Pet Teacher: Lesbian Club

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Summary: Teacher Pet must eat 3 girls at lesbian club.

NOTE 1: This is part three of this series. Part one was the cleverly named ‘Pet Teacher’, while part 2 was titled ‘Pet Teacher: 5 Tasks’. I highly recommend you read the first two parts before reading the third. A VERY brief recap: a teacher who was seduced by a student mme ust complete 7 tasks to become the official pet of both the student and her mother.

NOTE 2: A special thanks goes to Estragon my faithful copy-editor and to Brittany who provided the original idea for this story.

Task 6


I suppose I should have been anxious or guilty about tonight, yet what I felt instead was an overwhelming feeling of excitement. The thought of going to this lesbian club had intrigued me greatly, although I had no idea how I was possibly going to eat three pussies.

As planned, Julie called me at nine. I told my husband that a colleague of mine needed to talk to someone and that I was going over to comfort her. My husband, being the sensitive man he was, told me to go and I quickly left my house. I drove to a gas station where I changed into my lesbian bar outfit: an aqua blue dress that was classy but showed enough skin to tease and tan thigh high stockings.

Now I don’t know what I expected to find at this club, but what I did find was an array of beautiful women ranging in age from their very early twenties to their sixties, of all races, shapes and sizes.

As I perused the room, like a tourist in a foreign land, I was suddenly awakened from my gawking by an older white haired beautiful woman.

She looked me over like men used to when I was single at the bar. I was the potential prey and they were ready to hunt me down. Like when I was younger, I was incredibly nervous. I was confident I was a pretty good cocksucker, but I was less sure I could impress a confirmed lesbian.

She sauntered over to me, her smile dripping with seduction, a cougar on the prowl. As soon as she reached me, she asked, “First time here darling?”

“Yes,” I replied, nervously.

“I thought so.” She chuckled softly. “You look like a deer in the headlights.”

She grabbed my hand and said, “Follow me dear.”

I followed obediently, letting my trepidation disappear and allowing myself to just let whatever happens, happen.

She led me to the bar and ordered a martini for me, not asking my preference. I could already tell she had a dominant personality, but one that was hidden behind a cloak of propriety.

She asked, her hand falling onto my stocking-clad knee, “And what is your name, my pretty?”

“Jasmine,” I answered shyly.

“I am Louise.” She smiled and asked, “And what does my pretty Jasmine do for a living?”

“I am a teacher,” I answered.

“Hmmmm,” she purred, her hand sliding up just subtly up my leg. “Does teacher need to be taught?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I whispered, implying, I hoped, by allowing her to control the conversation and hopefully whatever might follow, that she was in charge and I was the eager submissive.

She ordered, her tone still sweet, yet clearly an order, “Follow me, my pretty teacher.”

She squeezed my leg and grabbed my hand and led me to a secluded table at the back corner of the club. As I followed behind her, clearly being led, I felt as if all the other women knew I was a submissive slut about to be used. Oddly, instead of feeling embarrassed as I should have been, like I would have felt a couple weeks ago, I was instead extremely excited.

At the table was another woman, elegantly dressed as well, probably no older than thirty-five, sipping a martini.

Louise surprised me by her next words, “Mistress Ellen, I would like you to meet Jasmine. It is her first time here.”

Ellen smiled at me as my brain processed this turn of events. “Nice to meet you, Jasmine. Please have a seat.” She patted a spot beside her.

I obeyed, a rush of excitement hitting me.

Louise sat beside me as well and I was suddenly sandwiched between two very attractive lesbians.

Ellen asked, “And what brings you here?”

I didn’t want them to know the whole truth, so I told only part of the truth. “I have recently become curious about women and a friend of mine suggested coming here.”

“Curious how?” Ellen asked, her hand falling deliberately onto my leg.

I stammered, a warm jolt from her touch distracting me, “I-I-I have always found women attractive, but only recently have I decided to act on it.”

Ellen’s aqua blue eyes, matching my dress, stared into mine, giving me all her attention, as her hand slithered under my skirt. She asked, “Why now?”

I shrugged, and joked, “Midlife crisis maybe.”

Both beautiful women laughed and Ellen leaned in and kissed me. It was so warm and gentle I melted on contact. Her hand under my skirt reached my panties and just lingered there.

Her tongue swirled in my mouth. When she broke the kiss, I felt a sudden disappointment. Her smile never left casino şirketleri as she asked, “Have you been with a woman before?”

Continuing my lie, I answered, “Not other than a couple of drunken moments in college, Miss,” attempting to show her my submissive persona.

Her eyes gave away that she liked the use of the word’ Miss’ as she asked, “What do you do for a living?”

“She’s a teacher,” Louise answered for me.

Ellen purred, “You are, are you? That is delicious.”

“Thank you, Miss,” I replied, her finger slowly outlining my pussy lips through my now damp panties.

“What do you want to have happen tonight?”

Her finger distracting me greatly, I let out a light moan and answered, “To please you.”

Her finger slipped inside my panties and found my fevered pussy. “That is a very good answer, teach.”

She stared into my eyes, silence lingering, as she slowly pumped my pussy. The only sound was the dance song playing in the background and my growing moans of pleasure.

“Do you want to come?” she asked.

“Yes, Miss,” I moaned, louder than I meant to.

She slipped a second finger into my wet pussy and hooked her fingers inside searching for my g-spot. When she brushed it with her fingers I let out a little yelp. She began tapping on my g-spot, like it was a drum, while she snapped her other finger. Wordlessly, Louise slid under the table, between my legs and after pushing my dress up, she pulled my panties to side and licked the bottom of my pussy lips.

My moans were increasing as my orgasm was building quickly. Ellen finally spoke. “A good submissive comes when directed to. Do you want to be a good sub?”

“Yeeeeeees,” I moaned, my orgasm getting closer.

“Good,” she smiled, suddenly pulling her fingers out of me. Louise simultaneously quit licking me as well as Ellen said, “You will not come until told, will you my pretty teacher?”

I squeezed my legs together to attempt to prevent my building orgasm as I obediently replied, “Yes, Miss.”

“You are such a good girl,” she purred.

“Thank you, Miss,” I answered, blushing from the odd compliment.

“Do you want to please me?” the dark haired Mistress asked.

“Yes, Miss,” I responded, maybe a bit too eagerly.

“Crawl under the table,” she ordered.

“Yes, Miss,” I obeyed, sliding under the table. Until I was under the table I had no idea what she was wearing other than a black cocktail dress. Although it was darker under the table, I was able to see she was also wearing black stockings, a garterbelt and four-inch pumps.

I moved my hands to her dress to push it up when she said, “Slow down, teach. Just sit there for now. I will tell you when I am ready for you.”

“Yes, Miss,” I replied, suddenly embarrassed. I sat under the table for quite a while as the two women talked. I could hear pieces of the conversation, but not all. I also got a dog’s eye view of Louise being fingered by Ellen. Part of me wanted to crawl between Louise’s legs and lick her pussy, but instead I watched like a puppy dog. Louise came from the fingering as her legs stretched out and twitched uncontrollably. My own pussy wanted such attention, but instead I sat under the table waiting further instruction. I was under the table for half an hour before Ellen finally slipped her feet out of her heels and ordered me, “Lick the soles of my feet, teacher.”

I took her silk-stockinged foot, easily the softest, silkiest stockings I had ever touched, and lifted it to my mouth. I licked the bottom of her foot, making sure my tongue explored her entire sole. The act was humiliating and yet a great turn on. I replicated my concentrated obedience on her other foot as well.

Finally, the dominant brunette ordered, “Take off my panties.”

I eagerly did, realizing I was still three pussies away from the minimum three my real Mistress-to-be expected from me.

“Put my panties in your mouth,” she instructed.

I again obeyed. The smell was a faint tease while her slight damp panties gave a subtle sampling of her precious prize.

Time moved on again as she tested my patience. Frustration was building as I desperately wanted to taste her, to, please her. I considered crawling out from under the table and leaving, but her scent enticed me and kept captivated enough to not crawl away.

Louise left and I prayed it was now time to please this powerful, hypnotic woman. She pulled up her dress, opened her legs and presented me with an up close and personal look of her perfect shaved pussy. Instead of asking me, ordering me, to pleasure her, she began to slowly rub herself instead.

This masturbation continued for a couple of minutes until another woman, in tan nylons, sat beside her. Ellen quit masturbating and snapped her fingers at her crotch. I eagerly moved forward just as I heard Ellen say, “Hello, Senator Green.”

I let out a gasp just as I was extending my tongue to Ellen’s glistening pussy. As soon as my tongue made contact, Ellen closed her legs on my casino firmaları head and I could no longer hear their conversation. I lapped eagerly the delicious pussy juice of this sexy Mistress as I wondered if it really was Senator Green, Daphne Green, at the table before me. She was a major women’s rights activist and it never even remotely clicked that she could be gay…. That said, I never would have thought I’d be at a lesbian bar, under a table, eating some stranger’s pussy.

I concentrated on getting my first of three pussies off. Since she was having a conversation with the Senator, I assumed she wanted a slow-burn pleasure. I slid my tongue up and down her pussy lips, only touching her clit gently every once in awhile. Each clit touch gave her a little flinch, that I assumed the Senator noticed. This slow pleasing lasted fifteen minutes or so until my knees began to feel numb. I then focused on her clit, taking it in my mouth and pulled it in. I used my tongue to flick her swollen clit, each flick sending an intense pulse through her. Her legs loosened from my head and stiffened as she squirted her juices all over my mouth. Impressively, considering how much she came, she didn’t let out much of a moan, obviously having incredible control. I lapped up her excess juices and heard Ellen ask, “Senator Green, would you like your pussy pleased?”

She answered, her voice clearly recognizable as the Senator of our State, “That would be delightful.”

Ellen lifted up the table cloth and requested, in a very polite tone, as if she was asking a waitress to bring her another drink, “Would you please pleasure my guest while we continue chatting?”

“Yes, Miss,” I replied, secretly excited to pleasure our Senator. I repositioned myself, between her tan stocking -clad legs as she opened them up to reveal she was not wearing panties and I was staring at the Senator’s perfectly trimmed pussy. I briefly wondered if she had had panties on earlier, as I leaned forward and began to lick her very strong- smelling and tart tasting-pussy. As with Ellen, I gave her the slow burn, attempting to get the Senator revved up for an intense orgasm. Fifteen more minutes ticked by before the Senator grabbed my hair and pulled me deeper into her pussy as she began to rub herself with my face. Thankfully, after less than a minute of this facial assault and I was being coated again by an excessive amount of cum. The Senator let go of my head and I continued to lap her pussy as the orgasm flowed through her.

A couple of minutes later, Ellen said, “You may join us now.”

My aching knees loved those words, but the thought of being face to face with our state’s Senator after what I had just done to her suddenly caused me loads of anxiety.

The Senator added, “Yes, I want to meet the woman with the special tongue.”

My face went red under the table at the compliment as I slowly pulled myself off my weary knees and back up on the soft chair.

I kept my head down waiting to be spoken too. I was across from the Senator and beside Ellen. Ellen said, “Senator Green, this is a first time visitor here, Jasmine.”

I looked up to the Senator, whose trademark smile stared back at me, as she extended her right hand. “Nice to meet you, Jasmine.”

I shook her hand as I nervously responded, “Nice to meet you to Senator Green, I have always been a big supporter of yours.”

She responded, squeezing my hand, “And I am a big supporter of you, too.”

“Thank you.” I blushed even more.

“What do you do for a living?” the Senator inquired.

“I teach, Ma’am,” I answered.

“Oh, I bet you have the boys and girls drooling over you.”

I shrugged with a chuckle. “I don’t think too many see me as more as the bitch who makes them read Shakespeare.”

She laughed at my frankness, going to her purse and pulling out a business card. She handed it to me and offered, “I could always use a teacher in my focus groups.”

I took the card and said, “I would love to.”

We chatted like ordinary adults for a few minutes before Senator Green said she had another engagement she needed to go to. She kissed me on the lips gently before demanding, “You better call me.”

“I will,” I replied, knowing I would. I turned to Ellen and asked, “Where is the washroom?”

Ellen pointed to the opposite end of the club and warned, “Be careful, there can be some predators there and they will devour you whole.”

Much more confident than I was an hour ago, I retorted, “Maybe I want to be hunted down and devoured.”

Ellen smiled, “Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you, slut.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied, standing up and starting my walk to the washroom.

I surveyed the bar. It was much busier now and the dance floor was packed. Most were dancing as women usually do, but a couple were grinding on each other and a couple were making out. Louise was dancing with some young blonde and waved to me as I walked by. I waved back, thinking she would be a good third.

I reached the bathroom and other güvenilir casino than a short line for one stall even though a couple of others were open, it looked like any other girl’s bathroom.

I went to one of the open stalls and sat down to pee and collect myself. I was startled almost instantly by loud moans and then the dominating overpowering voice of a woman in the stall beside me, “That’s it slut, lick my black pussy, get me off you rich white dyke.”

I noticed a hole on the wall and before I even had time to consider what I was doing, I leaned forward and peeked through the peephole. I saw a large black woman, her legs spread open, and some blonde between her dark legs. I watched in voyeuristic awe at the obscene sexual act long after I had finished peeing.

The black woman orgasmed as I watched, “That’s it slut, get Big Rosie off, lap up my sweet juice.”

The white woman moved her head up and down like I would on my husband when I gave him a blow job. Big Rosie’s moans got louder and louder until she screamed, loud enough that everyone in the bathroom knew exactly what was going on, “I’m comiiiiing slut, yes, you fucking whore lick my cunt.”

Just then Big Rosie looked directly at me, well my eye, smiled smugly, and announced, “We got an audience slut. Look up so she can get a good look at you.”

The white woman looked up, her face gleaming with pussy juice and I gasped. It was Sandra Shelton, our school’s Student Association President two years ago, and daughter of Reverend Shelton. The sight shocked me to the core.

I backed away quickly, as if she could recognize me from the peephole.

Big Rosie called out, “I expect you in line, slut.”

I ignored her order as I exited the stall. Washing my hands, I trembled with nervousness, attempting to hurry to avoid Sandra seeing me. I was just about to escape when I heard my name, “Mrs. Walker, is that you?”

I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around and was face to shiny face with an ex-student. I acted as if this was a normal place for either of us to be. “Oh, hi Sandra, how is college life?”

Sandra walked to me, others watching curiously, and admitted, “Well, it has let me finally accept what I am.”

“Oh,” I responded, unsure how to respond.

Not remotely ashamed to have pussy juice on her face, she asked, her smile suddenly flirty, “But the better question, is what is my married teacher doing here. You are still married, right?”

“Yes,” I answered suddenly nervous.

Her hand grabbed mine. “Come with me.”

Her fingers intertwined with mine, I involuntarily followed her out of the washroom, past the dance floor, and to a table with two other college girls, thankfully neither none that I knew.

Sandra introduced me to Tammy and Angel and explained, “They’re not lesbians, but were curious to see the club.”

I stammered, “I-I-I am not a lesbian either.”

“Bi?” Tammy, the brunette, questioned.

My face went beet red, before I answered, “Yes, I guess so.”

Angel, a platinum blonde, asked, “And how do you know our Sandra?”

“I taught her a couple of years ago, and I go to her father’s church,” I answered, shame clearly burning on my red cheeks.

“Oh my, scandalous,” Tammy giggled.

I blushed even more as Sandra offered, “Have a seat, Mrs. Walker.”

I obeyed, although I didn’t think it was an order, but rather a polite offer. I sat beside her shyly, completely unsure where this might go.

Sandra asked, her hand falling onto my knee, “Mrs. Walker, I am guessing this is your first time here.”

I responded, attempting to make it a joke, “Indeed it is.”

“And from the slightly messed up make-up and hair, I am also guessing you have licked a pussy here already.”

Figuring ‘fuck it, we are both in a situation neither of us would want to go public’, I answered, attempting to be flirtatious, “Two actually.”

Tammy added her two cents’ worth, “Well, they say three times is a charm.”

Being aggressive, and needing to eat at least on more pussy to finish task six, I asked, “Are you offering?”

All three girls seemed surprised by this and Tammy called my bluff, which wasn’t a bluff, “And what if I am?”

“I would crawl under this table and eat your cunt until you screamed so loud everyone here would think you were a dyke,” I countered.

Sandra, her hand under my skirt now, suggested, “Why don’t we retire back to the house?”

“Agreed,” Tammy quickly seconded, my forward proposal apparently getting her good and horny.

Wanting to complete my task and hopefully get off myself, I said, “Lead the way.”

Angel drove all four of us the ten minute drive to the dorm while Sandra and I made out in the backseat like two horny teenagers. Nothing perverse, just lip-to-lip, tongue-to-tongue passion.

We arrived at the sorority house, my pussy on fire, yet suddenly nervous at the thought of a sorority house. Sandra pulled me along into the house, up the stairs and into a big room, Tammy and Angel following behind.

Once the door was closed, Sandra pushed me onto her bed and purred, “I have fantasized about this day for a long time, Mrs. Walker.”

I moaned, her hand under my skirt, surprised by the declaration, “You have?”

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