Phew, I Needed That!

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That was it I thought to myself as I lay there watching the gorgeous woman on screen. I was incredibly horny, I had been all week but up until now had resisted the steadily increasing urge to give myself some personal relief. But the urge had become too much I just had to let of some sexual steam. And so had feel back on my porn collection. Which had seemed to double in size? I had chosen an early eighties French movie. As the woman were incredible, all natural and although I used to just fast forward to the sucking and fucking. Now enjoyed the plot that accompanied this, maybe I had matured a bit more. It was much more of a turn on having a scenario with the sex.

It wasn’t long before I had released my aching cock from the tight confidants of my boxers. And he was standing rigidly to attention waiting for Mrs. Hand and her 5 lovely daughters to attend to his burning needs. I wrapped my hand around what I think is quite a thick girth. I started to pull my hand up and down my aching shaft and felt instant relief, I let out a sign. Oh I need this I thought to myself. By balls were tighter than my ex girlfriends pussy. And my cock seemed to be the biggest I have ever seen it. It was rock hard, and felt so big, not that isn’t a reasonable size, a little over average. I lay there the gorgeous maid on screen had position her self on all fours and had her arse sticking up in the air looking over her shoulder she spoke in a husky French accent. Before the camera zoomed in on her gorgeous bahis firmaları round arse. My excitement grew doggie is one of my favorite positions to fuck in. And I love watching anal sex. A huge cock came into view and started to nestle its purple head against her tight ring.

Again her soft husky voice could be heard. It sounded as if she was begging him to push it in. It was obvious he was teasing her. And then when he must have felt he had teased the poor girl enough he started to push his cock into her eager arsehole. She let out a really sexy sigh of sexual relief. As his cock slowly disappeared deeper and deeper into her arse. When it was as deep as it could go he paused for a minute to let her arse accommodate his huge manhood. It really was a big cock and I was surprised she had managed to accept his whole shaft. After a few moments of motionless and silence apart from the deep heavy breathing coming from both the actors. He slowly pulled his hips back sliding his huge shaft out of the tight hole it now snugly occupied. And slowly began to thrust back and forth rhythmically. As he did so I started to pump my cock imaging it was my cock that was deep inside that gorgeous arse. She moaned heavily it was clear in my option she wasn’t acting here she really enjoyed the sensations of anal sex. “Ah oui!” She huskily let out. On hearing this he responded by thrusting harder and faster, and as deep as her beautiful arse would permit it. I was struggling not to cum by this point I kaçak iddaa wanted to cum when he did.

But what I was watching was just too much for me I hadn’t done this for days and it wasn’t long before I felt the sexual satisfying chemical rush through my body. My hand pulled down my shaft for the last time my balls were as tight as they could possible be now and my cock felt like it had half my body’s blood in it. My eyes slammed shut and I let out a loud groan and shuddered hard causing me to thrust my hips up into the air. My aching cock shot a thick explosion of cum into the air which splashed onto my belly, another thrust, another shot of cum fired into the air covering my body in more of my thick cum. I started to be bought back to reality I opened my eyes and looked once again what was happening on screen. He was still pumping away at this beautiful woman. The thrusting was now quite extreme, big deep hard thrusts. And with every thrust of his hips she was letting out an almost animal like sound from her sexy deep husky voice. Husky grunting and heavy breathing filled the room as I lay there resting with my cock still in my hand which now had an amazing amount of cum dribbling through the gaps in my fingers. Fuck I needed that I thought. My breathing was slowing as I lay there waiting for the money shot.

With one last deep hard thrust of his hips he slammed his cock for the last time as deep as he could possible push it into her tight arsehole. She cried out as his buttocks kaçak bahis tightened as much as they could, he paused from just a second holding his cock there before pulling hastily out of her warm tight arse. She spun her body round and position her self kneeling looking up at him, her pupils were heavily dilated with sexual excitement after there hard noisy fucking, both of them out of breath and gasping for air. Her big beautiful brown eyes lustful stared up at him. Opening her mouth over his big purple helmet she eagerly waited for his cum to fill her mouth. The camera shot to his face he let out an animalistic grunt as it cut back to the beautiful French girl who was impatiently waiting at his feet. She closed her eyes in anticipation the first load sprayed into her mouth it was incredible. It was to much for the cum hungry girl and she closed her mouth letting him cover her face with his thick creamy cum. Shot after shot covered her face before she opened her mouth again this time just letting his thick spunk feel her mouth, letting it over flow dribbling down the sides of her mouth onto her chin before resting on her beautiful natural tits.

She opened her eyes as she took hold of limp cock and started to pump it in her soft hand. A really mischievous smile had spread across her face, she stood up they both giggled for a bit before they satisfying kissed each other, still both very out of breath. As the camera faded to the next scene, I let out a sigh myself and got myself up of my bed and into the bathroom. I washed my hands and cock and then rested leaning on the sink. Staring in the mirror I had came to the obvious conclusion I needed a woman!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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