Payback Ch. 3

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This story is a continuation of parts one and two, though you need not read either to enjoy it on its own. Please see my note at the end of the story.

Jenna was feeling pretty good, quite satisfied. It was true; her husband had left her for his secretary and run off to avoid the IRS. Another wealthy corporate outlaw. Yes, she was saddled with a mountain of debt and no way to pay it. No doubt, she had two young kids to care for and no employable skills. But she had two things going for her.

One, she was a stunning, head-turning beauty. She wasn’t going to model, already in her late 30s. But it never hurt to be drop dead gorgeous, and there had to be sugar daddies out there who would appreciate her. Which led to point number two, Vince.

Vince was Jenna’s ace in the hole, her savior. An old friend turned wealthy, Vince had pulled Jenna’s fat out of the fire by paying her outstanding bills and providing her with a monthly allowance. He did it because he was a decent person, and took no pleasure in anyone’s misfortune. It hadn’t taken much to turn her friend into her lover and good God, what a lover her was. Sugar Daddy was one thing, but Vince was young and handsome, an innovative and tireless lover who’d made her cum more intensely than anyone had in her entire life; and she’d been having sex since her early teens.

And still – this was the thing that gave Jenna butterflies – she still couldn’t get Vince to commit to her. She knew why of course. When she was in the chips with her husband and Vince was a working man, she flaunted what she had. Not just to him, to everyone.

Her beauty and her money were her claims to fame, her calling cards. If you weren’t one of the rich and famous, you weren’t in her crowd, old friend or not. It wasn’t totally her fault, really. It was just the way Jenna was brought up. Your looks were your tool. Develop them. Use them. Learn how to dress, to makeup, to walk. Look into a man’s eyes with your blue sparklers. Make him think it’s just you and him in the universe. Then, with the right man, you can have whatever your heart desires. At least that’s what her mom had taught her.

Still, Jenna felt confident that she could bring Vince around. They’d made love a few times and it had been spectacular. She’d sucked his cock until he had splashed his load into her mouth. She even allowed him to ravage her virgin asshole with his rather large pipe. Never mind that she’d loved it and came like a geyser, screaming his name. What man could resist her, she thought with a self-satisfied smile. It was only a matter of time until he just couldn’t live without her. Then she would be back on top and the world would know – Jenna could not be kept down for long.

She knew she’d better get moving though. She hadn’t spoken to Vince in a couple of weeks at least, and it was monthly allowance time. She’d better stop by and see him, sweeten the pot a little. This foreplay was fine, but it was getting time to reel-in her prize.

Sifting through her mail on the way into the house, she looked at her Visa bill. ‘Whew,’ she thought, Vince better not see the particulars of this one. She’d gone a little overboard with those sandals, getting them in several colors but hey, she had to coordinate with her outfits, right? And $180 a pair was not that bad. The facials and haircuts at DeClasse spa were a must. She just loved the Japanese steeping tub with the earth salts. Their facials were top notch, too. Luckily, the gym and her personal trainer took credit cards. Anyway, Vince was a multimillionaire. Her could afford it.

There was her car lease payment. Huge, but worth every dime. It always pays to get the best. That’s what her ex-husband used to say. And he should know. He taught her. And Mercedes was the best for under $100,000.00 In fact, it was almost time to lease a new one. Goody. Maybe silver this time, or white.

Oh look, a letter from Vince. Was it her monthly check, early? The guy was reliable as clockwork and he … what was this note?

Hi Jenna,

As we agreed, I paid all of your outstanding debt and a monthly allowance of $12,000 so you could straighten out your debt. I’m sure that’s been done by now, so I’m decreasing your allowance to $4000 a month until you get a job. I hope you have been looking for one, and an apartment, as we discussed. Take care and good luck with the job hunt. Best to the kids.

Fondly, Vince

Jenna got a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, as though someone had punched her. Like all the wind was knocked out of her.

How dare he, she thought. $4,000 per month? That’s poverty. The Mercedes lease and insurance alone were $1,200 a month. Any decent luxury condo was at least $2,500 more. Then there were clothes, the maid, private school – was he joking? She was barely scraping by on $12,000 a month. This was out of the question. No how, no way. She had to speak to Vince and straighten this out at once.

Vince picked up the phone on the second ring.

“Vince, its Jenna.”

“Oh hi, casino şirketleri Jenna, how are you?”

“How am I? I was fine until I got your letter.”

“My letter? You mean my check,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Yes…” she fumbled. “Your check. Thank you. But Vince, what’s this about $4,000 a month. You can’t…”

“Jenna, I have been there for you, deservedly or not, when you needed me. I agreed to help you get back on your feet. But I never agreed to support you for the rest of your life. That’s up to you. I think $4,000 a month is a fair amount. More than fair.”

“But Vince, a townhouse rental is at least $2,500 per month.”

“An apartment in Fairfield is under $1,000,” he answered.

“The Mercedes lease is…”

“Right, the Mercedes. The lease is up this month, and a new Toyota Corolla is around $200 per month.”

“But my hair…”

“There’s a place at the mall,” he countered. “They sell nail polish, too.”

“I’ve got to have clothes, you know, I…”


“I need the maid…”

“I’ll buy you a vacuum and some Endust.”

“What about the gym, Vince.” Jenna was nearly in tears. “I have to stay in shape.”

“I’ll get you some dumbbells.”

“The kids, Vince, think about them. Their private school…”

“Fairfield has an excellent public school system, and it’s free of charge.”

“Public school? They can’t possibly get a descent education in…”

“Why not,” Vince interrupted. “I did.”

This was not going well. Not going well at all. What Vince was suggesting was that she lead a pedestrian lifestyle. Like a typical working person. How cruel. How utterly reprehensible. She hung up with a weak “I’ll call you back.” She had to have time to think, to marshal her forces.

Jenna looked through the paper for jobs that would suit her experience. The trouble was, she had none. There were no jobs for ‘ex wives of wealthy men who are good at spending money’ in the employment section. The best she could find was a job selling perfume at Nordstrom’s for $7.50 an hour. Oh my God, slave wages. And what if she saw someone she knew? She’d die, absolutely die. Unthinkable. Jenna was distraught.

Time for plan B. Jenna was going to pay Vince a visit. There was one job for which she was perfectly suited. Seduction. She prepared herself. Jenna carefully applied her makeup and brushed her thick blonde hair. Eye drops hid the bloodshot streaks her tears had created. Bright pink lipstick accentuated her sensuous, if not overly full lips. How could any man resist her, she smiled to herself. Vince would soon be begging to pay her bills. He’d gladly pay $12,000 a month – more – $14,000 a month. If sex was necessary, she would give him the sex of his life. She hoped she’d have to.

Jenna made the short drive over to Vince’s palatial home. “This is where I should be living’ she told herself as she parked her gleaming car and wiggled her way to his front door.

“Mr. Vince not home,” the housekeeper informed her, “He went to shore house.” So hard to get American help these days, Jenna opined as she winded the curves to Vince’s secluded beach house. It wasn’t overly large, but cheerfully decorated and professionally landscaped, with a lovely pool and Mexican tile floors. A great getaway. But Vince was not getting away from Jenna.

Vince’s Ford Explorer was parked in the circular driveway. ‘Vince… Vince, so rugged.’ She smirked. ‘At least get yourself a Land Rover or Lexus truck – show some class. Must I teach you everything?’

Jenna rang the doorbell, satisfied with her manicure and tan fingers. She knew he’d be happy to see her face. Who wouldn’t? Who . . .

“May I help you?” the girl said, opening the door.

“Who … who are you?” Jenna stammered.

“I’m Suzie,” she smiled, “Vince’s…friend.”

Jenna surveyed this Suzie, the way most girls check each other out. Only in this case, Jenna was suddenly inspecting the competition. Suzie was about 5’4”, obviously of oriental decent. Her eyes were dark brown, and her beautiful long hair was nearly black, with red highlights. Her lips were full and innocent, the kind that begged to be kissed. Her chin featured a slight cleft that gave her face balance. Whereas Jenna’s skin was light, like an alabaster sculpture, Suzie’s skin tone was olive, the kind that looked perpetually tan. Suzie appeared to have curves in all the right places, and a set of large, firm breasts. Her legs, unlike Jenna’s long runner’s legs, were shorter and strong looking; with shapely calves capped with delicate feet. With one look, Jenna knew she was in trouble.

“And you are?” Suzie asked professionally, breaking the silence.

“J… Jenna. I’m Jenna,” she faltered, trying to clear her head. “I’m Vince…Vince’s friend, too.”

“Oh, Jenna, yes. I’ve heard all about you. Won’t you come in?”

Jenna stood frozen for a minute, like a guest that just got caught crashing the party.

‘Vince was right,’ Suzie considered. ‘She is gorgeous. She should be a model.’ casino firmaları No matter what her expression, now forming a frown, Jenna’s looks were indeed captivating, even to Suzie. Long, tall body with perfect, delicate features. Incredible face, with sparkling blue eyes, a perfect small nose and exquisite, seductive lips. Her hair was blonde, natural or not.

“Vince isn’t here at the moment,” Suzie remarked, walking Jenna into the screened-in sitting room. “He had a business meeting to attend, but he should be back soon. Have a seat, Jenna.”

Jenna sat at the edge of the beige overstuffed couch, still feeling uncomfortable and looking it. She studied Suzie as she sat down, streaks of afternoon sun painting her face. She was totally confused and flustered. Butterflies filled her stomach. Like the beautiful women who easily talks her was out of all speeding tickets – until she faces a female cop – Jenna had the right tools for the wrong project. Or so she thought.

“How long have you and Vince been… together?” Jenna inquired, still desperately hoping that the relationship was not romantic.

“Just a couple of weeks,” Suzie replied cheerfully.

Still not enough information. “And are you, um…do the two of you… what I mean is…”

Suzie nodded, “I understand. Yes, we’re lovers. We have feelings for each other.”

Jenna’s heart sank like the Titanic. All, it seemed, was lost. After all her plans and schemes to make Vince hers, she had waited too long. He found someone else. Another girl, this Asian beauty, had waltzed in and took her prize. Ate her lunch. What could she possibly have that Jenna didn’t? Was there any justice in the world?

“I hope you two will be very happy,” Jenna said icily. “You and Vince. You certainly hooked the big fish, Suzie, didn’t you?” Jenna could simply not contain her contempt. She was not a graceful loser. Perhaps because she’d never lost before.

“Big fish? What do you mean?”

“A good looking guy with lots of money, that’s what I mean. I guy who can give you everything you want. You win – I lose.”

Suzie remained silent for a moment, choosing her words. Getting up, she turned to Jenna. “Wait here a minute.”

Suzie came back with two large glasses, and handed one to Jenna. “Here,” she said softly, “Whisky Sours. I think we can both use one.”

Sitting down, she continued. “Look Jenna, I know a lot of things about you…”

“Oh do you?” Jenna hissed, her eyes flashing angrily.

“Let me finish, please. I know about you, but you don’t know anything about me. I met Vince at my real estate office. At the main office of the company I own. We have dozens of offices. He was interested in looking at some investment property, and I took him out there.”

“Your company?” Jenna repeated.

“My company, yes,” Suzie replied firmly, slowly depleting her drink. “Anyway, it was Vince who asked me out. I didn’t need another man in my life, thank you. But he was so sincere, so smart and honest and, well, so damn handsome, that I said yes.”

“Well of course you…”

“I don’t know how much money Vince has and I don’t care. I’m a millionaire many times over, Jenna. The last thing I need him for is his money. If he’s helping you, and to whatever extent that is, is none of my business. I know what happened with your husband, and I’m sympathetic. I’m not in this for the money.”

Jenna drained half her drink in a few gulps. It was strong. Maybe there was hope after all.

“Jenna, do like sex?” Suzie asked out of the blue, tilting her head.

“Do I…well, yes, of course, everyone likes sex,” Jenna asked, failing to understand the implications of the questions – yet.

“Do you love sex?”

“I’m not sure where you’re headed with this, Suzie, I mean sure I…”

“Vince loves sex, Jenna. Loves it like a fish loves water. That’s why he’s so good at it, and especially…”


“Anal sex. There I said it. Did he ever have anal sex with you?”

“As a matter of fact, he did,” Jenna replied, clearly feeling looser, as the Whisky began to hit her.

“Was it the first time you ever did it?”

“Yes, it was,” Jenna confided.

“And how did you like it?”

Jenna thought back briefly to the first time Vince violated her ass, how hard she’d cum, then the second time. By then she did truly crave it. She took another long swig of her drink, wondering why the insides of her legs were beginning to tingle.

“It was fine. I mean it hurt at first, but then I didn’t really mind. He was using a vibrator the first time and…I wasn’t aware what he was going to do – I was blindfolded…”

“Blindfolded?” Suzie laughed. “See, that’s what I love about him,” she smiled, slurring her words almost imperceptibly as the Whisky hit her stomach. “He’s so innovative.”

Jenna smiled for the first time since she’d met Suzie. She was actually beginning to like her a little. Just a little mind you.

“I remember the fist time I had anal sex,” Suzie continued with refreshing güvenilir casino candor. “It was in college. The guy didn’t know what he was doing at all. He just heard from his friends that it was cool, sort of ‘dirty.’ So there we were, fooling around in his dorm, and he suddenly starts to stick his cock in me – dry. Well let me tell you, Jenna, it hurt like hell. I hated it. I never let him touch me there again, never let anyone touch me there again … until Vince. Vince was patient, and knowledgeable. He made sure I was warmed up, good and warmed up. He’d stick his finger in just a little as I was about to cum and wham! I’d hit the roof. Then a little more each time until I was used to it. Until I was unafraid. Then the first time…”

“Yes?” Jenna nearly moaned. “The first time?”

Suzie’s eyes turned dreamy. “We were drinking a little, like we are now, feeling really warm and nice, like I’m starting to feel. He was rubbing my thighs and tummy, licking all around my pussy.” Suzie, too, could feel her inhibitions releasing as she spoke to Jenna. As unusual as this situation was, she felt strangely comfortable telling such an intimate story to this gorgeous blonde. She wondered if Jenna was getting as turned on as she was.

“Tell me… the details – please,” Jenna softly asked. She was imagining the sultry brunette with her clothes off; her big tits swaying as Vince worked his tongue in and around her folds. No one knew better than Jenna how much Vince loved to eat pussy, and just how good he was at it. Her lower lip quivered just a bit as she listened. Thankfully, her panties were still doing a good job of absorbing the wetness leaking out of her.

“Well,” Suzie softly continued, “As I said, we were feeling really good, and Vince was licking my pussy. I felt warm all over, I remember. Then he started playing with my anus with his finger, just flicking it around there while he sucked my clit. The sensation of him going down on me was so wonderful; that what he was doing to my ass just added to it. But before I knew it, he had his whole finger in my ass and it felt just great, it just added…”

“I know, I know,” Jenna agreed. “It just makes it more intense.” Jenna half closed her eyes, vicariously reliving the sensations of Suzie’s story. Her pussy was buzzing with excitement, and she had crossed her fine legs, hoping to contain the moisture within.

“Then he was doing me from behind, doggy style. But not just slamming into me. He would put the head of his beautiful cock in me and give me an inch or two, then after about ten strokes, he’s plunge all the way in. He just kept doing this, driving me wild and seeming to last forever. At the same time, his finger moved in and out of my ass, sending shivers through me.”

“Shivers, yes,” Jenna concurred. She was unconsciously clenching her fists, the veins of her forearms clearly visible.

“Then it happened.” Suzie closed her eyes and tilted her head back, basking in the memory. “He replaced his finger with the tip of his cock. I remember gasping a little, but I was so fucking horny by then that it didn’t matter. I’m sure this was Vince’s plan. He gave me a minute to get used to the feeling before moving his cock back and forth in my ass. It drove me wild, Jenna. It felt like a bulldozer in there, but then my body began to sort of tingle, to radiate that sensation. It was like… it was like…”

“Being plugged in.” Jenna finished the sentence.

“Yes! Like being plugged in to a full body vibrator. I didn’t just cum, I exploded. I’m telling you, Jenna, he rocked me. And he keeps rocking me. He’s changed me…”

“Me too,” Jenna whispered.

The girls looked at each other, both so horny that they simply didn’t know what to do. Pussy juice soaked their thighs. Unbeknownst to them, their inner and outer labia’s were engorged with blood and puffy; each movement of their thighs pressing against their swollen clits and sending jolts through them. Their breasts were flushed and sensitive, nipples fully erect. The sexual conversation along with their own pent up steaming desires had created two beautiful girls in extreme heat.

It wasn’t too much of a leap of faith to comprehend what happened next. Suzie was the instigator, but another few moments and it could have been either girl. She slid her body closer to Jenna and brushed the stray hairs gently from Jenna’s perfect face, looking into those vibrant blue eyes. Even through her clothes, Jenna could feel the raw heat emanating from Suzie’s body in waves like a red hot heating lamp. Jenna leaned in, never taking her eyes from Suzie’s lips. Incredible, red, sexy lips. Her kiss was so soft that Suzie felt…it was almost like being kissed by the breeze. Suzie deeply inhaled Jenna’s perfumed scent, and the slight taste of whisky on her lips.

Perfume smells different on each user, its fragrance mixing with their unique body chemistry to create an aroma singular to the wearer. Jenna’s scent was like sweet, delicious candy. So succulent, so arousing. She pulled back from Suzie just a fraction, their lips no more than a half-inch from each other. Jenna was shocked at her own actions – she’d never kissed a girl before. A girl had in fact kissed Suzie – more than once – but never one as flawless as Jenna.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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