Part 03

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Somewhere warm, on holiday, I’ll leave you to fill in where, we’ve been to the beach (wrote that bit and lost it) and now we are back at the apartment, when I’m getting the keys out of the bag, I look up at you and get a very good view up your sarong and get very turned on. As the patio of the apartment is not over looked, I lift you onto the table, wrap your legs around my shoulders and then go down on you for as much as you can stand. Then I take you indoors, strip you in the front room and take you to the shower, shedding my clothes on the way. I wash you, careful not to remove anything more than the sand, and I’m so excited by your body that I turn you around and gentle penetrate you, fucking you gently from behind, feeling my cock inside you, rubbing against the walls of your pussy, squeezing me into you.

We break apart and stand for a long moment, holding each other, letting the water flow over our bodies. We turn off the shower and step out – shaking water from ourselves, its too warm to need much of a towel. I wander outside, having collected a drink and a small bag and lie down on the sun lounger still naked. You are drying your hair and wander out, naked to the patio. I’m still aroused, very aroused and this is becoming noticeable again. You take pity on a poor man and are bent over caressing my cock with your sarıyer escort mouth, with your arse towards me, so that I can touch you at the same time. After a little while I reach into the bag and pull out a bottle of lubricant, and gentle massage a handful into your arse, pulling you cheeks wide and penetrating the other place with my finger, so that you squirm and wriggle, with anticipation.

I pull you over the top of the lounger and over the top of me – facing my feet, so that as you sit down, my cock can ever so gently enter your arse, moving slowly to ease the initial pain, and gradually feeling you relax and take me inside you. I pull your body backwards down on top of mine, so that now you are lying on top of me,with me inside you, your pussy exposed to the sun and the gentle breeze, and your the back of your head, pretty much on my shoulder. With a turn I can kiss you, and reach your neck and smell the sun in your hair. I move slowly in you, feeling your body adjusting to mine.

I find your hands and wrap my left arm across your front and place your hands so that your are holding onto my arm, tight, so that when the ice and the cold water of my drink hit splash onto your belly, you have something to hold onto. I push you up slightly esenyurt escort with my shoulder and pour some drink into your mouth and you understand what I want and turn to me and let the water flow from your mouth, into mine, over my face, cold and exhilarating. I use my right hand to play with the ice cubes, rubbing them down your body, across your breasts, down your tummy and your sides, just touching the very top of your pussy, down your thighs as far as I can reach. Each movement and touch of cold, makes your body surge and buck, and I experience the most wondrous feelings, still inside you. The final stage is to bring you to the top, and a final rummage in that little bag brings out a vibrator. I play it across your clit, down to your pussy, which is by now running wetness down and onto me – such that it feels like one glorious pool of moisture, covering my balls, my legs and downwards. I fuck you gently with the dildo, making you rise to reach it, and the pushing backwards as I penetrate you with it, in the process fucking back onto my cock. The combination is beyond anything I can cope with, and I find myself coming – hoping that you can feel my cock pulse in side you and my cum flooding into you arse. I’ve never felt an orgasm like this – something to do with the working up to avrupa yakası escort it erotically, all day, and something to do with the sheer excitement of being with you. My orgasm brings on yours and you buck and twist, banging you head against mine, biting and whimpering as you come.

After we’ve lain for a while, we disentangle and limp to the bedroom to lie down, its to hot to do anything else and we are to damned tired, after that. I draw the curtains and slip under the sheet with you, pulling you to me, and holding you close, and we fall asleep in each others arms, sexually satisfied after a long morning.

I wake up later on, it must be after 6 because its cooler, you’ve rolled away from me and you are lying on your back, the sheet kicked off. I look at you and can’t help but feel enormous feelings of love for you, so brave, so wonderful, so special. I pull you to me and you wriggle closer. I’m somewhat surprised a few minutes later, to find a hand stealing to my crotch, guess you were having pleasant dreams, but I’m never one to miss a hint, and kissing you softly, biting, licking, chewing and sucking, I work my way down your body, and bury my head between your thighs, loving the feeling as your legs grip mine and I feel you arching your hips towards me, forcing my face deeper into your cunt, fucking my face until you come again.

I take you from the bed and dress you, a simple summer dress, panties, no bra and shoes and take you for something to eat. I’d like to think that we end it with a bottle of champagne, sitting on the beach in the moon light, with your head on my shoulder, exhausted and satisfied by the day, talking until late, loving until early.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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