Over 40 Fantasy for a Lady

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She woke slowly… there was sunlight streaming through the window to the bedroom… above the shade. She had to work… but had plenty of time yet to take her shower and get ready. Her hair was short and required only a quick brush. She felt good… warm… almost as if she could reach out and touch someone… if only she could…

She was nude between smooth fine cotton sheets and as she moved they felt good caressing her body. She had that urge in her tummy… and elsewhere and reached down to ease it. She pushed low on her tummy and then let her fingers slide lower as she rubbed. It was good and she needed it and she thought how desperately she needed sex… quickly she grew wet… and then her mind drifted to a tall well hung stranger with a face she couldn’t see… but loved instantly. He was soft spoken and smart… very smart. He had mystery about him and was strong and virile… and he knew all about a woman’s body… her body. They hadn’t exchanged names but were instantly attracted and friends… they’d be lovers before the night was over.

His penis was long and large and his balls swollen in their velvety pouch. The size was perfect… exactly what she’d always dreamed of. His head was well defined and would grow purple with his desire for her. He would tease her for hours with it… stroke her mouth and tongue… and explode with such force and quantity that she was afraid she couldn’t handle it all… and he was instantly ready again… demanding her body and settling for nothing else. He loved everything about her… body… face and mind. He was the perfect lover… and he knew everything about her body… her needs… and desires. She could feel him spooning against her now… knowing each urge in her mind. He drooled at her breasts and endlessly played with them… while taking a shower he would shave her… perfectly clean and so sensually.

The edge of the razor was daring and its edge was deeply arousing as he worked with keen precision. He would lift her as easily as he might a pet kitten. He would make her get on her knees and face away and then he came in low, hard, deep and quick as he drove his raging cock forward ravaging her pussy and descending to depths never before felt by her. He was so large that he stretched her and it almost hurt. He worked and drove endlessly into her and with a frenzy that caused her to scream his name and plead for him to cum… and he found her favorite spot and drove and hammered into it… until she could stand no more.

He too was fevered for her… and he described his feelings continuously… telling her what she did to him… for him. Their bodies were slick and glistened from the long sustained love making. His body so warm and strong… and perfect… and fit her perfectly. His hands clamped her… one on her swollen erect clit and the other on a swollen nipple. He clamped them hard with rough callused hands and just as she herself climaxed… he filled her. He was white hot… and she gushed and gushed… and he spilled again and again… sweet pleasure… sweet desire… sweeter collapse.

She wished now that she really did know… or really had known a guy like this… a guy that would take her… take control… worship her… be relentless in his worship of her. A guy who’d take no crap… and yet was gentle and loving always… toward her…

Her mind was craving the man she’d never met… never known… as she reached for her vibrator. She hadn’t had a lover in months… and hadn’t touched herself in more than a week… but now her body craved satisfaction… some ease from the long neglect of passion. Her hands were wet… and she was already deeply aroused. She turned on the toy and began to explore when it slowly died. The batteries were gone and she didn’t have any more. She reminded herself that she would have to get some on the way home… but right now she needed release… and she inserted the toy… stroking… and began to pleasure her nub with her fingers… dreaming of his touch.

In her already aroused state… it was only moments and she climaxed… it was good… but not perfect… and she wanted more… but it was over… and she couldn’t get it back. Her longing for him… and for his intense passion and dedication… a man with real need… and a good heart… why couldn’t she find him?

Slowly she gave up, brought a moistened hand to her lips and tasted it. Her eyes still closed as she dreamed of him cleaning her fingers with his long delicate tongue… the tongue that could reach amazing depths and move so quickly. She imagined it working her clit… and his lips controlling it as he licked… and then finally in a mad frenzy he would drop down and then move back and probe her pussy…. replacing his tongue with experienced fingers. He would find that specialness and reach it easily with his tongue… and she’d cum again and again and again.

The snooze alarm went off and reluctantly she opened her eyes to the empty bed… and the sudden emptiness that filled her. She rolled one leg over and onto the cold floor and then she was out from the sheets kadıköy escort and running for the bathroom. She turned on the radiant heater and then the hot water in the shower before sitting down on the toilet. Suddenly she was much colder than moments ago…. but just as needy. After a few moments… she flushed… and dragged herself to the shower. At least the water was warm she thought as she spread a bath rug and got in.

Instantly she felt the warmth on her breasts and running down her legs… warming as the water descended. She turned and let the water find a natural path down her shoulders and back… through that tight cleft and finally down her legs and around her feet. She closed her eyes and suddenly he was back kneeling and kissing each toe. His fingers and nails changing to his tongue as it traveled up her legs and thighs. He was holding her… hugging tightly… her breasts brought together. Her hands squeezed and she reached for the handheld… redirecting the water… the stream firm… playing on her breasts and her nipples… delicious and so nice. He was fondling and sucking and her nipples tingled all the way down to her clit. She held his head with one hand and lowered the other and he was sliding smoothly through the lubricating water across her tummy as his hair tickled it and his cheek slid slower. Her thumb had trapped the nipple and was rolling it with her finger. Her fingers slid down and entered at the top… and his tongue found her clit and began circling and then teasing and she felt another climax rising and she leaned against the warmed tile of the shower as it ravaged her. She rotated the shower head control to pulsate mode and then spread her lips to fully expose and present her clit to the warming stream… his heated lips.

Afterwards… shaken from her reverie… she’d soaped and washed. The warm cloth felt good and when mixed with the hot water it began to warm her through. It would be cold outside and she would need some heat reserved in her body as she traveled out to the car and waited for the car to warm and begin to spill heated air toward the driver’s side.

She rubbed her skin red with a large bath towel and then stood in front of the big mirror and wiped its fog. She brushed her teeth and then as she was finishing and brushing her hair… she dropped the towel to the floor and studied her body. Her breasts… her tummy… and her ass all sagged noticeably in her eyes. She felt forlorn… alone in her forty plus years. Her fingers lifted everything and tried to tighten them… and her mind was in abject misery at her growing age… her loneliness.

After awhile she shrugged futilely and the spring was gone from her step as she walked back to the bed. She selected bra and panties. She wrapped the bra… fastened it, twisted it to the front and raised it and palmed each breast to fill its cup and then she slid the straps over her shoulders. The bra was a bit too tight but lifted her breasts and forced her cleavage to spill over the top. It didn’t look as badly now as she stepped into the low-cut panties. Her tummy was spilling over at the top she thought… but as she turned… her cheeks too were elevated and her ass was now more round and younger looking.

She had her own look… developed years earlier… but it had never occurred to her that it was that of a younger woman. Her skirt was a little too short… her blouse a little too daring… her shoes… youngish. Still… she felt comfortable again as she moved to the kitchen and popped a single pop-tart into the toaster and poured a cup of coffee from the ever-warm coffee pot. The coffee was a day old… sluggish and thick… bitter. She had thought about setting the timer and preparing a fresh pot last night before going to bed… but she didn’t. The tart popped up and it was too hot.

She poured a cup and it was as horrible as she’d known it would be. She finished it and poured the last from the pot into the cup. She turned off the pot’s power and then put the empty pot into the sink and ran some water into it. She wrapped the tart in a paper towel, picked up the cup slipped on its cover and carried them with her to the door. When the door was opened the cold air whistled into the room and she hurried out to the car. She set the coffee on top of the car… unlocked it and leaned forward to put the tart on the dash. She returned and retrieved the coffee and placed it into a holder inside. She climbed in and started the car… turned up the heat to maximum… climbed back out and closed the door. She returned to the door looked around to make certain she had everything and noticed her wallet.

She picked up the wallet and locked the door after her as she headed toward the car again. It was more than five minutes… freezing before she felt anything like heat. She turned up the fan, turned on the headlights and put the car in reverse. It was more than thirty minutes drive in rush hour traffic while she nursed the coffee and nibbled the tart. Her mind would occasionally üsküdar escort drift back… to him. Her hand would drift to her lap… and she’d recognize it and then shove downward once and retract her hand… only to realize moments later each time that subconsciously it had found its way back again.

It was the week before her period… and she was always horniest at this time… but today her need seemed more intense than usual. Her dream and her early morning experience were only a temporary diversion. At work she sat close to her desk… far closer than usual… afraid her hand would wander again… and it did… repeatedly. At lunch she had to go out for lunch… she didn’t dare not to.

She drove through a fast-food hamburger place… ordered a diet Coke and a regular hamburger and then pulled far back in the parking lot and parked. She ate lunch with her skirt up… and her eyes constantly darting for anyone coming close. Grown women don’t act this way she’d thought… she felt like a horny teenager. She climaxed three times before finishing lunch and she wiped her wet fingers on a napkin and started the car.

Her afternoon wasn’t much better… and another gal from work asked if she’d like to stop for a quick drink before heading home. She was still cold… and still horny… and thought perhaps one drink might help… and she said “Sure.”

She followed her friend to a place she’d never been to before and they walked in together. It was pleasantly warm and dark and they found a table at the side and sat down. A gal came up and they ordered and then talked nonchalantly until the drinks were set before them. The gal was talking… describing how she’d found this place a few weeks earlier… and liked it… and loved the fact that many men dropped by each evening. More chit-chat and a few guys came and went. She was curious about the men her friend had mentioned… but saw none that intrigued her. But then she’d never met a guy that way at a bar… ever.

Her friend was asked to dance… and while they danced… she nearly finished her drink. When they got back… the same guy asked her to dance… but she declined. She finished her drink and they gossiped about the guy for a few minutes… and then she thought she’d better head on home. Her friend didn’t want to stay alone… wanted her to stay… but in the end the gal opted to stay awhile as she trekked out to her car and drove home.

As she pulled into her space to park… she remembered the batteries and some things she needed at the grocery store… or she’d not have fun or dinner tonight. She turned around and drove the two blocks to the nearest grocery… the one she usually patronized. She locked the door and grabbed a grocery cart and got started. She was halfway through her shopping when she turned the corner and practically ran into three guys in the middle of the aisle… talking.

She stopped quickly and looked for a way around them but then they noticed her and moved back against the shelves on both sides to let her through their center. She thanked them… not looking up… and then as she walked she heard a voice apologizing. She looked up and the guy on her right was talking… but she didn’t hear him. She was drawn to his face… and then quickly down across his body. It was him! It couldn’t be… but it was. There was a real guy that was her morning’s dream lover.

Shaken… she hurried down the aisle without even noticing what was on the shelves. She had no way of knowing that the guy’s eyes had followed her until she turned the corner. Her mind was reeling… and her body was aching… begging her to go back and at least say hello. She fought off the feeling… and forced herself to disregard the small begging voice.

The lines at checkout were long… and she was in no mood to wait… so she returned to the aisles and slowly walked through them… occasionally deciding to add something else to the cart. Then she picked up the batteries and held them for comfort. She deliberately shied from the aisle of her encounter…. and five minutes later she headed back to the checkout. All of the lines were closing out when she picked the shortest and got in line.

She was finally able to start loading the conveyor belt and she moved most of her shopping onto it. She was now at the bottom… and she’d always hated that. She was not tall enough or her arms not long enough to easily reach the bottom items without almost falling nose deep into it and usually bruising her breasts against the edge of it as she leaned. A deep voice asked to help and she looked up… he was there… again… and she was flustered as she started to say thank you and no. Her body was in heat and it was all she could do to keep quiet… not kiss him… or something. But the man easily moved her back and hardly bent forward as he retrieved each item and placed it on the belt. She was grateful and she thanked him breathlessly. He only smiled and said that it was his pleasure. She blushed as she turned back to the clerk starting to tabulate and package her tuzla escort selections.

Amazed… she glanced at the cart and found it nearly full. Now she wished she hadn’t added the other items to the cart. She started to grab the cart… it was a different cart and one wheel was damaged. It was difficult to move the cart. Almost immediately the guy behind her was there and said that if she’d wait… he’d help her. There didn’t seem to be anyone from the store to help her… and slowly she thanked him and waited.

His purchases fit into a single small plastic bag as he grabbed the cart and she led him to her car. She was going to unload the cart herself… although her tummy… and her womanhood wanted him to do it while she could watch his body move. She unlocked the trunk and he moved almost immediately and started unloading it… and she did watch… and she did enjoy… almost climaxing when she noticed the front of his pants… and where it rested on the edge of the cart as he leaned forward into it. She imagined that he was rigid with desire and when he straightened… he really was aroused beneath the pants. Was it just the touch as he leaned in… or was he reacting to her?

She stuttered as she decided that it was just the touching of the cart that had aroused him… but she managed to thank him. He smiled and walked off. She sat in the seat… settling her own arousal… and wishing he’d asked her for an address… or that she’d had the nerve to do it herself… but he was gone. She started the car… sat for a few minutes… and noticed it was raining again. She started out of the large lot and as she pulled up to the traffic light she stopped for the red. He walked out in front of her through the rain… crossing the street but not noticing… his collar up and hands in his pockets.

It took only an instant for her hand to hit the horn and he jumped. She rolled down her window and asked if she could give him a ride. He thanked her… didn’t want to bother her and only lived two blocks up the street. Suddenly the rain started pouring down… and she insisted. He smiled and thanked her as he hurried to the opposite side of the car and she unlocked the door. He was drenched when he got in. She turned up the heat and mentioned that she lived only two blocks up the street too.

He smiled in embarrassment and said that he knew. “You did?” she asked. He told her that he’d only moved in yesterday afternoon and had seen her come home. She was in the room immediately below him on the second floor. She smiled now and said that she thought it was much quieter than usual last night… a little joke. Suddenly a horn honked and she realized that she’d missed the light change and was stuck for another with someone feuding at her from behind.

She told him that she hadn’t known the people had moved… and he told her that he’d walked to the store because it was so close to the apartment. This time he reminded her of the light and she took the turn. As they were pulling in to park… he asked if she’d had dinner… or if someone was waiting for her. She was embarrassed but managed to answer that there was no one and that she hadn’t had dinner. Now he asked her to dinner. She said that she’d love to… if he didn’t have anyone waiting… and hadn’t had dinner himself.

He laughed and said that maybe they should unload the groceries first. He carried all but two small bags up for her and she managed the two of them right behind him. She opened the door and he took things in and placed them in the kitchen. He admired her apartment and commented that the layout was identical with his own.

He introduced himself and they exchanged names. He apologized and said he’d like to give her a few moments to put the stuff away… meanwhile he’d go upstairs and clean up a bit. She told him that he looked very nice just the way he was… but he insisted.

When he’d gone…planning to be back in thirty minutes… she put things away and rushed into the bedroom to also change and clean up. She was ready in less than fifteen minutes and had changed everything. She’d dressed in strapless bra… a thong… her best… and sexiest dress. She’d come back into the kitchen and then had a flash of inspiration… she wanted to fix dinner and she knew what to fix. She started immediately and put on a full apron to protect her dress. The meal would be ready in less than twenty minutes… maybe ten minutes after he returned.

He was a few minutes late… and she’d just set the table and had the salad already on the table. She had a bottle of wine given to her by an aunt a few years earlier and she’d not had an opportunity to use before. She didn’t have anything normally used to chill a wine… and so she’d put ice cubes into a punchbowl and set the bottle inside. And then he knocked.

She opened the door and he was dressed for a night out. Black pants and black turtleneck shirt… he was beautiful. She asked him in and told her of the change in plans… if it was okay. He beamed a smile and a thank you and she asked him to sit at the dining table and it would only be a moment. In less than five minutes everything was on the table… and he moved to her chair and held it for her. She removed the apron and as she sat and picked up a napkin… he leaned forward and kissed her neck. She shivered helplessly as he walked to the opposite side of the table. And then he told her how beautiful she was.

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