Peggy and Jamie

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Peggy had been ill and I wanted to show her a good time. We own a sailboat and actually sail competitively about every month but usually a leisurely sail on a lake is not on the agenda. So without telling her I had a friend pack morning meals and lunches for a long three-day weekend. Then I had the boat cleaned up by a kid at the boatyard, where we kept the craft, stuff Peggy does to get ready when we sail. I got home late from “work” on Thursday so I could launch the boat on Crescent Lake and check the boat out and make sure there would be no problems with the sails or the motor should we need it.

I told Peggy I wanted to go down to the boat early on Friday since we had not sailed in a while due to her illness. So we were out the door by eight-thirty and she was surprised to learn the boat was at the lake. When we got there I said, “Surprise; All aboard for the weekend cruise!” and we were off and out on the lake by nine-fifteen. When I say lake to some of you folks might be thinking “big deal a sail on a lake” but Crescent Lake is a large body of water that’s half as wide as it is long and when your in the middle of it it’s like being on a calm ocean of fresh water with no shoreline in sight. I thought I had packed everything we would need to stay on the lake all weekend only needing to head for a shoreline for dinner. But other than the clothes on our backs I had neglected to pack anything else to wear, so much for my dinner plans. You see packing is also something that Peggy handles when we sail. So when she went below to change out of her jeans and shirt to a bathing suit she soon returned to inform me of my faux pas.

I was busy kicking myself and dreading turning back to get to our car when my wife of twenty odd years surprised me back by emerging from the cabin with nothing on but a smile and two glasses of wine. Now Peggy being a former competitive body builder has always kept herself in great shape and while her illness was a terrible ordeal it had left her even leaner than usual. Needless to say she looked slender and sexy gliding toward me with hand outstretched to give me my glass of wine.

My wife is usually pretty modest and halkalı escort this was a huge departure for her. However she wasn’t finished surprising me yet. She handed me the wine and placing hers down she snuggled behind me and said, “What’s good for the goose . . .” she pulled my pants and underwear down to my feet in one quick tug “…is good for the gander.” She finished. She held my cloths so I could step out of them; fortunately I had removed my shoes and socks when I first came aboard. She stood and pealed my button-down shirt off my back one arm at a time so I was also in the altogether. The feeling of the wind blowing over my body was almost as arousing as the sensation of my wife’s naked form pressed against my backside. Her hand rubbed sensuously from my chest to my groin repeatedly, stopping at my pubic area above my quickly thickening penis.

She sipped her wine and whispered reassurances that while I forgot the cloths this may be exactly what she needed to celebrate her return to life, as it should be. We sailed on enjoying the wind and sun on our naked bodies, my wife working to maintain my aroused state while at the same time not doing anything overtly sexual. She nibbled my ear and continued her massage of my skin, with both hands now, and after she applied tanning butter; rubbing my back in a very clinical way did nothing to alter my turgid penis. She then started to slide her body over mine saying this was her way of transferring the tanning butter to her own skin. First she turns her back to me and slid her backside against my back and then she turned and along with the little kisses she trailed there she raked her tiny breasts and long nipples from my back down to my legs. When I felt her hard nipples glide over my butt cheeks it caused me to raise on my toes for just an instant like I’d received an electrical shock.

This was all I could stand; I quickly dropped the sails and the anchor. I rushed to embrace my partner in my arms and kissed her with all the passion of a bridegroom. Holding on roughly to her firm onion butt I pulled her toward me letting my erection olgun escort press hard to her engorged and protruding clitoris. Did I mention that when my wife is aroused she has a clit that looks like a tiny cock? It is so hot when she gets going because it literally throbs. Although she seems to have a neat well shaven pussy her inner lips flower in excitement and then protrude out. I like to pull down on her lips and listen to her breathing as she sucks it in when I reach the point between pleasurable and painful.

But today all I really wanted was to sink my cock into her dripping cunt. I backed her toward the stern and laid her down on the seat, roughly pushing her legs to the hard nipples on her flat little tits, exposing her pussy and asshole to the lake and me. I rubbed my cock over her fuck hole then positioned the tip of her swollen clit on the hole in the tip of my dick and pressed upward. This got her attention and she asked, no pleaded for me to shove my cock into her. Well, I’m an obliging guy so I rammed it in balls deep as hard as I could and the air rushed from her lungs as I did so.

I fucked her at a furious pace and impressed myself with the speed and force with which I battered her tight cunt. She clawed my back and dug her heels into my shoulders. At one point she reached down and roughly grasped my scrotum with her thumb and forefinger above my balls pulling me into her until she could not match the speed of my pounding hips. Then I felt the gush as she came and it seemed like buckets of pussy juice washed over my cock and balls and onto the deck. This was followed; by my feeling my impeding climax and I said so. My wife pushed me back and slid quickly to land on her ass with a thump on the deck and take my cock deep into her mouth in one smooth motion. I could feel the back of her throat as it closed around my dick and then I was cumming deep in her throat. She never missed a drop, how could she my cock was lodged in her throat and I could actually feel her heart beating with the tip of my dick. I must have spurted şişli escort seven times and when that was over she still held my cock in her mouth and suckled for more.

She released my cock from her lips and I knelt down on the deck kissing her lips and then trailed down her body to suck on her long sexy nipples and down again to her sopping pussy, cleaning her juices from her before taking her cock like clit into my lips and sucking it, licking it and even giving it a nibble till again she came copiously and I pressed my face deep into her cunt to bath in it. She sat up and licked my face clean of her juices causing my cock to even greater rigidity than it had gotten to be from eating her pussy.

I rose and had her up on “all fours” and began pressing my cock into her cunt but she topped me. “In my ass Jamie” she pleaded. I sat back, on my heels, leaned forward and licked her pretty asshole, working my tongue as deep as I could, causing her to shiver conspicuously. I then brought my cock to her tight brown eye and pushed my cock slowly in. Inch by inch my prick disappeared into her ass and it was so tight I feared I would cum before ever giving a full stroke. But I stopped and waited for her to relax and her hole soon loosened enough for me to press onward and inward. When my cock was scrotum deep in her ass I waited again and merely wiggled my cock around in her bowels. She began to moan and I knew it was time to really fuck her ass. I drew back and slowly slid into her, then faster the next stroke. Still faster on the third and so on until I was methodically sawing my cock in and out of her ass like it was a cunt. “Fuck my ass harder,” she said, “fuck me deeply.” I began pounding as I did before in her cunt; she grunted with every forward thrust and hummed on each withdrawal.

I would like to say I lasted a long time but even though I had just dumped the biggest load of cum I think I ever had down her throat it was very soon that I felt the need to fill her ass with my spunk. I shot maybe three or four spurts into her bowels and collapsed back on my heels as I withdrew. She turned and engulfed my prick with her mouth and cleaned my sperm and her ass flavoring from my cock like a practiced whore on a workday. To be honest this was without a doubt the hottest sex session we ever had in all our years together and in the afterglow I pondered the fact that it will probably be the only one like it. But who cared I knew that I would see a glimpse of this afternoon at other times and I love this woman no matter how nasty she does or doesn’t get.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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