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I had quite a delightful surprise in store for him. We had just returned to our hotel room from dinner. As soon as we walked into the room he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me against his body for a long slow French kiss. I adore the lingering taste of single malt scotch on his tongue. After a few seconds I pulled away but not before sucking his bottom lip into my mouth. “I want to freshen up, so give me a few minutes.” He didn’t miss the mischievous look in my eyes.

“Fine, I’ll just check my email.” As I turn to walk into the spacious bathroom, he playfully smacks my ass. Before we had left for dinner, I had left a small bag in the bathroom. I quickly stripped off my clothes and pull on my little surprise. I fixed my hair and makeup in the hopes that he’ll find me irresistible. Just before leaving the bathroom I step into my black high heels.

I had borrowed a serving tray from the restaurant earlier in the week and stashed a bottle of Glenmorangie…all I needed was ice, which was in the other room. My hand on the doorknob, I took one fortifying deep breath and mentally tried to slip into playful character. I step out of the bathroom with confidence and walked straight to the ice bucket. Luckily, he didn’t look up at me.

At the sound of ice hitting the glass, his attention now caught, he glances up but not away. I feel his gaze start at my smoky brown eyes, travel down the front of my partially exposed breasts to my stocking covered legs and settle on my black stiletto heels. I see his lips part as he finally exhales then smiles.

I walk towards where he is seated at the hotel room executive desk. “Your Glenmorangie, sir.” I extend the tray towards him as he reaches for the glass. He sits back and sips his scotch, admiring the view. I clasp the tray behind my back with both hands. He gets a good long look at my complete outfit. The black halter top of this sexy little French maid costume pushes my breasts up and together creating some very enticing cleavage.

The fitted waist flares out into a very short skirt that’s open in the front. A small sheer apron ties around the waist. A black ribbon with white lace trim collars my throat and wrists. The whole ensemble is complete with matching headpiece. Judging by the bulge in his trousers, he must like what he sees. “Would you like the turn down service?”

“Please, by all means.” I set the tray on the edge of the desk and knowing what an impact the back of my costume will have, I slowly turn and walk towards the bed. The rearview is much better than the front. The eryaman bayan escort spilt in the back vees open to show off the Brazilian cut panties with white lace ruffles. On the side of the bed closet to his view, I take great pains to bend at the waist with my legs slightly spread apart.

I pull down the covers making sure to smooth the sheets. I steal a glance over my shoulder and smile as I see him shifting restlessly in his chair. Now, the proper thing to do would have been to walk to the other side of the bed and turn down that side but I thought the display would be much better served with me kneeling on all fours as I reached across to complete my task.

Making sure to do a lot of rocking back and forth as I pretend to struggle pulling the covers down, I finish up by sitting back on my heels and inspecting my work. Knowing full well that this position pulls my panties tightly against my shaved pussy giving quite a tasty view. Finally, I scoot off the bed and straighten the covers one last time.

When I turn to face him I am not at all surprised to see his hard cock in his hand. “Is there anything else I can do for you this evening?” “You sure can honey, come over here, get on your knees and suck my cock.” I seductively pout, “Oh sir, I am not sure I am supposed to do that.” I start walking towards him. A few feet before I am within his reach I stop, staring at that beautiful hard dick.

The tip is glistening wet and I involuntarily lick my lips just thinking of tasting that sweet head. “Don’t worry, I’ll make it worth your while. You’ll get a really big tip, I promise.” “Come over here and suck my dick.” I smile and drop to my knees, crawling towards him.

I am so turned on dressed like this, on my knees and his cock sliding between my soft lips. Looking up at him and meeting his intense blue gaze makes me crave his cum in my mouth. I know how much this must feed his ego. He’s slouched back in a big leather chair. His navy blue Ralph Lauren shirt still buttoned. His trousers and belt still fastened with just his cock out the fly. Every so often he reaches over and sips his 12 year old single malt.

“MMmmmmm, god I love watching you suck my dick.” The Glenmorangies from dinner must be taking effect, he’s being talkative. I hear him set the glass on the desk and then feel his hands cradling my head. He’s holding me tighter and tighter. I feel his cock at the back of my throat. “Open up baby. I want my cock down your throat.” I relax as he holds my head and forces his cock, balls deep into my tight throat.

He escort sincan groans and slowly pulls back. Only to slide all the way back in again. “That’s it honey, swallow my dick.” I focus all my attention to letting him fuck me like this. I want him to cum right down my slutty throat. Occasionally, I pull back just trying to breath but I know he’s close because he just shoves it back in again.

His hips lift up and he shoves my head down hard impaling my throat and suddenly I hear his strained breathing. I can feel his cock beginning to pulse and warm creamy cum floods my throat. All I can do is moan feeling him fill me this way. When I believe he’s sated and done I sit back between his legs. Staying in character, I teasingly ask, “Was that satisfactory, sir?”

“Oh yeah but I’m not done with you yet.” He pulls me up and between his legs. I love feeling his hands sliding up and down the outside of my fishnet covered thighs. The back of his hand grazes my cunt. He looks up at me while pulling on my clit. “I bet this pussy is nice and wet.” He turns me to face away from him and pushes me to bend over the desk.

He says, “You are such a naughty girl,” as he spanks my ass. His hands slide up and over my hips to grasp the waistband of my panties. He slowly pulls them down over my ass revealing my dripping wet cunt. I feel my panties around my ankles as he drops them to squeeze my ass. “Baby, you are so fucking wet. Does it turn you on acting like this for me?” I breathlessly answer, “Yes.”

He spanks my ass again. “Yes, what, you hot little bitch.” “MMmmm yes, sir.” I feel two fingers caress my lips. I groan and spread my legs wider. “Please,” I whimper. “Please what?” “Please, lick my pussy.” “MMMmmm,” he shoves two fingers deep inside me. “You first.” He offers me his two fingers coated with my cream. I greedily suck his fingers clean as he watches.

He roughly pushes me down on the desktop. I feel a hand on each ass cheek as he spreads me open. I hold my breath waiting to feel his hot tongue lick me. After what seems like an eternity he finally licks from my wet cunt to my tight little asshole. But not before dipping his fingers in his scotch and coating the soft skin between my cunt and ass. My body jerks when he slaps my cunt. “I’m gonna fuck this sweet little ass again.”

He goes back to licking and sucking my cunt. “Would you like that?” “Yes, please anything. I’ll do whatever you want just give me that cock.” His teeth pull on my lips. “Baby, I will give it you right after you beg me to fuck that ass.” elvankent escort bayan I push my cunt into his face. He sucks my whole clit into his mouth. I am so close to cumming. Inside his mouth, his tongue flicks the tip sending me over the edge.

Just as I cum, he gathers the juice from my cunt on his finger and slides it deep in my ass. My whole body trembles cumming harder. I feel him smile against my pussy as he hears me lose control. Sucking my clit away from my body as he pulls back almost makes my legs give but he stands up behind me, pinning me against the desk.

He strips off his clothes as quick as he can. The moment he’s undressed his big fat cock plunges in my cunt. “Oh god yes, fuck me.” His dick pounds me so hard all I can do is grip the edge of the desk and take the fuck. I am so close to cumming again from his cock hitting that spot deep inside my pussy that makes me nuts.

“Cum for me.” His hands dig into my hips. “Cum for me, bitch.” His hand spanks my ass. I am pushing back against him…meeting him thrust for thrust. He spanks me again and my cunt explodes in another orgasm. I am spent but he still hasn’t cum and I know what he wants.

I suck my fingers getting them nice and wet. I reach back and start to play with my asshole while he watches; his cock still pumping my cunt. When I am relaxed and wet I pull my cheeks apart and look back at him. “Please, please fuck my ass and fill me with your cum.”

The head of his cock slips out my sloppy wet hole and slides up to the entrance to my ass. I feel him drip saliva all over my asshole and his cock. His act makes me lustfully groan in anticipation. “Please!” He slowly pushes the head in letting me get used to being stretched open so wide. He teasingly takes his sweet time sinking in all the way, making me feel each and every inch.

Once he feels me completely relax he starts to fuck my ass like he was fucking my cunt. The sound is wet, hot and so nasty. I reach down underneath my body and start rubbing my clit. His left hand grips my hip while his right slides up my arched back into the hair at the base of my spine. His grip in my hair tightens. He pulls enough to let me know who’s in control.

And then I start milking his cock with my ass to show him he’s not. “Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum,” he growls through clenched teeth. I squeeze harder, pulsing my ass around his cock. He slams his dick all the way inside my ass and it makes me explode again. Cumming for him makes my cunt and ass contract involuntarily setting off his orgasm.

His body arches as he’s root deep in my backdoor. And as is customary, he pulls me against him as he inches that fraction deeper. I feel his body curve over mine. His tender kiss on my shoulder startles me from my lusty state. “You can clean my office anytime, sweetheart.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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