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Big Tits

Hey Literotica-ers. This is my first story. I have to say after reading a whole bunch of stories on Literotica, I’ve had this idea coming for a long time. It’s quite an intriguing story, actually. It will be a slow build-up story, so if you are looking for a quickie, I would go back to the previous page and browse for another story/post.

Yes, this is a fictional story. All characters engaged in any sexual activity are over 18 years of age.

Feedback and comments are welcome. I hope you enjoy this series.

A special thanks goes out to all who contributed to this story.


I know that I had a little something for my little sister ever since she was born. I was two at that time, but setting my eyes on the precious little angel wrapped in blankets in my mom’s arms lit a fuse inside of me. I had decided at that time that she was the most prettiest being I have ever seen.

Now mom and dad were deeply in love with each other. There was no obstacle too great for them, persevering through every one of them holding each other’s hands as if they’ve done it for their whole lifetime. Because of that, I received a lot of love and support from them.

Mom had a tough time in labor, or so the doctor told us, that is, my dad and I. We were still in the lobby room waiting for an answer that seemed to prolong an extended amount of time. Finally, after about two and a half hours later, the doctor greeted us and relayed the events that took place. I, being the immature and shy toddler that I was, clung to my dad’s leg barely registering the conversation that my dad was having with the doctor.

One thing that I remember was that my mom was faring well and my little sister was healthy. I remember hugging my dad’s leg tighter, the bliss that I was feeling overwhelming me. I knew at that point that she meany everything to me, I just didn’t yet know all that that would mean.

They named her Ashley.


Growing up my sister and I got along very well, to the extent that we never had any serious fights. All of my parents’ friends would envy us because we fit so well with each other, unlike their children, who fought over everything.

Another thing was that we always went everywhere together, often holding hands, which brought snickers from our friends. We didn’t mind the teasing much; there was nothing that came between us or ever could come between us because we always had each other.

Mom and dad decided not to have any more babies, so we were their only children. I didn’t care as long as I had my little sister.

When I started school, things changed. Since I was two years her elder, I was separated from her during school. All I could ever think about was her and how I yearned to become united with her as soon as possible. Of course, I paid attention to the teacher. I was an all-A student. However, not being able to see her or play with her got to me, and, soon enough, I was depressed.

I just had to have her: when I woke up, when I played outside, when I watched TV, even when I slept. If I was away from her for even a minute, I would always feel very lonely, but I kept it well hidden for fear of her responding by worrying about me.

I really don’t like it when people worry about me. When people worry about me, I feel like I’m doing something wrong or I’m in a bad situation. Like, it’s comforting at times to know that someone cares about me, but I don’t want to feel like a burden on anyone, especially my sister.

School was very tough without Ash (that’s the nickname that I call her by). I didn’t make many friends because I was very shy and quiet. Of course, I didn’t let this effect my education, as I knew that mom and dad would bitch at me if I got lower than an A-. However, I felt like I had no other purpose but to do well in school.

Since we are two years apart, we end up in the same school for around one year, if that. I try to make up that time by helping her with her homework or projects that she has trouble doing. In short, I try to spend as much of my time as I can with her.

The years flew by like a dream. Elementary school became middle school in a breeze. Now, during this time, I had quite a reputation at school. Besides for being the quiet, nerdy guy; I was also known for beating the crap out of people when they messed with Ash. Many incidents and rumors lined the halls of the school. I was not somebody to mess with. Because of that, most boys strayed far from Ash, fearing the punishment they will receive once they make even the tiniest of mistakes.

Ash was a slow developer. Most girls around her age started developing quite nicely, molding them to very appealing figures screaming for attention. Of course, I never bothered with them. I couldn’t get them anyways, so why bother?

When Ash started middle school, she started to sprout, like her body was saving up until then. She had the looks, and boys were lined up drooling at her profound beauty. Of course, all of them were scared to make a move on her because I was still in control. escort kartal But, hot damn!


I’m going to fast forward time just a little bit, up to when she was enjoying her last year of high school.

Now Ash had the looks, the grades, the everything. At 5 foot 4 weighing in at 100 lbs, she was quite the ” shawty” that got every boy drooling. She has long hair that droops down to her shoulders, but the one thing that highlights her is her chest. I mean, she doesn’t have overtly huge breasts, but with a 36-26-30 frame, she attracted a lot of attention.

She was also the star player on the varsity basketball team just like I was in high school. I had led the school to state championships all four years, but always struggled when it came to nationals.

However, the most important thing was that she was still a virgin. She’s been out on a few dates, but nothing more than holding hands. I wouldn’t allow any boy to take advantage of her as most of them were slobs anyways. And, though I’d hate to admit it, I was very jealous of those boys, and it added that much more to my over-protective power.

Now, those few dates had me thinking awhile. I just had to know why she even said “yes” to them, so I decided to do a bit of research. As it turned out, there was a general trend between those boys: 1) they looked similar to me, 2) they were very smart, and 3) they were well-built. However, all of them never made it past the first date.

How I ever got this free time during my second year of college, I have no idea. I hated the idea of being away from my sister, so I had decided to go to a local university to study computer engineering and live at home.

Our parents are a very down-to-earth type of people. They don’t care what we do as long as we excel academically. I have never had a B or a B+ in all my school report cards. I had graduated at the top of my class with a perfect 5.0 GPA, 2400 on my SAT, and 36 on my ACT. I had the chance to go to Princeton University with a full scholarship, but elected not to go as I was sickened by the idea that I was going to leave Ash.

Anyways, back to Ash. She had everything going for her, too. She even managed to lead our girls’ varsity basketball team to four straight state championships, which was very exciting. I went to every game that I could and supported her, who, years before, had done the same for me.

Ash was always happy. It was a rare sight to see her crying (I only saw her once or twice), and that was only when she had a lot of built-up stress, which worried me greatly.

She failed to graduate at the top of her class, though. This one guy took the honors. He later went on to study law at Harvard and became a successful lawyer.


Now, like I said before, I have a thing for my sister. I mean, it’s great and all that she is my best friend, but there hasn’t been a moment when I didn’t want her to be my lover. Sure, she’s gone on a few dates, but every time she came back and told me about how great this guy was, I had to calm down, a lot, in order to hear her story. Oh, how I wish I was the guy she was talking about.

The other night, she came home after a date with some hunk, like she usually does.

“Oh my goodness. What a night!” Ash sang as she walked through the front door. It was already nearing midnight when she checked in. As usual, I was up waiting for her, either watching TV or playing some games on my computer as my parents were early sleepers. She was holding something in her arm.

“Hey little sis. Did you have fun?” I questioned with a pinch of jealousy noticeable in my tone. I tried as best as I could to cover it up so she wouldn’t pick up on it. She flopped herself down on the couch next to me.

“Yes, I had a TON of fun. You have no freaking idea how great this guy is! So, first, he took me to dinner at a fancy restaurant. And like we were talking, and I had no idea he was such a funny guy. I think I splintered my spleen laughing so hard. So, we had a fun time eating. Great meal, by the way. You should go there sometime with your dates. Anyways, after dinner, he took me on a walk and like, it was gorgeous. I’ve been around most of the town, but I had never seen a place that beautiful before. So, we walked and talked and laughed some more. He’s such a sweet guy.”

“Wow. Looks like he gave you quite a tour.” I remarked cautiously.

“Yes he did. And the best part was that when he dropped me off, he gave me a little present. Look at this. Isn’t it great?” It was a diary with a flower pen.

“Impressive. So, tell me. Did he try to get in your pants? Did he kiss you a bit too rough?” I worried a lot about her. Some of her dates hadn’t gone so well, so I had given all of them a lesson.

“No, actually. He did kiss me a few times, but he was quite a gentleman. You don’t need to worry.”

I could breathe a little easier now. It wasn’t the first time this has happened, the guy not being a douche. However, it was the first time in a long time. Before this guy, she’s been in shock for 3 months maltepe escort over a boy that just had to be an asshole because he almost raped her. I gave that boy a lesson in pain. No-one degrades my sister in such a manner.

It was all over the school again, or so Ash told me.

“Ok, nice to know. I didn’t want a boy like last time. I couldn’t sleep for a month.”

“Really? I thought that you had your fun beating the shit out of him. You know, every boy that I know is really shy around me.”

“Well, you’re lucky to have such a protective big brother. I don’t want any boy to think of you as a pick-up girl.”

“Oh pfft. Like I make myself look as that kind of girl.”

“I know you don’t, but I still don’t want any boy to treat you like one, is what I meant.”

“I know. It’s very sweet of you to look after me like you do.” She scooched closer to me and laid her head on my shoulder. Oh, how I love it when she does that. ‘Just hold her. Don’t try to do anything else, or you’ll pay,’ the voice in my head reminded me.

“Hey, anything for a sweet little sister like you.” I hugged her back and kissed the top of her head, enjoying the embrace. I could’ve sat there hugging her for the whole night and would’ve been very content. However, after a few noticeable yawns, she retired up to room, leaving me fairly disappointed yet gooey inside.


“Good morning, bro. Sleep well?” Ash greeted me as I came down from a sleepless night.

“A little,” I managed a smile.

“Aww. Well at least you still got some sleep.”

“Yea, I had a lot of things on my mind last night.”

“Yea? What kinds of things?”

“Eh, just this and that. Normal stress-givers, ya know?”


“Yea. Well what are you gonna do today?”

“Well, I am hanging out with him later. I don’t know after that.”

“Oh okay.” I tried so hard not to let my disappointment show, but I acknowledged that she was in a relationship, while I wasn’t, so I didn’t let it get out of hand.

The day flew by like it had no purpose whatsoever. A little here, a little there. It wasn’t too complex, nor was it too dull.

At dinner time, everybody gathered to the dining table to have our usual dinner talk. Dad was talking about one of his coworkers and how he had a good time joking around with him. Ash and I tuned out for most of that chatter, silently eating our food, though she did look deep in thought.

After dinner was done, Ash went to her room, as usual, but this time, she left without a word. I began to worry deeply about her, so I followed her to her room.

“Hey bro. What’s up?” She masked a frown with a half-smile as I entered her room. She was on her bed lying down, but sat up as I sat next to her.

“Oh nothing. Just came to talk.”

“Okay. About what?”

“Well, first off, is everything okay with you?”

“Kind of. Why?”

“You didn’t look so well over dinner. Can you tell me what’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a silly thought, that’s all.”

“You know you can tell me anything.”

“Yea, but it just seems so silly.”

“Yea? Well, I won’t judge you. You know I love you, right?”

“Yea…. Oh okay. The thing is, the guy that I’m seeing right now, he said he can’t see me anymore. He told me that his parents wouldn’t allow him to date me.”

“Aww, I’m sorry, sis.” I gave her a reassuring hug. “Stuff just happens, I guess.”

“Yea, I guess so…” I felt a tear drop onto my shoulder from where Ash was leaning on me.

“Hey, well, look on the bright side. He didn’t leave you because he wanted to. His parents are a real royal pain in the ass, I guess.”

“I know…. I was just starting to have feelings for him, but he…his parents…” That did it. She was crying on my shoulder. And I, being the sensitive brother, felt her sorrow and couldn’t help but shed a tear, also.

I kissed the top of her head, letting her know that I am here for her, gently smoothing out her hair.

“It’ll be okay. Big brother’s here for you.”

Her sobs lessened little by little until they stopped completely, her slow and steady breathing signaling that she indeed fell asleep. I gently laid her down, tucking her in still with moisture around my eyes.

I don’t know why I did what I did at that point. Maybe it was because of strong emotions built up that needed to be freed or the vulnerability of the situation that led to it. At any rate, I still did it, and I can say that it felt wonderful while it lasted.

I hesitated at first, but my longing for her won the epic battle within my head. I knelt beside the bed looking at her sleep, and she looked so peaceful even after the brutal storm. I looked once to her lips, and gently leaned in and kissed them ever so slightly.

She stirred in her sleep long enough to lay the impression that she was awake. I jerked back in hesitation. However, after a few seconds of tumbling, all was calm. Sighing a breath of relief, I tucked her in more comfortably and left her room.


The alarm pendik escort bayan woke me up at 7:00 am. Stretching out of bed, I felt another body stirring awake in front of me. A drop dead gorgeous girl turned over and stretched her tiny frame, not wanting to lose contact. After I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision, I realized it was none other than Ash.

“Hey, sis. Good morning. May I ask why you’re on my bed?”

“Hmm. Good morning. I needed somebody with me, so I snuck in here. I hope that’s okay with you?”

“Of course, that’s okay with me, especially after what happened last night.”

She smiled.

“Well I have a class to go to, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to the bathroom.” I was taking summer courses trying to fill up as many credits as I could to lighten up my load for later on.

“Okay. I’ll just chill on your bed then.”

We don’t have a huge house, just 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, so as a result, my sister and I have to share one bathroom. We’ve had quite a few accidents there, but we had enough decency to excuse ourselves upon intrusion, unless when one of us was in a hurry, which didn’t happen very frequently.

I quickly took my shower and took care of my other hygiene attributes, mainly brushing my teeth and combing my hair. When I looked decent, I headed back to my room to change and pack my book-bag. While I was changing, my sister gave me quite a few sexy looks.

“I love how your muscles are so lean and cut at the same time.”

“Yea? Well, thanks.”

“Mhm. So when do you finish today?”

“I’ll be back home at around 3 or 4 ish. A buddy and I are supposed to work out after class.”

“Okay. Have fun, I guess…”

“I will.”

I had my book-bag packed and was ready to leave when my sister came up to me and hugged me. It was more of a thank you hug than anything.

“Hey, thank you for last night. I needed somebody and you were there for me.”

I hugged her back, enjoying the embrace.

“Hey, you know that I am always here for you.”

She snuggled closer to me, enough so that I could feel her breasts through her thin nightgown on my chest, and they were starting to stiffen. And then right then and there, she did something out of the ordinary. She looked up at me and gently kissed me on the lips. I was dazed and extremely stunned. Does Ashley love me the way I think she does? Does she know what happened last night?

I tried my best to keep my cool and not go overboard by mauling her lips to death by my kisses, but I did peck her back. She smiled at me when I did.

“I love you, Sam.”

She never calls me “Sam” unless she has something majorly important to say to me. I couldn’t take advantage of the situation because I was already running late. I told her that I loved her and promised that I’ll be back soon.


I couldn’t concentrate in my class, my thoughts always drifting back to the moments that Ash and I shared that morning. Luckily, it wasn’t a test day or a heavy lecture day. ‘One step at a time, Samuel. One step at a time,’ I constantly reminded myself.

“Hey, what’s up dude? You look lost or something.” My buddy John hit me up after class.

“Hey. Nothing much, just have some stuff on my mind.”

“Like what?”

“Oh just some things. No biggie or anything like that.”

“Yea? Well I don’t want to over-stress you, dude.”

“It’s cool, man. Yo, we still working out today?”

“Nah man, I got stuff to do. Stupid professor.”

“Ah okay, It’s cool dude. I’ll just do some light exercises on my own then.”

“Okay, dude. Have fun.”

“Will do.”

With that, I headed to the gym to work off my stress just a little bit. I just mainly fooled around with weights, not wanting to overburden myself for later.


When I arrived home, mom and dad were home cooking up a meal. It was not unusual for my parents to be cooking with each other, though it wasn’t frequent. After informing them that I was home, I went upstairs to put my bag down in my room.

“Hey,” Ash greeted me as I entered my room. The very sight of her made my insides tingle. She was in one of my over-sized shirts, and, judging by the bulge on her chest, nothing else underneath. She was so sexy, I could’ve jumped on her and devoured every inch of her right there.

“Hey. What’s up?”

“Nothing, just waiting for you. Did you have a good workout?”

“It was okay. I didn’t lift too heavy.” I put my bag down next to my desk and sat next to her.

“Ah. So I’m guessing your friend didn’t make you do anything heavy?”

“No. He couldn’t join me. He had something going that he forgot about.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She grabbed my hand and lightly caressed it.

“It’s cool.” I smiled at her.

She had this unsure look on her face as I smiled at her, as if she was trying to tell me something that she had thought about, but couldn’t because she was afraid of my reaction. I softly pondered whether or not to poke at her about it, but in the end, I decided to just sit there with her.

Soon afterwards, our parents called us down for dinner. It was then that it almost hit me why Ash was a bit indecisive, but I didn’t have a way to find out right then and there. She just gave me a reassuring smile and took my hand, waiting for me to make a move.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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