Passionate Performance

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He was her friend. That was all. He had been since they were 9, which was what made the fact that Jess found herself lusting after him all the more disturbing. What had changed? Had he suddenly, overnight, become gorgeous? No. It had been a gradual process. The skinny, nerdy boy she’d climbed trees and skinned knees with had gradually (almost without her noticing) been morphed from childish geek into manly chic. Think Jensen Ackles from Supernatural and you’d be along the right lines. His shoulders were much broader than she remembered; he had developed muscles out of nowhere and, somewhere along the line, had started to look like, well, a man. How was she only just noticing this? It was as though a switch had been flicked in her brain. He had been languishing in the ‘geeky but loveable friend’ box for so many years that her psyche had, very effectively she now realised, dragged its heels when it came to shifting him over into the ‘possibles’ box.

With her epiphany came a new awkwardness. She had always been so comfortable with Jake, but now she died a little inside if he turned up unannounced and she had no makeup and baggy tracksuit bottoms on. This paranoia was particularly stupid, she recognised, in light of the multiple heinous crimes against desirability she had committed in his presence in the past, with the time that she vomited carroty chunks over his new jacket after drinking more of a bottle of vodka than was wise being a particular favourite.

“Jess? Come back to me — where’d you go?” Jake waved a hand inches from her nose, and Jess’s ‘how-weird-and-scary-is-it-that-I-fancy-my-best-friend-in-Joey-from-Dawson’s-Creek fashion’ reverie was broken.

“Hmm?” Very conscious that she’d been caught out, Jess tried to look lively. “Sorry — brain slipped out of gear for a sec there — what did I miss?”

“Oh not much, really, just me declaring my undying love for you,” Jake replied with mock anguish. “Don’t feel bad or anything…”

“Just the usual then — good.” Jess smiled, then felt pathetic for being so pleased by a stupid throwaway comment that wouldn’t have meant anything to her before she turned into a psychotic friend-stalker.

“Anyway,” said Jake in a mock-serious tone, “now that you’re back from your little visit to Johnny-Depp-all-oiled-up-and-ready-to-go-land, or wherever it was your pervy little mind took you, can we get to work?”

Jess grinned, pleased to exchange her musings on Jake for the picture of an oiled up Johnny Depp, and looked down at her copy of Romeo and Juliet.

They were to play the lead roles in their university stage society’s production of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Originally, Jake had auditioned for one of the lesser roles, wanting to be involved without having to devote too much time to learning lines. Unfortunately for Jake, though, the original Romeo had dropped out, and he’d been roped into taking his place. As he was so behind, and as he and Jess were such good friends, they had come into the college theatre out of hours to rehearse their scenes. She sat with her legs dangling off the stage in the cavernous auditorium, while Jake was sprawled out beside her, flicking through his script. He grinned mischievously as he questioned: “Shall we go from the first scene we’re both in? Or just skip to the scene with the hot and heavy tongue action, because we know that’s what we both really want?”

For a split second, Jess thought she’d been rumbled, and vaguely wondered whether the cause of death on her autopsy report would read ‘accute embarrassment leading to desire for floor pendik escort to open up followed shortly thereafter by cardiac arrest.’ Her moment of panic left as soon as it arrived, though, as she realised that he was joking, and that her dirty secret was still safe. She decided that the best way to show that she wasn’t lusting after him, and was on board with the joke, was to play along with it. They were always kidding around like this together, so she knew Jake wouldn’t be shocked as she responded by throwing her script aside, saying, “Yeah baby I thought you’d never ask,” and pouncing on him, her legs straddling his torso as she threw her whole body into her supposed joke. “Get off me you nutter! I knew you wanted me! I just knew it!” Jake shouted, laughing and pretending that her weight was crushing him, but making no move to push her off.

“Chicken,” said Jess with a grin, preparing to get up. “I knew you were all talk. You don’t have it in you to actually deliver…”

“Oh really?” Jake replied, catching her hand in his before she could get to her feet. “I bet you chicken out before I do.” With that, he gently touched the side of her face, and fixed his gaze on her eyes, tilting his head as though he was going to kiss her. He raised an eyebrow and grinned cheekily, but didn’t stop. Jess, thrown wholly off-guard by Jake’s reaction, tried to hide the fact that her pulse was racing, and that the anticipation had her tingling all over.

Maintaining the eye contact, she casually replied, “Oh yeah? Well I’m not going to back down — you know how much I hate losing.” Gradually moving closer, looking directly into his eyes, she felt a charge of excitement that she knew wasn’t one-sided. Maintaining the electric eye-contact, and in agonising slow motion, they moved closer and closer to one another in their game of chicken, until their lips were practically touching.

“No turning back now,” murmured Jake, his lips brushing hers as he spoke. She smiled and slowly licked his top lip, and the feeling of hardness pressed against her told her that they weren’t playing any more. Jake groaned and laced his fingers in the hair at the back of her head, tugging gently at it and sending shivers down her spine. Pulling her closer, he kissed her, gently at first, his tongue playing with hers tentatively, and then more deeply, sending a tingle that originated between her legs coursing through her entire body, making her shiver with pleasure. Never in her life had Jess been so aroused by a simple kiss. They broke off for a moment and Jake whispered, “Ok, so we know you’re not too chicken to kiss…but that doesn’t really prove anything…”

“Oh really?” she said, and her hand moved from the back of his neck down his torso, tracing a lingering path from his hard pecs down his body to his belly. “Well how about this then?” she said, slowly rubbing his erection through his jeans. “Does this prove anything?”

“Damn,” he muttered, “I think you’re winning — we can’t have that.” With that, he pulled her down to kiss him again, and, in one quick, well-calculated movement, rolled them over so that he was on top of her, his erection pressing in between her legs in a way that produced a tingling sensation so intense that Jess almost gasped.

“So,” he whispered as he began, agonisingly slowly, to unbutton her fitted shirt with his right hand, his fingers lightly brushing her skin and teasing her as they worked their way towards her breasts. “Do you dare to bare all onstage?”

Between lingering kisses, çekmeköy escort Jess replied, “Well…only if…it’s tastefully…done.”

“Yes, that’s important,” Jake murmured, breathing lightly in her ear, “only if it’s in the name of art…”

As the shirt fell open, and Jake broke away from kissing her to look down at her body, his eyes widened and he let out an appreciative wow. Her bra was thin, silky and, to Jake’s obvious delight, transparent. His fingers gently caressed her erect nipples through the slippery fabric, and she arched her back and closed her eyes, giving herself up to the pleasure of his touch. He reached behind her with one hand and deftly unhooked her bra. With the fabric now loose, he slowly bent his head as he eased the flimsy fabric down the smooth curve of her perfectly rounded, full breasts, licking her left nipple slowly and teasingly, and gently tracing his fingers over her right breast, wanting to touch and taste everything at once.

Tingling all over and wanting to feel his skin against hers, Jess reached down and began to inch Jake’s t-shirt up his body, every action accompanied by the excitement of knowing that this was her best friend, and that it was so wrong but so right and so totally hot that she didn’t care about the consequences. “We can’t just cater to our male audience you know, the women have paid their money too…” she said as she peeled off the t-shirt, revealing a toned and tanned torso, broad shoulders, and an enticing snail trail of hair leading from Jake’s belly button down to the beginning of his low slung jeans.

“You know…the men have paid a lot to see this show,” said Jake with a grin. “I think they might need more to keep them interested…” With that, he reached his hands up inside Jess’s short denim skirt, and hooked his fingers around the sides of her silky knickers, letting one finger brush her through the fabric, as if by accident, and sending pleasurable shivers coursing through her entire body. “D’you think this would hold their attention?” he whispered as he slowly edged her silk thong down her long, smooth legs.

“If it didn’t,” Jess smiled, bending her knees and opening her legs wide, “then this definitely would.” Transfixed, Jake stared for a moment and then, pulling up her skirt to get an even better view, he bent his head and began to lick, starting at the small, neat strip of hair, and working his way slowly down, tasting her and teasingly playing with her with his tongue.

The pleasure she felt was so intense that she gasped as she let it consume her entire body. She threw her head back, moaning in ecstasy as he expertly varied his pace and pressure, sometimes stopping to trace a finger over her slippery clitoris, then resuming his kissing, licking and sucking. The pleasure was almost too much to bear; she wanted to delay her orgasm, to make this pleasure last longer, and to show him that he wasn’t the only one with oral skills to be proud of. She eased his head up, saying: “I think we’re in danger of neglecting our female fans again…” They shifted position so that they were kneeling facing each other, their faces almost touching as they maintained electric eye contact. Keeping this eye contact, they kissed slowly and deeply. Jess’s hard nipples brushed against Jake’s naked chest as she slowly unbuckled his belt and began to unbutton his jeans. She deliberately took her time, letting her hand brush his erection through the fabric as she eased the buttons undone one by one.

His cock, when finally maltepe escort released from his jeans, did not disappoint. It wasn’t enough to undo his jeans, though: Jess wanted him naked. She wanted them both to be totally exposed in this public place. The danger was exhilarating, intoxicating, and made her tingle all over in the best possible way. In no time, Jess had what she wanted. That he was standing in front of her, naked, thick and hard in this public place, on stage no less, while she knelt before him in only her high heels and a miniscule skirt that left nothing to the imagination, sent a thrill of excitement through Jess. She imagined the auditorium full of spectators watching her take his cock in her mouth, watching her full, round breasts sway as she went to work with tongue, mouth, fingers, hands, kissing, licking, sucking, caressing, making Jake groan in ecstasy. She imagined them watching her do all this, watching their mutual pleasure, watching as her free hand reached down between her legs, and her fingers slid over her wet pussy, giving her a share of the ecstasy she was treating Jake to…

The spectator watched, breathless, transfixed, unable to look away. Paul had been working late in the computer lab, and had been about to leave the building when he’d seen a light on and heard noises coming from the theatre. He was going to ignore it, but curiosity got the better of him and he silently eased open the swing door and looked into the auditorium, expecting to see some drama students at a late rehearsal. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Jess, the sexiest girl on his drama course, having her full, naked breasts licked and sucked by some guy with his shirt off. Paul wasn’t a pervert, and he knew he should look away, should turn around and leave, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He couldn’t help imagining that it was him slowly tracing his tongue over Jess Stone’s erect nipples, him she was rubbing through those jeans, him whose hands were slipping inside her skirt and slowly pulling down her thong and, oh man, him who bent low to lick her juices and make her squirm and moan with pleasure. When she knelt in front of the guy and started sucking and playing with his cock, Paul couldn’t hold off any more. His hand slipped inside his jogging bottoms and he imagined it was her hand doing to him what he was watching her do to the lucky guy onstage. When he saw her hand trace a path down over her breasts, lingering on her erect nipples and then moving down to her pussy, he imagined she was touching herself over him. When she straddled the guy’s cock, facing Paul but unable to see him in the darkness, he imagined that it was him she rode as her breasts bounced in time with her ride, his hard cock making her moan like that and giving her so much pleasure, his sweaty body sliding against hers, and him manoeuvring her so that he could enter her from behind like that and watch her pert ass bouncing against his cock…

They moved as one, both knowing how they wanted to finish their little performance. She found herself on all fours facing what they both (mistakenly) thought of as an imaginary audience; his cock slid easily into her slippery pussy, and she gasped as they began the finale to end all finales. She imagined horny men in the audience, transfixed watching her full breasts bouncing with each of Jake’s thrusts, trying to glimpse her pussy when her skirt rode up, and trying to fix the image in their minds for later. She imagined their gaze trained upon Jake’s hand as it reached around to caress her clitoris, and then she gave herself up to the pulsating pleasure filling her up her entire body, and to the best, most intense and utterly unbeatable orgasm of her life as they came together in full view of an imaginary audience of around a hundred, and a very real, breathless, and very satisfied audience of one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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