Paradise in a Hotel Room

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She gave him the room number before she left work. The insatiable desire in his eyes showed he would be there as soon as he was allowed to leave too. It had been a little while since they had been together and the sexual tension felt around work was getting unbearable. The way they passed each other in the break room and in the office. She did all that she could do to restrain herself from pulling him into the bathroom and doing him there in the bathroom stall. The ground rule was nothing at work. It was a secret that was needed to be kept private. They needed to be discrete. All she could do for the moment is to wait in the hotel room until he arrives. Sitting at at the edge of the bed, she thought about the last time they were together. Their first encounter. Remembering the way he tasted and the way his hard working hands felt over her body. It sent tingles into her clitoris just thinking about it and she was getting horny. She was undoing the button to her jeans and planned on playing with herself, starting before him, but the door opened and there he stood.

She rose from the bed and walked over to him. He gave her that look again, the look that made her melt. He placed his hands on either side of her face, and kissed her with all his might. Her hands combing through his hair. She tasted the mint that he had just finished in his mouth. His tongue was wet and was searching for hers. He sealed his lips with hers and they were one just for that moment. No outside distractions, just paradise behind that locked door. His beard was soft and tickled her cheeks. She loosened his t-shirt, and had her hands up around his bare midsection. He was just about to say something when she said, “Shhhh! There will be time to talk later.” Her hands were busily taking off his shirt over his head. She pushed kadıköy escort him towards the door and he leaned back against it. She stroked his chest hair for a while and stared into his eyes.

Slowly, while undoing the button to his jeans, she began kneel down in front of him. She placed her hands around the waistband of his underwear, pulled them from his hips. She let his pants fall to the ground. He was already hard. She looked up into his eyes and licked her lips before she placed his cock into her mouth. Her tongue was wrapped around his shaft, she performed her magic. She enjoyed how it felt and how his hands were on the back of her head guiding her moves. Her lips moving back and forth rhythmically over his shaft. Playfully nibbling his tip at times, sucking, licking and then taking him in deep. She wanted to keep going but then she felt the warm liquid in her mouth, and she knew that he was satisfied. Body drained, he held onto the door handle to keep himself upright. She swallowed and the memories from the last time filled her mind. His hand lifted her chin up and she rose with that silent command. He took hold of her hand and said, ” While I am recharging, it is your turn.” He led her to the bed.

They undressed and kissed again. There was so much passion in their kiss. So powerful, so amative. He told her to lay down. She followed his direction without hesitation. She stared up at him from the bed and wanted him to take her now. Her head resting on the pillow and her long hair flowed across the pillow case. ” I need those,” he said. He grabbed the pillows off the bed and lifted up her pelvis and placed them underneath her, so that her pussy was tilted up exposed. She did not know what to üsküdar escort expect next. This was new and it excited her. He laid down at the foot of the bed, facing up at her pussy. He did not touch it, he just sat there looking long and hard in wonder for what it seemed like minutes. Staring at her shaved lips and the patch of hair above. He had the look of desire. She could tell that he wanted her. She was unsure if it was the cold of the room or the excitement of the moment, her nipples were getting hard. “Mmmm, ” he said. He then placed his two fingers inside her. It was warm and inviting. He positioned his fingers up towards her pelvic bone. He stroked her g-spot and watched her facial expressions. He could tell that she was loving it. Her body rocked with the same motion of his fingers inside. He then placed a third finger in that tight space. She winced a little, and let out an “oh..ahhh.”

She continued to let him do what he wanted. She wanted to be dominated. He knew that she was his little pain slut. It was electrifying. He then alternated back and forth from two to three fingers and watched the joy she was having. He could see her clit was getting bigger and her pussy was becoming moister. He moved in closer to her body and stroked her clit with one hand and was inside her with the other. She wanted so much for his mouth to be on her but he waited a little longer, teasing her. The anticipation was driving her crazy. She was nervous that she was giving in to someone she hardly knew but the pleasure she was receiving something she longed for. She looked down to see his wanting eyes staring back at her. He inched his way up closer and opened his mouth to meet her mound. She gasped and then relaxed. It felt so good to finally have his mouth tuzla escort on her clitoris.

She never had a man with a beard eat her, and she welcomed this new experience. The suction he was making on her growing clit and having his fingers in her too only make her want to cum hard. The build up inside her was increasing bit by bit and she could felt that she was getting close. He switched from mouth to fingers, rubbing her clit in little circles. Having that alternation helped her orgasm come. Her body spasmed a few times and she let out a little scream. She tried to hold it in and not to let the others in the hotel hear, but he just touched her the right way and it was so intense. He sat at the edge of the bed and waited for her to come down from her orgasm high. She exhaled a deep breath and opened her eyes. When she came back down to reality and knew that it was her turn to please him.

She got up and moved to stand in front of him. He caressed her breasts. She looked down at his cock and it was obvious that he was ready again. She climbed up onto the bed and straddled his body. Her legs on either side of his. Her breasts at his eye level. He sucked on her nipples and that sent even more tingles into her lower parts. She was so wet that when she lowered herself down on him, he slid in perfectly. He cupped his hands on both sides of her ass to keep her from falling backwards. She began to moved her pelvis slowly, forward and back, up and down, then the speed of her movements intensified to keeping up with their breathing. They stared deeply into each others eyes. A lot was being said but no words were spoken. Their mouths joined passionately. She stroked his chest hair. She moved her hands around to caress his back, put her hands again in his hair and buried his face into her chest. She heard him say” Oh… honey.” Then the look of satisfaction came to his face and she knew that she pleased him. She stopped moving and waited for him to come down from his own pleasure high. She moved off him gently and stood there waiting patiently. He lifted himself off the bed and led her into the bathroom. “Time to take a shower… and I have a surprise for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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