Out of Europe Ch. 01

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Lea’s world was an unusual one. She was brought up by her mother in Prague, which she believed made her the unique person she was today at the age of 21. Lea’s mother owned and run one of Prague’s most infamous brothels, it was here that Lea was raised. Her family was merely her mother and a group of European hookers, she even called most of them aunty. In the summer of last year, Lea’s mother sadly passed away, Lea was left with the brothel. But at the age of 21, she did not want such a big burden. It was on this note that Lea decided to sell the brothel to one of the more senior hookers who she often called Aunt Bamby. With the money she acquired, she set of to the states to find her real, blood relatives. Once she had arrived, the gorgeous brunette set her hope on finding her father.

She had always imagined him to be a mysterious man with a troubled life, but this was probably her way of explaining why her walked out on her and her mother all those years ago. She hoped that he was still alive and that she would meet him very soon. Lea wound up in Southern California, the last place she had lived before moving to Prague as a two year old. Whilst here, Lea bumped into an old acquaintance. Rigo Barons, a man she had stared alongside in a Czech porno a few years ago. Rigo was a handsome young man, and she remembered him to be quite well endowed as well. They caught up over a coffee and Rigo mentioned that he was now directing films in the LA area and that if she ever needed work just to call him. Knowing this, she was comforted, at least she would have something to fall back on if she run out of money, but for the time being she had no urge to go back into making porn movies. Her main priority was to locate her long lost family.

Days and weeks passed before she managed to locate one of her mother’s sisters. Hilary was a 53 year old farmers wife, and had definitely inherited the family beauty as had Lea. Her husband David, owned a large corn plantation east of San Diego, she decided to get in contact and eventually ended up staying for a while and working in the fields. Her aunt and uncle were extremely kind and friendly people, devout Christians as well. She thought it best not to tell them what her or her mother’s professions had been as it would not have gone down too well. After a few weeks living with aunt Hilary, Lea had become very close with their adopted daughter Jo. Jo was only nineteen but had what could only be described as an incredibly tight and irresistible body. However, as a Christian, she was still a virgin. Lea found it impossible to believe that the girl standing before had never experienced the joys of sex, but this was istanbul escort probably due to her explicit upbringing. In fact Jo had been going steady with a boy for about a year now. He was understanding of Jo’s situation, but she could tell he was growing impatient.

Jo sought advice from her newfound cousin Lea about what she should do. Lea being Lea said that she should follow her heart, not her head and do what she deeply felt was for the best. She decided that after her boyfriend Jake’s 19th Birthday party, she would surprise him with the ultimate birthday present, her virginity! One problem was she was extremely unsure of what to do as she had never even seen sex performed before. Again she sought the advice of Lea. “Take off all your clothes”, pronounced Lea in her odd Euro-American accent. A little hesitantly Jo obeyed, she didn’t want to but she did. Lea of course knew best. There she was, standing in an airy barn, stark naked in front of her cousin. Lea was speechless as she gazed at the teen’s untouched, ripened body. Her breasts were ample and pert, her butt was toned to perfection and her legs were as cock teasing as any she had ever seen. However, for all this beauty, lea could spot one problem with Jo’s body, she had obviously never trimmed. It looked like a toupee had been glued between her legs. Fortunately, Lea was not slow in retrieving her waxing kit. She used a very effective technique she learnt at the brothel, ‘Quick and Painless’ she called it. In no time Jo’s pussy was as bald as an eagle. Now even Lea was getting turned on, and she’d seen some attractive women in all their glory, but none as stunning as young Joe.

After inspecting every last inch of her body Lea said Jo was ready for the next step. “You are comfortable with your own body, but now you have to be comfortable with you lovers.” This she found odd as she was unsure how she was going to practice seeing Jake in the nude. But it soon became obvious what she was talking about. Lea began to slip out of her summer dress, revealing just her bra and panties. Jo was quite shocked. Lea then reached into her box from where she had gotten the waxing kit from and pulled out a gleaming strap-on. Jo stood in oar of the magnificent object Lea had produced, and asked what it was. The horny 19 year-old was very protected, Lea doubted she’d even seen an erect penis before. Lea explained what it was and what she was using it for. She then approached Jo and asked her to unhook her bra for her, she obliged but she carried out the task very nervously.

Lea slipped out of her bra and then her panties; there she avcılar escort stood with the beams of sunlight highlighting every beautiful curve on her body. Her breasts, a good D-cup was perfectly symmetrical and she noticed that her pubic hair was artistically shaved into the shape of a butterfly. As they looked each other over, Jo felt a weird sensation in her vagina, one she’d never sensed. It tingled and as she touched it she noticed it had become quite damp. Lea could see that Jo felt quite comfortable around her, she took her strap on and proceeded to put it on. Jo was becoming incredibly aroused, she even mentioned to Lea that she was feeling things she’d never experienced before. Lea was understanding and answered, “Wait, I’m getting into my role,” odd thought Jo, but not so odd for Lea. Lea began to gently massage the silicon penis protruding from her crutch, this in itself heightened the excitement of young Jo. Lea began to massage her ass checks as well and before long had inserted to very exploratory fingers into her ass hole. Jo was a little unsure of why so she asked, Lea replied that this was just as stimulating as fingering her pussy and that not many women take advantage of it. Lea then approached Jo and in a very sensual voice asked her to rub her cock. Jo again obliged and slowly began to massage the dildo with both hands. It felt a little odd to Jo, but Lea was convincing in her role, even the noises she made were convincing. “Jo, take me, follow your mind and do what ever you want to me,” acclaimed Lea. Well of course Jo was a little hesitant, but as she herself became more and more aroused she found it easier to go with the flow.

Jo explored Lea’s body, she sucked on her fake cock and begun to make out with Lea. She new it was all right, they weren’t blood relatives after all. All this made excitement made Jo feel very hot and her pussy and clit were beginning to be touched. Jo couldn’t handle it any more and shocked Lea by saying. “Take me Lea, Fuck me like a women should be fucked.” The heat of the moment obviously altered Jo’s attitude towards sex. Lea had no option but to accept the offer. Lea had been with many women, but never a virgin. She was frightened that she might hurt her, so she decided to go careful. The barn became a heated hall of passion; Lea slowly went down on Jo and began to lightly lick Jo’s tight, pink pussy. As the area became more aroused she sat up and asked Jo to moisten her strap-on.

She inserted into her mouth and lubed it up well. Once she was done, Lea took the silicon cock and gently slid it into Jo’s throbbing pussy. The seven inch cock went in well but at şirinevler escort first caused Little Jo a bit of pain, not unusual for virgin to experience. She motioned in and out, trying not to greater the pain. After a few minutes, Jo’s uncomforted moans turned into moans of pleasure. With each thrust Jo enjoyed the sensation even more, and with every moan of excitement Lea went a little bit faster. Jo was in total ecstasy by now; Lea was getting orgasmic just off of Jo’s reactions. After ten minutes or so the two girls were still blissfully fucking, Jo reached about her fifth orgasm and passed out on the hay. Lea grinned to herself as she looks down upon her exhausted cousin. She removed the dildo and sat beside her and lovingly removed her long black hair from her face. Jo lie there with a satisfied smile, in time she turned and looked at Lea and softly muttered the words “I think I’m ready now!”

The girls lay there in peace for another hour or so, still totally naked. Jo tried to stand her legs were still quivering from being fucked so amazingly by Lea. Lea began to remove the dildo and told Jo she’d better get her clothes back on before her father caught them. Jo Struggled to her feet, grabbed her shirt and t-shirt and through them on. She then picked up her underwear, stuffed them in her pocket and slowly walked back to the large 19th century barn house to take a much-deserved shower. Lea however stayed in the barn and thought over her latest sexual experience. Although she never came, she still felt that it was one of the most satisfying, after all how many women can say they’ve taken the virginity of a devout Christian girl, with a strap-on dildo. It occurred to her that she had popped Jo’s cherry, and now she was no longer a virgin, she thought that Jo might have wanted to lose it to Jake…but after all it was her who wanted Lea to ‘fuck her like a woman should be fucked’!

The experience had left Lea feeling very moist and excited, it wasn’t long before she was lying in the hay exploring every orifice of her body, and massaging every point of sensitivity. It was minutes before she’d worked herself into a major orgasmic state, the eventual cry of delight that she released was enough to even startle the horses in the neighbouring stable. Lea lay still, her amazing life had never failed to surprise her, today was no different. The heavenly body of Lea’s was a sight to marvel, no wonder she’d lost her virginity at the age of fifteen. Today was right up there with the day she’d lost it to the son of her mother’s solicitor, Mario. Lea spent the rest of the day in the barn masturbating and reminiscing, she enjoyed it when she could spend an entire day doing this.

Jo in the mean time sat in her room in a daze. Every now and again she’d stroke her pussy through her soft, cotton panties, today was a pleasure that she to would never forget. She now looked forward to Saturday, when she would gift Jake with his ultimate present.

to be continued!

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