Party Time

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Something had to give. This once a month stuff was getting old in a hurry. When we’d first gotten together, some twenty years ago, three or four times a week of at least making it once a night was the norm. Now I was lucky if I’d get to get up close and personal once or twice a month. And it was not like we kissed and frolicked for an hour with me exploding several times and her several times more than that; no it was more like 10 minutes of me fucking her as hard as I could from behind followed by me maybe cumming, maybe not. She never seemed to be able to tell if I got off at all or if she knew she certainly didn’t care. As long as she got off (and she always did) whether I popped a load was irrelevant. So this was married life; how did it take me this long to figure out something was wrong? Well, it was time to take some drastic action.

First I needed to get some serious booty action wherever I could. As luck would have it, there was this tall, statuesque, blonde with long flowing hair at work that seemed to have a case of the hots for me and maybe for others too. Everyday we seemed to get closer physically and after a while developed an intense mental bond despite our nearly total lack of similarity. Our musical tastes diverged-she liked select fifties tunes, I was a confirmed Deadhead. She was a dancer; I was a folk singer. liked Dali, she liked Reubens. I liked Roses she liked Gardenias. I was accustomed to cumming once in a while; she was accustomed to her men cumming three or four times a night…. Well I was willing to learn that trick-who says change is bad?! After several days of feeling her push those 34Ds into my arm, back or face I was starting to get the message-her interest was at least as great as mine. She was recently separated from her husband of 17 years and hadn’t started to sleep around yet. Counting the time she’d been away from her hubby, it had been a long time since she’d gotten any either.

It was not like I had planned for anything to happen, but I started visiting her to help with computer problems or to repair some part of her new house that had fallen into disrepair. I didn’t want any money for my time or expertise, what there was of it, and I didn’t expect the warm embraces much less the passionate kisses that seemed to come out of nowhere. Our hands had now begun to explore each other’s bodies and to my surprised delight the explorations included Mr. Happy himself. Okay the signs were unmistakable even for an old married fart like myself. What to do, what to do? I knew I had to act while the window of opportunity was still open. So, one day, under the guise of installing some computer program, I stopped by for a visit that would change my life. The hugs and kisses had gotten more and more passionate. The clothes were gradually falling by the wayside. The bed was beckoning me to make some firm use of its intended function. As I climbed between her now eagerly spread legs, I noticed the first hint of hesitancy in her eyes. Her hand was clutching my now fully extended member but was not pulling it towards her as much as pushing it away. She was biting her lip and trying to decide whether to go all the way. It felt like high school. “Should bakırköy escort we be doing this?” she asked. “Too late to turn back now” I either said, grunted or imagined I said. First the tip of my penis just brushed against her waiting and now very wet lips of her love tunnel.. The grip on my member grew tighter and then relaxed. I inched forward and felt maybe half an inch disappear into that inviting spot between her legs. She sighed and further relaxed her grip. With a smile and one final push I was buried six, no six and a half inches deep into her vaginal canal-my balls slapping against her ass with a resounding smack. She let out a gasp and then withdrew her breath. I knew I wasn’t the best hung man on the planet but there was no mistaking the positive effect I was having on my lover. Her legs now wrapped around my waist and her hips started flailing away at me. When I slowed down for a few seconds she asked: “What’s wrong?” I assured her that nothing was wrong and resumed a more frenzied pace. After ten minutes that seemed like a pleasant eternity I erupted with one of the most satisfying orgasms I’d ever known. I had barely finished when she was stroking and then sucking on Mr. Happy bringing him back to life about a week earlier than I thought was possible.

Was that really me cumming for a second and a third time in an hour? Unbelievable. When it was over there was no look of guilt in either of our eyes-just the aftermath of much pent of passion that had been finally expended. I was too tired and stunned to say much afterwards which brought concern from my new best friend and lover. Was I upset, bored or just tired? No, no and no again… Happy, fulfilled and amazed was more like it. This was an erotic dream come true for me. The guilt would not come until much later when after a couple months of similar sessions I had gotten stoned and begun to over-examine the details of what the implications were for my marriage and my lovers sanity and well-being. But the tremors passed and the passion, far from eroding, just got hotter and hotter. Now the issue of what to do with my/our lives began to rear its ugly head. I had an idea. A Party; an orgy of shared dreams and never before acted out wishes needed to finally happen. I would get my wife drunk, put her in the presence of some attractive men and see what would happen. Plans were laid, invitations were made.

Finding attractive women for the party would be easy and certainly be expected, even by my wife, from an old horn dog like me. Finding men that might be interested and interesting would be harder; I was not the type to have lots of buddies or even acquaintances that would be ready, willing and able to drop their plans for a Sunday to visit my new digs on a couple weeks notice. Still, with a little help from the old lady and my imagination I was able to round up some new, old and potential friends to at least commit to drop by. Only one or two had any idea what sort of goings on I was planning. The only one who I flat out told about my plans was a net-buddy of my lady love who had brazenly e-mailed her a full Monty picture of himself which featured his most amazing beşiktaş escort attribute: a schlong that by conservative estimation had to be 13-14″ when not even fully erect. It would be interesting to see who among the ladies present would be able to resist getting a closer look, feel or taste of that monster! I know my wife had often told me of a previous boy friend whose 9 incher had never failed to satisfy her inner-needs. And all the girls talk like no prick was ever big enough, at least not for them. Since my new friend was obviously no shrinking violet, I looked forward to seeing the eyes on some of my lady friends if and when he ever whipped his pride and joy out. I was not to be disappointed.

Party day arrived and the guessed trickled in. My closer friends and my wife’s came early and tended to leave early as well. The black girls came late and left when they had sobered up a little. Everybody seemed to be having a good time talking, mingling and drinking. No drugs were in evidence since many were not into that scene and a visit from the cops was the last thing I wanted. A pretty good mix of people was still around when my guest of honor showed up. For a man with that much meat he was otherwise ordinary. A little younger than most of us, about my height but with an obvious bulge where the trousers usually just hang, he made his entrance with the panache of a man who knew what he wanted and was used to getting it. I greeted him as if he were an old friend and took him aside to tell him exactly who I wanted him to impress and just how much he could be expected to do so. He smiled; obviously happy at the potential he saw around him and assured me he’d be happy to earn the $50 I had slipped him.

My girl friend knew nothing of his or my intentions, but her mouth dropped open when she saw him enter the party. She pulled me aside and asked how I had found him and why had I invited him. A little email thievery was not beyond my means I told her and I smiled my best mysterious smile. “I may have to just stick around till the crowd thins out a bit and see where THIS is going. I was afraid that I was going to have to quit messing with you after I met your wife, but if she ends up riding on that thing, I’m gonna lose my guilt trip pronto!” she laughed out loud. “My thoughts exactly.” I whispered.

Well the crowd finally did thin out and only the strange remained; the strange, the wild and the ones who knew. There had been a few slow dance numbers played and I was amazed how quickly a few of the women had succumbed to my new buddy’s obvious attribute. He was easily the most requested partner when the tempo slowed down. The drinks had been flowing pretty freely all night and my wife, bless her horny little soul, had been one of the first to sidle up and get a good feel of the now growing bulge. I thought that his belt would never even hold that sucker back.

Now our house isn’t all that big, but the music was at one end of the house and the bedrooms were at the other and it is a pretty good walk between them. One end of the house was designed for entertaining the other end for….ENTERTAINING! And a few glasses of alcohol beylikdüzü escort never failed to make my wife horny. The doubles I had been plying her with all night had made her so horny that I barely had to reach into her pants during a rare slow dance that I had gotten with her to feel the juice running down her leg. I winked at my new friend across the room and he knew it was time to earn his keep. I put some loud music on and went out back with a few remaining friends to enjoy the now cool night air. Some folks were starting to fade and were dozing in lawn chairs. Others were involved in animated conversations about music and politics. Nobody knew or suspected that much of the goings on had been photographed by a pair of lipstick cams that I had positioned in the party room…. and in my bedroom. Much of what went on I didn’t even get to see live. Had to wait till the next afternoon to see it. What I did see made even my jaded old eyes nearly pop out. That estimated 14″ was more like 16″. And the sight of him plowing into my wife with all but an inch or so of it was amazing as it was erotic. He had her bent over the waterbed and was fucking her from behind when I “accidentally” edged the door open a bit and took a peek. I dropped my own jaw a little as he moved from her pussy to her also well lubricated rear entrance and muscled in and out a few times. I quietly closed the door and looked forward to watching the rest on tape. I was not disappointed.

They had individually rejoined the party 10 minutes later; my wife now fully composed and my friend with a very happy look on his face. I asked him if everything had come out ok and he just smiled and nodded. One of the remaining partyers seeing him leaving rushed over to his side whispered in his ear and then left to sit in his car. As he left to go I slipped him another $50 and thanked him, maybe a little over-much, for stopping by. The best $100 I had ever spent was never noticed or missed. I discovered what the puddle at the foot of my bed was the next morning when I popped the tape into the party room VCR. I got to watch her try and inhale the whole thing and succeeding in getting almost a foot worth into her throat. That left about two hand-fulls still outside, but not for long. He had flipped her over and in about two quick thrusts buried the whole monster into her dripping wet pussy. He balled her for at least ten minutes before sliding into her ass for 5 minutes more. Now, I hadn’t ventured into my own wife’s rear entry in a few years, so I was amazed at how readily she allowed this. First just the bulbous tip of his monster pushed into her anus, followed by a couple inches of hot rod. He pulled back a little and then crammed at least halfway home, pulled back a little and then buried the entirety of it deep into her rectum making her eyes pop wide open with a mix of satisfaction, elation and wonder. In and out he stroked with a tiny scream emanating from my wife” mouth with each plunge. When he came, for the first time, her ass couldn’t hold all the spunk that poured into it. Barely losing any of the erection he had then rolled her over and moved up between her breasts, sliding his monster between her breasts a few times and then grabbing it and forcing the tip into her mouth again. He had continued on after that rubbing the nub against her nose and lips before erupting all over her face and my carpet with a final heavy load. I kept the tape hidden and have never shown it to anyone, but the video-record remains a prized possession.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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