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Note from the Author: This was originally an illustrated story. After having been published on Literotica for several years, it was suddenly pulled for non-compliance. This is the edited story, sans illustrations. You can see my vision of Pam in my artwork elsewhere on this site. Enjoy.

Pam didn’t start to have a mid-life crisis until she was in her early forties. She divorced her first husband after learning of his affair with his secretary. She didn’t meet her second husband, Arthur, until her thirty-fifth birthday, almost fifteen years later.

She was looking at birthday cards at a local card store, wondering which ones she might receive on this particular birthday. A handsome gentleman started a conversation with her in the card shop, which continued to a coffee shop, then a restaurant, and eventually her apartment. He treated her like a lady, and she was immediately taken with him.

Arthur’s first wife had an affair with her boss, so it seemed they had something in common. He was well to do, went to church every Sunday, and had a charming 17 year-old son named David.

Though Pam never had any children of her own, she tried to be a mother to Arthur’s son, as well as a good lover and housewife. From the way Arthur’s family embraced her, Pam was the best thing that ever happened to Arthur.

David’s friends would tease him about his dad’s trophy wife. Pam looked much younger than her age. Blaming herself as the cause for her first husband to stray, she made a point of exercising regularly, and developed incredible sexual stamina in an effort to always keep Arthur happy.

The things David’s friends said about his stepmother made him feel uncomfortable, at first. A year later, though, he found himself dreaming about her, masturbating to thoughts of her, and occasionally trying to spy on his father having sex with her. It was during one of his spying attempts that Pam caught David watching her.

She had been sitting on Arthur’s lap when she turned around to look at her form in the bedroom mirror. In the reflection, she could see the bedroom door move slightly and caught a glimpse of David’s wide eyes.

Rather than upset her husband by stopping, she continued to ride him until he came inside her. She never looked away from the mirror. David was mesmerized and watched as she pleasured his father three more times before putting on a bathrobe and disappearing into the shower. They hadn’t taught any of what she was doing in Sex Ed at school.

The last thing Pam wanted to do was upset her husband. She decided to talk to David privately about what he had seen, and hopefully explain to him that what she did with his father was a very private thing and that he shouldn’t spy on them like that.

Unfortunately, their “talk” quickly turned into David’s desires for his own sexual satisfaction. He pretended to innocently ask to see her breasts, as he had never seen a woman’s fully developed bosom before. When she refused, he threatened to tell his father that she was having an affair.

Not wanting to upset Arthur, even though she knew he trusted her explicitly, she obliged David.

She felt relieved when David began dating more seriously, but the relief was short-lived as he became sexually educated by means of extortion. It was always the same threat, but with a different request. How should he French kiss? How does he persuade a girl to give him a blowjob? How does he make a girl have an orgasm?

They developed a business-like agreement, and Pam found herself having some form of sex with her stepson almost twice a week. Over the Summer between high school graduation and freshman year of college, David’s cock seemed to grow bigger, and Pam secretly began to look forward to her tutorial sessions. He would occasionally make a point of not showering after sex with his girlfriend so Pam was forced to smell her pussy on his dick. She wondered if he was always destined to be a sexual deviant, or did her carelessness with the bedroom door make him this way. Either way, she felt responsible and felt it was necessary to do whatever it took to keep both David and her husband happy.

This went on for almost two years until Arthur’s death.

A few weeks after his fiftieth birthday, Arthur died of a heart attack while running at the local health club. Pam was devastated, but David’s bargaining chip was finally gone.

She was relieved, as David had just started showing an interest in anal sex – a subject in which she completely lacked any knowledge or experience.

After a lengthy period of mourning, she decided to work as a paralegal. Arthur had left her a substantial amount of money, as well as the house, three cars, a boat, and several properties around the country she never knew about. David was also left a large sum of money, as well as paid college tuition, and several lakefront rental properties.

David was in his second semester of freshman year of college, and Pam decided to take a few college courses at David’s school to fill the time. David rarely stayed ankara dansöz escortlar at the big house, but Pam maintained a room for him in the event he ever wanted to visit. There was considerable tension whenever they were together, so his visits became less and less frequent. The majority of Pam’s interaction with David over the next several months was usually only in passing at school.

It had been over a year since Arthur’s death and Pam was finally ready for a fresh start. She looked young for forty-one, and couldn’t help but notice the men half her age looking at her. At first, she thought they were making fun of her because she was much older than the average college student. She went so far as to confront one of the young men in the library that had been staring at her for almost 15 minutes.

“What are you looking at?” Pam asked. “Do you think I’m too old to be in college?”

“Not at all,” the young man assured her.

“Well, why are you staring? There are plenty of people that are older than me at this school.” Pam said.

“None of them are as hot as you, though.” The young man said with a grin. “You’re the number one MILF on campus.”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment?” Pam asked. She wasn’t sure what a MILF was as the term was still relatively new.

“It’s a big compliment.” The young man assured her. “Do you party?”

Pam wasn’t sure how to answer. She had friends her age that invited her over for coffee, movies, or card games. Sometimes they would go to the mall, but mostly she kept to her part-time job and her studies. She wasn’t sure if she could keep up with the young crowd at a college party.

“I’m twice your age. I’m sure you don’t want someone that old hanging around you and your friends.” Pam answered sadly.

“You’re only as young as you feel, and this would be a great opportunity to feel young again. Besides, you’re twice as hot as most of the girls at this school. I’m sure you won’t be without a drink all night.”

The young man dropped a library book. He caught Pam looking at his ass as he picked up the book and smiled at her. Her face turned red and she giggled, which was something she hadn’t done in years.

“I’m not much of a drinker,” Pam said, realizing the poor choice of words before she could stop.

“No problem. We have Coke’s for designated drivers. Come on. Live a little.” He said.

“I don’t even know what to wear!” Pam said in typical form.

The young man wanted to tell her not to wear anything, but he didn’t want to ruin the groundwork he had just laid. “Wear something light, just in case it gets warm.”

She took down the address to the location of the party as the young man gathered his books and ran off to his next class.

Pam pondered the idea of going to a college party in her forties. She looked around at what girls half her age were wearing and couldn’t see herself dressing like that at her age. Even when she was their age, she didn’t dress like that.

She asked a girl in one of her classes what she should do. The girl looked her over and explained it didn’t really matter what she wore. She asked Pam if she used condoms, as if it was a required accessory for whatever outfit she chose. Pam was shocked at the question and asked her to explain.

“You have a great body. Guys are going to be all over you. You might like one or more of them enough to have sex with them. Bring condoms.” The girl said as a matter of fact.

“Whatever happened to exchanging phone numbers, going on dates, and waiting awhile?” Pam asked frantically. As she spoke the words, her mind was actually thinking of how nice it would be to have an orgasm without the use of a dildo or vibrator. Then she remembered these were college kids, and probably could care less if the woman received any enjoyment from the experience. She was also twice their age. She really hoped they weren’t just using her to buy alcohol.

“Hey, do what you want. Life is short, as if I have to tell you.” The girl said, realizing how badly that came out. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it in a bad way.”

“That’s okay. How many condoms?” Pam said in a professional manner. Twenty years ago, she would never have thought to speak those words.

“Depends on the party.” The girl answered.

Pam showed her the directions and described the young man she met at the library.

“Oh!” the girl said with a surprised look on her face, “THAT place.”

“What about THAT place?!” Pam asked frantically.

“THAT’s a rich boy party. Gorgeous guys, big dicks, empty promises, and a lot of heartache,” the girl answered in an experienced tone. “Bring a lot of condoms – not that they’ll use them,” the girl added under her breath. Pam couldn’t believe she was actually having an open conversation about casual sex with this girl she barely knew.

“You’ve been there?” Pam asked.

“Yeah. Nice place. Everyone was overdressed, in my opinion. Not evening gowns and tuxedos, but not jeans and t-shirts, either. I don’t know why they bothered dressing elvankent saatlik veren escortlar up. Most everyone had some or all of their clothes off by the end of the evening.

“I was completely naked in front of everybody within two hours of getting there. They’re masters of manipulation, so be careful. They convinced one girl that if she let them do her in the butt, she wasn’t really cheating on her boyfriend. As soon as she agreed, about five of them lined up behind her.” The girl stared off for a moment.

“Well, what happened to you, if you don’t mind me asking?” Pam asked.

“I met a cute guy that said all the right things and was a great kisser. He had me so hot, I didn’t think twice about letting him pull off my shorts in front of everyone. Before I knew it, he was going down on me in front of about twenty people. I came so hard the first time; I couldn’t wait for him to do it again and again and again.

“Eventually, he stopped long enough for me to return the favor, but I guess I’m not that good at giving head, or not as good as what he was used to. He decided he’d rather fuck me, instead, and proceeded to bend me in positions I’d never seen.”

“What was everyone else doing?” Pam asked.

“I guess they just watched us. Some girls were giving hand jobs or blowjobs. That one girl was taking it up the butt right across from me. I was afraid they were going to move onto me, next, not that I’m an anal virgin or anything,” the girl said as if she was proud to have been fucked in the ass.

Pam felt herself becoming wet between her legs. She remembered the first, second, and third times she allowed David to fuck her in other-than-missionary positions. He was a quick learner, and had quick recovery time.

Should she dare go to such a party? She’d been a respectable widow.

She had also been very lonely for the past few years. The manager at the local organic food store treated her to dinner a few times, and she returned the favor with several blowjobs, but it never went much further.

“I think you’ll have fun, though,” the girl added. “You’re experienced, right? And you probably don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.” Once again, she regretted saying the words after they came out.

“Not much.” Pam answered. “Thanks for the talk.”

Pam left the library with a new burst of energy. She doubted she would actually participate in any sexual activity at this party, but she thought she would enjoy having young men flirt with her. She had just the outfit, too.

She was relieved to learn she wouldn’t have to find just the right jeans and t-shirt. The t-shirt especially worried her because of her 41-year old natural double D’s. Today’s t-shirts left very little to the imagination, in her opinion.

She decided to go to the tanning booth during the week, and spent an extra hour in the gym each day. By Friday, she looked like a new woman – or the same woman only sexier.

She tried on several cocktail dresses of various colors, but decided her little black dress and pumps would probably fit in better with the younger crowd.

Pam had always worn a bra, but on the night of the party, she decided to go without a bra or panties. The exhilarating feeling of freedom made her wonder if her late husband felt the same way when he bought his first Corvette.

She called a taxi and packed a small pocket purse with bare essentials. As the taxi pulled up, she realized she had forgotten to put the condoms in her purse. She would just have to refrain from sex tonight, she told herself.

The drive took about twenty minutes.

When the taxi came to a stop, she thought there must have been some mistake.

She expected someone’s house, or an apartment, or a fancy frat house. Instead, she was standing in front of a mansion. She was in a familiar part of town, but she didn’t remember college kids living in any of the homes in this area.

As she bent over to pay the taxi driver, he just smiled as he looked down her dress.

“That’s plenty, thanks!” the taxi driver said as he sped off.

Pam’s hips swayed seductively as she walked up the steps to the front door. Her tits still retained most of their firmness, but bounced enough as she walked to inform anyone looking that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She took a deep breath as she rang the doorbell.

She waited a few seconds and was about to ring again when the door swung open.

“Hello?” a young man answered in a very polite manner. “May I help you?”

Pam was embarrassed that she never gave the young man at the library her name, and she didn’t ask his.

“I was invited by a young man I met at the school library,” Pam explained.

“Oh, that would be Danny. He told us about you. You’re even more beautiful than I imagined. Come in. My name is Terrence, by the way. You can call me Terry, though,” he smiled as he closed the door behind her.

“Thank you, Terry. My name is Pam.”

“Can I get you a drink, Pam?” Terry asked.

“I don’t…” Pam paused etimesgut azeri escortlar for a moment. “Actually, I’ll take a Scotch and soda, if you have that.”

“Any particular brand?” Terry added.

“Surprise me.” Pam smiled.

Terry quickly returned with a drink and handed it to Pam.

“Impressive place for a bunch of college guys.” Pam said.

“It’s not ours, really. We just rent it on the weekends. One of the guys has some kind of agreement with the owner, so it works out really well. Can I show you around?” Terry asked.

Pam was worried that she had arrived too early, but as they entered the kitchen, she could see at least five girls had arrived before her. They were as young as eighteen, but none older than twenty-one. Halter-tops and heeled sandals seemed to be the trend, but like Pam, they were sans undergarments.

One girl seemed particularly interested, or perhaps jealous of Pam.

“Are those real?” the girl called from across the kitchen.

Pam wondered if she was talking about the pearl earrings and necklace and held the latter in her fingers.

“Yes, they’re real.” Pam assured her.

“I meant your tits.” The girl said snidely. She had very small breasts and was obviously intimidated.

“Yes, they’re real, too.” Pam smiled at Terry. “Any other personal questions?”

Before the girl could answer, Terry escorted Pam into the dining room, and then the grand room. She was impressed.

She could tell that college boys did not maintain this residence. Everything was immaculate, and she almost felt ashamed to be there. These kids obviously came from very rich families, and most likely didn’t appreciate this room as much as she did.

As she walked around the room, looking out the windows, she was oblivious to the couple sitting on the couch behind her. She was too busy admiring the expansive manicured landscape behind the house. When she turned around, she almost dropped her glass.

There, on the couch, was Danny, the young man she met at the library. His pants were around his ankles and the girl sitting next to him had her face in his lap. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist and the fingers of his right hand were gently rubbing her pussy.

The girl gagged as she swallowed his come, and then continued to deep throat him.

“Excuse me if I don’t get up,” Danny smiled.

“Don’t let me interrupt,” Pam said, embarrassed.

“Not at all. Like the place? Terry taking care of you?” he asked and pointed at her glass of Scotch and soda.

“Very nice. And yes, Terry knows how to make a drink.” Pam answered. She couldn’t believe she was having a conversation with someone while they were receiving a blowjob. It was as casual as a conversation between two women getting manicures. Twenty years ago, she would have run out of there. Now, partly out of boredom with her life, and partly out of curiosity, she stayed.

“Oh, Terry knows how to do a lot more than just make drinks.” Danny said as he shifted his position slightly. “That’s it. All the way down,” he whispered to the girl bobbing her head on his member. She gagged again, swallowed, and gagged some more.

“OK, that’s enough for now, sweetheart.”

The girl sat up and fixed her skirt. She crossed her legs and took a sip from the straw in her glass of Long Island Iced Tea.

“Where are my manners?” Danny asked. “This is Rachel. Rachel, this is?”

“Pam. Pleased to meet you.” Pam was talking to Rachel, but was looking at Danny’s thick cock. Her look was interrupted as Danny stood up and pulled up his pants. He could see the look of disappointment mixed with amazement on Pam’s face.

“Don’t worry. You may get the chance to see it again, later, Pam.” Danny said with a grin.

The doorbell rang again, and more people arrived. Pam soon found herself surrounded by men that could easily have been models for GQ or Abercrombie & Fitch. There weren’t nearly as many girls as boys. Could some of these young men be gay?

The girls looked very young and undeveloped next to Pam. She wasn’t fat or muscular, but she had curves in places the girls wouldn’t experience for several years – if at all.

The girls were well maintained, though, and had the look of money. She was fairly certain that not all of them were from wealthy backgrounds, but they were doing their best to play the part in hopes of someday not having to pretend.

Most of the girls were blond, with tans much darker and deeper than Pam’s. Not one of them had breasts bigger than C cups, and if they weren’t very skinny, they were very hippy.

All of them were, pretty, in Pam’s opinion. For a moment, she was proud to have been invited with the rest of these pretty girls. She just wasn’t sure how many public displays of sexual conduct she’d be able to handle.

Pam counted at least fifteen young men at the party and only ten girls. Music was piped in to every room in the house, and the lights were dimmed to set a more relaxed mood. The couches were extremely comfortable and several groups formed on and around them. One of the girls seemed to be the center of attention in one of the groups as two young men sat on either side of her and listened to her intently. Pam could see they could care less about her political argument and were more interested in her shapely legs, pert breasts, and full, red lips.

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