I don’t want tomorrow to come.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want to leave you.”

“I am on vacation, I will go where you go. If we want it after we get to know each other better we can work things out so we can be together. I have some money saved if you need it for your plane.”

“He laughed and held her tight, “That is so sweet of you, Darling, I don’t need money. I have more than you and I can ever spend.”

“I’m sorry, I thought you were broke.”

“Not hardly, I have a little place up near Ocala, three hundred and sixty acres, my own six thousand foot landing strip with hangers for my eight airplanes. A huge house I don’t use because it is too big. Rented barns and stables because I don’t have time for horses. I have a lovely double wide trailer I live in next to my shop. Rebuilding old planes is my hobby, I never sell any of them. But I love you for offering. I will never, never, ever forget it.”

“Do you really want to sleep? I want to lay here with you, nude as can be, and talk, and cuddle with you, then, when you are ready I will make love to you. You won’t have to do a thing. I will ride you, cowboy, at least ’til the dawn comes and maybe ’till high noon.”

Buck awoke the next morning and didn’t see Lucy. He walked to the bedroom door and listened, he heard nothing. He looked across the hall and saw his jeans on the bed. He slipped into them and made his way to the kitchen. No one was there. He found the back door and looked out, no one was in the back yard. He heard a door open and found Lucy coming in carrying a large bag. He followed her in the kitchen and held her by the shoulders, “I missed you.” he said and held her at arms length and looked at her for a long moment then pulled her to him and kissed her long and passionately.

“Wow! I love your kissing, Buck. I missed you too. Why did you look at me so long? Do I have something on my face?”

“Baby girl, all you have on your face is pure beauty. I just couldn’t believe you were as lovely as I remembered you being last night. I didn’t think I had that much to drink, but I wanted to check. You ARE really gorgeous.”

“Why thank you, you look as handsome as you did last night. I jogged down to the store and got some things for breakfast and lunch. I can fix bacon or sausage and eggs anyway you want them. Gravy on bisquits or toast. Hash browns or grits. You name it. I aim to please you every way I can. I think I have fallen in love with you.”

“I feel the same way, but we don’t have to rush into anything. I am 99.9 percent sure of how I feel about you. Let’s both be 100 percent sure, OK?”

“I have to confess, I do get mean and grouchy sometimes. I promise to show you one of my bad days so you can see if I am worth having around.”

“That’s fair, I had a bad day myself back in ’73, I think it was.”

“You are about to see how mad I can get.” She started giggling and pulled him down for kiss.

“Just fix your favorite breakfast for two and I will be happy. I like everything. I like my fried eggs over light, but other than that I am at your mercy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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